Australian Chess Federation Inc.

Oceania Hybrid 3.6 Zonal – 2021

I am pleased to be able to announce details for a Zone 3.6 Championship to select a representative
player for the 2021 World Cup, at this stage scheduled for Sochi, Russia in July.

The tournament will use FIDE Hybrid tournament rules and has been approved at the Asian Chess
Federation Executive Board meeting held Monday, February 15th.
The tournament will be held as a round robin event over the consecutive weekends of March 20th and 21st and March 27th and 28th.
Two rounds will be played per day, 4 rounds over each weekend. In case of a tied result, FIDE World Cup tie-breaks will be used.

  • FIDE Hybrid Rules apply.
  • World Cup Time Control of 90 minutes + 30 secs increment + 30 minutes addition.
  • Round times (Sydney time) to be 11am and 5pm on March 20th and 21st and March 27th and 28th.
  • The Chief Technical Arbiter and Coordinator is David Esmonde.
  • Chief Arbiters are IA Leonid Sandler and IA Peter Tsai
  • The tournament will be FIDE rated.
  • In the event of a tie, FIDE World Cup tie-breaks will be used. The winner will be entitled to
    represent Zone 3.6 in the 2021 FIDE World Cup.
  • A prize fund will be distributed as follows:
    1st $2,000 (US)
    2nd $1,500 (US)
    3rd $1,000 (US)
    4th $ 500 (US)

More details to follow soon.

Paul Spiller
President zone 3.6

from Campsie, NSW

This event listing request from Benjamin Hermann started me thinking – 2020 was a dreadful year, but the upside was the boom in Chess. Be it Covid-19 or Beth Harmon or who knows…please just enjoy this small story from Campsie NSW!

We are hosting casual chess matches for adults in Campsie Library (14-28 Amy Street, Campsie NSW 2194) on the 2nd Friday of the month between from 5.30pm to 8.30pm until and inclusive of June.

If we find we are having a consistent positive response, we’d love to extend or make this a permanent time slot.

The aim is to give adults a safe, comfortable, regular meeting place and time to play face to face chess and meet other players, regardless of their skill level or their financial situation.

Players are welcomed to bring their own boards or pieces if they like, however they must conform standard rules and may not be profane or offensive (for obvious reasons).
As a bonus, it’s a nice way to end the week.


FIDE approves Online Chess Regulations

The FIDE Council has approved a new set of rules to be applied to official online chess competitions. The document, which will be incorporated into the laws of chess, is the result of a joint effort by a dedicated task force, in which several FIDE Commissions were involved.

“The vast experience of different competitions held online has been taken into account: many commissions’ experts (mainly arbiters and Fair Play Panel members) have been involved in FIDE major events and other online competitions held throughout 2020. The initial draft was prepared by the Rules Commission, with invaluable input from the Arbiters and the Qualification Commissions. Fair Play and the FIDE Commission for people with Disabilities also added specific rules adjusted to the online format, which are included as appendixes. During the final stage, the Global Strategy Commission was responsible for consolidating all the inputs, giving the documents its final shape”, explains Pavel Tregubov, Secretary of the GSC.

The document’s structure is similar to that of the “over-the-board” Rules of Chess. The first part refers to basic rules, while Part II addresses specific rules for online competitions. Part III is entirely devoted to competition rules and divided into two subparts:

A) Online competitions with supervision

B) Hybrid competitions.

The so-called “hybrid competition” is a new format where the games are played online, but the participants are physically present in a public place like a club, federation headquarters, hotel, et cetera.

“We see a lot of potential in this format, which would allow hosting chess competitions with participants scattered across multiple venues, in a branded environment. This increases the opportunities for media exposure and sponsorship activations”, explains David Llada, FIDE’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. FIDE expects the hybrid format to be used in some official events in the near future, and some Continents have expressed their intention to hold their Zonal and even Continental Championships under this format.


Australian Schools Teams Championships – 2020 Results

Player Names with Board IDs

Secondary Open              Secondary Girls              Primary Open               Primary Girls
ACGS-QLD             User ID Somerset College-QLDUser ID ACGS-QLD           User ID Sunnybank Hills-QLDUser ID
Sravan Renjith       ACGS_1  Lyanna Chan         SOMC_B1 Zerui Xing         ACGS_7  Elaina Qiang       SHS_B1
Michael Ostapenko    ACGS_2  Jennifer Yeung      SOMC_B2 Kevin Chou         ACGS_8  Xingtong Zhang     SHS_B2
Jason Wang           ACGS_3  Melody Yang         SOMC_B3 Arden Young        ACGS_9  Isabella Guan      SHS_B3
Alexavier Ly-Liu     ACGS_4  Nina Varcoe         SOMC_B4 Christoper Mathew  ACGS_10 Ethena Qiang       SHS_B4
Dashiell Young       ACGS_5  N/A                 SOMC_B5 Daylin Johnson     ACGS_11 Abby Tan           SHS_B5
Allan Li             ACGS_6  N/A                 SOMC_B6 N/A                ACGS_12 N/A                SHS_B6

Scotch College-VIC   User ID PLC-VIC             User ID Glen Waverley-VIC  User ID Glendal Primary-VICUser ID
Luis Chan            SCOC_B1 Cassandra Lim       PLC_B1  Archit Kannan      GWP_B1  Angela Feng        GP_B1
Christoper Lim       SCOC_B2 Jody Middleton      PLC_B2  Nikhil AriyathilakaGWP_B2  Damaris Augustine  GP_B2
Ruicheng Wang        SCOC_B3 Rachel Woon         PLC_B3  Tejas Cherukuvada  GWP_B3  Deethya Sai KatakamGP_B3
Aaron Do             SCOC_B4 Karis Yap           PLC_B4  Rahul De Silva     GWP_B4  Darline Augustine  GP_B4
Lachlan Chen         SCOC_B5 Jennifer Lu         PLC_B5  Sanuk Herath       GWP_B5  Shenara Vithanage  GP_B5
Jay Landau           SCOC_B6 N/A                 PLC_B6  Hemish Shah        GWP_B6  N/A                GP_B6

Canberra Grammar-ACT User ID Lyneham High-ACT    User ID Turner School-ACT  User ID St Monica's-ACT    User ID
Joshua Lee           CG_B1   Athena Hathiramani  LH_B1   Minchen Yang       TS_B1   Mary David-Hoole   SMP_B1
Lachlan Ho           CG_B2   Shriya Karthik      LH_B2   Somon Vos          TS_B2   Sarah David-Hoole  SMP_B2
Thomas Lin           CG_B3   Erin Milne          LH_B3   Nomon Vos          TS_B3   Charlize SchiavelloSMP_B3
Joshua Steinman      CG_B4   Luu Ha Tran         LH_B4   Sami Le            TS_B4   Annalene Lena      SMP_B4
Cameron Allnut       CG_B5   N/A                 LH_B5   Shakthi Karthik    TS_B5   Zarah Lena         SMP_B5
Oscar Ho             CG_B6   N/A                 LH_B6   N/A                TS_B6   N/A                SMP_B6

Prince Alfred-SA     User ID Wilderness School-SAUser ID Prince Alfred-SA   User ID East Marden-SA     User ID
Preshaan Thavarajah  PAC_B1  Chelsea Downing     WS_B1   Oliver Fenton      PAC_B7  Athena-Malar RetnarEMP_B1
George Bartley       PAC_B2  Hailan Yang         WS_B2   Jamie Charters     PAC_B8  Amelia Cirami      EMP_B2
Dongwoo Shin         PAC_B3  Kelly Jones         WS_B3   Jayden Yue         PAC_B9  Sophie Cerny       EMP_B3
Ethan Retnaraja      PAC_B4  Ashley Jones        WS_B4   Daniel Teng        PAC_B10 Hannah Fernandez   EMP_B4
Anthony Huynh        PAC_B5  Diya Gowda          WS_B5   Jacob Liau         PAC_B11 Belinda Ge         EMP_B5
Ethan Liu            PAC_B6  Niya Singhal        WS_B6   Jack Zeng          PAC_B12 N/A                EMP_B6

Sydney Boys High-NSW User ID James Ruse-NSW      User ID Murray Farm-NSW    User ID Neutral Bay-NSW    User ID
Jack Keating         SBH_B1  Eva Ge              JRAH_B1 Daniel (Zhiyi) WangMFP_B1  Chelsea Huey       NBP_B1
Justin Wayne-Lowe    SBH_B2  Angela He           JRAH_B2 Josh Liu           MFP_B2  Sarah Wang         NBP_B2
Toby Huey            SBH_B3  Jessica Xu          JRAH_B3 Caleb Wang         MFP_B3  Kylie Ren          NBP_B3
Kerwin Ma            SBH_B4  Crystal Jin         JRAH_B4 Owen Yang          MFP_B4  Katie Zeng         NBP_B4
Jason Pan            SBH_B5  Jenny Liu           JRAH_B5 Lachlan Ge         MFP_B5  Jocelyn Feng       NBP_B5
Ryan Lee             SBH_B6  N/A                 JRAH_B6 Ryan Zhang         MFP_B6  N/A                NBP_B6

Perth Modern-WA      User ID Perth Modern-WA     User ID Nedlands Primary-WAUser ID Nedlands Primary-WAUser ID
Jamie Laubbacher     PM_B1   Anoushka Gupta      PM_B7   Issa Majidi        NP_B1   Olivia Hou         NP_B7
Ben Hurst            PM_B2   Heidi Gstaettner    PM_B8   Emily Zhang        NP_B2   Casey Florence     NP_B8
Chas Underwood       PM_B3   Victoria Chai       PM_B9   Nizram Majidi      NP_B3   Dior Chai          NP_B9
Christoper Manasseh  PM_B4   Candace Cheng       PM_B10  Nithuli Lianage    NP_B4   Yonje Lee          NP_B10
Alex Pimenov         PM_B5   Elle Chentang       PM_B11  N/A                NP_B5   N/A                NP_B11
N/A                  PM_B6   N/A                 PM_B12  N/A                NP_B6   N/A                NP_B12

Hutchins School-TAS  User ID
William Rumley       THS_B1
Rithvik Gallapalli   THS_B2
Ben Fergusson        THS_B3
William Hou          THS_B4
Tom Wilkinson        THS_B5
N/A                  THS_B6

2020 ASTC Secondary Open
Online - 05122020, 06122020 Standing at round 7
Pos score ID  Team Name                  | Rtg  Origin   Fed      |   SumR    MPnt  
  1 21.5   4  Scotch College VIC         |    0 Victoria AUS      |   21.50   12.00 
  2 19.0   2  ACGS QLD                   |    0 Queensla AUS      |   19.00   10.00 
  3 13.0   5  Perth Modern WA            |    0 WA       AUS      |   13.00    6.00 
  4 12.5   3  Sydney Boys High NSW       |    0 NSW      AUS      |   12.50    6.00 
  5 11.0   6  Prince Alfred SA           |    0 SA       AUS      |   11.00    6.00 
  6  3.5   7  Canberra Grammar ACT       |    0 ACT      AUS      |    3.50    2.00 
  7  3.5   1  Hutchins School TAS        |    0 TAS      AUS      |    3.50    0.00

2020 ASTC Secondary Girls
Online              - 05122020, 06122020

Standing at round 5
Pos score ID  Team Name                  | Rtg  Origin   Fed      |   SumR    MPnt  
  1 18.0   3  PLC VIC                    |    0 Victoria AUS      |   18.00   10.00 
  2 12.5   2  Lyneham High ACT           |    0 ACT      AUS      |   12.50    7.00 
  3 11.5   4  Somerset College QLD  (W)  |    0 Queensla AUS      |   11.50    5.00 
  4  8.0   5  James Ruse NSW             |    0 NSW      AUS      |    8.00    4.00 
  5  7.5   6  Perth Modern WA            |    0 WA       AUS      |    7.50    4.00 
  6  2.5   1  Wilderness School SA       |    0 SA       AUS      |    2.50    0.00

2020 ASTC Primary Open
Online              - 05122020, 06122020

Standing at round 5
Pos score ID  Team Name                  | Rtg  Origin   Fed      |   SumR    MPnt  
  1 15.0   5  ACGS QLD              (W)  |    0 QLD      AUS      |   15.00    8.00 
  2 13.0   6  Glen Waverley VIC          |    0 Victoria AUS      |   13.00    8.00 
  3 11.0   4  Nedlands Primary WA        |    0 WA       AUS      |   11.00    6.00 
  4  9.5   2  Turner School ACT          |    0 ACT      AUS      |    9.50    4.00 
  5  8.0   1  Murray Farm NSW            |    0 NSW      AUS      |    8.00    4.00 
  6  3.5   3  Prince Alfred SA           |    0 SA       AUS      |    3.50    0.00

2020 ASTC Primary Girls
Online              - 05122020, 06122020

Standing at round 5
Pos score ID  Team Name                  | Rtg  Origin   Fed      |   SumR    MPnt  
  1 20.0   2  Glendal Primary VIC        |    0 Victoria AUS      |   20.00   10.00 
  2 15.0   5  Sunnybank Hills QLD   (W)  |    0 QLD      AUS      |   15.00    8.00 
  3 12.0   4  East Marden SA             |    0 SA       AUS      |   12.00    6.00 
  4  9.0   6  Neutral Bay NSW            |    0 NSW      AUS      |    9.00    4.00 
  5  2.0   1  Nedlands Primary WA        |    0 WA       AUS      |    2.00    1.00 
  6  2.0   3  St Monica's ACT            |    0 ACT      AUS      |    2.00    1.00

Australian Schools Teams Championships – 2020

This year the ASTC will be using a time control of 30 minutes plus a 10 second increment per move per player for the game in order to cater for potential technical difficulties and time zones.

Since its inception, the Australian Schools Teams Championships has gone from strength to strength with many of Australia’s top junior boys and girls participating in the event.

The first ASTC tournament was first held in Sydney during December 1998, initially with Primary and Secondary Open divisions. In 1999, Primary and Secondary Girls divisions were added in order to encourage more girls to participate.

Each state and territory is entitled to enter one representative team per division in the four ASTC divisions. Typically, these teams are winners of their state or territory chess association endorsed finals or playoffs.

Further details on the ASTC-2020 website

Games can be viewed live here