Australian Chess Federation newsletter
No. 332, August 31, 2005

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ACF President recovers
Asian Mens - applications invited
Barber wins WA Championship
Aussies overseas - Rogers in Malaysia
Victorian Championship
NSW Championship early games
FIDE titles
World Youth - French respond
Palau joins FIDE
Gordon Miller honoured
Chess Training website
Australian Championships: hotel offer
World News
Grand Prix Tournaments
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The following players have been awarded titles in accordance with the FIDE Title Regulations B.01-1.21 and the players' results achieved in the 2005 Oceania Zonal held in Auckland, NZL (30.01-04.02.2005):

1. Mr. Garbett, Paul Anthony, ID# 4300122, NZL - IM Title;
2. Mr. Humphrey, Jonathan, ID# 3203514, AUS - FM Title;
3. Mr. Guthrie, Aaron, ID# 3203158, AUS - FM;
4. Ms. Szuveges, Narelle, ID# 3202640, AUS - WIM Title;
5. Ms. Song, Angela, ID# 3203832, AUS - WFM Title;
6. Ms. Oliver, Shannon, ID# 3204413, AUS - WFM Title.

Please be informed that these registered titles are already published on our web site at and

The players' personal cards on the web will be updated soon.

-- Best regards,
Nadia Ulyumdzhieva,
Elista FIDE Office

I am very pleased to report that ACF President Denis Jessop has made excellent progress following his recent surgery and will be resuming duties from 1 September 2005. I know the entire Australian chess community wishes him a speedy and complete recovery.

- Gary Wastell
Acting President

Applications are invited from players interested in representing Australia at the FIDE 5th Asian Mens Individual Championship, Hyderabad, India 5th-16th October 2005. An information sheet about the event can be forwarded on request. Because of the very short notice, the deadline for applications is Thursday 8 September and it is envisaged that the alternative selection process (average of candidates' ACF and FIDE ratings as determined by ACF President) will be used in the event of multiple applications.

The selected player will be provided with free board & lodging. Participants will be accommodated in twin-shared bedrooms ( 2 people per room). Players rated 2550 and above will also be eligible for free boarding and lodging.

Any player wishing to apply should email with the following details by Thursday 8 September:

5.4.1 Full Name
5.4.2 Address
5.4.3 Email address
5.4.4 Fax
5.4.5 Phone number
5.4.6 Nationality
5.4.7 Date of Birth
5.4.8 FIDE Rating
5.4.9 ACF Rating
5.4.10 FIDE Titles held
5.4.11 Current ACF Titles held
5.4.12 Passport number (if held), date of issue and expiry date

Please call 0421 428 775 if your application has not been acknowledged by 5 September. The ACF Selections By-Laws are available at

- Kevin Bonham
ACF Selections Co-Ordinator (Senior Events)

WA Championship: Top seed Hadyn Barber (2143) has narrowly won the WA Championship after a sensational run by 12-year-old Yita Choong (1633) ended tragically with a last-round defeat. Choong beat Barber and several other strong players in the tournament, but finished in joint second.

34 players competed in the 9-round swiss held on Sunday afternoons. Entries were down slightly on last year and WA's top two players - Tristan Boyd and Jay Lakner - did not play.

After 4 rounds, Barber was sharing first on 3.5 with juniors Ganesh Viswanath (15) and Choong, who had scored wins over Tim Hare (2097) and David Ellis (1981) respectively.

In round 5 Choong beat John Fedec (1829) whilst Barber defeated Ganesh Viswanath.

Choong scored a major upset by beat Haydn Barber in round 6, and led the tournament a point clear with 3 rounds to go. Meanwhile, 76-year-old Wolfgang Leonhardt - eight times state champion from 1954 to 1972, and recently returned to competitive chess - beat Tim Hare to set up a clash with 12-year-old Choong.

Choong won that game to stay a full point clear with two rounds left, with a performance rating so far of around 2350. In another upset, Denis Holland (1588) beat David Ellis (1981).

Choong was finally stopped in round 8 - by Dennis Holland, rated just 1588, who moved into equal second with Haydn Barber, who had only managed a draw against Gordon Dunlop.

Going into the final round, Choong had a half point lead over Barber and Holland, with four players a further half point behind.

It's now history that Choong lost to Hare - and WA missed out on getting a 12-year-old champion - while Barber beat Holland to take the title. Choong did win the Reserves (U/1850) title. Congratulations to both!

Thanks to Matt Garcia & Dave O'Shaughnessy for putting the games up on the web, and to Mike McGregor & Joe Klimzcak for getting the results and draw up quickly after each round finished.

Final scores, 9 rounds:

7.0 Barber, Haydn J (2143)
6.5 Choong, Yita 1633; Maris, Robert 1937; Hare, Tim 2097
6.0 Holland, Dennis 1588; Ellis, David 1981; Dunlop, Gordon 1823; Fedec, John 1829
5.5 Johnstone, Ray; Leonhardt, Wolfgang; Kurniawan, Stephanus; Patron, Andrzej
5.0 Kueh, Michael; Maris, Natalie
4.5 Viswanath, Ganesh; Janceski, Alex; Pavlovic, Michael; Tomic, Nedeljko; Rados, Petar; Garcia, Mat; O'Donohue, Brett
4.0 Lubtschenko, Wally; Hessing, Rod
3.5 Jahangirian, Mohammad; Payne, Sophie; Whitehead, Paul; Klimczak, Joe; Taylor, Paul
3.0 Walker, Colin; O'Shaughnessy, Dave; Bailye, Ron; Slack-Smith, Blair
2.5 Sam, Ryan
2.0 Markou, Victor
0.0 Laugery, Bernard A

WACA site
PGN and results
Games in Palview

Choong, Y (1633)    --    Hare, T (2097)
WA State Championship  (9)   Legacy House, South Perth
2005.08.28     0-1     B90

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 a6!? 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 e5 5.Nb3 d6 6.Nc3 Be6 7.Be3 Nf6 8.f3 Be7 9.Be2 Nbd7 10.O-O O-O 11.Qd2 Rc8 12.Rfd1 Qc7 13.Rac1?! Nb6 14.a4 d5! 15.exd5 Nbxd5 16.Nxd5 Nxd5 17.Bf2 Nf4 18.Be3

Bxb3 19.cxb3 Qxc1!! 20. Rxc1 Rxc1+ 21.Kf2 Nxe2 22.Kxe2 Rc6 23.Qd7 Bf6 24.Qxb7 Rc2+ 25.Kd3 Rxb2 26. g4 h6 27.Kc4 Rc2+ 28.Kb4 Rfc8 29.Qxa6 Be7+ 30.Ka5 Rb8 31.Qd3 Rc6 32.Bd2 Bd8+ 33.Qxd8+ Rxd8 34.Kb5 Rxd2 35.Kxc6 Rb2 36.a5 Rxb3 37.a6 Rxf3

Kueh, M (1860)    --    Dunlop, G (1825)
WA State Championship  (9)   Legacy House, South Perth
2005.08.28     0-1     A02

1.f4 e5 2.fxe5 d6 3.exd6 Bxd6 4.Nf3 g5 5.g3 g4 6.Nh4 Ne7 7.Nc3 Ng6 8.Nxg6 hxg6 9.Ne4 Bf5 10.Nf2 Nc6 11.Bg2 Qe7 12.Bxc6+ bxc6 13.d3 O-O-O 14. Kf1 Bc5 15.e3 Be4!? 16.Nxe4 Qxe4 17.Kf2 Qf5+ 18.Kg2 Rde8 19.Rf1

Rxh2+!! 20.Kxh2 Qh5+ 21.Kg2 Qh3+ 22.Kf2 Qh2+ 23.Ke1 Bxe3 24.Qxg4+ f5 25.Bxe3?!
( 25.Rxf5 gxf5 26.Qxf5+ Kb8 -+ )
25...Rxe3+ 26.Kd1 fxg4 0-1

(This report was cobbled together from various sources - thanks to the internet commentators! - Ed)

Aussies overseas: GM Ian Rogers competed in the 2nd Dato Arthur Tan Malayia Open Chess Championship in Kuala Lumpur from 20-26 August. The event was won in sensational fashion by rising Chinese star Wang Hao, 16, with 10/11, including a dramatic last-round win over Rogers.

Final standings after Round 11: Wang Hao 10.0; Antonio 8.0; Rogers, Adianto, Nguyen Anh Dung, Kunte, Mariano, Jay Gonzales 7.5; Dao Thien Hai, Torre, Wyn Zaw Htun 7.0.

FM Lee Jones was 54th scoring 4.5 and FM Brian Jones was 58th on 4 points. Previously unknown and untitled, Wang Hao stunned observers earlier this year by winning the Dubai Open in April finishing outright first above 53 grandmasters and 30 international masters.

Official site

Antonio, Rogelio (2513)    --    Dao Thien Hai (2601)
Dato Arthur Tan Malaysian Open  (11)   Kuala Lumpur MAS
2005.08.26     1-0     B52

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bb5+ Bd7 4.Bxd7+ Nxd7 5.O-O Ngf6 6.Qe2 e6 7.b3 Be7 8. Bb2 O-O 9.d4 cxd4 10.Nxd4 a6 11.c4 Qc7 12.Nc3 Rfe8 13.Kh1 Nf8 14.f4 N6d7 15. Rad1 Rad8 16.Qh5 g6 17.Qh6 Bf6 18.Rf3 Bg7?

19.Qxg7+!! Kxg7 20.Nd5!!
( 20.Nd5 exd5 ( 20...f6 21.Nxc7 Re7 22.f5 +- ) 21.Nf5+ Kg8 22.Nh6# )

IM Aleks Wohl competed in the Schwarzacher Open, Austria. Final standings after 9 rounds: GMs Shchekachev, Burmakin and Luther 7.0; IM Ardeleanu, IM Bellini, GM Teske, IM Tratar, IM Wohl and IM Jakubovic 6˝ (93 players). Site

The Victorian Championship - the strongest Australian round robin this year - features a GM, 4 IMs and a couple of FIDE masters and has already had some unexpected results. After eight years of chess retirement Igor Goldenberg is playing excellent chess and leads with 2/2. - Leonid Sandler

The NSW Championships features players such as Greg Canfell and Max Fuller - who has returned to chess after a long absence. Here are some early games.

Atzman-Simon, Barak    --    Canfell, Greg
NSW Championship   Sydney
2005.08.30     0-1     E67d

1.g3 Nf6 2.Bg2 g6 3.Nf3 Bg7 4.O-O O-O 5.c4 d6 6.Nc3 e5 7.d4 Nbd7 8. e3 c6 9.Qc2 Re8 10.Rd1 Qe7 11.b4?! exd4! 12.exd4 Nb6 13.c5 Nbd5 14.Re1?

( 14...Qxe1+ 15.Nxe1 Rxe1+ 16.Bf1 Bh3 17.Bb2 Rae8 18.Qd2! - Canfell )
15.Qd2 Qd8 16.Rxe8+ Nxe8 17.Ne4 Nd5 18.Ba3 dxc5 19.Bxc5 Bf5 20.Re1 Qc7 21. Qe2 h6 22.h4 Rd8 23.Qc4 Be6 24.Qc1 Qa5 25.Re2 Bg4 26.Rc2 Qa4 27.Ned2 Bf5 28.Rb2 b6 0-1

Song, Raymond    --    Reitmans, Quentin
NSW Championship   Sydney
2005.08.30     1-0     C11j

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7 5.f4 c5 6.Nf3 Nc6 7.Be3 a6 8.Qd2 cxd4 9.Nxd4 Bc5 10.O-O-O Nxd4 11.Bxd4 O-O 12.Bxc5 Nxc5 13.Bd3 b5 14.Qf2 Qc7 15.Qh4 f5 16.exf6 Nxd3+

Now black risks a bad ending with bad bishop versus good knight
17.Rxd3 Rxf6 18.Ne2 b4 19.Rh3?! Rh6 20.Qg5 Rxh3 21.gxh3 Qb6 22.Rg1 Ra7 23.Qh5 Qe3+ 24.Kb1 Bd7 25.Qg5 Be8 26.Nc1 Bg6 27.Qg3 Qd2

28.f5!! e5
Otherwise Qb8+ will win the rook with check
29.fxg6 Rc7 30.gxh7+ Kh8 31.Qg6 e4 32.Rg2 Qd1 33.Qd6 Rf7 34.Qe6 Qh5 35.Rf2! 1-0

I have been informed by the FIDE Treasurer that the Executive Board meeting in Dresden approved the following titles of FIDE Instructor/FIDE Trainer/FIDE Senior Trainer. The title holder is licensed until 30th September 2007.

FIDE Senior Trainer
Rogers Ian

FIDE Trainer
Berezina Irina
Feldman Vladimir
Sandler Leonid
Sorokina Anastasia
Tindall Brett

FIDE Instructor
Tanti Joseph

Congratulations to all the successful applicants.

- Denis Jessop
ACF President

Last week we reported that, following complaints, FIDE had taken action against the organiser of the recent World Youth tournament. Now the organiser and the French Chess federation have responded. You can read their statements here.

Oceania Chess News: The Palau Chess Federation has recently been granted conditional membership of FIDE. If you, or your chess club, have any surplus chess books or equipment which you are willing to donate to support Oceania's newest member federation, then please post these to Roberto Hernandez, Palau Chess Federation, PO Box 1501 Koror, Republic of Palau 96940.

I encourage all players and organisers to consider having their state championship and stronger club championship events FIDE rated. The fee to have an event FIDE rated is around $60 and the tournament should have a time control no faster than 90 minutes + 30 seconds/move. Gaining a FIDE rating provides international recognition, and allows entry into restricted international tournaments. If you are interested in having your event FIDE rated, please contact Greg Canfell,, or myself for further details.

Expressions of interest to stage the 2007/2008 Oceania Zonal Championship are still being sought. The event would require a suitable, air-conditioned venue and a total prize fund of at least $5000. The event will be a qualifier for the 2009 World Chess Championship, and FIDE titles will be available from the event. Interested organisers are welcome to contact me to find out further information.

I urge all players to consider playing in the forthcoming Australian Chess Championship and Queenstown Classic events being held during January 2006. Both promise to be block-buster tournaments with many strong Grandmasters from around the world competing. A full list of forthcoming FIDE rated tournaments is available from my Oceania Chess Calendar website.

Warm Regards,
Gary Bekker
FIDE Oceania Zone 3.2b President

On Friday 26 August at a very successful dinner for members and partners the Manly-Warringah Rugby League Club Chess Club presented President Gordon Miller with life membership in honour of his 25 years of dedicated and selfless service for the club on the committee and for many of those years as President. Gordon was presented with a plaque to mark this honour. - Jonathan Adams

Chess Training website: Click here to explore a new chess training idea. The English is a little broken but the idea may well be sound.

The 5 star Carlton Crest have extended their special offer for accommodation at the playing venue for the upcoming Australian Championships in Brisbane. The special price of $119 for attendees of the event includes up to 2 adults and 2 children, or 3 adults sharing. The time extension is to 30 September. Thereafter the price reverts to the (still special) price of $129.

If you wish to view a list of entrants to the various events, please go to

Entry forms have now been distributed to various outlets right around Australia. If you would like an entry form, please email If you are a club official, and you would like a few entry forms for your club members, again please email the same address. Otherwise, simply print one out from

- Graeme Gardiner


Hi Paul,
Could you please send me some more information about the FIDE Trainer titles? I will be interested to apply. Thanks. Also, I have another question. Could you please advice who is the person responsible for FIDE titles in Australia? As a result of the war in Bosnia, I lost my WGM diploma and I would like to get another one even if some fees apply. I enjoy reading the chess newsletter. Keep going with good work!

Best Regards,
WGM Daniela Nutu-Gajic

Can anyone help? Please email Daniela directly. - Ed

World News:

Spanish Team Championship: Many strong players. The winning team included Gelfand and Van Wely. Leading final scores: Gros Xake Taldea 15.5; Tiendas UPI 14.5; C A Magic 12.0; Unio Gracienca d'Escacs 10; C A Alzira Hilaturas Presencia 8.0
Site : View games

Moscow Blitz: Leading final scores: Morozevich 14.0/19; Riazantsev 13, Malakhov and Kobalija 12˝, Dreev and Belov 11˝, Zviagintsev and Deviatkin 10˝, Korotylev 10.

Nordic Championships: Scores after 7 rounds: Hillarp Persson 6.0; Agrest 5.5; Pedersen, Nyback 5.0. Site

Vladimir Open: Leading final scores Khismatullin 8/10, Tunik, Zontakh, Frolyanov, Kornev 7.0. Site

Bratto Festival, Italy: Leading scores after 9 rounds: Epishin and Cebalo 7, Khenkin, Drasko, Atalik, Godena, Iordachescu, Jones, Palac, Borgo, Lalic and Drazic 6˝. Site

Festival Villa Martelli: Final scores after 10 rounds: Granda – 7˝, Felgaer 7, Leitao 5˝, Valergo 4˝, And Rodriguez 3, Slipak 2. Site

Lautier wins French Champs: Fourteen-year-old Grandmaster Maxime Vachier-LaGrave (2527) and GM A.Sokolov (2603) tied for second place with 7/11. Maxime lost only one game and performed at 2660 rating level. Final Round 11 Standings: 1. Lautier, Joel g FRA 2672 7.5; 2. Sokolov, Andrei1 g FRA 2603 7.0; 3. Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime m FRA 2527 7.0; 4. Bauer, Christian g FRA 2641 6.0; 5. Fontaine, Robert g FRA 2526 6.0; 6. Fressinet, Laurent g FRA 2627 6.0; 7. Vaisser, Anatoly g FRA 2576 5.5; 8. Bagheri, Amir g FRA 2537 5.5; 9. Degraeve, Jean-Marc g FRA 2546 5.0; 10. Marzolo, Cyril m FRA 2388 3.5; 11. Kosten, Anthony C g FRA 2522 3.5; 12. Apicella, Manuel g FRA 2553 3.5. Site : View games

Ukrainian Championship: Knockout format. Players include Efimenko, Areshchenko, Borikov, Baklan, Neverov and Fedorchuk. Semi-finals Efimenko - Neverov 1-0; Borovikov - Areshchenko 1-0.
Site : View games

Staunton Memorial: Howell, Speelman, Houska, Day, McNab and Levitt are playing. Final standings: Speelman, Levitt 6.0; McNab 5.5; Howell, Day 4.5; Houska 3.5. Site : View games

Abu Dhabi Chess Festival: Leading scores after 9 rounds: Anastasian 7.0; Bocharov, Kayumov 6.5; Kobalia, Goloshchapov, Aleksandrov, Mamedyarov, Fedorov, Potkin, Kotsur, Ibrahimov, Rausis, Ganguly 6.0. Site : View games

Iceland Championship: Final scores after 11 rounds: Stefánsson 9.0; Kristjánsson 8.5; Gunnarsson 8.0; Sigfússon 6.5 etc. Site : View games


Howell, D (2471)    --    Levitt, J (2441)
3rd Staunton Memorial  (8)   London ENG
2005.08.27     0-1     C07

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 c5 4.exd5 Qxd5 5.Ngf3 cxd4 6.Bc4 Qd6 7.Qe2 Nc6 8.Nb3 Be7 9.Bd2 a6 10.O-O-O Nf6 11.Kb1 b5 12.Bd3 Bb7 13.Rhe1 O-O 14.g4 g6 15.g5 Nh5 16.Be4 Rfe8 17.Bc1 Qc7 18.Nbxd4 Nxd4 19.Rxd4 Bxe4 20.Qxe4 Bc5 21.Rd3 Rad8 22.Rc3 Qb6 23.Ne5 Rd5 24.Ng4 Red8 25.Rf3 R8d7 26.a3 Bf8 27.Rh3 Bg7 28.Rg1 Qd4 29.Qf3 Kf8 30.Ne3 R5d6 31.Rg4 Qa7 32.Rgh4 Qb7 33.Qe2 Qh1 34.Rxh5!? gxh5 35.Qxh5 Rd1!! 36.Nxd1 Rxd1 37.Rf3 Rxc1+ 38.Ka2 Ra1+ 39.Kb3

Rxa3+!! 40.Kxa3
( 40.bxa3 Qb1# )
40...Qa1+ 41.Kb4 Qa4+ 42.Kc5 Bd4+ 43.Kd6 Qb4+ 44.Kc6 Qc5+ 45.Kd7 Qa7+ 46. Kd6 Qe7+ 47.Kc6 Ke8!
Threatening ...Qd7 mate

Aronian, Levon    --    Bologan, Viktor
CECLUB DH Grupo I  (r1)   Mérida
0024     1-0

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nf3 Bg7 4.g3 d5 5.cxd5 Nxd5 6.Bg2 Nb6 7.Nc3 Nc6 8.e3 e5 9.d5 Ne7 10.e4 Bg4 11.O-O c6 12.h3 Bxf3 13.Qxf3 cxd5 14.exd5 Nf5 15.d6! Rb8 16.Rd1 O-O 17.Be3 Nd4 18.Bxd4 exd4 19.Nb5 Nc4

( 19...a6 20.Nxd4 Qxd6 21.Nf5 )
20.Qd5 Nxb2 21.Rxd4! Bxd4 22.Qxd4 Qb6 23.Qxb6
( 23.Qxb2 a6 )
White has a powerful passer and well-placed pieces for the exchange
24.Rc1 Nd3 25.Rc7 Nc5 26.Bd5!

Kg7 27.Kg2 Kf6 28.a3 Ra8 29.h4 h6 30.Ba2 g5 31.h5 g4 32.Bd5 Ra5 33.Bc4 Kg5 34.Re7 Kxh5 35.Bxf7+ Kg5

36.Be8! Kf6 37.Nc7! Na6 38.Re6+ Kf5 39.d7! Nxc7 40.d8=Q Nxe6 41.Qxb6 Rd5 42.Bh5 Rd4 43.Qxb7 Rf6 44.Qb5+ Ke4 45.Bxg4 Ng5 46.f3+
( 46.f3+ Ke3 47.Qe5+ )

Gelfand, Boris    --    Macieja, Bartolomiej
CECLUB DH Grupo I  (r1)   Mérida
0024     1-0

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 4.g3 Ba6 5.b3 Bb4+ 6.Bd2 Be7 7.Nc3 O-O 8. Rc1 d5 9.cxd5 Nxd5 10.Bg2 Bb7 11.O-O Nd7 12.Qc2 c5 13.Rfd1 Rc8 14.Nxd5 Bxd5 15.e4 Bb7 16.d5 exd5 17.exd5 Qc7 18.Nd4! Bd6 19.Nb5 Qb8 20.Qf5! Ne5 21.Bf4! Rce8 22.Be4! g6 23.Qf6

White wins a piece

Gelfand, Boris GM 2724    --    Sokolov, Ivan GM 2691
CECLUB División de Honor I  (r3)   Mérida
????     1-0

1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e3 a6 5.Nf3 b5 6.c5 Nbd7 7.Bd3 e5 8.Nxe5 Nxe5 9.dxe5 Ng4 10.f4 Bxc5 11.Qf3 Qb6 12.Ke2 Nh6 13.h3 a5 14.Bd2 Ba6 15. Kf2 Be7 16.Rhd1 O-O 17.Kg1 f6 18.exf6 Bxf6 19.Kh2 b4 20.Na4 Qa7 21.e4 Bb5 22.Bxb5!!

seems to lose a piece, but ...
22...cxb5 23.e5! Rad8
( 23...Be7 24.Qxd5+ Kh8 25.Qxb5 )
24.exf6 Rxf6 25.Be1 Nf7?!
( 25...bxa4 26.Rxd5 )
26.Bf2 d4?

27.Bxd4!! Rxd4 28.Qe3!
threatening Qe8 mate
28...Qb8 29.Rxd4 bxa4 30.Re1 Nd6 31.Qe5 1-0

Zhang, Pengxiang GM 2616    --    Eljanov, Pavel GM 2639
CECLUB División de Honor I  (r3)   Mérida
????     1-0

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 e6 4.Bxc6!?

These lines are tricky for black. Despite getting the two bishops, black often lacks counterplay
4...bxc6 5.d3 Ne7 6.Qe2 f6 7.Nh4 g6 8.e5 Bg7 9.f4 O-O 10.Nf3 fxe5 11.fxe5 Nf5 12.Be3!? Nd4 13.Bxd4 cxd4 14.Nbd2 c5 15.h4 Bb7 16.h5 Qa5 17. hxg6 Bxf3 18.gxf3 h6 19.Rh5 Rf4 20.Qh2 Rf5

21.Rxh6!! Re8 22.Rh8+!! Bxh8 23.Qh7+! Kf8 24.Qxh8+ Ke7 25.Qh4+ Kf8 26.Qh7

Potkin, Vladimir (2534)    --    Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2646)
AbuDhabiMaster  (2)   AbuDhabi
2005     0-1     B02

1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.c4 Nb6 4.c5 Nd5 5.Bc4 c6 6.Qe2 e6 7.d4 b6 8.cxb6 axb6 9.Nh3 d6 10.O-O dxe5 11.dxe5 Nd7 12.Re1 b5 13.Bb3 Nc5 14.Bg5?!

Nf4!! 15.Nxf4
( 15.Bxd8 Nxe2+ 16.Rxe2 Nxb3 -+ )
( 15.Bxf4 Nxb3 -+ )
15...Qxg5 16.Nh3 Qh4 17.Nd2 Be7 18.Qe3 O-O 19.Rec1 Nxb3 20.Nxb3 Rd8 21.Nf4 Bg5 22.g3 Bxf4 23.Qxf4 Qxf4 24.gxf4 Ra4 25.Rxc6 Rxf4 26.Nc5 h5 27.Rc1 b4 28.b3 Rg4+ 29.Kf1 Bd7 30.Nxd7 Rxd7 31.R1c4 Rd1+ 32.Ke2 Rgg1 33.Rxb4 Rge1+ 34.Kf3 Rxe5 35.Rc2 g5 36.Re4 Red5 37.a4 g4+ 38.Ke2 Rh1 39.Rd2 Rf5 40.Kd3 Rxh2 41.Ree2 h4 42.b4 h3 43.b5 Rh1 44.Re4 Rg5 45.Rde2 h2 0-1

Bocharov, Dmitry (2574)    --    Aleksandrov, Aleksej (2630)
AbuDhabiMaster  (7)   AbuDhabi
2005     0-1     E32

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Qc2 O-O 5.e4 d5 6.e5 Ne4 7.a3 Bxc3+ 8. bxc3 c5 9.Bd3 cxd4 10.cxd4 Qa5+ 11.Kf1 f6 12.Bxe4 dxe4 13.exf6 Rxf6 14.Be3 e5 15.d5 Bf5 16.Ne2 Nd7 17.Ng3 Bg6 18.Kg1 Rc8 19.Qb3 Nc5 20.Qa2 Nd3 21.h4 h5 22.Rb1 b6 23.Qe2 Rcf8 24.Nxh5

Rxf2!! 25.Qg4
( 25.Bxf2 Rxf2 26.Qg4 Bxh5 27.Qxh5 Rxg2+!! 28.Kf1 Rf2+ 29. Kg1 Qc5 )
25...Bxh5 26.Qxh5 Qxa3 27.Qg4 Qa2 28.Kh2 Qe2 29.Qe6+ R2f7 30.Bg5 Nf4 31. Bxf4 exf4 32.Rbe1 Qd3 33.Rxe4 Qg3+ 34.Kg1 f3 35.Qh3 Qg6 36.Qg4 f2+ 37.Kf1 Qxg4
( 37...Qxg4 38.Rxg4 Re7 )

Ibrahimov, Rasul (2525)    --    Volkov, Sergey (2622)
AbuDhabiMaster  (6)   AbuDhabi
2005     1-0     D15

1.Nf3 d5 2.d4 Nf6 3.c4 c6 4.Nc3 a6 5.e3 b5 6.c5 g6 7.Bd3 Bg7 8.b4 a5 9.bxa5 Bf5 10.Bxf5 gxf5 11.Bd2 Ne4 12.O-O Nxd2 13.Nxd2 Qxa5 14.Qc2 b4 15. Ne2 e6 16.Nf4 O-O 17.Kh1 Nd7 18.Nb3 Qb5 19.f3 Ra3 20.g4 fxg4 21.Nh5!? Nf6 22.Nxg7 Kxg7 23.e4!? Rfa8 24.e5 Ng8 25.Rg1 Ne7 26.fxg4!? Ng6 27.Qf2 Kf8 28.Rg3 Ke8 29.h4 Qa6 30.h5 Nf8 31.Rf3 Ra7 32.Kg2 Nd7

33.Rxf7!! Rxb3 34. Rxd7!! Rxd7 35.Rf1!! Qxf1+ 36.Qxf1 Rb2+ 37.Kg3 Rxa2 38.Qf6 Re7 39.Qh8+ Kd7 40.Qb8 b3 41.Qxb3 Ra7 42.g5 Re8 43.Kg4 Rg8 44.Qb6 Rc7 45.Qb1 Kc8 46.Qf1 Kb7 47.Qf6 Re8 48.Qf1 Rg8 49.Qb1+ Kc8 50.g6 hxg6 51.hxg6 Rf7 52.Kg5 Rf2 53.Qg1 Rf5+ 54.Kh6 Rh8+ 55.Kg7 Rff8 56.Qa1 Rhg8+ 57.Kh7 Rh8+ 58.Kg7 Rhg8+ 59.Kh6 Rh8+ 60.Kg5 Rf5+ 61.Kg4 Rhh5 62.Qa8+ Kd7 63.Qb7+ Ke8 64.Qxc6+ Kf8 65.Qd6+ Kg7 66.Qe7+ Kh8 67.g7+ Kh7 68.g8=Q+!!

Grigoriants, Sergey (2562)    --    Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2646)
AbuDhabiMaster  (6)   AbuDhabi
2005     0-1     E64

1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 g6 3.g3 Bg7 4.Bg2 O-O 5.d4 c5 6.d5 d6 7.Nf3 e6 8.dxe6 Bxe6 9.Ng5 Bxc4!? 10.Bxb7 Nbd7 11.Bxa8 Qxa8 12.O-O d5 13.Re1 d4 14.b3 Ba6 15.Na4 Re8 16.Ba3 Qd5 17.Nh3 Qf5 18.Nf4 g5 19.Nd3 Ng4 20.Rf1 Nge5 21.Nab2 Bb7 22.f3 g4 23.Ne1 gxf3 24.exf3 Bh6 25.Nbd3 Be3+ 26.Kg2 Re6 27.Bc1 Rh6 28.h4 Rg6 29.Bxe3 dxe3 30.Rg1 Rd6 31.g4 Qf6 32.Qe2 Rxd3 0-1

Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2646)    --    Boricsev, Oleg (2373)
AbuDhabiMaster  (1)   AbuDhabi
2005     1-0     D32

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 c5 4.cxd5 exd5 5.e4 dxe4 6.Bc4 Nc6 7.d5 Nd4 8. Nge2 Nxe2 9.Qxe2 Nf6 10.Bg5 Be7 11.O-O-O Qd6 12.Nb5 Qd7 13.d6 Bd8

14.Nc7+! Bxc7 15.Bb5! Bd8 16.Bxf6 Bxf6 17.Qxe4+ Kf8 18.Bxd7 Bxd7 19.Qxb7 Rd8 20. Rhe1 g6 21.Re7 Bxe7 22.dxe7+ Kxe7 23.Qc7 f6 24.Qxc5+ Kf7 25.Qxa7 Ke7 26. Qc5+ Kf7 27.Qd5+

Vachier Lagrave, M (2527)    --    Bagheri, A (2537)
ch-FRA  (4)   Chartres FRA
2005.08.18     1-0     B12

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.dxc5 Nc6 5.Bb5 e6 6.Nf3 Bxc5 7.O-O Ne7 8. a3 O-O 9.b4 Bb6 10.Bb2 a5 11.Bd3 Ng6 12.b5 Nce7 13.a4 f6 14.exf6 gxf6 15. c4 e5 16.cxd5 Qxd5 17.Na3 Kh8 18.Nc4 Bc5 19.Qc2 Nf4

20.Ncxe5!! Qg8
( 20...fxe5? 21.Bxe5+ Kg8 22.Bc4 +- )
21.g3 b6 22.Be4 Ned5 23.Nd3 Nxd3 24.Qxd3 Bb7 25.Rad1 Nf4 26.Qc2 Nh3+ 27. Kg2 Nf4+ 28.Kh1 Qg6!? 29.Nd2
( 29.Bxg6?? Bxf3+ 30.Kg1 Nh3# )
29...Rae8 30.f3 Bxe4 31.Nxe4 Nh5 32.Rd5 Be7 33.Qc6 Bd8 34.Rd7 Rg8 35.Rxd8! Rxd8 36.Nxf6 Qg7 37.Ba1! 1-0

Vaisser, A (2576)    --    Vachier Lagrave, M (2527)
ch-FRA  (7)   Chartres FRA
2005.08.22     1-0     D85

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nxc3 6.bxc3 Bg7 7.Nf3 c5 8.Rb1 O-O 9.Be2 Nc6 10.d5 Bxc3+ 11.Bd2 Bxd2+ 12.Qxd2 Na5 13.h4 Bg4 14.Ng5 Bxe2 15.Kxe2 h6 16.Nf3 Kh7 17.Qc3 b6 18.Ng5+!? Kg8 19.h5!?

Vaisser is a maniacal attacking player
19...hxg5 20.hxg6 fxg6 21.Rh8+ Kf7 22.Rh7+ Ke8 23.Qg7 Kd7 24.d6! Qe8 25.dxe7 Rg8 26.Qe5 Kc8 27.Qd5 Nc6 28.Rbh1 Nd4+ 29.Ke3 Rb8 30.g4 Rb7 31.Qxg8!! Qxg8 32.Rh8 Rxe7 33.Rxg8+ Kb7 34.Rxg6 Rf7 35.Rh3 Nc2+ 36.Ke2 Nd4+ 37.Kf1 1-0

Kosten, A (2522)    --    Vachier Lagrave, M (2527)
ch-FRA  (11)   Chartres FRA
2005.08.16     0-1     A48

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.Nc3 c5 4.dxc5 Qa5 5.Qd4 Nc6 6.Qa4 Qxc5 7.Be3 Qb4 8.Qxb4 Nxb4 9.O-O-O d6 10.Nb5 Nbd5 11.Bg5 Be6 12.Bxf6 Nxf6!!

13.Nc7+ Kd7 14.Nxa8 Ng4! 15.Rg1 Nxf2 16.Re1 Bh6+ 17.e3 Rxa8 18.h3 Rc8 19.Kb1 Ne4 20. Bd3 Bd5 21.c4 Bc6 22.Nd4 Ng3 23.b3 e5 24.Nc2 f5!
Now black has great compensation, because the rooks have no play
25.Nb4 a5 26.Nc2 Ke7 27.Rd1 e4 28.Bf1 Rf8 29.Re1 f4 30.exf4 Bxf4 31.Rd1 Be5 32.c5?! d5 33.b4 axb4 34.Nxb4 d4 35.Bc4 Rf2 36.Rge1 Kf6 37.Bd3 !? Ba4!
( 37...exd3 38.Rxe5! Kxe5 39.Nxd3+ )
38.Rc1 exd3 39.Nxd3
( 39.Rxe5 Bc2+! )
39...Rf5 40.Nb4 Bf4 41.Rc4 Bd2 42.Rg1 Ne2 43.g4 Bb5 44.Rxd4 Nxd4 45.gxf5 Bxb4 46. fxg6 hxg6 47.Rc1 Ne6 48.a4 Bd3+ 49.Kb2 Nxc5 50.h4 Bf5 51.Rh1 Kg7 52.h5 g5 53.Rf1 Nd3+ 54.Kb3 Be6+ 55.Kc2 Nf4 56.Ra1 g4 0-1

Grand Prix tournaments:

Nell Van De Graaff Classic Sept 10-11; Cat 3; Somerset College Sports Pavilion (Gold Coast Chess Club)

Hobart Weekender: Sep 10-11, Migrant Resource Centre, 49 Molle St, Hobart. Contact: Kevin Bonham email

Geelong Open: October 1-2. Geelong Chess Club.

Coffs Harbour Open: Incorporating the NSW Country Championship; Cat 3; 1st $750; November 12-13; DOP: Charles Zworestine; Assistant DOP: John Maddix; Coffs Harbour Catholic Club, 61a West High Street, Coffs Harbour.

Other events:

Queensland Girls Championship: September 24-25 from 9.30am; 7 Round Swiss; Gardiner Chess Centre; Entry Fee: $40 plus $10 CAQ fee if required. Entries Close: 6pm Sep 23. Medal event: September 25 9.30am; 10 Round Swiss; Gardiner Chess Centre. Details/entry form here

Geelong Open: 1 & 2 October, Entries $25.00. Prizes 1st $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $250 plus rated prizes. Contact Steve McKenzie 0421662938 email or Geelong Chess Club

Wendy Terry Memorial: (formerly called the Redcliffe Challenge); Oct 29-30 - dates now confirmed; Grace Lutheran College, Buchanan Rd. Rothwell, Qld. 1st $600. Entries $50/$45/$40/$30. $10 late fee. Entries/enquiries Mark Stokes, 20 Melaleuca Drive, Strathpine 4500, Tel: 32056042, email: Website

The Best in the West: November 5-6; Contact Grant Bultman Email 0422744743 Website

International events:

The 18th International Open Es Vermar will take place in Binissalem (Mallorca) from October 1st till 9th from 20:40 onwards. The inscription deadline is on September 29th 2005. You can register on the website, via e-mail in or phoning +34 667 246 104. The inscription fee is 10 € for players under 14 and of 20€ for the rest. All information is available on the official website Binissalem Chess Club

2nd International Chess Festival, Open Highlands: Sep 24-Oct 2; Havlickuv Brod, Czech Republic. Part of the 5th Czech Tour 2005/2006 Series. Details:

Convekta and Chess Planet invite you to take part in I West Cup: blitz through the Internet. Participation in it is free of charge and besides there is $2000 in prizes. For participation it is only necessary to enter the page, download the free game program and register. It allows you to use advantages of the playing zone: friends' games, participation in the training tournaments and tournaments with prizes, training with famous Russian grandmasters.

Czech Tour - International Chess Festivals Series -

Queenstown Chess Classic: Jan 15-24, 2006 with Rapid and Lightning events on Jan 25-26. Total prizefund over $NZ35,000. Confirmed entries from GMs Rogers and Chandler. NZ's largest ever chess event anticipated.

The International Chess Festival "M. Sadoveanu" 20th Edition, Jassy 20 - 26.08.2005; ; Manole Vasile: phone nr. 0040740/277850 ; Fax: 0040232/204454. e-mail: . Ungureanu Vlad: phone nr. 0040741/665384 e-mail:

Best wishes till next time
- Paul Broekhuyse
19 Gill Avenue, Avoca Beach, NSW 2251
02 4382 4525
0408 824525


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