WA ASTC 2020 Hybrid Hub

Due to Australia’s current border issues across its States and Territories,
the ACF has decided to host the 2021 Australian Schools Teams Championships
as an online-hybrid event. The tournament will be held in a very similar
fashion to the 2020 ASTC and in-line with the instructions and regulations
available on the website:

ASTC-2021 Website

We are calling on all States and Territories to appoint State Organisers
and State Arbiters to manage their zone. The responsibilities of each of
these positions are available on the website. The State Organiser must
submit all their team information by the 24th of November.

Please use this form.

If you have any inquires or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me
at hughstonparle@gmail.com

Hughston Parle
Australian Junior Chess Coordinator