FIDE Arbiters Commission Chairman Laurent Freyd welcomes 30 arbiters from 30 Federations to the first session of the Arbiters Commission programme for online and hybrid events.

Following the invitation to federations to register 2 of their arbiters to the Arbiter’s Commission programme for online and hybrid events, the ARB received hundreds of requests to take part in the programme.

128 federations have applied and the first session started this morning on April 13th 2021!

Two levels of seminars have been designed:

  • A Basic Course (8 hours) to cover roles and duties of Online Arbiters and Local Chief Arbiters in hybrid events.
  • An Advanced Course (8 hours) to cover the roles and duties of Chief Arbiters for online and hybrid events.

Official FIDE events will soon require arbiters worldwide to supervise players in hybrid events.

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