Australian Chess Federation newsletter
No. 364, April 5, 2006

This is a special edition of the newsletter to cover some important decisions that have just been made by the ACF.

Australian Open
Banned players

Australian Open Championship 2006-2007 to be in Canberra

The ACF has accepted a bid put to it by a group of Canberra chess players headed by Dr Stephen Mugford and Shaun Press to hold the Australian Open Championship 2006-2007 and associated events in Canberra beginning on 28 December 2006 and ending on 9 January 2007.

The events will be run by the bidders directly on behalf of the ACF. In accordance with ACF by-laws a member of the Council will be on the Organising Committee and a signatory for all cheques ensuring close cooperation between the organisers and the ACF Council.

The venue for the Championships will be the Southern Cross Club, Tuggeranong Town Centre. For those unfamiliar with the ACT this in in the Southern part of the city. Further information about the championships will be announced by the Organising Committee in due course.

The Australian Junior Championships 2007 have already been allocated to the ACTCA to be run by the ACT Junior Chess League beginning in the middle of January 2007.

ACF Motion regarding Banned Players

The ACF Council has, by e-mail vote, passed the following motion regarding implementation of bans in ACF events:

"That, effective 4 April 2006 ­

1. A person who is banned as a player by his or her State or Territory Association or by the Australian Chess Federation ("ACF") is not permitted to play in an ACF event.

2. If a tournament organiser or tournament arbiter knowingly permits a banned player to play in an ACF event, the event­ (a) will not be ACF or FIDE rated; and (b) if it is a Grand Prix event, will not count towards Grand Prix points.

3. The ACF Secretary shall ensure that a list of banned players, to the best of his knowledge, is maintained on the ACF Website, stating the name of each banned player and the expiry date of the ban and each Council delegate shall keep the Secretary informed of those matters in respect of players banned by his State or Territory.

4. Despite paragraphs 1 and 2, the ACF Council may, if it thinks fit, permit a banned player to play in an ACF event or decide that paragraph 2 does not apply to an ACF event.

5. In this motion ­
(a) "ACF event" means any event held by or on behalf of the ACF and includes an ACF Grand Prix event;
(b) "banned player" means a person referred to in paragraph 1;
(c) a reference to playing in an event includes entering, playing in, or continuing to play in, the event."

There are currently three banned players of which the ACF has knowledge to whom the motion applies. One of these is under an ACF ban, the terms of which are now being reconsidered by the ACF so that it may no longer apply fully to him. The other two are:

Ilija Ilic, banned by NSWCA, expiring midnight, 29 July 2006
Matthew Sweeney, banned by NSWCA, expiring midnight, 31 December 2006.

That information will shortly appear on the ACF website as indicated in the motion.

The motion implements in part a proposal put to the ACF National Conference and accepted in principle by the Council in Brisbane last January. The other aspect of the proposal - reciprocal recognition by State and Territory Associations of each others bans - is yet to be implemented as it involves rather complicated constitutional considerations.

- Denis Jessop
ACF President

The Italo-Australian Club 44th Doeberl Cup 2006

A Class 5 Myer Tan Grand Prix event, 14-17 April 2006.

Italo-Australian Club, 78 Franklin Street, Forrest, Canberra, ACT

Premier Division (FIDE Rated)
Major Division (Under 2000)
Minor Division (Under 1600)
Fischerbooks Seniors (50 years and over)

Time Limit: 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move (Fischer)

Total Prizes: $10,800

Director of Play: Shaun Press

The Fischerbooks Seniors will be held subject to sufficient entries being received.

Organisers reserve the right to shift players to Premier/Major/Minor, if the Seniors does not proceed.

Entries and information: Paul Dunn, 20 Richmond St, Macquarie, ACT 2614 Telephone: 02 6251 1360 Email: Please make cheques out to the ACTCA

Easter Sale

Chess Discount Sales

20% off all chess books including specials!

(over 2000 titles)
10 days only
10 April - 20 April 2006

Peter Parr (OAM)
Chess Discount Sales
Basement Level
72 Campbell St
Surry Hills 2010
Phone: 9211-2994
Fax: 9211-7047
This once only sale is in celebration of one third of a century of service from Peter Parr.
Note - the shop will be closed 14-17 April but orders can still be sent by Email, FAX or phone.

ACF Olympiad Appeal:

Please help support our teams at the 2006 Olympiad!

Professor Robin Stokes: $100
Gardiner Chess Centre: $150
Bill Egan: $50
Ingela Errikson: $50
Jean Watson: $100

One anonymous donor has generously donated $1000 to the Olympiad appeal and has the following to say to fellow Australian chess players:

  1. That there are many reasonably well-off but apathetic chess supporters in Australia who perhaps do not realise that fine players such as Rogers, Johansen etc. deserve our support because they are doing the country a service. Anyone with means should please think again and donate something - anything.
  2. Many less wealthy countries actually fund their chess teams' Olympiad campaigns by paying for their players' airline tickets and even giving them a small allowance. As Australians with a proud sporting tradition, we should be able to achieve this much. Ifour government will not step in, individuals should do what they can.
The ACF Olympiad Appeal Organiser is Brett Tindall. Individual donations may be made to the Appeal Fund by cheque made payable to the Australian Chess Federation and posted to Brett at:

Olympiad Appeal
PO Box 463
NSW 2135

Please indicate if you want your donation to be anonymous.

More details on the the ACF website.

Best wishes till next time
- Paul Broekhuyse
19 Gill Avenue, Avoca Beach, NSW 2251
02 4382 4525
0408 824525


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