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No. 341, November 4, 2005

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NSW Championships:

Max Fuller (left) and Andrew Bird (right) will play off for the title. Greg Canfell won his round 9 game against Quentin Reitmans to take outright third place.

The result marks the remarkable return to top-flight chess of Maxwell Fuller, 60, who won the NSW title in 1965, 1986 and 1988 (shared). If he wins the title this year, he will break C.J.S. Purdy's record of 33 years between first and last NSW Championship titles. Fuller was Australia's top player in the mid-70s when he reached a FIDE rating of 2450. He was twice equal second in the British championship in 1970 and 1975, Australian Junior Champion 1962, and won the Doeberl Cup three times, Australian Open three times and was joint Australian Champion in 1972. Max did not play chess for eight years after a quadruple bypass in 1996, but returned to chess in 2004 and took equal second in the NSW championship of that year.

Andrew Bird, aged just 26, is professional chess coach - and credits that occupation for his dramatic increase in strength. Bird only started playing competitive chess eight years ago at age 18. He won the NSW under 1600 in1999, and has since won the Berger Cup and taken the scalp of the current Australian Champion in the western suburbs inter-club competition. Bird says that the continual reinforcement of basic principles and chess theory in his daily work has helped his game.

Final Scores (8 rounds):
Bird, Fuller 6
Canfell 5.5
Song 5
Atzmon-Simon 4.5
Mendes Da Costa 4
Capilitan 2.5
Reitmans 1.5
Cabilin 1

Andrew Bird and Max Fuller are in discussions for a 4-game match for the title by the end of the year.

Canfell, Greg (2376)    --    Fuller, Max (2275)
2005 NSW Championship  (8)   2005.10.23     0-1     B00

1.e4 b6 2.d4 Bb7 3.Bd3 Nf6 4.Nd2 e6 5.Ngf3 c5 6.c3 Nc6 7.a3 Be7 8. O-O d6 9.Qe2 Qc7 10.b4 a5 11.bxc5 bxc5 12.Rb1 O-O 13.e5 Nd7 14.Qe4 g6 15. exd6 Bxd6 16.Ng5 Nf6 17.Qh4 h5 18.Nc4 Ba6 19.Rd1 Bxc4 20.Bxc4 cxd4 21.cxd4 Ne7 22.Bd3 Nf5 23.Bxf5 exf5 24.d5 Rab8 25.Bb2 Ng4 26.Nf3 Qc2 27.Nd4

Bxh2+ 28.Qxh2 Qxd1+
( 28...Qxf2+ 29.Kh1 Nxh2 30.Kxh2 Rxb2 )
29.Rxd1 Nxh2 30.Bc3 Ng4 31.Bxa5 Rb2 32.d6 Nf6 33.Bc3 Rb6 34.Nxf5 Ne4 35. Ne7+ Kh7 36.Ba5 Rxd6 37.Rxd6 Nxd6 38.Bb4 Rd8 39.Nc6 Rc8 40.Ne5 Nc4 41.Nxf7 Ra8 42.g4 hxg4 43.Kg2 Nxa3 44.Kg3 Nc2 45.Bd2 Rf8 46.Ng5+ Kg8 47.Ne4 Nd4 48.Kxg4 Rf5 49.f4 Ne6 50.Be3 Ng7 51.Bd4 Ra5 52.Be5 Ra4 53.Nf6+ Kf7 54.Kg5 Ne6+ 55.Kh6 Ra3 0-1

The 2005 NSW Reserves was dominated by young WFM Angela Song (below). She finished the tournament undefeated, dropping only half a point to the second placed Sim Navarro. Michael Dunn was third - his only losses were to Song and Navarro.

1 Song, Angela NSW 1801 8.5
2 Navarro, Sim NSW 1996 8
3 Dunn, Michael Gl NSW 1813 6
4-5 Bleicher, Horst NSW 1607 4.5
Rachmadi, Herman NSW 1675 4.5
6-7 Escribano, Jose NSW 1674 3.5
Tse, Jeffrey NSW 1725 3.5
8 Descallar, Levi NSW 1728 3
9 Xu, William NSW 1472 2.5
10 Baterowicz, Mark NSW 1632 1

Under 1600: Eliot Hoving lead this tournament from start to finish with Adrian Miranda hot on his heels. Both players finished the tournament undefeated, with Adrian conceding 3 draws and Eliot conceding 2. Eliot Hoving lead this tournament from start to finish with Adrian Miranda hot on his heels. Both players finished the tournament undefeated, with Adrian conceding 3 draws and Eliot conceding 2.

1 Hoving, Eliot NSW 1526 8
2 Miranda, Adrian NSW 1579 7.5
3 Katnic, Eddy NSW 1549 7
4-11 Wong, Ted NSW 1526 5
Parker, Trent NSW 1489 5
Trzin, Gojko NSW 1538 5
Lau, Tony NSW 1174 5
Art, Carl NSW 1458 5
Baker, John A NSW 1504 5
Ren, Jonathan NSW 1051 5
Kresinger, Frank NSW 1432 5
12-13 Simmonds, Rex NSW 1532 4.5
Steinitz, Steven NSW 1319 4.5
14-17 Sewell, Rob NSW 1479 4
Lau, Joshua NSW 888 4
Spirov, Tony NSW 1314 4
Accola, Tom NSW 1043 4
18-22 Korbe, Heinrich NSW 1445 3.5
Greenwood, Norman NSW 1477 3.5
Canuto, Carlo NSW 1573 3.5
Barasoain, Fernando NSW 1439 3.5
Nabulsi, Derek NSW 1450 3.5
23 Walshe, Ian M NSW 1311 3
24-25 Mann, Nicholas G NSW 1141 2.5
Wright, Cameron NSW 1523 2.5
26 O'Donnell, Robert NSW 0

Thanks to the NSWCA website and Peter Parr for the info.

Elwood Community Bendigo Bank Chess Championship: A major Victorian event with big prizes: $2000 1st Place; $1000 2nd Place; $500 3rd Place. Sponsored by Bendigo Bank. Johansen lost in the last round to the rejuvenated Igor Goldenberg, while Bjelobrk lost to a visiting German. The Website has games and other details.

1-3 Smerdon, David C AUS 2421 2418 6
Goldenberg, Igor AUS 2335 2378 6
Tabatt, Hendrik GER 2223 2157 6
4 Froehlich, Peter GER 2360 2376 5.5
5-14 Johansen, Darryl K AUS 2462 2460 5
Baron, Michael AUS 2320 2260 5
Bjelobrk, Igor NZL 2399 2423 5
Sandler, Leonid AUS 2381 2324 5
Wallis, Christopher AUS 2114 2003 5
Hacche, David J AUS 2187 2084 5
Dizdarevic, Mehmedalija BIH 2122 1997 5
Skiotis, Pano AUS 2178 2050 5
Lojanica, Milenko BIH 2112 2043 5
Rujevic, Mirko AUS 2247 2221 5
15-24 Guthrie, Aaron AUS 2257 2189 4.5
Hislop, James K AUS 2155 4.5
Stead, Kerry AUS 2056 1964 4.5
Dragicevic, Domagoj AUS 2135 2106 4.5
Ly, Thai AUS 2051 1910 4.5
Pyke, Malcolm L AUS 2126 2005 4.5
Zileski, George AUS 1743 4.5
Stirling, Nathan AUS 2087 2021 4.5
Frost, Peter AUS 1942 1754 4.5
Szuveges, Narelle S AUS 1895 1673 4.5
25-34 Voon, Richard AUS 2090 1852 4
Depasquale, Chris J AUS 2309 2291 4
Tsagarakis, Angelo AUS 1859 4
Bowen, Leon AUS 1765 4
Schon, Eugene AUS 1790 1555 4
Flitney, Adrian AUS 2047 1990 4
Kara, Barbaros AUS 1756 4
Kildisas, Victor E AUS 2056 1914 4
Podvorac, Zeljko AUS 4
Sucevic, Milic AUS 1610 4
35-51 Rothlisberger, Marcel AUS 1831 3.5
Brockman, Roland AUS 1784 1614 3.5
Pramod, T.G. AUS 3.5
Hilliard, Geoffrey AUS 1763 3.5
Beet, Cameron AUS 1219 3.5
Lojanica, Zdravko BIH 1923 3.5
Stones, Douglas AUS 1460 3.5
Morris, James AUS 1865 1673 3.5
Sunder, Vijay AUS 3.5
Macgregor, Angus J AUS 1638 3.5
Dalton, Joshua AUS 1265 3.5
Yu, Derek AUS 1520 3.5
Matelan, Anton AUS 1723 3.5
Ghobrial, Adel AUS 1560 3.5
Reid, Bill AUS 1503 3.5
Flude, David A AUS 1878 1788 3.5
Bultman, Grant AUS 1582 3.5
52-61 Tang, Jason AUS 1366 3
Antolis, Cedric AUS 3
Roberts, Mark S AUS 1972 1737 3
Stanisheff, Alex AUS 1550 3
Dalton, Samuel AUS 1348 3
Kenmure, Jamie AUS 1102 3
Faust, Siegfried AUS 1502 3
Toper, David AUS 796 3
Hodge, Fred AUS 3
Wolf, Peter AUS 1762 3
62-69 Wertheim, Stephen AUS 1541 2.5
Glenton, Alan AUS 1510 2.5
Cameron, James AUS 1121 2.5
Meldau, Henning AUS 1527 2.5
Dalton, Laurie AUS 1233 2.5
Kostrzewa, Jake AUS 1316 2.5
Bhattacharya, Devraj AUS 1084 2.5
Hogan, Steven AUS 1321 2.5
70-78 Ivanov, Nikola AUS 1469 2
Sanderson, Paul AUS 1191 2
Mustafa, Metin AUS 1289 2
Buda, Alexander AUS 2
Spencer, Anthony G AUS 1336 2
Yu, Sally AUS 1073 2
Hopkins, Rhys AUS 2
Zacharczenko, Vladimir AUS 1133 2
Wicks, Michael AUS 897 2
79 Au, Denis AUS 1.5
80-82 Kordes, David AUS 1
Smith, Wendy AUS 1210 1
Elmer, Anthony AUS 1
83-86 Scott, Kate AUS 0
Graham, Beau AUS 0
Litviak, Daniel AUS 0
Steel, Michael AUS 1439 0

Goldenberg,I    --    Johansen,D
Elwood Championship 2005  (7)   Elwood
2005.11.03     1-0     E10p

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 c5 3.d5 e6 4.c4 b5 5.Bg5 exd5 6.cxd5 Qa5+ 7.Nc3 Ne4 8.Bd2 Nxd2 9.Nxd2 d6 10.e4 a6 11.a4 b4 12.Nc4 Qc7 13.Nb1 Be7 14.Bd3 Nd7 15.a5 Bf6 16.Nbd2 Ne5 17.Nxe5 Bxe5 18.Nc4 Bd4 19.O-O O-O 20.Kh1 f5 21.f4 fxe4 22.Bxe4 Bf5 23.Bxf5 Rxf5 24.g4 Rf7 25.Qf3 h5 26.g5 Raf8 27.Rae1 Rxf4 28.Qxf4 Rxf4 29.Rxf4 Qb7 30.Re8+ Kh7 31.g6+ Kxg6 32.Re6+ Kh7 33.Rf5 g6 34. Nxd6 Qa8 35.Re8 1-0

Bjelobrk,I (2423)    --    Tabatt,H (2157)
Elwood Championship 2005   Elwood
2005.11.03     0-1     D11s

1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.e3 a6 5.b3 Bg4 6.Nbd2 Nbd7 7.Bb2 Ne4 8. Be2 Ndf6 9.O-O e6 10.Nxe4 Nxe4 11.Qc2 Bd6 12.Kh1 O-O 13.Bd3 Bxf3 14.gxf3 Qh4 15.f4 f5 16.Bc3 Qh3 17.Rg1

Bxf4!! 18.Rg2 Bd6 19.Be1 f4 20.Bxe4 dxe4 21. exf4 Rxf4 22.Qc3 Rf3 23.Qc2 e3 24.d5 Bxh2 25.Rd1 Raf8

Wendy Terry Memorial, Queensland: The event was held this weekend at Grace Lutheran College, Redcliffe in memory of Wendy Terry who passed away a few months ago. Wendy's husband Clive and daughter Andrea were there to celebrate Wendy's life, and also to sponsor the event and present prizes.

IM Stephen Solomon followed up his perfect 9 from 9 score at the Gold Coast Allegro last week with a picket fence 6/6 in this event. Second equal were Damian Norris and Michael Cashman. There were 48 players.

6.0 Stephen J Solomon
5.0 Damian Norris, Michael Cashman
4.5 Khalimzhan Abylkassov,John Myers, Tony Weller
4.0 Phachara Wongwichit, Mark C Stokes, Keith Macleod, Adam Bedi, Wayne Davison, Alexandra Jule, Michael Szabo
3.5 Oleg Korenevski, Nathan P Davidson, Craig A Stewart, Wayne G Fraser, Ernesto Dobson, Yitao Lei, Peter Booy, Sean Brady
3.0 John Alkin, Gerard Akers, Gabriel Boross, Luthien Russell, Jessica Kinder, Shayne Hunter, Gene Nakauchi, Kieton Beilby, Lachlan van den Berg
2.5 Peter G Bender, Garvin Gray, Caleb Eriksson, Alexander Stahnke, Anthony J Mcroberts
2.0 Ryan Sullivan, Finn Sorenson, Ellis Markson, David Soul, Andrew Johnston, Andrew Davison, Danielle Kinder, Cameron De Vere
1.5 Ted Grunte
1.0 Jim Rogers, Kenji Nakauchi, Liam Polkinghorn
0.0 Moulthun Ly, David Lovejoy, Jackson Luke Leach

Brisbane Junior Masters:

1st Moulthun Ly 6/6
2nd Ben Lazarus 4.5
3rd = Casey Barnard and Brock McIntyre 4
13 players
- Graeme Gardiner

Matthew Juszczynski is the SA Blitz Champion after a playoff with Amir Amini and Edgar Mdinaradze. Mdinaradze led for most of the tournament and reached 9/10 but then lost to junior Fedja Zulfic. Zulfic won the Under 1600 (rapid rating) prize.

FM Aaron Guthrie win the SA October Rapid Tournament with 6/6.

And SA Chess identity Bob Cowley has penned an article on "Humour in Chess". You can download a zipped Word document here

Johny Bolens has won the 6th Laurieton Spring Open (NSW) with 6.5/7, $300 First Prize and Trophy. Drew with David Castor in round 5. David drew with Taree player Lukic in round 2, costiing him half point. 3= ex Laurieton player Esper Olesen, Tony Keuning, Gary Losh - 5 pts. 6= Richard Eccles, Milorad Lukic, Mike Canfell - 4.5. 9= Corydon Unwin, Mike Weltner, Ian Steer, David Mearns 4 pts. 13= Oskar Hellman, Bill Ross, Alan Tankel, Endel Lane, Lee Forace, Graeme Deacon, Mary Wilkie, Robin Stokes, Matthew Northover - 3.5. 22= Alex Momot, Shane Northover - 3, 24= Jason Goodson, Bruce Parr, Joshua Arthur, Bill Murray, Richard Weekes - 2. 29= Benjamin Liaw, William Liaw - 1. 31. Peter Hingston - 0. All 31 players enjoyed a lovely weekend of Chess in Laurieton. And - it was Sydney player Tony Keuning's 18th Weekender in our events. Tony was presented with a 'Thank You' Trophy. Our 'May Open' was contested by 28 players. A Thank You from Laurieton Chess Club for supporting our events. - Endel Lane.

Australian Championships and Australian Junior Championships
Brisbane 28 Dec 2005 to 9 Jan 2006

All entrants are strongly encouraged to stay on for the closing ceremony and delay their departure until 10 January.

The closing ceremony will commence at 7.30pm on 9 January and will include prizegiving ceremonies for all events included within the Australian Championships and Australian Junior Championships. It will include short musical interludes. It will also include presentations of the official ACF medals. Also a special surprise segment, as well as a series of random draws of 10 Chessbase 9 Starter Packs valued at $275 each (have to be present to win). All entrants receive one ticket in the draw for each competition that they enter.

As a farewell from 9-11pm there will be a disco for all juniors, and rooftop drinks and nibbles for adults.

So please bear this in mind when booking flights and accommodation.

Early bird entries close on 30 November 2005.

For full information go to (The hit counter on the website has just clicked over 10,000!). If you have further enquiries please contact Ian Murray on 07 3349 5648 or Graeme Gardiner on 07 5522 7221.

Graeme Gardiner
Gardiner Chess
11 Hardys Road
Mudgeeraba Qld 4213
Phone +61 7 5522 7221
Fax +61 7 5522 7760

The Hobson's Bay Yarraville chess club will host an Arbiters Workshop weekend in Melbourne on Sat 19th & Sun 20th November 2005.

Those interested in learning more about being a chess organiser or arbiter should register their interest by telephoning Peter Caissa on 9397-1330 (ah) or e-mailing All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Topics covered:

1. Overview of being an arbiter and tournament organiser
2. The Laws of Chess & Tournament Regulations
3. Swiss and Round-Robin Pairing Systems
4. Computer Pairing Programs
5. Ratings Systems
6. International Tournaments

The venue is the Yarraville Club, 135 Stephen Street, Yarraville, Melbourne. Participants will be provided with handout notes and a data CD. Cost to attend is $10. The workshop will run from 10:30am to 5:00pm on both days. This is a two-day workshop and will provide all training neccessary to become a tournament arbiter. - Gary Bekker

Bids invited for 2007 Australian Open/Juniors/Girls Championships and 2006 Australian Schools Teams Championships:

The Australian Chess Federation (ACF) is calling for bids for the above Championships, in accordance with the ACF's procedures for allocating ACF tournaments. These rules are viewable at Potential bidders are advised to refer to these rules and the general by-law for Australian championship events at, which also applies to the events concerned.

In addition, there are by-laws that apply to specific events. These are listed (bracketed) on the list of events below, for which bids are now invited.

Australian Open Championships ( ref clause 7) comprising: Australian Open Championship, Australian Open Rapid-play Championship, Australian Open Lightning Championship, and incorporating the Australian Women’s Open Championships (

Australian Junior and Girls Championships ( comprising: Australian Junior Championship (Under-18), Australian Under-16, Under-14, Under-12 and Under-10 Championships, Australian Girls Championship (Under-18), Australian Girls Under-16, Under-14, Under-12 and Under-10 Championships, Australian Junior Rapid-play Championship, Australian Girls Rapid-play Championship, Australian Junior Lightning Championship and Australian Girls Lightning Championship

Australian Schools Teams Championships ( comprising: Australian Primary Schools Open Championship, Australian Primary Schools Girls Championship, Australian Secondary Schools Open Championship and Australian Secondary Schools Girls Championship

The deadline for submission of the bids is cob 30 November 2005.

Bids from persons other than State Associations should be made through, and with the consent of, the relevant State Association. Your State Association representative will have a copy of the application form that will need to be used when submitting a bid

The ACF Council will consider all bids during it's January meeting, and it is envisaged that the decision on the venue of the next Australian championship will be announced at the conclusion of the 2006 Championship in Brisbane.

If you have any queries, please contact the ACF President, Denis Jessop on (02) 6288 1935 or mobile 0418 278324

- Jey Hoole
ACF Secretary

World News:

Corsica Masters de Bastia: Open tournament, final standings: Sasikiran and Nikolic 6.5; Almasi 6.0; Milov, Markowski, Tregubov, Barsov, L Milov, Izoria, Chomet, Korneev, Agrest, David, Riazantsev, Shchekachev, Malakhatko, Iordachescu 5.5.

Topalov-Hydra: FIDE World Champion Veselin Topalov will play a six-game match against the Hydra computer program in July 2006, for a prize fund of $1m, Topalov's manager says. They are also exploring the prospects of Fischerrandom match against the irrepressible Bobby Fischer.

Bavarian Open: Leading scores after 4 rounds: Delchev, Balinov, Burmakin, Miroshnichenko, Akesson, Landa, Postny, Pirrot, Baramidze, Heinz, Womacka.
Site : View games

World Team Championship: Beer-Sheva, Israel. Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Armenia, China Men, USA, Georgia, Cuba and China Women are the teams. Round 2 results: Ukraine - USA 2½-1½; Georgia - Armenia 1-3; Israel - Russia 1½-2½; Cuba - China Women 3-1.
Site : View games

FIDE Zonal 2.4: Sao Paolo. Final scores: Milos 6.5; Mecking, Lima, Vescovi, Leitao 5.5.
Site : View games

Calvia Open: Bauer 7.5; Maze, Suba, Vallejo Pons, Movsziszian, Campora, Berg 6.5.

Open D'Aiacciu: Leading scores after 9 rounds: M Gurevich 8/9; Almasi, Izoria, Bacrot 7.5; Tregubov, Sasikiran, Korneev, Milov, Nikolic, Chernin, Huzman, Agrest, Iordachescu, Rustemov, Malakhatko 7.0. Sasikiran won the eight player knockout phase.

Tournoi de Vernacu: Leading scores after 9 rounds: Anand, Kogan, M Gurevich, Socko 7.5; Riazantsev, Milov, Gouliev, Sasikiran, Naiditsch, Graf 7.0.

Ivanchuk wins Casino de Barcelona Masters: Final Round 5 Standings: Ivanchuk, Moskalenko 4.0; Illescas Cordoba 2.5; Fedorchuk, Narciso Dublan 2.0; Felgaer 0.5.
Site : View games

Harikrishna wins Essent: Young Indian star Pentala Harikrishna scored an impressive victory in the crown event that also featured Sutovsky, Stefanova and Sokolov. Baklan won the strong open that featured strong players such as Rozentalis, Brodsky and Australians Weeks and Rogers. Crown Group Final Round 6 Standings: Harikrishna 4.0; Sokolov 3.5; Sutovsky 2.5; Stefanova 2.0.
Leading Open final scores after 9 rounds: Baklan 7.0; Nijboer, Rozentalis, Brodsky, L'Ami, Rogers, Goloshchapov 6.5; Atalik, Naumkin, Van der Wiel, Ernst, Wells, Cebalo, Grooten 6.0.

Site : View Crown games : View Open games

4NCL: The British teams competition features many top players.
Site : View games


Ivanchuk, V (2748)    --    Felgaer, R (2636)
Casino Masters  (1)   Barcelona ESP
2005.10.24     1-0     B78

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 g6 5.Nc3 Bg7 6.Be3 Nf6 7.Bc4 O-O 8.Bb3 d6 9.f3 Bd7 10.h4 Rc8 11.Qd2 h5 12.O-O-O Ne5 13.Bg5 Rc5 14.f4 Nc4 15.Qd3 b5 16.e5 Nh7 17.Ndxb5 Nxg5 18.hxg5 Na5

19.Nxd6!? Nxb3+ 20.axb3 exd6 21.Qxd6 Rc7 22.g4 Qc8
( 22...hxg4 23.Nd5 Rb7 24.Ne7+ )
23.f5! Rxc3!? 24.bxc3 Qxc3!? 25.Qd4! Qxd4 26.Rxd4 Bc6 27.Re1 Re8
( 27...hxg4 28.f6 )
28.f6 Bf8 29.gxh5 gxh5 30.e6!! Bc5

Ivanchuk is on fire!
31...fxg6 32.f7+ Kf8 33.fxe8=Q+ Bxe8 34.Rd7! Bb6 35.c4 Kg8 36.b4 Bf2 37.Rf1 Bg3 38.Rd8 1-0

Narciso Dublan, M (2530)    --    Ivanchuk, V (2748)
Casino Masters  (3)   Barcelona ESP
2005.10.26     0-1     D90

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.cxd5 Nxd5 6.Na4 Bf5 7.Nh4 Bc8 8.e4 Nf6 9.Nc3 O-O 10.Be2 c5 11.d5 e6 12.Nf3 exd5 13.exd5 Bf5 14.O-O Ne4 15.Qb3 Qb6 16.Na4 Qxb3 17.axb3 Nd7 18.Nh4 Rfe8 19.Nxf5 gxf5 20.Bb5 Rad8 21.Be3 a6 22.Bd3 Ndf6 23.Bxe4 Nxe4 24.Rfd1

b5 25.Nxc5 Bxb2 26.Nxe4 Bxa1 27.Nc5 f4 28.Bxf4 Rxd5 29.Rxa1 Rxc5 30.g3 Rc6 31.h4 f6 32.h5 Kf7 33.Kg2 Rd8 34.Be3 Ke6 35.Re1 Rd3 36.b4 Kd5 37.Bc5 Rxc5 38.bxc5 b4 39.Re7 Kxc5 40. Rxh7 b3 41.Rb7 a5 42.h6 a4 43.g4 Rd8 44.f4 Rh8 45.g5 fxg5 46.fxg5 Rg8 47. Rg7 b2 48.Rxg8 b1=Q 49.Rg7 a3

Moskalenko, V (2529)    --    Fedorchuk, S (2564)
Casino Masters  (3)   Barcelona ESP
2005.10.26     1-0     E20

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.f3 d5 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.bxc3 c6 7.e3 O-O 8. Bd3 b6 9.Ne2 Ba6 10.cxd5 cxd5 11.Bxa6 Nxa6 12.Qd3 Qc8 13.e4 Qb7 14.e5 Nd7 15.a4 Nab8 16.Ba3 Rc8 17.f4 Qa6 18.Qb5 Rc4 19.Bd6 Qc8 20.f5 Rxc3!? 21.O-O !? Rc4 22.fxe6 fxe6 23.Rac1 a6 24.Qb3 b5 25.Rxc4 bxc4 26.Qh3 Qe8 27.Nf4 Nc6 28.Nxe6 Rc8 29.Nf8!! 1-0

Negi, Parimarjan (2352)    --    Rogers, Ian (2556)
Essent open  (7)   Hoogeveen
2005.10.27     0-1     B00

1.e4 Nc6

2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 Nf6 4.Nc3 Bg4 5.Be3 e6 6.h3 Bh5 7.Bd3 d5 8.e5 Nd7 9. g4 Bg6 10.Bxg6 hxg6 11.Ng5 Be7 12.f4 Bxg5 13.fxg5 Ndxe5!! 14.dxe5 d4 15. Qf3 dxe3 16.Qxe3 Qd4 17.Qxd4 Nxd4 18.O-O-O Rd8 19.Rd3 Nc6 20.Re3 Ke7 21. Rhe1 Rd4 22.Ne2 Ra4 23.a3 Rd8 24.b4 a5!! 25.Nc3 Rxa3!! 26.Nd5+ exd5 27. Rxa3 axb4
Black has ample compensation
28.Rae3 Nd4 29.Rf1 c5 30.h4 Ra8 31.Kb1 Ra1+!! 32.Kxa1 Nxc2+ +- 33. Kb2 Nxe3 34.Rg1 d4 35.h5 Kf8 36.Kc1 c4 37.Rg3 b3 38.Rf3 c3 39.e6 Nc4 40. Rxf7+ Ke8 41.Rxb7 d3
A picturesque finish!
( 41...d3 42.Rxb3 d2+ 43.Kc2 Ne3+ )

Grand Prix tournaments:

Central Coast Leagues Chess Club Weekender/Gosford Open: November 5-6, 10am start; Central Coast Leagues Club, Dane Drive, Gosford;; 60min + 10s/move; Estimated Prizes $325; $175; $100 plus rating prizes. Entry $45; $35; $30; $10 off before Oct 30; Post entries to Allen Robinson, CCLCC Treasurer, 25 Wildrose Street, Kellyville 2155; Enquiries : Allen on 0412 607 207 OR Keith Farrell (02) 4341 7864;

Coffs Harbour Open: Incorporating the NSW Country Championship; Cat 3; 1st $750; November 12-13; DOP: Charles Zworestine; Assistant DOP: John Maddix; Coffs Harbour Catholic Club, 61a West High Street, Coffs Harbour.

Ralph Seberry Memorial: November 19-20; Cat 2 GP; $2,330 in prizes; North Sydney Leagues Club; 10am Registration.

Tuggeranong Vikings Chess Weekender: Cat 1 GP: Dec 3-4; Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and Amateur Sports Club, Ricardo Street, Wanniassa, ACT; 1st: $500; Entry $50/$35/$20. Enquiries: Michael Whitely on (02) 62929937 or

Other events:

The inaugural Elwood Community Bendigo Bank chess championship will be held on October 29, 30 and November 1. Elwood Primary School Scott St, Elwood. Enquiries John ( Barbaro ) Kara 0401 572 549 .Bendigo Bank has sponsored the event to the tune of $2000. Details here.

Note: this event replaces the previously advertised MCC Weekender.

Wendy Terry Memorial: (formerly called the Redcliffe Challenge); Oct 29-30 - dates now confirmed; Grace Lutheran College, Buchanan Rd. Rothwell, Qld. 1st $600. Entries $50/$45/$40/$30. $10 late fee. Entries/enquiries Mark Stokes, 20 Melaleuca Drive, Strathpine 4500, Tel: 32056042, email: Website

Laurieton Spring Open: October 29-30; $300 First Prize; Entry: $25 Seniors; $12 u/18. Contact: Endel 6559 9060

The Best in the West: November 5-6; Hobsons Bay - Yarraville Chess Club 135 Stephen Street Yarraville; Contact Grant Bultman Email 0422744743 Website

MCC Christmas Swiss Weekender: Dec 17-18 from 11am; 60 min + 30s/move; Entry $50/$40/$5 off for MCC members.

International events:

Penang International Open: Website

Bangladesh Chess League: Nov 12-27. Details.

Open Liberec: Oct 22-29; Liberec, Czech Republic;

Czech Tour - International Chess Festivals Series -

Queenstown Chess Classic: Jan 15-24, 2006 with Rapid and Lightning events on Jan 25-26. Total prizefund over $NZ35,000. Confirmed entries from GMs Rogers and Chandler. NZ's largest ever chess event anticipated.

The International Chess Festival "M. Sadoveanu" 20th Edition, Jassy 20 - 26.08.2005; ; Manole Vasile: phone nr. 0040740/277850 ; Fax: 0040232/204454. e-mail: . Ungureanu Vlad: phone nr. 0040741/665384 e-mail:

6th Bangkok Chess Club Open: April 11-16; Century Park Hotel;; Email: Kai Tuorila

Singapore Masters: For more details, click here.

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For full details and entry form for the 2006 Australian Championships and Australian Junior Championships scheduled for the Carlton Crest Hotel, Brisbane from 28 December 2005 to 9 January 2006 please go to

Public liability insurance:

In 2001 the ACF introduced a Public Liability Insurance Scheme for Australian chess bodies. The scheme offers competitive rates of insurance for the ACF, ACF-affiliated State and Territory Associations and Clubs affiliated with those Associations. More details here. Clubs wishing to join should contact Chris Zuccala of John Bernard & Associates Pty Ltd tel: (03) 9568 4822; e-mail:

The ACF is seeking a naming rights sponsor for the 2006 Australian Chess Grand Prix, which covers some 40 separate chess tournaments held throughout Australia. The sum required is $10,000.

The money would be used to provide prizes for chess players, and the successful sponsor would receive significant publicity in all states of Australia.

If you are interested in this opportunity to be associated with chess and reach many thousands of chess enthusiasts and their families, please contact

2006 ACF Grand Prix Director Brian Jones
Telephone: 02 9838 1529
Fax: 02 9838 1614
Office: Australian Chess Enterprises, PO Box 370, Riverstone NSW 2765


The Giant Games specialist selling life-sized Teak and Plastic chess and checkers sets. Set sizes up to a massive 2m in height.


New In Chess magazine

Suncoast Chess Club Inc.

On the Sunshine Coast

Queensland's Leading Club for the past 20 years.

Host to - 26 Open Tournaments and The 1999 Australian Open.
While on the web visit our web page,
We invite all visitors to play in our club night events.

So why not come to The Sunshine coast for your next holiday?
Email Bill Powell




For details of upcoming events, chess products, and all things 'chess' in Queensland, please go to


Chess Discount Sales

Chess Ideas

Chess Ideas:

Books, coaching and more. Email


Chess World/ Chess Kids

Chess Kids is staging its own "National Open Schools Championships"
Held over the weekend of December 3 & 4, 2005
At Bayview Conference Centre, Melbourne

Eligibility is limited to 5 schools from Victoria (host state), 3 from NSW, QLD and TAS, 2 from ACT and SA, 1 from each of NT and WA.
The top team entered from each State receives FREE accommodation, food and coaching at the Finals (for 5 players and 1 adult supervisor).
Great prizes; everyone wins something.
Winners represent Australia at the Oceania Schools Championships
4 free high-level chess coaching sessions with International Master players
All players receive free Private Tuition after their games with Master Coaches
Friendly social atmosphere; BBQ, transfer chess and movie on Saturday night.
Can your school become involved? Find out how; contact Chess Kids on or (03) 9578 6203.
Held in 3 divisions; Open Secondary, Junior Secondary and Primary

(Please note: the above is a private event and not to be confused with the ACF's Australian Schools Teams Championships. - Ed)


Chess Today

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Australian Chess magazine: Keep up with the latest news and views. Subscribe here or telephone Brian Jones on 02-9838-1529


Australian Chess Enterprises

Coaching with IM John-Paul Wallace: Current Australian Open Champion and experienced coach, IM John-Paul Wallace is available for email and live coaching over the Internet. He will also provide a special service with daily preparation for your individual games during tournaments. If you are interested send John-Paul an email and state chess coaching in the subject line.

The Chess Chronicle

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