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No. 323, June 23, 2005

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Gold Coast Open
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Zaric selected for World Seniors
Australian Masters starts this week
Port Macquarie tourney cancelled
Raymond Song eligible for Aust Championship
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Gold Coast Open and Under 1600 Events: Report by DOP Charles Zworestine

Down a bit on numbers, but still high enough on playing strength… That's how I would describe this year's Gold Coast Open. Overall 82 players (24 in the Open, 58 in the Under 1600) was a bit disappointing compared to last year's 100; but the presence as usual of GM Ian Rogers, IM Stephen Solomon and WIM Arianne Caoili still guaranteed a good tournament. They were always likely to be threatened by those pesky little dangerous juniors, too, such as Australian Junior Champion Moulthun Ly; or even recent ex-juniors like fifth seed Phachara Wongwichit. An interesting event was in prospect; could Ian win his fourth in a row?

At a time control of 60 minutes plus 10 seconds per move from the start, we got long games right from the outset! Alan Tankel's attempt to get a perpetual check after being an exchange and then a rook down was doomed to failure; he lost to Ian Rogers. Stephen Solomon ground down his opponent in a long ending, and apart from a couple of draws the higher seeds all won. Not quite so in the Under 1600, as Molly McGarity drew with top seed Wayne Davison; she was actually a pawn up, but her pawns were too weak to do anything with them. Biggest upset was scored by Nicholas McKay against another rapidly improving junior, Kelvin Finke: poor Kelvin's queen was totally dominated by his opponent's two rooks, and when his king got stuck in the corner and he could not avoid losing his queen to a discovered check he resigned.

Round 2 again saw the top 3 seeds all win, but in much tougher fights! Well actually, Arianne beat Lovejoy rather quickly; but Rogers was made to fight all the way before winning a rook ending over Magic Moulthun (MM), and Solo had an even longer game before he put away his rook ending against Nik Stawski. (What is it with these rook endgames?). Cruelty to elders as usual in the Under 1600, with Yitao Lei winning queen and game against third seed Stephan Taylor; Brock McIntyre dealing with fourth seed Howard Duggan; and Jayden Fisher splitting the point with sixth seed Craig Stewart. As the field of 57 players comprised 39 juniors, there is a danger I will run out of space reporting all these upsets: Zane Adams over Hans-Peter Muller, Gene Nakauchi against Bill Ross, Howard Chuang vs Andrew Johnston, and the list goes on.

Ian Rogers made short work of Phachara in Round 3: he knew a bit more theory than his opponent, and all theory in the line chosen is known to be good for White (see game below). Conversely Board 2 saw an amazing struggle between Arianne and Solo. First I thought Arianne was winning, then Solo, then eventually Steve dropped an exchange and was lost in the ending. Even then, in typical Solo fashion, he fought on for ages with a knight against Arianne's rook; she took about 30 moves longer than she should have to put away the upset win. In the Under 1600, a Board 1 upset win by Yitao Lei (over Steven Cooke) saw him share the lead on 3/3 with three other players: Alex Jule, Howard Chuang and Ross Lam (all juniors!).

Rogers, I (2641) - Wongwichit, P (1999) [B99] 2005 Gold Coast Open (3), Board 1 18/06/2005
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Bg5 e6 7.f4 Be7 8.Qf3 Qc7 9.0-0-0 Nbd7 10.Bd3 b5 11.Rhe1 Bb7 12.Qg3 h6 13.Bxf6 Bxf6

14.Bxb5 axb5 15.Ndxb5 Qb6 16.Nxd6+ Kf8 17.e5 Be7 18.f5 exf5 19.Nxf5 1-0

Next Arianne fought hard against Rogers; but when she could not get through with her mating attack her position collapsed, she was forced to sacrifice the exchange and lost. So Ian got to the outright lead on 4/4 by the end of Saturday, with Solo, Moulthun, Arianne and Casey Barnard (who upset Phachara in a long ending) all pursuing on 3/4. Meanwhile the Under 1600 finally got an outright leader on 4/4, as Howard Chuang convincingly outplayed Yitao Lei. Alex Jule and Ross Lam drew a long positional game to join a group on 3.5/4, including top seed Wayne Davison and second seed Mark Stokes. Noteworthy too was one lower board pairing where Nell Van de Graaff (90 years old) beat Felix Tan (5 years old) - a record age gap, perhaps?

Having survived printer troubles to get started on time on Sunday, I watched as MM won quickly to get to 4/5; Casey took much longer, but eventually won pawns and then a time scramble to upset Arianne. Meanwhile on Board 1, Solo and Ian drew after Steve's bishop pair was enough compensation for Ian's extra pawn. The Under 1600 saw Mr Perfect (5/5), Howard Chuang, increase his lead after Mark Stokes lost pieces in his quest for a winning attack. But with seven players still on 4/5 (including the top seed, who drew his Board 2 game with Ross Lam), Howard knew he still had work to do. A rueful Alex Jule felt she may have regretted agreeing to a draw on Board 3 with Steven Cooke in a won position; as she put it, she just saw ghosts.

All of this was exciting enough; but things really started happening in Round 6! Not to Ian Rogers, who convincingly took care of Casey's challenge to maintain the lead on 5.5/6; but to Solo, who seemed very comfortable a pawn up against MM. That is, until one careless move made his position much harder; Moulthun really began to fight; Solo got into time pressure, blundered a piece and ended up losing! (See game below). All those years of Stephen winning lost positions have finally come back to haunt him; now the juniors are doing it to him. More drama on Board 3, as Arianne's winning attack against Nik Stawski was nearly ruined by a touch move error; she was lucky to win in the end when he walked into a mate in one in a difficult ending where he had a rook and several passed pawns against Arianne's rook and bishop. Drama in the Under 1600 too, after Wayne Davison lured Howard Chuang's pawns forward, undermined them and eventually won enough of them to win a very long ending. That meant a four way tie for the lead going into the last round, as these two were joined by Toma Novkovic (who beat Yitao Lei) and Howard Duggan - the latter of whom fought hard from a piece down, reached a drawn ending and then won on time against Ross Lam!

Solomon, S (2411) - Ly, M (1979) [E92] 2005 Gold Coast Open (6), Board 2 19/06/2005
1.c4 d6 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.d4 g6 4.e4 Bg7 5.Nf3 0-0 6.Be2 e5 7.dxe5 dxe5 8.Qxd8 Rxd8 9.Bg5 c6 10.Nxe5 Re8 11.0-0-0!?

Na6 {If ...Rxe5 12.Rd8+ Re8 13.Bxf6!} 12.Rd6 Be6 13.f4 Nc5 14.Bf3 h6 15.Bh4 g5 16.Bf2 Na6 17.g3 Bf8 18.Rd2 Bb4 19.Kc2 Nc5 20.Re1 Rad8 21.Rxd8 Rxd8 22.a3 Bxc3 23.bxc3

Ncxe4!! {The piece is safe because of ...Bf5} 24.Bxa7 Ra8 25.Bb6 Nd6 26.Kb3 Ra6 27.Bd4 g4 28.Nxg4?! Bxg4 29.Bxg4 Nxg4 30.h3 Nh2 31.Bc5 Nf3 32.Re7 Nd2+ 33.Kb4 N6xc4 34.Rxb7 Nb2 35.c4 Nd3+ 36.Kc3 Nxc5 37.Rb8+ Kg7 38.Kxd2 Rxa3 39.Rc8 Ne4+ 40.Kd1 c5 41.g4 Rxh3 42.Re8 Nd6 43.Re5 Nxc4 44.Rxc5 Ne3+ 45.Ke2 Nxg4 0-1

No thrilling finish in the Open, although to his credit Leon Bowen did give Rogers one of is tougher games of the event; but the GM duly won to finish outright first on 6.5/7. Moulthun and Casey had a reasonably quick draw which got MM outright second and Casey first in the Under 2000; Arianne took far longer to subdue Phachara, but eventually did so to claim third. The Under 1600 had a more exciting finish, as Toma beat the top seed to claim at least equal first. He then waited on the other boards to see his fate, which was in fact outright first on 6/7 after draws on the next three boards. The two Howards, Duggan and Chuang, thus got equal second on 5.5, while everyone else was relegated to winning ratings prizes at best.

So another successful Gold Coast Open, even if there were a few fewer players. Very few disputes or hassles, as Graeme Gardiner did his usual excellent organisational job; we even managed to run roughly according to schedule! The juniors took most prizes as per usual. One of them even won the random draw prize at a most enjoyable closing ceremony. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the event and will be back again next year; I know I will.

Prizes: Open 1st Ian Rogers 6.5/7, 2nd Moulthun Ly 5.5; 3rd Arianne Caoili 5; 1st Under 2000 Casey Barnard 4.5; 2nd Under 2000 Phachara Wongwichit, Ibrahim Ogada-Osir, Leon Bowen 4. Under 1600 1st Toma Novkovic 6/7; 2nd/3rd Howard Duggan, Howard Chuang 5.5; 1st Rating Group A (1200-1500) Alex Jule, Ross Lam, Yitao Lei 5; 1st Rating Group B (950-1200) Jonas Muller 4.5; 1st Rating Group C (650-950) Liam McGarity, Daniel Barrett 4; 1st Rating Group D (Under 650) Luke Toda, Kristen Curtis 3.

The June 2005 Swiss Perfect files are now available on the ACF Ratings page.

Zaric selected for World Seniors: Based on the totals of the rankings provided by the selectors, Srbo Zaric has been selected as Australia's representative for this event. Reserves in order of ranking are Phil Viner, David Ellis and Slobodon Krstic.

My thanks to the selectors, IGM Ian Rogers, IM Stephen Solomon, IA Manuel Weeks, IA Dr Charles Zworestine and Ian Rout for their work on the selections.

My thanks also to all the applicants for their interest in representing Australia in this event.

Appeals: These results are provisional and subject to appeal as outlined in the selection by-laws below:

9. Appeals

9.1 Any applicant may appeal the results of a selection within 7 days of being notified of the results of the selection by the Selection Co-ordinator.

9.2 Appeals shall given to the Selection Co-ordinator and shall be accompanied by a $50 appeal fee which shall be refunded if the appeal is upheld. (I will advise of the account into which these can be paid if required - KB)

9.3 Appeals shall be on the basis that either:

9.3.1 There was a material error or omission in the selection process that has disadvantaged the applicant.

9.3.2 That the applicant was clearly ranked such that no selectors could have reasonably given the applicant that ranking based on the information supplied to the selectors.

Note: It is not sufficient to appeal on the basis that a player thinks that he/she should have been selected. The ranking of the selectors has to be clearly incorrect and unreasonable.

As I am away from home and without regular email access at present, any appeals should be sent to my backup email address and the applicant must leave a phone message stating that an appeal has been sent - call 0421 428 775. If any appeals are received the affected candidates will be notified.

- Kevin Bonham
ACF Selections Co-Ordinator (Senior Events)

Raymond Song eligible for Aust Championship: The ACF has ruled that fast-improving junior Raymond Song will be entitled to play in the 2005-6 Australian Championship. The motion was passed unanimously.

The ACF has also decided to contribute $500 to the NSW Junior Chess League as organisers of the Australian Young Masters events.

The 2005 Hallsteen Pty Ltd Australian Masters Chess Championship will be held from 27 June to 8 July at the Melbourne Chess Club at 66 Leicester Street, Fitzroy. The tournament, a round robin, features some of Australia's best players. Chris Depasquale is the Chief Organiser.

The Port Macquarie PCYC Chess Tournament, a NSW Category 3 GP event scheduled for July 2-3, has been cancelled due to a misunderstanding over expenses. Apparently the Police and Community Youth Clubs require a $1000 payment for hosting the event, but organisers had believed the group to be a non-profit organisation and had not allowed for the payment.

Australian Championships and Australian Junior Championships, 28 Dec 2005 to 9 Jan 2006

The Australian Championship, with a history dating back to 1885, is the most important event on the Australian chess calendar. This year it is being combined with the Australian Junior Championships, with the juniors starting at 9am daily, and the adults at 3pm. The organising committee is Ian Murray, John Humphrey and Graeme Gardiner. The venue for the event is the five star Carlton Crest in Brisbane. It will be the first time that the Australian Championships have been held in Brisbane since 1967. The Australian Juniors were last held in Brisbane in 1989.

This is a rare opportunity to bring together the entire adult and junior chess communities of Australia and we aim to make it one of the best chess events held in this country. We appeal strongly to the Brisbane and Queensland chess communities to get right behind the event. Please particularly be aware that neither the Australian Championships nor the Australian Junior Championships is restricted to élite players, and both events cater for players of all standards. Part of the fun is to be in the company of the top players, and simply to enjoy the atmosphere of top class chess. But we emphasise that adults and juniors of all standards can participate.

So please plan your Christmas holidays around participating in the Australian Championships. For those who cannot commit themselves to 13 days of chess, the Australian Minor runs from 3 to 9 January.

Junior age groups are under 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18.

Full details are available at This webpage includes an online entry form and the ability to enter and pay securely online. Ian Murray has done most of the work involved in putting up such a comprehensive webpage, with considerable input from Wendy Gardiner and Jonathan Paxman.

World News:

Hydra versus Adams: The computer win the first game easily. Leading scores after 2 rounds: Hydra 1.5-0.5 Adams. Site : View games

Pula Open: Site

European Individual Championship: A very powerful event with players including Ivanchuk, Dreev, Bologan, Aronian, Van Wely, Motylev, Radjabov, Krasenkow, Sakaev and Malakhov. Leading Round 5 Standings: Krasenkow, Milov, Karjakin, Nisipeanu 4.5; Najer, Dreev, Ivanchuk, Aronian, Volkov, Rublevsky, Beliavsky, Asrian, Tiviakov 4.0. Site : View games

Almasi wins Marx György: Korchnoi led for much of the event but lost two games at the end. Round 10 Standings: 1. Almasi, Zoltan g HUN 2628 6.5; 2. Korchnoi, Viktor g SUI 2619 6.0; 3. Sasikiran, Krishnan g IND 2642 5.5; 4. Berkes, Ferenc g HUN 2617 5.0; 5. Sutovsky, Emil g ISR 2665 3.5; 6. Acs, Peter g HUN 2525 3.5. Site : View games

European Women's Championship: Leading Round 11 Standings: Lahno, Kosintseva 8.5; Zaiatz, Danielian, Collas, Dembo 8.0. Site : Live games

Timman wins match against Bruzon: Timman won the rapid 3.5-0.5, but Bruzon won 3-1 in the classical games, leaving Timman a narrow overall victor 4.5-4.5. Site : View games

USCF supports health supplement: In a controversial move, the US Chess Federation has done a deal with Natrol, the makers of "brainSpeed" - "cognitive health supplement designed to help improve mental agility, promote attention and maintain memory". The USCF and Natrol presented the brainSpeed Human Chess Challenge, a regulation match where two world-famous Grandmasters control a gigantic chessboard featuring human being as the chess pieces, on June, 11, 2005. Natrol says BrainSpeed has been developed "to take chess players to the next level by targeting the cholinergic system - the key to mental processing speed - by helping to accelerate reaction time, improve decision making velocity and promote mental acuity." All well and good, of course, but what about the side-effects? Are parents going to approve of the chess federation pushing "substances"? It's a risky move. For more, see Susan Polgar's blog

Games Aaron Guthrie has annotated a fascinating game he had with Srbo Zaric in the recent Adelaide Cup. The full ChessBase file can be downloaded here.

Guthrie,A - Zaric,S [C02]
Adelaide Cup Weekender

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Bd7 6.Be2 f5 7.Na3 cxd4 8.cxd4 Bb4+ 9. Kf1 Bxa3 10.bxa3 Nge7 11.Rb1 b6 12.Bg5 Rc8 13.h4 Na5 14.Rh3 Rc3 15.Ng1 Rxh3 16. Bh5+!? Kf8 17.Nxh3 Nc4 18.Qc1 Qc8 19.Rb3 Be8 20.Rg3 Ng6 21.Be2 h6 22.Bd2 Nxh4 23.Bb4+ Kg8 24.Nf4 Kh7 25.Be7!

Ng6 26.Nh5! Nd6! 27.Rc3 Nc4 28.Rg3 f4 29.Qxf4! Rf8!

30.Bxf8!! Nxf4 31.Rxg7+ Kh8 32.Nf6! {Threatening mate on h7 and g8. However ...} Nd2+! 33.Kg1 Nxe2+ 34.Kh2 Nf1+ 35.Kh1 Nfg3+!! 36. Kh2 Nf1+ 37.Kh1 Nfg3+ 1/2-1/2

Here's Aaron's full analysis:

Guthrie,A - Zaric,S [C02]
Adelaide Cup Weekender

1.e2-e4 e7-e6 2.d2-d4 d7-d5 3.e4-e5 c7-c5 4.c2-c3 Nb8-c6 5.Ng1-f3 Bc8-d7 6.Bf1-e2 f7-f5 7.Nb1-a3 c5xd4 8.c3xd4 Bf8-b4+ 9.Ke1-f1 Bb4xa3 10.b2xa3 Ng8-e7 11.Ra1-b1 b7-b6 12.Bc1-g5 Ra8-c8 13.h2-h4 Nc6-a5 14.Rh1-h3 Rc8-c3 15.Nf3-g1 Rc3xh3 16.Be2-h5+ Ke8-f8 [16...g7-g6 17.Ng1xh3 g6xh5?? 18.Qd1xh5+ Ke8-f8 19.Bg5-h6+ Kf8-g8 20.Qh5-g5+ Kg8-f7 21.Qg5-f6+ Kf7-e8 22.Qf6xh8+] 17.Ng1xh3 Na5-c4 18.Qd1-c1 Qd8-c8 19.Rb1-b3 [19.Bg5-f6 A) 19...h7-h6 20.Nh3-f4!? (20.Bf6xe7+ Kf8xe7 21.Nh3-f4) 20...g7xf6 (20...Rh8-g8!?) 21.e5xf6 Bd7-e8 22.f6xe7+ Kf8xe7 23.Bh5xe8 Qc8xe8±; B) 19...Ne7-g6! ; 19.Bg5-h6 Ne7-g6! (19...g7xh6 20.Qc1xh6+ Kf8-g8 21.Nh3-g5+-; 19...Rh8-g8 20.Qc1-g5!; 19...Ne7-g8!?; 19...Bd7-e8 20.Qc1-g5 g7xh6 21.Qg5xh6+ Kf8-g8 22.Bh5xe8 Qc8xe8 23.Rb1-b3 Ne7-g6÷ 24.h4-h5 Qe8-f8 25.Qh6-c1!? Ng6-e7 26.Rb3-g3+ Kg8-f7 27.Nh3-g5+) ] 19...Bd7-e8 20.Rb3-g3 [20.Bg5xe7+ Kf8xe7 21.Qc1-g5+ Ke7-f8] 20...Ne7-g6 [20...Be8xh5!? 21.Bg5xe7+ Kf8xe7 A) 22.Qc1-g5+ Ke7-d7™ 23.Qg5xh5 (23.Qg5xg7+ Kd7-c6 24.Nh3-f4 Bh5-d1) 23...g7-g6÷; B) 22.Rg3xg7+ 22...Ke7-e8! (22...Bh5-f7 23.Nh3-g5 Rh8-f8 24.Ng5xh7+-) 23.Qc1-g5 (23.Rg7xa7!?; 23.Qc1-h6 Bh5-f7÷) 23...Bh5-f7 24.Kf1-g1! (24.Rg7xf7 Ke8xf7 25.Qg5-f6+ Kf7-g8 26.Nh3-g5 Nc4xe5=) 24...Rh8-f8 25.Rg7xh7÷] 21.Bh5-e2 h7-h6 22.Bg5-d2 Ng6xh4 23.Bd2-b4+ Kf8-g8 24.Nh3-f4 Kg8-h7 25.Bb4-e7 [25.Be2xc4!? d5xc4 (25...Be8-b5!?) 26.d4-d5] 25...Nh4-g6 26.Nf4-h5 Nc4-d6 27.Rg3-c3 Nd6-c4 28.Rc3-g3 f5-f4! [28...Rh8-g8 29.Be7-g5! (29.Be7-f6 f5-f4 30.Nh5xf4 Ng6xf4 31.Qc1xf4 g7xf6 32.Rg3-h3 Rg8-g6 33.e5xf6 e6-e5 34.d4xe5 Nc4xe5 35.g2-g4 Qc8-e6 36.Rh3-e3 Rg6-g5-+) 29...Rg8-f8 (29...h6xg5 30.Rg3-h3; 29...Be8-b5 30.Rg3-h3) 30.Rg3-h3! (30.Nh5xg7 f5-f4!; 30.Bg5xh6 g7xh6 31.Nh5-f6+ Rf8xf6) 30...Qc8-c7 31.Bg5xh6 g7xh6 32.Nh5-f6+ Rf8xf6 33.Qc1xh6+ Kh7-g8 34.e5xf6 Qc7-f7÷] 29.Qc1xf4 Rh8-f8? [29...Qc8-d7 30.Nh5-f6+ (30.Qf4-f6 Rh8-g8; 30.Qf4-h4; 30.Be2xc4 d5xc4 31.Qf4-e4 Qd7-d5) 30...g7xf6 31.e5xf6 Rh8-g8 32.Be2-d3 Qd7-a4 33.Qf4-c1!; 29...Qc8-c7!-+ 30.Be2xc4 (30.Nh5-f6+ g7xf6 31.e5xf6 Qc7xf4; 30.Qf4-h4 Nc4xe5) 30...Qc7xc4+ 31.Kf1-g1 Rh8-g8] 30.Be7xf8? [30.Qf4xf8! Ng6xf8 31.Rg3xg7+ Kh7-h8 32.Be7-f6 Nc4-d2+ (32...Qc8-c6 33.Rg7xa7+ Kh8-g8 34.Ra7-g7+ Kg8-h8 35.Rg7-c7+ Kh8-g8 36.Rc7xc6 Be8xc6) 33.Kf1-g1 Qc8-c1+ 34.Kg1-h2 Be8-c6 (34...Qc1-e1 35.Rg7xa7+ Kh8-g8 36.Ra7-g7+ Kg8-h8 37.Be2-d3 Nd2-e4 38.Bd3xe4 d5xe4 39.Rg7-e7+ Kh8-g8 40.Re7xe8+-; 34...Nf8-h7 35.Rg7-c7+ Nh7xf6 36.Rc7xc1 Nf6xh5 37.Rc1-c8+-) 35.f2-f3! Qc1-c2 36.Rg7xa7+ Kh8-g8 37.Ra7-g7+ Kg8-h8 38.Nh5-f4 Qc2xa2 39.Rg7-g4+ Kh8-h7 40.Be2-d3+ Nd2-e4 41.f3xe4 d5xe4 42.Rg4-g7+ Kh7-h8 43.Bd3-a6 Qa2-c2 44.Rg7-c7+ Kh8-g8 45.Ba6-b5+-; 30.Qf4-c1 Rf8-f5÷] 30...Ng6xf4 31.Rg3xg7+ Kh7-h8 32.Nh5-f6 Nc4-d2+ 33.Kf1-g1 Nf4xe2+ 34.Kg1-h2 Nd2-f1+ 35.Kh2-h1? [35.Kh2-h3! Qc8-c3+ (35...Ne2-f4+ 36.Kh3-g4!) 36.g2-g3 Ne2-f4+ 37.Kh3-h4 Nf4-g2+ 38.Kh4-g4! Qc3xd4+ 39.Kg4-h3 Ng2-f4+ 40.g3xf4 Qd4-d3+ 41.Kh3-h4 Qd3-g6 A) 42.Rg7xg6 Be8xg6 43.Bf8xh6 Bg6-f5! (43...Bg6-b1 44.Kh4-h5 Nf1-d2 45.f4-f5) 44.Kh4-h5 Nf1-d2 45.Bh6-f8 Nd2-e4; B) 42.f4-f5! 42...Qg6xg7 (42...e6xf5 43.Rg7xg6 Be8xg6 44.e5-e6+-; 42...Qg6-f7 43.Rg7xf7 Be8xf7 44.f5xe6 Bf7xe6 45.Kh4-h5+-) 43.Bf8xg7+ Kh8xg7 44.Nf6xe8+ Kg7-f8 45.Ne8-c7 e6xf5 46.Nc7xd5±] 35...Nf1-g3+ 36.Kh1-h2 [36.f2xg3 Qc8-c1+ 37.Kh1-h2 Qc1-g1+ 38.Kh2-h3 Qg1-h1+ 39.Kh3-g4 Be8-h5+ 40.Nf6xh5 Qh1xg2-+] 36...Ng3-f1+ 37.Kh2-h1 Nf1-g3+ ˝-˝

Grand Prix tournaments:

Caloundra Open: June 25-26; Cat 3. Email Bob Goodwin, Suncoast Chess Club

Adelaide Uni Open: July 9-10; Uni of Adelaide Union Building; Cat 3; $4000 in prizes; Entry Fees: $50/$40 for the Open, $40/30 for the U/1600 event. Live music entertainment, cinema, table tennis and a canteen that serves lunch. Contact Alex Saint;

Fairfield RSL Winter Cup: July 16-17; 14 Anzac Avenue Fairfield Sydney; Cat 3; 7 Round Swiss; 1 hour + 10 seconds a move; Registration 9.15-9.45am Saturday; Entry Fees $50 Adults, $40 Pension/ Students, $35 Juniors. Email. Website

ANU Open: July 23-24; Category 3 GP; Australian National University, Acton, ACT; $3000 in prizes, first $1000; $70/$50 entries. Contact Shun Ikeda 02 6125 4030 Email; Website.

Nell Van De Graaff Classic Sept 10-11; Cat 3; Somerset College Sports Pavilion (Gold Coast Chess Club

Hobart Weekender: Sep 10-11, Migrant Resource Centre, 49 Molle St, Hobart. Contact: Kevin Bonham email

Geelong Open: October 1-2. Geelong Chess Club.

Other events:

Melbourne Chess Club Lightning Championship: Saturday June 25; $20 Working, $15 non-Working. Members only!

MCC Winter Round Robin: 10 player round robin events. 29th June to 24th August 60 min + 60s\move; $45 working, $35 concession, less $5 MCC Members

Commonman Weekender: 25/26 June; Wollongong Collegians Club, Princes Highway; entry $40 ($20 for Health Card holders). Info: Matthew Sweeney, 42299107, 0402407873, Email, Details

NSW Open Transfer: 25th June; entry $20 per team. (Note: not a NSWCA recognised title - please bring a clock if you have one.) Wollongong Collegians Club, Princes Highway; entry $40 ($20 for Health Card holders). Info: Matthew Sweeney, 42299107, 0402407873, Email, Details

Coal City Open: August 6-7; Newcastle Bridge Club, Young Road, Broadmeadow, 100 Metres from the Railway Station; 6 Round Swiss; $50/$35 - $10.00 discount before July 24. Advance entries to Colin Parsons, 14 Wyndham Way, Eleebana. 2282. For information ring 49469267, 49433862, 49612223. E-mail or

Wendy Terry Memorial Chess Tournament (formerly called the Redclffe Challenge): October 15-16, Queensland; Mark Stokes (07) 3205 6042 Website

The Best in the West: November 5-6; Contact Grant Bultman Email 0422744743 Website

International events:

Czech Tour - International Chess Festivals Series -

Queenstown Chess Classic: Jan 15-24, 2006 with Rapid and Lightning events on Jan 25-26. Total prizefund over $NZ35,000. Confirmed entries from GM's Rogers and Chandler. NZ's largest ever chess event anticipated.

The International Chess Festival "M. Sadoveanu" 20th Edition, Jassy 20 - 26.08.2005; ; Manole Vasile: phone nr. 0040740/277850 ; Fax: 0040232/204454. e-mail: . Ungureanu Vlad: phone nr. 0040741/665384 e-mail:

Best wishes till next time
- Paul Broekhuyse
19 Gill Avenue, Avoca Beach, NSW 2251
02 4382 4525
0408 824525


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Our next Open Tournament will be The Caloundra Open, 25 & 26 June 2005.
$3,010.00 Total Prize Pool.
$1,000.00 for first Place.

Email for Open to Bob Goodwin
Email about Club to Bill Powell




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Chess World/ Chess Kids

Chess World is co-organising a chess exchange program to Shanghai, China. The dates for the trip are the 26th June to 4th July 2005. Over the week (8 days) the children will particpate in a coaching program as well as being able to play Chinese students of a similar age. Cost is $2,500.00 per person. This includes airfare, food, accomodation, transport, coaching as well as some siteseeing. The head coach is Lin-Feng, coach of former Women's World Chess Champion Xie Jun. There will also be a local trainer from Shanghai and I will be assisting if required. Coaching is available for all standards and will be in English.

Details, including schedule, here

Please feel free to contact me on (03) 9576 8152 or at

- Lee Forace


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Coaching with IM John-Paul Wallace: Current Australian Open Champion and experienced coach, IM John-Paul Wallace is available for email and live coaching over the Internet. He will also provide a special service with daily preparation for your individual games during tournaments. If you are interested send John-Paul an email and state chess coaching in the subject line.