The copies of the ACF By-Laws presented here were uploaded in July 2017 except where noted otherwise. Some sections will require further updating.

Anyone needing to make use of the By-Laws and confirm that the By-Laws in a given area are up to date should use the Contacts page and send an email copied to the full ACF Executive (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy President, Vice-Presidents).

DISCLAIMER: While all attempts are made to ensure accurate and up to date copies of the By-Laws are available, the ACF does not guarantee that the posted copies are necessarily correct and up to date in all regards.

Repealed and redundant by-laws are not included.


ACF Constitution (To be updated with changes from 2018 National Conference)

By-laws for ACF Tournaments (This version to be updated)

Policy Resolution: Event Names

By-Law 1 Australian Chess Championship & Australian Major
(Note: Application of Section 3 (h) is frequently overridden. Where this is the case, decisions on the entry of overseas applicants are referred to the event selection committee.)

By-Law 2 Australian Women’s Chess Championship

By-Law 3 Australian Junior Chess Championships

By-Law 4 Australian Schools Teams Chess Championships

Procedure For Allocating ACF Tournaments (Updated Options Table to be added)

Olympiad By-Law

Selection Procedures By-Law

ACF Principles For Payment Of FIDE Fees (To be updated – ACF no longer pays for Trainer/Instructor fees)

Miscellaneous – Qualifications Of Treasurer

ACF Code Of Ethics

ACF Ratings By-Law

Medals Procedures (Old version, to be updated)

Dispute Resolution By-Law

Funding Support Program By-Law