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ACF Council meeting decisions: The council met on 17 July and made the following decisions.

  1. The ACF decided to distribute $635 each to every member of the Australian Olympiad team, including the 2 team captains.
  2. Council reviewed and accepted the submitted report and audited financial statements for the 2006 Australian Championships and the 2006 Australian Junior events that were held in Brisbane.
  3. Jenni Oliver was thanked by acclamation for her services to Australian chess.
  4. Dusan Stojic and Cedric Koh were selected as the Under 18 and Under 8 Australian representatives respectively for the World Youth Championships.
  5. The ACF ratings officer and all the state ratings officers were thanked for all the hard work that they had done to produce the June ratings list.

The 2006 World Youth Chess Tournament, endorsed by FIDE, is being held from 18th to 29th Oct, 2006 in Batumi, Georgia. The World Youth Australian Chess Team would very much appreciate all financial support from the wider Chess community that will be helping to invest in the future of Junior Chess. The categories for the event are U18, U16, U14, U12, U10, U8 for both boys & girls. To date, there are 18 players who have committed to go. However, the costs to represent Australia at such an event incurs enormous costs (e.g. airfares, coaching, uniforms etc...), and many good players are unable to go.

Unlike Australia, various countries such as USA, China, Vietnam, India will be sending a large contingent as they have funding. We therefore urgently seek your support as the sport of chess is not supported by any Government funding.

All donors will be published on the ACF newsletter. In addition, they will also receive a daily bulletin email on the progress of the Australian Junior Chess Team during the event.

All donations are gladly welcome (even anonymous) and cheques can be made payable to the Australian Chess Federation and posted to Eunice Koh to:-

World Youth Chess Tournament
C/- E Koh
PO Box 262
Penshurst NSW 2222

Thanks very much on behalf of the Team.

Best regards
- Eunice Koh
Team Manager - World Youth Chess

These young players are the future of Aussie chess - so please give generously! - Ed

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Lidums Checkmate Weekender: One for the Goldies

by DOP Charles Zworestine

The more things change, the more they stay the same… Sadly, my usual marathon run of arbiting chess tournaments in July had two holes in it this year; but I still ended up arbiting the same number of events! No Caloundra Open, but a new NSW weekender at Parramatta instead; and no Adelaide University Open, as not only had Alex Saint, Andrew Saint and Robin Wedding all left university but VSU had unfortunately caused the shutting down of Adelaide University Chess Club. Never mind, in came Tristan Stevens, with a determination to run as good an event on both the social and chess levels. And while he did not quite succeed on both counts, a new weekender was still born; it will only grow and get better.

There was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to stay involved with the new event; especially as it represented another chance to work with my redoubtable colleague, IA Roland Eime! No chess trousers this time, but at least one "reading from the book of FIDE" (and two fantastic dinners for me on the Friday and Sunday nights). Happily, he did not have to use the machete in the boot of his car! The fantastic hospitality of Alan Goldsmith (Goldie 1) was another attraction, although initially I did not realise quite what a full house he had taken on: Ronald Scott, Brendon Norman and David Hacche were all staying with Alan as well! But Alan's insatiable appetite for chess always serves him well in these situations; and I must thank both he and Roland in particular for a most enjoyable weekend.

Tristan Stevens, too, deserves great credit for making the tournament happen - even if he did fail in his mission to keep two events (Open and Under 1600). The numbers were down to 44, and the two events ended up having to be combined into one. Possible reasons were moving to the Adelaide Chess Centre, and the SACA website being down; in particular, there was a substantial reduction in the number of juniors. What is certain, though, is that Tristan's efforts did produce one of the strongest Australian weekenders all year (12 players over 2050!), with several interstate visitors bolstering the playing strength: top seeded GM Ian Rogers, fourth seeded FM Igor Goldenberg, and powerful juniors like Chris Wallis, Dusan Stojic and James Morris. Add to this strong locals like IM Mark Chapman (seed 2), Trevor Tao (seed 3), Srbo Zaric and James Obst, throw in time controls of 60 minutes plus 10 seconds per move at the start (Fischer), and we had the recipe for a thrilling event - which the players duly produced!

Rogers v Tristrom Cooke was already a strange game in Round 1: after winning a piece early Ian got a bit careless and had to win the hard way, sacrificing material back to prevent a perpetual check. He ended up winning an ending from a pawn down in Tristrom's time pressure due to far superior activity; to the layperson (me!), it looked hairy for a while. There were no significant Round 1 upsets, as the top seeds all won; but the juniors especially made them fight! In all junior battles, Dusan Stojic struggled before finally winning pawns and a long game against Sophie Eustace; and Katrina Knapp made James Morris work too. Brandon Low might have drawn his rook and pawn ending from a pawn down, but ended up losing to David Castor.

David was the last game to finish again in Round 2, making Ian Rogers work incredibly hard from an even-looking ending (queen and two rooks each) to eventually win in a long time scramble; sadly for David, the double rook ending was better for Ian once the queens were swapped off. Mark Chapman was much more convincing against Hacche, his active pieces trapping Hacche's knight and winning much material. Tristan Stevens made Trevor Tao work a bit, but in the end his more exposed king cost him a piece and the game; while Igor Goldenberg (Goldie 2) was rather quicker in disposing of Brendon Norman. Alan Goldsmith constructed his usual pretty checkmate against dangerous little ankle shredder James Morris (see game below). There were a couple of upsets lower down in Round 2: WIM Narelle Szuveges held Dusan Stojic to a draw in an even rook and pawn ending, while Brandon Low upset Tristrom Cooke.

Goldsmith    --    Morris
1-0     C02s

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Qb6 6.Bd3 cxd4 7.O-O dxc3 8. bxc3 Bd7 9.Na3 a6 10.Rb1 Qc7 11.c4 dxc4 12.Nxc4 b5 13.Ne3 Bc5 14.Re1 Nge7 15.Bb2 Nb4 16.Be4 Bc6 17.Ng5!? h6 18.Qh5!? g6 19.Qh3 O-O-O

20.Nxf7!? Bxe4 21.Rbc1 Nd3 22.Nd6+ Kb8 23.Nxe4 Nxe1 24.Nxc5 Qb6 25.Ba3 b4 26.Bxb4 Nd5 27. Bxe1 Qb2 28.Nd3 Qe2 29.Rb1+ Ka7 30.Nxd5 Rxd5

31.Qxe6!! Rb5 32.Qd7+ Kb6 33. Qd6+ Ka7 34.Qc7+ Ka8 35.Qc6+ Ka7 36.Rxb5 axb5 37.Qc7+ Ka8 38.Qa5+ Kb8 39. Nc5 Rh7 40.Qb6+ Kc8 41.Qc6+ Kb8 42.Qd6+ Ka7 43.Ba5 b4 44.Bb6+ Ka8 45.Qd8#

Round 3 saw Ian Rogers sacrifice material for a strong kingside attack, which eventually crashed through to beat Srbo Zaric. Trevor Tao joined Ian on 3/3 after winning an ending with some help from Alan Goldsmith, who overextended his passed b-pawn; Goldie 1 reckons he had at least a draw. Goldie 2 also reached 3/3 with a win in an extremely long time scramble against The Obstacle, recovering from losing an exchange to clean up all of James Obst's pawns; while Chris Wallis won the battle of the juniors by breaking through with a nice rook sacrifice to force mate against Dusan Stojic (see game below). Ronald Scott's somewhat eccentric opening (e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 d3) had a good result for him when IM Mark Chapman, shaken and believing himself in an inferior position, offered a draw (which was duly accepted). More upsets lower down, as Mato Jelic drew with Narelle, and Pavel Turcaj fought back from a piece down to draw with Tristan Stevens after the latter had to sacrifice the piece back in an ending to stop Pavel's dangerous advanced connected passed pawns.

Wallis    --    Stojic, D
1-0     B53w

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bb5+ Nc6 4.d4 cxd4 5.Qxd4 Bd7 6.Bxc6 Bxc6 7.Nc3 Nf6 8.Bg5 e6 9.O-O-O Be7 10.Rhe1 O-O 11.Kb1 Qc7 12.Qd2 Rfd8 13.Nd4 Rab8 14.f3 b5 15.g4 b4 16.Nce2 Be8 17.Ng3 a5 18.Nh5 Nxh5 19.gxh5 Bxg5 20.Qxg5 h6 21.Qh4 Qc5 22.f4 Bd7 23.Nb3 Qc6 24.Qe7!? Be8 25.Rg1 Qxe4

26.Rxg7+!! Kxg7 27.Rg1+ Kh7 28.Qf6 Qg6 29.hxg6+ fxg6 30.Nd4

A nice feature of this tournament is the "Saturday night feast", the dinner held after Round 4 to add to the nice social atmosphere of the event. Everyone was looking forward to it, but first there were a couple of really interesting games in Round 4, not least of which on top board: Igor Goldenberg's Bd8 as White led to a mass liquidation of pieces and a drawn queen and pawn ending against Ian Rogers (see game below). Trevor Tao was unable to make an extra pawn count against Chris Wallis, drawing a rook and pawn ending to leave these four equal first on 3.5/4 at the end of the first day. Board 3 saw The Great Escape by Srbo Zaric against Ronald Scott: two pawns down and dead lost Srbo moved his king out of a pin, whereupon Ronald kindly left his knight en prise to lose piece and game! James Morris scored a significant upset by beating fellow junior James Obst in a sharp attacking game (see game below), while Goldie 1 was lucky to escape a lost position against Narelle when she walked into a tactic. Lower down, Ross Vosvotekas upset Svetozar Stojic by winning an exchange early and making it count.

Goldenberg    --    Rogers
1/2-1/2     D16l

1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 c6 3.c4 Nf6 4.Nc3 dxc4 5.a4 Bg4 6.e3 e6 7.Bxc4 Nbd7 8. O-O Qc7 9.h3 Bh5 10.e4 e5 11.d5 Bc5 12.Qe2 O-O 13.Rd1 Rad8 14.a5 Bd4 15.a6 !? b5 16.dxc6!? bxc4 17.cxd7 Rxd7 18.Bg5 Bxc3 19.bxc3 Rxd1+ 20.Rxd1 Nd7 21.Qd2 Nc5

22.Bd8!? Qc8 23.Be7 Bxf3 24.Bxf8 Bxd1 25.Bxc5 h6 26.Qxd1 Qxc5 27.Qd8+ Kh7 28.Qd7 f6 29.Qf5+

Morris    --    Obst
1-0     A34

1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 c5 3.g3 e6 4.Bg2 d5 5.cxd5 exd5 6.d4 cxd4 7.Qxd4 Nc6 8.Qa4 d4 9.Nb5 Bc5 10.Bf4 O-O 11.Rd1 Nh5 12.Bxc6 bxc6 13.Nxd4 Nxf4 14.gxf4 Qb6 15.Ngf3 Bb4+ 16.Kf1 c5 17.Nc6 Re8 18.h4 Ba6 19.Nfe5 Bb5 20.Qb3

( 20...Bxc6!? 21.Qxf7+ Kh8 22.Rg1 Rg8 23.Qh5 gives white some chances )
21.Kxe2 Qxc6 22.Qxf7+ Kh8 23.Rhg1 g6 24.Rd7 Rxe5+ 25.fxe5 Qe4+ 26.Kf1 Qe1+ 27.Kg2 Qe4+ 28.Qf3 Qxf3+ 29.Kxf3 Rf8+ 30.Ke3 c4 31.Rd5 Kg7 32.h5 Kf7 33. hxg6+ hxg6 34.Ke4 Rh8 35.Rd7+ Ke6 36.Rxa7 1-0

Ian Rogers maintained a share of the lead with a convincing Round 5 win over Chris Wallis, a big time advantage and a big pawn centre leading to a big advantage for the GM. He could not escape Goldie 2, however, as Igor joined him on 4.5/5 by making an extra pawn count in a long ending against Trevor Tao; it should perhaps have been drawn, but TT somehow misplayed it, and Igor prevailed in another time scramble. Chapman, Zaric and Goldsmith all got to 4/5 in varying fashion: Mark beat David Castor with a simple tactic leading to mate, Srbo made long term pressure on the h-file count to beat Hacche, and Alan was lucky to escape an ending a piece down when Ross Vosvotekas let his connected passed pawns through (he should have been able to stop them and draw). James Morris continued his good run with an upset draw against Ronald Scott, drawing a long rook and pawn ending from a pawn down. Brendon Norman also scored an upset draw, this time against the other James (Obst); he was better, but could not break through.

Alan Goldsmith's "inspired rubbish" failed to make much of an impression on Ian Rogers in Round 6, the GM keeping control to win and reach 5.5/6. Goldie 2 again made much harder work of it against Mark Chapman, but eventually won a second pawn and made it count in a rook and minor piece ending. Trevor Tao (Black) voluntarily swapped off his king bishop, and then found himself in big trouble with lot of holes on the dark squares; eventually his opponent, Srbo Zaric, penetrated on the open h-file to score a significant upset win. Meanwhile there were more youngsters wreaking their usual havoc, as Dusan Stojic won a long game against Hacche and his brother Svetozar drew a rather shorter one against Ronald Scott. Chris Wallis won the all junior battle against James Morris after the latter walked into a pin and lost a piece.

An error fairly early on in Round 7 from Dusan Stojic guaranteed Ian Rogers at least equal first on 6.5/7; he just sat back and waited for the result of Zaric-Goldenberg. Goldie 2 made an error that had him in big trouble, stuck in a rook and knight vs rook and bishop ending a pawn down, with a powerful passed pawn on c6 really cramping his style! Zaric chose a line, however, which allowed a mass liquidation into a drawn knight vs bishop ending with only one pawn left each (see game below). Thus Ian did end up outright winner, but the tournament really belonged to the Goldies: Igor (outright second on 6/7) had played by far the toughest field, while Alan could be more than content with his equal fourth on 5/7. Zaric was also ecstatic, outright third on 5.5/7 and gaining a bag of rating points. David Castor made hard work of it, but eventually cashed in on an extra exchange to beat Tristan Stevens and win the prize for best interstate player on 5/7. James Morris' rapid and convincing win over Tony Davis completed a great tournament for him, winning him the Under 2000 prize on 4.5/7.

Saric    --    Goldenberg
1/2-1/2     B58o

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6 6.Be2 e5 7.Nf3 h6 8. O-O Be7 9.Re1 O-O 10.h3 a6 11.Bf1 b5 12.Nd5 Nxd5 13.exd5 Na5 14.a4 Rb8 15. axb5 axb5 16.b3 Bd7 17.Bd2 Ra8 18.Bb4 Re8 19.Qd2 Nb7 20.Qe3 Bf8 21.Rxa8 Qxa8 22.Qb6 Nc5 23.Bxc5 dxc5 24.Bxb5 Rb8 25.Bc6 Bxc6 26.Qxc6 Qxc6 27.dxc6 f6 28.Ra1 Kf7 29.Nd2 Rc8 30.Ra6 Bd6 31.Nc4 Bc7 32.Na3 Ke6 33.Nb5 g6 34.c4 e4 35.Kf1 f5 36.Ke2 g5 37.f3 exf3+ 38.Kxf3 h5 39.Ke2 f4 40.Kd3 Kf5 41.Nc3 g4 42.Nd5

gxh3!? 43.Ne7+ Ke6 44.Nxc8 hxg2 45.Ra1 f3 46.Ke3 Be5! 47.Rg1 Bd4+ 48.Kxf3 Bxg1 49.Kxg2 Bd4 50.Kg3 Bf6 51.Kh3 Bd8 52.Kg2 Bg5 53.Kf2 Bd8 54.Kf3 Bg5 55.Ke4 Bd8 56.Kf4 Bh4 57.c7 Kd7 58.Nd6 Kxc7 59.Ne8+ Kb6 60.Ng7 Ka5 61.Ke4 Kb4 62.Nxh5 Kxb3 63.Kd5 Kb4 64.Nf4 Bg3 65.Ne6 Bf2

1 	Rogers, Ian            	NSW  	2599	6.5  	29:W	 6:W	 3:W	 2:D	 7:W	 5:W	 9:W
2 	Goldenberg, Igor       	VIC  	2354	6    	24:W	13:W	11:W	 1:D	 8:W	 4:W	 3:D
3 	Zaric, Srboljub        	SA   	2154	5.5  	10:W	20:W	 1:L	19:W	15:W	 8:W	 2:D
4 	Chapman, Mark          	SA   	2405	5    	23:W	15:W	19:D	 0:D	 6:W	 2:L	 7:W
5 	Goldsmith, Alan D      	SA   	2079	5    	26:W	12:W	 8:L	22:W	17:W	 1:L	13:+
6 	Castor, David          	NSW  	2054	5    	30:W	 1:L	24:W	26:W	 4:L	16:W	14:W
7 	Wallis, Christopher    	VIC  	2073	4.5  	21:W	17:W	 9:W	 8:D	 1:L	12:W	 4:L
8 	Tao, Trevor            	SA   	2375	4.5  	27:W	14:W	 5:W	 7:D	 2:L	 3:L	20:W
9 	Stojic, Dusan          	VIC  	2067	4.5  	31:W	22:D	 7:L	10:W	21:W	15:W	 1:L
10	Turcaj, Pavel          	SA   	1437	4.5  	 3:L	38:W	14:D	 9:L	26:W	22:W	19:+
11	Obst, James            	SA   	2132	4.5  	40:W	25:W	 2:L	12:L	13:D	21:W	23:W
12	Morris, James          	VIC  	1748	4.5  	39:W	 5:L	35:W	11:W	19:D	 7:L	25:W
13	Norman, Brendon        	NSW  	1919	4    	44:W	 2:L	28:W	16:D	11:D	25:W	 5:-
14	Stevens, Tristan       	SA   	1907	4    	42:W	 8:L	10:D	 0:D	27:W	17:W	 6:L
15	Hacche, David J        	VIC  	2057	4    	33:W	 4:L	27:W	25:W	 3:L	 9:L	28:W
16	Jelic, Mato            	SA   	1651	4    	 0:D	34:W	22:D	13:D	 0:D	 6:L	27:W
17	Vosvotekas, Ross       	SA   	1572	4    	41:W	 7:L	43:W	20:W	 5:L	14:L	26:W
18	Rigo, Bernard          	SA   	1818	4    	37:W	19:L	26:L	31:W	 0:D	23:D	29:W
19	Scott, Ronald          	NSW  	2226	3.5  	28:W	18:W	 4:D	 3:L	12:D	20:D	10:-
20	Stojic, Svetozar       	VIC  	1869	3.5  	38:W	 3:L	44:W	17:L	28:W	19:D	 8:L
21	Hogan, Steven          	VIC  	1261	3.5  	 7:L	41:W	23:W	 0:D	 9:L	11:L	35:W
22	Szuveges, Narelle S    	VIC  	1730	3.5  	32:W	 9:D	16:D	 5:L	35:D	10:L	34:W
23	Haydn, Gavin           	SA   	1527	3.5  	 4:L	33:W	21:L	40:W	34:W	18:D	11:L
24	Zulfic, Fedja          	SA   	1504	3.5  	 2:L	40:W	 6:L	32:W	25:L	34:D	36:W
25	Davis, Tony J          	VIC  	1745	3    	36:W	11:L	30:W	15:L	24:W	13:L	12:L
26	Staak, Eric            	SA   	1412	3    	 5:L	39:W	18:W	 6:L	10:L	37:W	17:L
27	Ivkovic, Novica        	SA   	1504	3    	 8:L	42:W	15:L	33:W	14:L	30:W	16:L
28	Glenton, Alan          	VIC  	1472	3    	19:L	37:W	13:L	30:W	20:L	31:W	15:L
29	Cooke, Tristrom        	SA   	1545	3    	 1:L	30:L	37:D	 0:D	40:W	35:W	18:L
30	Low, Brandon           	SA   	1154	3    	 6:L	29:W	25:L	28:L	32:W	27:L	41:W
31	Eustace, Sophie        	SA   	1255	3    	 9:L	32:L	38:W	18:L	39:W	28:L	37:W
32	Mading, John Thon      	SA   	    	3    	22:L	31:W	34:L	24:L	30:L	40:W	38:W
33	Abdelrahman, Youssef   	VIC  	1204	3    	15:L	23:L	36:W	27:L	38:L	39:W	40:W
34	Milton, Anthony        	SA   	1135	2.5  	 0:D	16:L	32:W	 0:D	23:L	24:D	22:L
35	Kramer, Warren         	SA   	1335	2.5  	 0:D	 0:D	12:L	43:W	22:D	29:L	21:L
36	Cameron, Alistair      	SA   	476 	2.5  	25:L	44:L	33:L	42:W	 0:D	38:W	24:L
37	Chambers, Thomas Edward	SA   	759 	2    	18:L	28:L	29:D	39:W	 0:D	26:L	31:L
38	Conway, Dennis         	SA   	885 	2    	20:L	10:L	31:L	41:W	33:W	36:L	32:L
39	Knapp, Katrina         	SA   	732 	2    	12:L	26:L	42:W	37:L	31:L	33:L	 0:W
40	Griggs, James          	SA   	1056	1    	11:L	24:L	41:W	23:L	29:L	32:L	33:L
41	Newbold, Jarrad        	SA   	    	1    	17:L	21:L	40:L	38:L	42:L	 0:W	30:L
42	Searle, Zachary        	SA   	922 	1    	14:L	27:L	39:L	36:L	41:W	 0: 	 0: 
43	Gwinnett, Aaron        	SA   	    	1    	 0:D	 0:D	17:L	35:L	 0: 	 0: 	 0: 
44	Colliver, Scott        	SA   	1415	1    	13:L	36:W	20:L	 0: 	 0: 	 0: 	 0: 

Fifteen-year-old Joseph Nguyen has won the NSW Junior Championship ahead of a large field. Joseph is the eldest of four brothers who have between them won many trophies in junior events. The Under 12 Championship has been won by ten-year-old Joshua Lau, another frequent prizewinner. Leading final scores: Under 18 (50 players, 9 rounds) Joseph Nguyen 8, Michael Morris 7, Max Illingworth and Justin Huang 6.5 each. Under 12 (52 players, 10 rounds) Joshua Lau 8, Pasan Perera and Jonathan Ren 7.5 each. - Peter Parr

Charles Zworestine reports on the Queensland Junior here

Four Melbourne juniors - Sally and Derek Yu, Eugene Schon and Zhigen Wilson Lin - competed in the Fifth Dubai Juniors Chess Championship (Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Cup) in Dubai. There are 146 players from over 16 countries. More details at

IM Eltaj Safarli(AZE) was first with 8 /9. Lin Zhigen Wilson was 3rd-5th equal on 7, E.Schon 6.5, D.Yu 6, S.Yu 5 - Peter Parr

Australian Universities Rapid Championships 2006: How To Keep Uni Students Happy

Report by DOP Charles Zworestine

"I'm happy. I'm at a chess tournament. I'm where I belong"… Who said this? Entirely appropriately, it was Gareth Oliver, son of the effervescent and fantastic organiser Jenni. After all, it was Jenni who spotted the need to fill a major hole in Australian chess - a universities event. Think about it: many juniors stop playing chess around the age of 16, being occupied with studies, other interests and, well… life. Then they get to university, and suddenly they have time on their hands again. And they still love chess. But what fun events are there for them to play in?

To be fair, it was not just Jenni Oliver who has begun to fill this gap. Jason Chan, recognising a great idea, put heart and soul into making the first event of this kind work at Sydney Uni - and it did! Jason did far more than just book the venue; between them, Jason and Jenni did much more than just put on a great chess tournament. Players of university age want social activities, and they got them: great food, the excitement and interest of a variants tournament (more on this later), soccer, movies… The fact that some of this was informal and not too organised actually made it even more fun. Yes, this event is here to stay. I only hope we can get more than the 26 players we got this year - we were aiming for 30, so we were close. If all those who played and had a great time tell all their friends next year, I am sure the event will keep growing

The easygoing, social nature of this event was also helped by the rapid time controls: 20 minutes each, plus ten seconds per move from the start (Fischer). This attracted players from 5 different universities: 15 from Sydney Uni, 5 from ANU, 3 from NSW Uni, 2 from Macquarie Uni and 1 from UTS. The field was strong, with top seeded IM Zong-Yuan Zhao challenged by seasoned players like Tomek Rej, Jason Chan, Jason Hu, Kevin O'Chee, Gareth Oliver, Robert Hvistendahl and Nick Chernih, among others. A great website set up by Jason before the event helped. All we want now is a few more interstate players; we will work on that for next year

Round 1 was the first of only three rounds on the first day, and already saw one interesting result! Terry Lee showed that the unrated players were going to cause a few shocks with a first up upset win over Daniel Chan (1715). The players castled on opposite sides, but poor Daniel was too busy concentrating on his kingside attack when the enemy bishop and knight got in and smashed him on the queenside! Apart from that, there were no real upsets. Jason Hu had to work very hard as Black to win a double rook ending against Jonathan Szeto in the last game to finish.

After this we were already into lunch, and a variants tournament: a fantastic idea by Jason Chan to add interest to the event. Every round (there were 9), we played a different variant of chess, from Suicide Chess to lesser known versions such as Invincible King and Explosion Chess. (And no, The Bomb - Tomek Rej, the Atomek Bomb - was NOT the best at Explosion Chess). It was Jason's idea, so I leave a more detailed report on this event to him. For now, suffice it to say the event was won overall on points by Jason Hu (7.5/9), with my special prize for winning the most games the most quickly going to Kevin O'Chee; and a great deal of fun was had by all!

Back to the "main event": Yuan and Tomek won fairly handily in Round 2 over Rob Hvistendahl and Esper Olesen respectively, but Jason Hu made much harder work of it against Nick Chernih! Nick began an ending a pawn up, but finished up in a rook and opposite coloured bishop ending with equal pawns and a monster passed a7 pawn for Jason (White)! Jason ended up winning the ending to join Yuan, Tomek, Gareth Oliver and Kevin O'Chee on 2/2. Anthony Lo was pawns ahead and should have upset fifth seed Sebastian Hermann (FIDE 2015), but ended up drawing by liquidation of material after Sebastian sacrificed his knight for Anthony's last two pawns. Upset of the round was by the famous Michael (Harrison-Ford) over Zhengbo Wang (who let his queen get trapped), while two more unrated players proved that they could play: Huan Miao Khoo upset Shannon Oliver, and Aycan Sirel stunned Tony Wong.

Yuan was struggling a bit early in his Round 3 game against Kevin, and had to give up a pawn; but the IM soon fought back to end up winning quite nicely in a knight ending. Tomek's rook and pawn ending against Jason Hu should probably have been drawn, but Jason missed a critical check forcing the queening of Tomek's advanced passed pawn and winning. Gareth Oliver beat Sebastian to join Yuan and Tomek on 3/3. Jason Chan, having taken a Round 1 half point bye to be an organiser (!), got to 2.5/3 by beating Anthony Lo. Huan Miao Khoo scored another upset by beating Esper, while Jonathan Szeto took care of the 100 points higher rated Mitchell Barker.

So to Day 2 and Round 4, where Yuan was better against Gareth Oliver but then made a mistake and may have been worse; he was therefore relieved when Gareth was too slow and lost on time! Our IM was soon alone in the lead on 4/4, after Jason Chan reached 3.5/4 by upsetting Tomek in an ending. Four other players joined Gareth and Tomek on 3: Jason Hu, Rob Hvistendahl, Nick Chernih and Jonathan Szeto. Of these, Jonathan scored the big upset, toppling Kevin O'Chee by winning the exchange and eventually getting his passed pawns through to win. More claims to fame for Harrison-Ford, who scored an upset draw with fellow ANU player Jeremy Reading.

Day 2 continued with Yuan winning pretty convincingly against Jason Chan to get to 5/5, while Tomek was on 4/5 after his attack beat Jonathan. Jason Hu and Nick Chernih joined The Bomb on 4/5 by beating Gareth Oliver and Rob Hvistendahl respectively. Nick was quicker, but Jason eventually won in Gareth's time pressure with more active pieces in a double rook and bishop ending. Jenni Oliver kindly volunteered to join the event to avoid having a bye - and promptly upset James Lee in a blitzathon! Other than that, there were no significant Round 5 upsets.

Jason Hu was much better against Yuan in Round 6, a pawn ahead and winning on both wings and in the centre after the next 5 forced moves; so why did he accept Yuan's draw offer? "Didn't want him to swindle me"... Tomek beat Nick in a double rook ending to get to 5/6; while a group on 4/6 included Gareth Oliver, who took advantage of Jason Chan's time pressure. Zhengbo won his third game in a row by beating Rob Hvistendahl, as did Tony Wong by upsetting Mitchell Barker. Jonathan Szeto also continued his upset run, this time taking care of Daniel Chan.

In the critical Round 7 game between the top two seeds, Yuan was a pawn up against Tomek (White); but the IM sacrificed it back to try to get to the White king. Tomek managed to force a swap of queens; but the resulting rook and pawn ending was still much better for Yuan, and he went on to win. Jason Hu made relatively short work of Zhengbo, while Kevin prevailed against Nick in a much longer game. Jonathan Szeto should have drawn with Gareth Oliver, but lost the dead drawn queen and pawn ending in time pressure by failing to liquidate pawns. The only other upset was caused by Jenni Oliver, who was winning (a piece for two pawns ahead) for much of her game but ended up drawing with Gareth White by liquidation of material.

Still no definite clear winner after Round 8, despite Yuan showing no mercy on Nick to get to 7.5/8; for Jason Hu (6.5/8) could theoretically still catch him after beating Kevin (Black). A piece ahead but with Kevin's passed f2 pawn looking dangerous, Jason was able to get to Kevin's king, force a queen swap and win the ending. Tomek's 2 rooks and knight looked better than Gareth Oliver's 2 rooks and bad bishop in a locked position; but way behind on time Tomek could see no way through, and so agreed a draw. Rob's extra pawn eventually upset Jason Chan. Jonathan Szeto got to 5/8 and Board 1 in the last round with a win over Huan Miao Khoo.

Any worries for Yuan were removed early in the last round, as Jason Hu handed the event to him with a 10 second draw with Rob; Yuan made sure of it anyway with a quick win over Jonathan. Tomek won a long game with an overwhelming attack against Kevin. He was joined in third place on 6.5/9 by Gareth Oliver, who sacrificed a rook on spec for an attack against Daniel Chan. It should not have worked, but it did… Gareth White ensured everyone recorded at least one win by winning his first game of the event against Billy Joel Bautista - in the last round!

Special thanks must go of course to Jenni Oliver, not only for her excellent organisational skills but also for effectively sponsoring the event - she subsidised the food on both days to a large extent, resulting in two excellent lunches of pizza on Day 1 and Chinese on Day 2! She also provided many special prizes of chocolate, which I usually awarded to those scoring the biggest upsets - although by the end of the event I tried to make sure that everyone had received at least one… When you add a fantastic dinner on the first night, food was definitely a big part of the event - must be a good thing! Thanks of course also to Jason Chan, whose spirit and enthusiasm was evident the whole event, and without whom it would not have been possible. Hopefully all three of us (Jenni, Jason and myself) will be involved again next year, and the same players and more will be back for an even bigger and better event

Individual Prizes

1st Zong-Yuan Zhao 8.5/9; 2nd Jason Hu 7; 3rd = Gareth Oliver, Tomek Rej 6.5.

Team Prizes (Top Three Scorers From Each University Only)

1st Sydney University 22 (Zong-Yuan Zhao 8.5, Jason Hu 7, Tomek Rej 6.5)

2nd ANU 16 (Gareth Oliver 6.5, Zhengbo Wang 5, Jeremy Reading 4.5)

3rd NSW University 13 (Jonathan Szeto 5, Nick Chernih 5, Terry Lee 3)

Jenni Oliver writes: A small turnout of 26 people from 5 Universities, but the format succeeded fantastically in producing good chess, while still being social and a heap of fun.

All credit to Jason Chan for all his work and ideas on how to ensure everyone had a good time. I think virtually everyone stayed for prize-giving –an indication of how much bonding had taken place during the two days.

Entry fees were kept low - $10 per person and this covered the trophies. Sydney University provided a free venue and Charles Zworestine donated his time. This left all the sponsorship money to spend on food - lunches were provided on both days, as well as drinks and snacks.

Huge thank-you to Jason Chan, Charles Zworestine, our sponsor Stratagem Computer Contractors and to all the enthusiastic students.

Looking forward to next year already! (Probably see a date change to after exams in November).

Jenni Oliver

Place Name                   Feder Loc  Score

  1   Zhao, Zong-Yuan        NSW   2427 8.5  
  2   Hu, Jason              NSW   2090 7    
 3-4  Rej, Tomek             NSW   2175 6.5  
      Oliver, Gareth         ACT   1800 6.5  
 5-6  Chan, Jason            NSW   2128 5.5  
      Hvistendahl, Robert    NSW   1768 5.5  
7-12  Szeto, Jonathan        NSW   1470 5    
      O'Chee, Kevin          NSW   2051 5    
      Chernih, Nicholas      NSW   1764 5    
      Chan, Daniel           NSW   1715 5    
      Sirel, Aycan           NSW        5    
      Wang, Zhengbo          WA    1525 5    
13-15 Hermann, Sebastian     NSW   2015 4.5  
      Reading, Jeremy        ACT   1524 4.5  
      Lo, Anthony            NSW   1537 4.5  
16-20 Khoo, Huan Miao        NSW        4    
      Barker, Mitchell       NSW   1564 4    
      Olesen, Esper          NSW   1727 4    
      Oliver, Shannon        ACT   1449 4    
      Wong, Tony             QLD   1312 4    
21-22 Lee, Terry             NSW        3    
      Bautista, Billy Joel   NSW   1170 3    
23-24 Harrison-Ford, Michael NSW   1230 2.5  
      White, Gareth          NSW   1296 2.5  
25-26 Oliver, Jenni          ACT   657  1.5  
      Lee, James K M         NSW   1142 1.5  
 27   Cunningham, Michael    NSW        0    

NSW Rapid:

No Name                 Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7  

1  Xie, George          2390 6     24:W  9:W  3:W  7:W  4:W 12:W  2:L
2  Hu, Jason            2090 5.5   30:W 12:W 19:W  5:L 13:W  8:D  1:W
3  Bolens, Johny        2077 5.5   35:W 16:W  1:L 23:W  5:D  9:W  4:W
4  Wright, Neil S       2211 5     18:W 14:W  6:W 13:W  1:L  5:W  3:L
5  Broekhuyse, Paul     2144 5     31:W 32:D 10:W  2:W  3:D  4:L 15:W
6  O'Chee, Kevin        2051 5     33:W  8:W  4:L 20:W 12:L 13:W 14:W
7  Bird, Andrew         2090 5     37:W 17:W 23:W  1:L  8:D 14:D 12:W
8  Hvistendahl, Robert  1768 5     38:W  6:L 33:W 15:W  7:D  2:D 19:W
9  Lewski, Toby         1908 4.5   26:W  1:L 31:D 32:W 19:W  3:L 20:W
10 Chan, Jason          2128 4.5   25:W 23:L  5:L 33:W 24:W 16:W 11:D
11 Ginzburg, Anna            4.5   13:L 39:W 34:W 12:L 30:W 17:W 10:D
12 Huynh, Arthur        1772 4     36:W  2:L 35:W 11:W  6:W  1:L  7:L
13 Kirchnei, Pedro      1693 4     11:W 15:W 32:W  4:L  2:L  6:L 27:W
14 Harp, Joel           1821 4     28:W  4:L 37:W 19:D 16:W  7:D  6:L
15 Faris, Ahmed         1910 4     21:W 13:L 18:W  8:L 25:W 27:W  5:L
16 Dunn, Michael Gl     1712 4     40:W  3:L 22:W 17:W 14:L 10:L 29:W
17 Rachmadi, Herman     1797 4     29:W  7:L 25:W 16:L 18:W 11:L 24:W
18 Art, Carl            1571 4      4:L 26:W 15:L 21:W 17:L 28:W 23:W
19 Cunico, Rohan             3.5   20:W 30:W  2:L 14:D  9:L 22:W  8:L
20 Saksena, Kaushik     1710 3.5   19:L 36:W 21:W  6:L 22:D 31:W  9:L
21 Baldwin, A(Tony) C   1478 3.5   15:L 24:W 20:L 18:L 34:W 30:D 31:W
22 Lau, Derek           844  3.5   23:L 34:W 16:L 35:W 20:D 19:L 30:W
23 Tulevski, Vasil G    1771 3     22:W 10:W  7:L  3:L 27:L 36:W 18:L
24 Reynolds, Paul J     1597 3      1:L 21:L 39:W 31:W 10:L 26:W 17:L
25 Mascarenhas, Alan    1527 3     10:L 28:W 17:L 26:W 15:L 29:L 33:W
26 Kresinger, Frank     1441 3      9:L 18:L 38:W 25:L 35:W 24:L 34:W
27 Harris, Bruce        1307 3     32:L 31:L 40:W 37:W 23:W 15:L 13:L
28 Parravicini, Matthew 1243 3     14:L 25:L 36:L 38:W 33:W 18:L 35:W
29 Koh, Cedric          1079 3     17:L 37:L 30:L 40:W 39:W 25:W 16:L
30 Buza, Muhamed        1663 2.5    2:L 19:L 29:W 36:W 11:L 21:D 22:L
31 Ward, Dennis         1533 2.5    5:L 27:W  9:D 24:L 32:W 20:L 21:L
32 Tobin, Luke          1822 2.5   27:W  5:D 13:L  9:L 31:L 34:L 36:W
33 Lo, Michael          1480 2      6:L 38:W  8:L 10:L 28:L 37:W 25:L
34 Burgess, Shane       1513 2      0:  22:L 11:L 39:W 21:L 32:W 26:L
35 Grbin, Tereza        1481 2      3:L 40:W 12:L 22:L 26:L 38:W 28:L
36 Christensen, Joshua  1479 2     12:L 20:L 28:W 30:L 37:W 23:L 32:L
37 Greenwood, Norman    1526 2      7:L 29:W 14:L 27:L 36:L 33:L 40:W
38 Koh, Clarise         619  2      8:L 33:L 26:L 28:L 40:W 35:L 39:W
39 Koh, Jason           972  .5     0:  11:L 24:L 34:L 29:L 40:D 38:L
40 Hoang, Cimaine       385  .5    16:L 35:L 27:L 29:L 38:L 39:D 37:L

Belconnen Premier, ACT: Details

Tor Lattimore 7
Andrew Brown 6
Jeremy Readin, Sherab Guo-Yuthok 5.5
Ian Rout, Khoi Hoang 4.5
Yi Yuan, Adrian de Noskowski 4
Shannon Oliver 3.5
Milan Ninchich 0.5

2006 Australian Junior Internet Championship:

1st: Blair Mandla (NSW) 5.5/6
=2nd: Yita Choong (WA), Jeffrey Tse (NSW), Derek Yu (Vic)

U16: Chris Wallis (Vic)

U15: Zhigen Lin (Vic)

U14: Jason Tang (Vic)

U13: Michael Grossman (Vic/California!)

U12: Yi Liu (Qld)

U11: Lawrence Matheson (Vic)

U10: Ryan Sam (WA)

Girls: Susan Sheng (Vic)

2006 Australian Junior Internet Candidates

1st: James Li (ACT)
=2nd: Stephen Daenke (SA) & Alex Miles (Qld)

U12: Bernard Chau (NSW)

=U11: Jake McCook (ACT) & James Mok (NSW)

U10: Andrew Gurevich (Vic)

=U9: Lachlan Cameron (SA) & Lawrence Yeung (Vic)

U8: Ethan Derwent (ACT)

Girls: Alana Chibnall (ACT)

The inaugural International Internet Match today between Juniors from Australia and North California was a huge success - with 24 youngsters from across Australia (all States were represented) locked in an amazing mental battle with their counterparts in California - they played each other twice with each game limited to 45 minutes per player.

The Match was won by North California but Australia was far from disgraced - we almost won the Under 18 - Under 13 section but faltered in two games in the last 5 minutes to finish with 10.5 -13.5.

Sadly, we were clobbered a bit in the Under 12 Section losing 4-20 but it was a great experience and some of the opponents were world class.

The atmosphere was great and the games very exciting.

Special thanks to all who took part and especially Moulton Ly, fresh from his stunning success in the World Open where he gained an International Master norm.

Thanks also to Michael Aigner and Mike Grossman for organising the California teams and the many who helped here in Australia.

Also, of course, a special thanks to the ICC and admins like Apocalyptic and fpawn.

We are also keeping a register of all the players who want to take part in future matches, so please let us know if you are interested - we must obviously have many more of these :).

Also, a reminder that ALL schools across Australia are invited to take part in the first Australian Schools internet Championships starting in a months time - please check the details on

Australia Vs Nth California U18 Match 2006

Played on Sunday 16th July at 10am EST on the ICC

Under 18

 No Name             Handle          Total  Result   Name               Handle       Total

  1 Matthew Ho       Vulcan        [0.0]  0.0:2.0  Moulthon Ly        Molton     [0.0]
  2 Drake Wang       YoChess       [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Chris Wallis       Daisyagers [0.0]
  3 Daniel Schwarz   DanielDelPaso [0.0]  2.0:0.0  James Morris       jimthekid  [0.0]
  4 Sam Shankland    Shankpanky    [0.0]   .5:1.5  Yita Choong        YCMan      [0.0]
  5 Mike Zhong       sangen        [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Sherab Guo- Yuthok            [0.0]
  6 Matt Zavortink   Phainopepla   [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Brandon Low        SIC        [0.0]
  7 Charles Sun      MortalGuard   [0.0]  0.0:2.0  Jeffrey Tse        metakage   [0.0]
  8 Ted Belanoff     ted4921       [0.0]  0.0:2.0  Blair Mandla       ChampBlair [0.0]
  9 Jonathan Soo Hoo jonanater     [0.0]  1.0:1.0  Thomas Hendrey     HendreyTAS [0.0]
 10 Steven Liu       L156steven    [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Fedja Zulfic       Fedge      [0.0]
 11 Rebekah Liu      chess9397     [0.0]  1.0:1.0  Alana Chibnall     Iani123    [0.0]
 12 Daniel           chessdude92   [0.0]  1.0:1.0  Nina Horton        Nina1      [0.0]

 Australia Vs Nth California U12 Match

 Under 12

 No Name               Handle           Total  Result    Name             Handle         Total

   1 Daniel Naroditsky  Danya          [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Emma  Guo         KingAsian    [0.0]
  2 Gregory Young      gyoung         [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Yi  Liu           bjniuniu     [0.0]
  3 Sam Bekker         sambek         [0.0]   .5:1.5  Jake  McCook      JakeMc7      [0.0]
  4 Kyle Shin          chessdestroyer [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Megan  Setiabudi  Busy-Child   [0.0]
  5 Yian Liou          chiiwen        [0.0]  2.0:0.0  James  Li         FireLord     [0.0]
  6 Jennifer Livschitz Jenny-CA       [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Andrew  Gurevich  Fairknight   [0.0]
  7 Isaac Zhang        CalvinTheDork  [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Alex  Miles       AlexMiles    [0.0]
  8 Alex Grossman      Matanui2005    [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Niranjan  Gupte   tnt-neo      [0.0]
  9 Andrew Chen        gagdad         [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Bernard  Chau     Arch-Nemesis [0.0]
 10 Ted Xiao           powertx        [0.0]  2.0:0.0  Ethan Derwent     tahu-nuva    [0.0]
 11 Aamir Azhar        sporty         [0.0]  1.5:.5   Dmithri Manawadu  dimith       [0.0]
 12 Jackie Connor      powerpuffgirls [0.0]  0.0:2.0  Alastair Cameron  ianforbs     [0.0]

 Reserves Game

 13 Aditya             shaggy75       [0.0]  0.0:1.0  Vincent Horton    Vinnie1      [0.0]

- Alan Goldsmith

2006 Australian Schools Teams Championship and 2007 Australian Junior Championship

The ACT Junior Chess League, the Australian Chess Federation and major sponsor O2C welcome the young chessplayers of Australia to the 06/07 Australian Junior Chess Festival comprising the -

2006 Australian Schools Teams Championships
11-12 December 2006
Hotel Heritage, Narrabundah

and the

2007 Australian Junior Championships
14-26 January 2007
Hotel Heritage Narrabundah

For full information go to We have so many plans and still so much to do to make the events a fantastic experience for players, officials & families alike. Keep visiting the site over the next six months as we will be updating it with new announcements as our plans come to fruition.

Important dates are - 31 October (enter by this date for your FREE t-shirt & water bottle!), 1 December (for early entry discounts) and 22 December when all entries CLOSE!

Libby Smith
Tournament Director
Australian Junior Chess Festival

PO Box 6060
Phone (02) 6291 7625

World News:

Grandmaster Alexander Wojtkiewicz (2562) has died age 43 from liver problems caused by heavy drinking and chain smoking. Here is a game from the 2005 National Open in Las Vegas A.Kretchetov - A.Wojtkiewicz 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3 Nc3 Bg7 4 Nf3 0-0 5 e4 c6 6 e5 Ne8 7 Bf4 d6 8 h3 Nd7 9 Qd2 dxe5 10 dex5 Qa5 11 Ne4 Qxd2+ 12 Kxd2 Nc7 13 Be2 Ne6 14 Bh2 Ndc5 15 Nxc5 Nxc5 16 Ke3 a5 17 Rad1 f6 18 Bf1 Bf5 19 g4 Bh6+ 20 Kd4 Na4 0-1 He was born in Latvia, became a chess master at 15, and spent two years in a Russian gulag for refusing to join the army. He moved from Riga to Warsaw, twice winning the Polish title. He has won the United States Chess Federation Grand Prix six years in a row competing in hundreds of tournaments all over the USA as well as overseas (638 events since Jan 1991 in USA). Wojtkiewicz tied for first in the National Open (USA) in June and finished in a nine way tie for first place in the very strong World Open (USA) ealier this month and tied for first in the Columbus Open - five days before his death. - Peter Parr

Amsterdam: Leading Round 5 Standings: 1 Tiviakov,Sergey 2668 4.5 1 Ami,Erwin l' 2586 4.5 3 Timman,Jan 2594 4 3 Halkias,Stelios 2551 4 3 Parker,Jonathan 2509 4 3 Weide,Karel van der 2443 4 3 Siebrecht,Sebastian 2414 4 8 Nijboer,Friso 2598 3.5 8 Erenburg,Sergey 2585 3.5 8 Stellwagen,Daniel 2575 3.5 8 Tukmakov,Vladimir B 2560 3.5 8 Cuijpers,Frans Andr 2510 3.5 8 Ernst,Sipke 2504 3.5 8 Hunt,Adam 2457 3.5 8 Delft,Merijn van 2378 3.5 8 Scha'fer,Markus 2354 3.5. Site : View games

Taiyuan Scheveningen: Top Chinese versus Western GMs. China leads 29.5-24.5. View games

Canadian Open: Leading scores after 4 rounds: 1 GM Abhijit Kunte 2535 4.0 2 GM Alexander Moiseenko 2649 3.5 3 GM Alexander Huzman 2585 3.5 4 GM Walter Arencibia 2535 3.5 5 IM Chandrashekhar Gokhale 2371 3.5 6 FM Christian Stevens 2314 3.5 7 GM Evgeny Bareev 2683 3.0 8 GM Mark Bluvshtein 2531 3.0 9 IM Fidel Corrales 2492 3.0 10 IM Jesse Kraai 2473 3.0 11 IM Tomas Krnan 2399 3.0 12 GM Hans Joachim Hecht 2394 3.0 13 WGM Swati Ghate 2379 3.0 14 IM Julian Estrada 2370 3.0 15 Nikolay Noritsyn 2354 3.0 16 FM Goran Milicevic 2305 3.0 17 FM Goran Mikanovic 2284 3.0 18 IM Rahul Shetty 2269 3.0 19 Shiyam Thavandiran 2264 3.0 20 Lucian Lacau-Rodean 2104 3.0. Site : View games

10th Petr Izmailov Memorial: Rapid. Final Round 10 Standings: 1. Karjakin, Sergey g UKR 2679 7.0; 2. Rublevsky, Sergei g RUS 2667 5.5; 3. Kasimdzhanov, Rustam g UZB 2672 5.0; 4. Morozevich, Alexander g RUS 2731 4.5; 5. Ponomariov, Ruslan g UKR 2721 4.0; 6. Bologan, Viktor g MDA 2645 4.0. Site : View games

Norwegian Championship: Final Round 9 Standings: 1. Carlsen, Magnus g NOR 2673 7.0; 2. Agdestein, Simen g NOR 2575 7.0; 3. Ostenstad, Berge g NOR 2480 6.0; 4. Johannessen, Leif Erlend g NOR 2555 5.5; 5. Sahl, Bjarke m DEN 2364 5.5; 6. Lie, Kjetil A g NOR 2536 5.5; 7. Bae, Torstein f NOR 2284 5.0; 8. Djurhuus, Rune g NOR 2462 5.0; 9. Tallaksen, Geir S f NOR 2356 5.0; 10. Hole, Oystein f NOR 2346 4.5; 11. Gabrielsen, Stig f NOR 2288 4.5; 12. Gabrielsen, Trond NOR 2235 4.5; 13. Hammer, Jon Ludvig f NOR 2325 4.5; 14. Hansen, Torbjorn Ringdal f NOR 2319 4.5; 15. Elsness, Frode m NOR 2428 4.0; 16. Lie, Espen f NOR 2357 4.0; 17. Dannevig, Oystein f NOR 2382 4.0; 18. Sagafos, Magne NOR 2331 4.0; 19. Stokke, Kjetil NOR 2303 3.0; 20. Stubberud, Ornulf NOR 2202 3.0; 21. Madsen, Dag f NOR 2290 2.0; 22. Jansson, Joran f NOR 2300 1.0. Site : View games

3rd South Wales International: Leading Final Standings: 1. Pavlovic, Milos g SCG 2497 7.0/9; 2. Gormally, Daniel g ENG 2554 6.5/9; 3. Barsov, Alexei g UZB 2525 6.5/9; 4. Broomfield, Matthew ENG 2303 6.5/9; 5. Cobb, James f WLS 2365 6.5/9; 6. Jones, Richard S f WLS 2308 6.5/9; 7. Allicock, Rawle Anthony f ENG 2302 6.0/8; 8. Cobb, Charles f ENG 2404 6.0/9; 9. Rudd, Jack ENG 2299 6.0/9; 10. Marusenko, Petr m UKR 2351 6.0/9; 11. Dobrov, Vladimir g RUS 2510 5.5/9; 12. Schmitz, Manuela wf GER 2042 5.5/9; 13. Varley, Peter WLS 2223 5.5/9; 14. James, Angus ENG 2030 5.5/9; 15. Klein, Felix GER 2176 5.5/9

View games


View games

Rublevsky, S (2667)    --    Bologan, V (2645)
10th Petr Izmailov Mem  (1)   Tomsk RUS
2006.07.11     1/2-1/2     C41

1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 e5 4.Nf3 Nbd7 5.Bc4 Be7 6.O-O O-O 7.Re1 c6 8. a4 a5 9.h3 Nb6 10.Bb3 Nfd7 11.Be3 exd4 12.Nxd4 Nc5 13.Qf3 Nxb3 14.cxb3 Nd7 15.Rad1 Ne5 16.Qe2 Bd7 17.f4 Ng6 18.Nf5 Bxf5?! 19.exf5 Nh4 20.Bf2! Nxf5 21.g4

Nh4! 22.Qxe7 Nf3+ 23.Kf1 Nxe1 24.Qxd8 Rfxd8 25.Kxe1 d5
The passed pawn gives black reasonable prospects
26.Bb6 Re8+ 27.Kd2 f6 28.Re1 Rxe1 29.Kxe1 Kf7 30.Ke2 Ke6 31.Kd3 Kd6 32.Kd4 h5 33.f5 hxg4 34.hxg4 Re8 35.Bxa5 c5+ 36.Kd3 Kc6 37.Nd1 b5 38. axb5+ Kxb5 39.Bd2 g6 40.g5!? Rf8 41.fxg6 fxg5 42.Ne3 Rg8 43.Nxd5 Rxg6 44. Ke4 g4 45.Nf4 Rg8 46.Bc3 Re8+ 47.Kf5 Rg8 48.Ng2 c4 49.b4 Ka4 50.Kf4 g3 51. Kf3 Rb8 52.Kxg3 Rxb4 53.Ne3 Rb8 54.Nxc4 Kb3 55.Ne3 Rc8 56.Be5 Re8 57.Kf4 Rxe5 1/2-1/2

Karjakin, Sergey (2679)    --    Morozevich, A (2731)
10th Petr Izmailov Mem  (1)   Tomsk RUS
2006.07.11     1-0     C11

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7 5.f4 c5 6.Nf3 Nc6 7.Be3 cxd4 8. Nxd4 Bc5 9.Qd2 O-O 10.O-O-O a6 11.Qf2 Qe7 12.Bd3 f6 13.exf6 Nxf6 14.Rhe1 Bb4 15.Qh4 Bxc3 16.bxc3 Qa3+ 17.Kb1 Qxc3 18.Nb3 Ne4 19.Bxe4 dxe4 20.Bc5 Re8 21.Rxe4 Qf6 22.Qh5 Qf7 23.Qxf7+ Kxf7 24.Bb6!

Black has grave difficulties in developing
24...Kg8 25.g4 e5 26.fxe5
( 26.f5!? g6 )
26...Be6 27.Nc5 Rac8 28.Kb2 Re7 29.Rd6 Rce8 30.Nxe6 Rxe6 31.Rxe6 Rxe6 32. Bc7 Kf7 33.h4 Re8 34.c4 Ke6 35.Bd6 b6 36.Kc3 Rc8 37.Kd3 b5 38.cxb5 axb5 39.Re2 Kd5 40.Rb2 Na7 41.Rb4 Rc1 42.Bb8 Kc5 43.Rb2 Nc6 44.Bd6+ Kb6 45.Re2 Rd1+ 46.Ke4 g6 47.h5 Nd4 48.Rf2 Nc6 49.Rf7 Rd4+ 50.Ke3 gxh5 51.gxh5 Rh4 52.Rxh7 Nd4 53.Rf7 Kc6 54.h6 Ne6 55.h7 Kd5 56.Be7 Rh3+ 57.Kf2 Nd4 58.Bf6 1-0

Kasimdzhanov, R (2672)    --    Ponomariov, R (2721)
10th Petr Izmailov Mem  (1)   Tomsk RUS
2006.07.11     1-0     B65

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6 6.Bg5 e6 7.Qd2 Be7 8.O-O-O Nxd4 9.Qxd4 O-O 10.f4 Qa5 11.Bc4 Bd7 12.e5 dxe5 13.fxe5 Bc6 14.Bd2 Bc5 15.Qf4 Nd7 16.Rhe1 Qc7 17.Qg3 Rfc8 18.Bh6 Bf8 19.Rd4 g6 20.Bxf8 Nxf8 21.h4 Rd8 22.Rf4 Rd7 23.h5 Rad8 24.Qh4 Rc8 25.Bd3 Qd8 26.Qg3 Rd4 27.Ref1 Rxf4 28.Qxf4 Rc7 29.Be4 gxh5 30.Bxc6 Ng6 31.Qh6 bxc6 32.Ne4 f5 33.exf6 Qd4 34.Rd1

( 34.Rd1 Qe5 35.Rd8+ Kf7 36.Qg7# )

Now some beautiful wins from Australian Anatoli Sirota, who has just won the 2003 IECG World Championship:

Sirota, Anatoli    --    Weber, Karlheinz
WC-2003-F-00001   IECG
2003.12.20     1-0

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 d6 6.Bg5 e6 7.Qd2 a6 8. O-O-O h6 9.Nxc6 bxc6 10.Bf4 d5 11.Qe3 Qa5 12.Be2 dxe4 13.Qg3!?

Threatening trouble with Bc7 and Rd8+
13...Qf5 14.Kb1 Nd5 15.Nxd5 cxd5 16.f3 exf3 17.Bd3 Qf6 18.gxf3 Bd7 19.h4
It is hard for black to develop
19...Bb5 20.Be5 Qe7 21.Rhe1 Rg8 22.f4 Bxd3 23.Rxd3 g6 24.f5 Rc8

25.Rxd5!! exd5 26.Bf6 Qxe1+ 27.Qxe1+ Kd7 28.Qa5 Bc5 29.b4 Rc6 30.bxc5 Rxf6

31.c6+! Kd6
( 31...Kxc6 ( 31...Rxc6 32.Qxd5+ Kc7 33.Qxf7+ ) 32.Qxa6+ )
32.Qb4+ Ke5
( 32...Kxc6 33.Qc3+ )
33.Qe7+ 1-0

Sirota, Anatoli    --    Valentine, Stephen
WC-2003-F-00001   IECG
2003.12.20     1-0

1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Nc3 e6 5.Bg5 h6 6.Bh4 dxc4 7.e4 g5 8.Bg3 b5 9.Be2 Bb7 10.h4 g4 11.Ne5 h5 12.O-O Nbd7 13.Qc2 Nxe5 14.Bxe5 Bg7 15.Bg3 Qxd4 16.Rfd1 Qb6 17.a4 a5 18.Rd6 b4 19.e5 Nd5 20.Nxd5 exd5 21.Rd1 Qc7

22. Bxc4!! Qe7
( 22...dxc4 23.Rd7 Qb6 24.Qf5 O-O 25.e6 fxe6 26.Qg6 is crushing )
23.R1xd5!! b3 24.Qc3 cxd5 25.Bb5+ Kf8 26.Rd7 Qe6 27.Qc7!!
Stronger than Rxb7. White threatens Rd8+
27...Kg8 28.Qxb7 Rf8 29.Bc6!
White is the exchange down but his pieces are dominant
29...Rh6 30.Bxd5 Qf5 31.Bxb3 Re6 32.Bxe6 Qxe6 33.Rd5 Rc8 34.Rxa5 Rc1+ 35.Kh2 Qf5 36.Ra8+ Kh7 37.Qb8
( 37.Qb8 Qb1 38.Qg8+ Kg6 39.Ra6+ Kf5 40.Qh7# is one possibility )

Pappier, Carlos    --    Sirota, Anatoli
WC-2003-F-00001   IECG
2003.12.20     0-1

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Nf3 c5 5.g3 cxd4 6.Nxd4 O-O 7.Bg2 d5 8. cxd5 Nxd5 9.Qb3 Qa5 10.Bd2 Nc6 11.Nxc6 bxc6 12.O-O Bxc3 13.bxc3 Ba6 14. Rfd1 Qc5 15.e4 Bc4 16.Qa4 Nb6 17.Qb4 Qh5 18.Be3 Be2 19.Rd2 Rab8 20.Bc5!? Nc4

21.Bxf8 Rxb4 22.Rd8!? h6 23.cxb4 Kh7 24.Re1 Ne5!
After white's flashy tactics, it's black who has the attack
25.h3 Nd3 26.Rb1 Qb5 27.Rb3 Ne1 28.Bh1 Qg5! 29.Rd7 Qc1! 30.Kh2 Bc4 31.Re3 e5 32.Bc5 a5 33.a3 a4 34.h4 Nc2 35.Rc3 Bb3 36.Rd8 Qb2 37.Rcd3 Nxa3 38.Ra8 Nb5 39.Rdd8 Nc7 40.Rh8+ Kg6 41.h5+ Kxh5 0-1

Sirota, Anatoli    --    Brueckner, Joachim
WC-2003-F-00001   IECG
2003.12.20     1-0

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 g6 4.O-O Bg7 5.c3 Nf6 6.Re1 O-O 7.h3 a6 8. Bxc6 dxc6 9.d4 cxd4 10.cxd4 c5 11.e5 Nd5 12.dxc5 Be6 13.Qd4 Qc7 14.Qh4 Qxc5 15.Nbd2 Qb4 16.Re4 Qb5 17.Ng5 h5 18.Nxe6 fxe6 19.Qg3 Qe8 20.Nf3 +/-

Black's bishop is hopeless and his king is in trouble
20...Rc8 21.Nd4 Qf7 22.Bg5 Rc4 23.Rd1 Rfc8 24.Rd3 Kh7 25.Rh4 Ra4 26.a3 Rac4 27.Bd2 Bh6 28.Rf3 Qg8 29.Bxh6 Kxh6 30.Qg4!? b5 31.Rg3 Qf7 32. Qg5+ Kh7 33.Rf3 Qe8 34.Nxe6 Rxh4 35.Qxh4 Qg8 36.Ng5+ Kh6 37.Nf7+ Kh7 38. Kh2 Rf8 39.e6 Qg7 40.g4 Nf6 41.gxh5 gxh5 42.Rxf6!!

( 42.Rxf6 Qxf6 43.Qxf6 exf6 44.Nd6 and the pawn queens )

Grand Prix tournaments:

Full details at the 2006 Grand Prix site

The organisers of the "ANU Open" have decided to upgrade the event from Class 3 to Class 4 Grand Prix Event. ANU Open: July 22-23; Cat 4; 7 round Swiss, 1hr + 10s/move; Total prizes: $3000; First $1000. $70/$50 entry fee. Details

Nell van de Graaff Classic: Gold Coast; 23-24 September; Cat 4 GP (highest Grand Prix event left on the 2006 Calendar) Incorporates the popular teams event which is sponsored by National Rides. Some free accommodation available; Somerset College Sports Pavilion, Somerset Dr, Mudgeeraba; 200m west of Somerset College; contact; or Peter Bender 07 5556 0434. download an entry form at or

Other events:

Hakoah Chess Club Championship: Monday, 24 July - Monday, 18 September; Hakoah Club, 61 Hall Street Bondi, NSW 2026; 9 round Swiss in Open and Under 1700 divisions; Consecutive Monday evenings, commencing at 7.30pm; Time Limit: 40 moves in 90 minutes, an additional 30 minutes is then added, followed by 10 second increments to finish the game. Pre-registration is crucial. Contact the DOP by emailing to Entries close at 7:30pm on Monday, 24 July. Fees: $30 members; $40 Non-Members; $20 Juniors (Under 18) Prizes: 1st - $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $100, Rating prizes. Under 1700: 1st - $200, 2nd $120, 3rd $80, rating prizes, best junior prize. Enquiries: Vladimir Feldman DOP 0414798503 Or visit Hakoah Chess Club web page: Or

Melbourne Chess Club July Weekender: 29-30 July; 5 rounds; 66 Leicester Street, Fitzroy; Details Email:

NSW Teams Challenge 2: 13th Aug; Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club.

Rooty Hill Open: 9 Round Open Swiss; Rooty Hill RSL, Sherbrooke Avenue, Rooty Hill; Starts Monday 31st July; 7.30pm each week; 40/90 Then 15 mins to complete; $35 entry; Members $25. Prizes: 1st $500, 2nd $150, U1900 $100, U1700 $100 , U1550 $100, U1400 $100, Upset rating prize each Round. D.O.P Peter Cassettari 0403 775476 email Rooty Hill webpage Details

International events:

Malaysia chess challenge: 11 rounds, under-2200 event. 21-27 August. Details

IGB 3rd Dato Arthur Tan Malaysia Open Chess Championship Details

26th Astro Merdeka Chess Team Championship Details

Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival: 12-21 Aug. Details

World University Chess Championship: Details here

Zemplin Tower FIDE Open: Slovakia; May; e-mail Details

2nd World School Chess Teams Championship: U12, U14 and U16. Teams need national federation endorsement. 12-20 July. Entries close on 1 July. Part of the 17th International Festival of Chess, Bridge and Games at Pardubice, Czech Republic.

RC Sport Open:

Politiken Cup: Copenhagen, 22-30 July; 9 round swiss with more than 200 participants. Details

3rd South Wales International: 8-13 July; 9 round FIDE rated event.

Battle of Senta Open: July 21.

Penang International Open: Website

Czech Tour - International Chess Festivals Series -

Singapore Masters: For more details, click here.

Correspondence chess players over the board: July 1-9; Karviná, Silesian University, Czech Republic; Preliminary applications to: Ing. Petr BUCHNÍCEK, Svážná 22, CZ-634 00 Brno, Czech Republic. Phone: 605 578 666. Email:

Best wishes till next time
- Paul Broekhuyse
19 Gill Avenue, Avoca Beach, NSW 2251
02 4382 4525
0408 824525


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