Australian Chess Federation newsletter
No. 310, March 16, 2005

In this issue:
Smerdon wins Ballarat
Dubbo Open
Tasmanian Championships
Top Iraqi player in Australia
ACF Council meeting delayed
NECG Junior Squad announced
New FICS client
Laws of chess
City of Sydney
World Youth Change of dates
World News - Kasparov retires!
Games - Acropolis
Grand Prix Tournaments
Other Events
International Tournaments

Doeberl Cup - be there!

The Doeberl Cup is coming soon: $10,000 in prizes - Australia's top weekender! Easter weekend - March 25-28 in Canberra - Click here for full details, entry form, accommodation information

Smerdon wins Ballarat Begonia tournament: Ballarat Chess Club Inc held the famous tournament over the Victorian Labour Day weekend from 12 to 14 March 2005. The prize pool was $3,350 with first prize of $1,000 and three rating groups under 2000 each with $450 up for grabs. The event was a category 3 Grand Prix tourney. I hope to have some games and more details for next week.

Place   Name                    Feder  RtgLoc  Score M-Buch. Buch. Progr.
   1    SMERDON, David          VIC       2388 6.5      25.0  35.5   26.5

  2-3   JOHANSEN, Darryl        VIC       2491 6        25.0  35.5   24.5

        HUMPHREY, Jonathan      QLD       2176 6        22.5  32.0   23.0

  4-6   BOURMISTROV, Denis      VIC       2025 5.5      25.0  35.5   23.0

        SOLOMON, Stephen        QLD       2399 5.5      23.5  34.0   22.5

        HACCHE, David           VIC       2117 5.5      23.0  33.0   23.5

 7-12   PARTSI, Dimitry         VIC       2180 5        23.0  33.0   22.0

        BOOTH, Stewart          VIC       2138 5        22.5  31.5   22.0

        STOJIC, Dusan           VIC       1969 5        21.5  30.0   21.0

        LY, Thai                VIC       1922 5        19.5  28.5   19.0

        HOLT, Kenneth           VIC       1863 5        18.0  26.0   19.0

        SZUVEGES, Narelle       VIC       1765 5        17.5  25.0   16.5

 13-28  DRAGICEVIC, Domagoj     VIC       2138 4.5      23.0  33.5   20.5

        DIZDAREVIC, Mehmedalija VIC       1942 4.5      22.5  32.5   18.5

        WALLIS, Christopher     VIC       1950 4.5      21.5  30.0   19.5

        PYKE, Malcolm           VIC       1915 4.5      20.0  29.5   20.5

        ANDERSON, Alistair      VIC       1867 4.5      20.0  28.5   17.5

        FROST, Peter            VIC       1813 4.5      20.0  28.0   17.5

        SHARMAN, Scot           VIC       1720 4.5      20.0  27.0   16.5

        LIN, Zhigen             VIC       1852 4.5      19.5  28.0   19.5

        LOJANICA, Milenko       VIC       2003 4.5      19.0  27.0   19.0

        FLUDE, David            VIC       1788 4.5      19.0  26.5   15.0

        BARROW, Nigel           VIC       1833 4.5      18.5  27.5   14.0

        HOGG, Dean              VIC       1892 4.5      18.5  27.0   17.5

        PECAK, Mariusz          VIC       1820 4.5      18.0  26.0   17.5

        STOJIC, Svetozar        VIC       1807 4.5      17.0  25.0   14.5

        ROBERTS, Mark           VIC       1768 4.5      17.0  24.0   13.0

        DAVIS, Tony             VIC       1878 4.5      16.5  23.0   15.0

 29-41  RUJEVIC, Mirko          VIC       2295 4        23.0  32.0   20.0

        FLITNEY, Adrian         VIC       1981 4        21.0  30.0   18.0

        TSAGARAKIS, Angelo      VIC       1839 4        20.0  29.0   15.0

        VAN RIEL, Bas           VIC       1847 4        19.0  26.0   16.5

        GIBBS, Glen             TAS       1834 4        18.0  26.5   15.5

        WOLF, Peter             VIC       1775 4        18.0  25.0   13.5

        MAGUIRE, Jesse          ACT       1542 4        18.0  24.5   19.0

        YU, Derek               VIC       1405 4        18.0  24.5   16.0

        MORRIS, James           VIC       1505 4        18.0  24.5   15.5

        KALISCH, Tom            VIC       1888 4        17.5  24.5   13.5

        KARA, Barbaros          VIC       1712 4        16.5  23.5   12.0

        STANISHEFF, Alex        VIC       1525 4        16.0  22.0   15.5

        STEWART, Scott          VIC       1730 4        15.5  22.5   11.0

 42-67  DOUR, Nicholas          VIC       1687 3.5      21.5  28.5   16.5

        VOON, Richard           VIC       1890 3.5      20.0  29.0   17.0

        BONNING, James          VIC       1464 3.5      20.0  28.5   16.5

        BEARUP, Paul            VIC       1596 3.5      20.0  27.0   16.0

        BENNETT, Calvin         VIC       1446 3.5      20.0  26.5   18.0

        WILLIAMS, Pablo (Paul)  NSW       1525 3.5      19.5  26.5   17.0

        KAPLAN, Alex            VIC       1612 3.5      19.5  26.5   12.5

        COONEY, Matthew         VIC       1249 3.5      19.5  25.5   15.5

        COOK, Patrick           VIC       1592 3.5      19.0  25.5   14.5

        JENKINS, Keith          VIC       1673 3.5      19.0  25.5   14.5

        BROTHERIDGE, Jamie      VIC       1520 3.5      18.5  26.0   16.0

        DOBLIES, Werner         GER       1740 3.5      18.5  25.5   13.5

        BECKMAN, John           VIC       1619 3.5      18.0  24.0   13.5

        GLENTON, Alan           VIC       1312 3.5      17.5  25.0   15.5

        POTTER, Christopher     VIC       1450 3.5      17.5  24.5   14.0

        MELDAU, Henning         VIC       1550 3.5      16.5  24.0   14.0

        GHOBRIAL, Adel          VIC       1609 3.5      16.5  23.0   12.0

        SCHON, Eugene           VIC       1343 3.5      16.5  22.0   14.5

        KERKSAL, David          VIC       1390 3.5      16.0  21.5   14.5

        IVANOV, Nikola          VIC       1419 3.5      15.5  23.5   15.5

        PETERSON, Macauley      USA       1857 3.5      15.0  24.0   13.0

        POTTER, Matthew         VIC       1569 3.5      14.5  21.0   10.5

        DALTON, Joshua          SA        1279 3.5      14.0  20.5   11.0

        SOCO, Dejan             VIC       1561 3.5      14.0  20.0   13.5

        ELLIOTT, Alan           VIC       1345 3.5      13.5  19.0   14.0

        ELDRIDGE, James         VIC       1369 3.5      12.5  17.5   13.0

 68-79  TAYLOR, Stephen         ACT       1510 3        20.0  27.5   15.0

        JAGO, Stephen           VIC       1708 3        20.0  27.5   13.0

        BROCKMAN, Roland        VIC       1667 3        18.5  25.5   13.0

        FEREDAY, Anthony        VIC       1531 3        17.5  25.0   14.0

        BEGGS, Joel             VIC       1350 3        16.5  22.5   14.5

        WICKS, Michael          VIC       467  3        15.0  20.0   12.0

        HAMILTON, Ian           VIC       1333 3        15.0  20.0   10.0

        McCART, Richard         VIC       1732 3        14.5  20.5    8.0

        COUTTS, William         VIC       1355 3        14.5  20.0   14.0

        POTTER, Michael         VIC       1299 3        14.0  19.0    9.0

        WANG, Shu-Yu            VIC       885  3        14.0  18.5    8.0

        BELL, David             VIC       1047 3        13.0  17.5    8.0

 80-90  BAILEY, Mitchel         VIC       1432 2.5      20.0  27.5   14.5

        MOLLARD, Max            VIC       1608 2.5      18.5  26.0   11.0

        DALTON, Laurie          SA        1206 2.5      18.0  24.5   13.0

        THEODOSIOU, Peter       VIC       1126 2.5      16.0  21.0   10.0

        BROWN, Cyril            SA        1311 2.5      15.5  21.5   12.0

        KENMURE, Jamie          VIC       913  2.5      15.0  21.0   10.5

        DALTON, Samuel          SA        1294 2.5      15.0  21.0    9.0

        POTTER, Daniel          VIC       1152 2.5      14.5  19.5   10.5

        KOSTRZEWA, Jake         VIC       1334 2.5      13.0  17.0   11.0

        BOLLSSEN-ROBINSON, T    VIC       830  2.5      11.5  16.0    7.5

        YOUNG, Darren           VIC       1126 2.5      10.5  14.5    8.5

91-101  YU, Sally               VIC       958  2        17.5  24.0   10.0

        BAILEY, Robert          VIC       1468 2        17.0  24.0   10.0

        FRANGAKIS, John         VIC       1308 2        17.0  22.5   11.0

        BAXTER, Craig           VIC       1256 2        16.5  22.5    9.0

        IVERSEN, Matthew        VIC       1000 2        16.0  21.0   11.0

        EUSTACE, Sophie         SA        907  2        15.0  21.0    9.0

        BALNIONIS, Alex         VIC       850  2        15.0  21.0    7.0

        SETTLE, Jon             VIC       250  2        15.0  20.5    9.0

        VAN DIJK, Marieke       VIC       666  2        13.5  19.5    7.0

        STOCKY, Nick            VIC       260  2        12.0  16.0    6.0

        KNAPP, Katrina          SA        800  2        12.0  16.0    3.0

102-104 FARRELLY, Catherine     VIC       684  1        14.0  19.0    4.0

        McCART, Tully           VIC       737  1        14.0  18.5    3.0

        SAUNDERS, JACK          VIC       820  1        13.0  17.0    4.0

  105   LAWRIE, Andrew          VIC       1300 0.5      10.0  16.0    2.5
An impression of the tournament by Trevor Stanning (from ChessKit): The trip to Ballarat for the Begonia Festival chess tournament is now a joy of high speed free-way all the way. This replaces that pain of a section that wound its way through the hills near Bacchus Marsh after the fight to clear Melbourne suburbs.

I arrived as a visitor for Day 2 of the tournament and found that the outskirts of Ballarat had traffic works that made getting to the Main Street very similar to a knight’s tour of all 64 squares. Ballarat itself is one of my favourite heritage spots in Australia, after Battery Point and Fremantle.

Games for round 3 were well underway as I entered the School Of Mines, the normal venue for the tourney. A lovely shaded courtyard had some Mums whiling away the time.

The top 10 boards play in a part of the venue call the PIT; sort of like a half-basement with a viewing area for spectators above, on a mezzanine. It is remarkable how many better moves I can see for Solo and DJ when I peer over their shoulder from a distance of about 20 feet. Only players on the top 10 boards are allowed to walk around in the PIT; and they all seem to want to do that after nearly every move. In round 3, Bas is in the PIT, and immediately breaks off his game to have a gossip with me. They make you feel at home at Ballarat.

I wander to some other spots in the venue to see how the hoi polloi are proceeding. First person I run into is Fludy who tells me he has found a great ‘back-roads’ way to Ballarat, which avoids all the hills. Fludy is one of 32 Box Hill members who make up the total field of 105 at this years Begonia tourney. Kevin Perrin tells me that overall this is a bit disappointing, down from 135 last year, but still allows the Club to break even.

Marieke van Dijk introduces me to folk who are just starting a new chess Club around the Olinda area. Will be called ‘The RANGES’, as in the Dandenong Ranges, and they hope to cover a wide catchment area. I give them Frosty’s contact details and hope there is some geographical synergy.

Time for lunch with a couple of mates, and it is here that Ballarat’s many high-quality pubs offer great meals. The only other place I know with such a high proportion of pubs is Bendigo, both obvious legacies of buoyant mining days.

The round 5 pairings pit Bourmistrov against Johansen on the first board, and not far away our own JGB versus Hacche. I wander over to the cross-table to see how JGB earned his appearance in the PIT (of course sheer skill is an obvious reason) and noticed a ratings curiosity; I will leave JGB to explain.

There's that Fludy harassing me again.
"Smoke", he says.
"Eh," I say, knowing full well neither of us smoke.
"I smell smoke," says Fludy.
"Well, I don’t," I say
"Smoke," says another player (not known to me).
"Oops, I think ... better investigate."

Very soon there is quite a crowd around the garden bed outside the PIT area. The brighter ones scatter to find bins, hoses and a tap. Looked like spontaneous combustion in the tan-bark, and it had quite a hold. Most impressive dousing work by Kevin Perrin, Solo, JGB, Chris Potter and a few others.

The fire is out and I gossip with David Hacche and Leonid Sandler; both with interesting stories to tell.

Hacche's game 2 went to midnight when his heart began to race; so it was off to hospital through emergency. Next morning, he took Sandler's advice - offered Chris Wallis a quick draw and had some additional snooze time. On the other hand, Leonid gave me a vernacular description of why he was attending, helping juniors, but not playing.

And that is just two rounds of action.

- Trevor Stanning (starter)

Dubbo Open: 2005 A record 22 players took part in this year's event in rural NSW. First place went to Pedro Tidoy with 5.5/6 Second went to Mos Ali on 4.5/6 and a whole lot of people finished on 4. The stand-out performer was James Higgins, an unrated junior from Narrabri who started with a bye in Rd 1, then beat Mos Ali in round 2 (using only about 20 minutes), went down in a tough game to Tidoy in Rd 3, snapped Jey Hoole in 17 moves in Rd 4 before running out of steam with losses to Vander Waal and Hellman in the last two rounds. - Shaun Press

Tasmanian Championships: A large field of 29 players, including a record 13 juniors but only one of the nine "active" Tasmanians rated over 1800, contested the 2005 Tasmanian Championships, held in Launceston.

After four rounds, defending champion Charles Chadwick, Nigel Frame and former champion Kevin Bonham shared the lead on 3.5/4. A tactical oversight sent Bonham crashing to his first rated loss to Frame for five years and set up a board 1 clash between Frame and Chadwick. Frame had already survived an incredible middlegame kingwalk from g8 to a safe haven on f3 (his opponent, Tai Packer, missing a few chances to win material on the way) while Chadwick had emerged victorious in some very tight time scrambles.

Playing his pet "Basman Birds" system (f4,g3,Nh3,Bg2,Nf2 against more or less anything but 1...e5) and employing his usual aggressive style, Frame acheived a space advantage against Chadwick in the critical round 6 board 1 game, but the latter defended carefully until a nasty blunder in a drawn pure pawn ending allowed Frame's king to break through. With Frame already guaranteed equal first, the question was whether the state's strongest junior would take a quick draw or come out swinging for a chance to get his name on the trophy as well. The latter approach was taken, with Thomas Hendrey attacking wildly and spectacularly sacrificing his queen for perpetual check ... but it turns out that a quieter move may have won!

Nigel Frame therefore won the state title outright, setting a new record for the most attempts before a first win of the title (twelve) and, for those who really like trivia, becoming the first player for 22 years to hold the title and the state lightning title at the same time!

Meanwhile the battle for the minor placings was on in earnest. The gripping Bonham-Rezaie game on board 2 should have ended in a draw, but in the critical time scramble with both players down to a minute or less Rezaie blundered on move 78 allowing Bonham to queen a pawn and try to win with K+Q vs K+R. Dramatically, Bonham's flag fell as he was reaching to play Qh8#, handing the win and what proved to be outright second to Rezaie, Chadwick having been relegated to equal third by being held to a draw by Tai Packer.

Hendrey's excellent result gave him the U1700 prize, allowing Tony Sturges to claim the U1500 prize as reward for an upset win over Phil Donnelly with, of all things, the Guatemalan Defence (1.e4 b6 2.d4 Ba6).

It was expected that most of the juniors would be cannon fodder for any adults who played them, but this proved not to be the case at all, with the juniors other than Hendrey acheiving four wins and a draw between them against rated adult opponents, the largest upset in ratings terms being Megan Briant (413) winning against Leo Minol (1254). James Briant and Siebe van Oorschoot both had excellent tournaments and won the two junior prizes on offer, but a most impressive performance came from Alastair Dyer. Dyer (994) beat unrated Russell Horton (who had recently beaten state #4 Mile Pavicic), drew with Michael Schmidt (1635) and forced Charles Chadwick (1768) down to his last minute before losing. Adults soon learned not to take Dyer's rating at face value.

Results (all players TAS):

6/7 Nigel Frame 1797
5.5 Ramin Rezaie 1772
5.0 Charles Chadwick 1768, Thomas Hendrey 1450 (j)
4.5 Kevin Bonham 1959, Phil Donnelly 1773, Neville Ledger 1597, John Slidziunas 1743, Paul Berzins 1689, Tai Packer UNR
4.0 Tony Sturges 1354, James Briant 616 (j), Russell Horton UNR, Siebe van Oorschoot UNR (j)*
3.5 Dallas Fry 1318, Michael Schmidt 1635, Alastair Dyer 994 (j)
3.0 Graham Richards 1409, Vincent Horton 528(j)*, Alex Mullins UNR (j)*, Charlie Smith 777 (j)*, Brad Watkins UNR, Megan Briant 413 (fj)
2.5 Jake Barnes UNR (j), Jackson Jolly UNR (j)
2.0 Leo Minol 1254, Ethan Duniam 274 (j)*, Harrison Briant UNR (j)*
1.0 Tyler Williams UNR (j)*

* = includes bye.

- Report by Kevin Bonham

One of Iraq's best players is now living in Australia, according to GM Ian Rogers, writing for Chess Cafe.

Rogers writes that in early 2000, FIDE Master Abdul Wahab Rashid escaped to Turkey and registered with the UN to be accepted by a third country as a refugee. He was eventually able to emigrate to Melbourne, and is now studying chess daily.

Rogers' article is a very sensitive report about the traumas of living in Iraq, refreshingly free from the usual cliches and ideological nonsense, and is well worth a read.

ACF Council meeting delayed: Plans to hold the next meeting in Canberra with the Doeberl Cup have been dropped because a suitable room is not available. Instead, the next council meeting will be by conference call on April 11.

NECG Junior Squad announced: For 2005 the Squad was increased by 50% to a total of 30 members. There was a strong feeling among selection consultants this year, that more was needed to be done to keep our good girls playing and this resulted in a record number of girls making the squad.

List (in alphabetical order of first name)

Name                   State          Sex            Age (as of 1 Jan 2005)
Alex Jule              Qld            F              15      
Angela Song            NSW            F              12
Chris Wallis           Vic            M              14
Dusan Stojic           Vic            M              15
Emma Guo               ACT            F               9
Gareth Oliver          ACT            M              16
James Morris           Vic            M              10
James Obst             SA             M              14
Jason Hu               NSW            M              17
Jessica Kinder         Qld            F              13
Junta Ikeda            ACT            M              13
Kayleigh Smith         ACT            F              11
Lara Ong               ACT            F              10
Luthien Russell        QLD            F              11
Max Illingworth        NSW            M              12
Molly McGarity         QLD            F              11
Moulthun Ly            QLD            M              13
Ray Song               NSW            M              10
Rebecca Harris         NSW            F              15
Rengan Vijayakumar     VIC            M              11
Ruperto Lugo           VIC            M              14
Sally Yu               VIC            F              10
Sam Chow               VIC            M              17
Sam Grigg              QLD            M              12
Sherab Guo-Yuthok      ACT            M              14
Tamzin Oliver          ACT            F              13
Vaness Reid            NSW            F              15
Vincent Suttor         NSW            M              16
Yi Yuan                ACT            M              9
Zhigen Lin             VIC            M              11
The squad facilitators are Denis Jessop and Jenni Oliver. Selection Consultants are: GM Ian Rogers, IM Gary Lane, IM Stephen Solomon, Manuel Weeks, Alan Goldsmith, Geoff Saw, Kerry Stead. Many thanks to them, for the large amount of work involved in examining all the performance data and tournament results. (And to Bill Gletsos for providing it all). And of course most important of all to the wonderful NECG for providing funding for the second year. - Jenni Oliver

FICS regulars may be interested in new chess "client" - that's the program you use to play chess via web servers. Babas Chess has many nice features and is still being developed. ( particularly liked the "Boss" feature which inmstantly clears the screen should your employer make an unscheduled pitstop near your desk ... ) Babas Chess presently only works with FICS and a blitz server, but there are plans to extend it to ICC and others.

Laying down the laws: the latest Laws of Chess from FIDE are now available for download at the ACF website.

Progress scores in the City of Sydney Championship after round four (22 players, 9 rounds) - Q.Reitmans and FM G.Xie 3.5/4, FM G.Canfell, A.Ayvazyan and E.Bautista 3.

World Youth Change of dates: It appears the dates for the World Youth have changed.

It is now arrival 18th July departure 29th July

More information can be obtained here

Primary Selections will be completed by the end of March. It is also possible to go as a secondary selection. Anyone wishing to be part of the Australian team, needs to contact Jenni Oliver as soon as possible.

Entries are due by 18th May. However accommodation needs to be booked ASAP, to ensure the team is located together. In order to not hold up the team booking, anyone seeking ACF endorsement as a secondary entry needs to contact me no later than 31st March. As soon as the entry is endorsed payment of the security fee and entry fee will be payable. Accommodation needs to be paid in full by 7th April.

If anyone needs more information please feel free to contact me.

- Team manager, Jenni Oliver

World News:

Kasparov retires: World No 1 Garry Kasparov has announced his retirement from chess after winning the powerful Linares tournament. Details at TWIC. Kasparov says he intends to devote himself to defeating Russian leader Vladimir Putin, whom he describes as a dictator.

Kasparov made the stunning announcement moments after winning the Linares tournament ...

Kasparov wins on tie-break after losing to Topalov at Linares: Day 14: Topalov did it - beating Kasparov to tie for first, even though he lost on tie-break. Adams beat Anand and Leko-Vallejo was drawn. Day 13: Topalov scored a miraculous victory over Vallejo while Kasparov-Anand and Kasimdzhanov-Leko were drawn. Topalov can tie for first if he beats Kasparov tomorrow. Day 12: Kasparov smashed Adams, Topalov beat Kasimdzhanov and Anand struggled to draw with Vallejo Pons. Day 11: Anand beat Kasimdzhanov with black while Leko-Topalov and Vallejo Pons-Adams were drawn and Kasparov had a rest day. Kasparov still leads. Day 10: Kasparov won again, this time beating Vallejo Pons, while Anand-Leko and Adams-Kasimdzhanov were drawn. The result leaves Kasparov a full point ahead of the field. Day 9: Kasparov beat Kasimdzhanov with black in an exciting game, while Topalov-Anand and Leko-Adams were drawn. Day 8: Vallejo beat Kasimdzhanov, Adams-Topalov and Kasparov-Leko drawn. Day 7: three draws, nothing special. On Day 6: Topalov beat Vallejo in a very sharp game. Anand-Kasparov drew a sharp Sveshnikov while Leko could not beat Kasimdzhanov's Marshall gambit. Day 5: Kasparov beat Adams to maintain his lead, while Kasimdzhanov-Topalov and Vallejo Pons-Anand were drawn. On day 4, Adams beat Vallejo while Anand-Kasimdzhanov and Topalov-Leko were draws. Kasparov beat Vallejo on day 3 to take the lead while Leko-Anand and Kasimdzhanov-Adams were draws. On the second day, Anand beat Topalov while Kasparov-Kasimdzhanov and Adams-Leko were drawn. Topalov beat Adams in round 1, while Leko-Kasparov and Kasimdzhanov-Vallejo were drawn and Anand had the bye.

Scores: 1. Kasparov, Garry g RUS 2804 8.0; 2. Topalov, Veselin g BUL 2757 8.0; 3. Anand, Viswanathan g IND 2786 6.5; 4. Leko, Peter g HUN 2749 6.0; 5. Adams, Michael g ENG 2741 5.5; 6. Vallejo Pons, Francisco g ESP 2686 4.0; 7. Kasimdzhanov, Rustam g UZB 2678 4.0.

Site : View games

New hope for Fischer: Lawmakers in Iceland are likely to grant citizenship to mercurial chess genius Bobby Fischer, a move that would allow him to avoid deportation to the United States and go to Iceland, according to a Japanese opposition party leader said Wednesday. Earlier, Japan announced that Fischer could only be deported to the US and not to Iceland, as he had demanded. Meanwhile, a federal grand jury in Washington is investigating accusations of money laundering involving the former world chess champion Bobby Fischer, but his supporters say it's pure propaganda. Recently Fischer was placed in solitary confinement at a Japanese immigration detention center for four days after a fracas with guards at breakfast.

Vugar Gashimov Acropolis: Leading final scores, 9 rounds: Gashimov (pictured) 6.5; Izoria, Kotronias, Inarkiev, Gelashvili, Rozentalis, Avrukh, Gershon, Sokolov, Mastrovasilis, Khetsuriani 6.0; Romanishin, Lputian, Solak, Hamdouchi, Moutousis, Hadzimanolis 5.5; Halkias, Pelletier, Nikolaidis, Skembris ... 5.0. Site : View games - men : women

Montenegro Championship, Sozina: Leading final scores after 9 rounds: Ivanisevic, Damljanovic 7.0; Fedorchuk, Kizov, Mahesh Chandran, Blagojevic, Perunovic, Vajda, Brenjo, Lupulescu, Antic 6.5. Site : View games

Bangladesh Championship: Final scores after 13 rounds: Rahman 12.0; Reefat 9.5; Abdulla 9.0; Murshed, Hossain 8.5; Islam 7.0; Hasan 6.5; Abu Sufian, Rahman 5.0; Haque, Hasan Md, Ahmed 4.5; Uten 3.5; Islam 3.0. View games

Bad Woerishofen: Leading scores after 6 rounds: Tiviakov, Eingorn, Zhang Penxiang, Postny 5.0. Site

Entel tournament: Site


Gashimov, Vugar (2585)    --    Inarkiev, Ernesto (2602)
Athens Acropolis GM  (7.1)   President Hotel, Athens
2005.03.12     1-0     B90

1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.d4 cxd4 5.Nxd4 a6 6.Rg1!?

A rare move
6...Nc6 7.g4 d5 8.Nxc6 bxc6 9.g5 Nxe4 10.Nxe4 dxe4 11.Qxd8+ Kxd8

12.Bf4 Bf5 13.O-O-O+ Kc8 14.Rg3! f6 15.gxf6 gxf6 16.Rc3 Bd7 17.Bg2 f5 18. Rg3
Threatening Be5!
18...Be6 19.Bh3 Ra7 20.Rc3 Kb7

21.Bxf5!! Bh6!?
( 21...Bxf5 22.Rb3+ Kc8 or a8 23.Rb8# )
22.Bxh6 Bxf5 23.Rc5 Bg4 24.Rd4 Kb6 25.Rdc4 Rd7 26.Rxc6+ Kb7 27.b3 Be2 28. Rc3 Rg8 29.Bf4 Rf8 30.Bg3 Bg4 31.Kb2 Rf7 32.a4 Rf6 33.Rc7+ Ka8 34.Rc8+ Kb7 35.Rb8+ Ka7 36.Rb4 Rb6 37.Rxe4 Bf5 38.Rec4 e6 39.Bf4 Ka8 40.Be3 Rbd6 41. Rb4 Rd8 42.Rc7 R6d7 43.Rxd7 Rxd7 44.Rb6 Ra7 45.Rd6 1-0

Solak, Dragan (2596)    --    Hamdouchi, Hichem (2555)
Athens Acropolis GM  (7.4)   President Hotel, Athens
2005.03.12     0-1     B77

1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.Nge2 g6 4.d4 cxd4 5.Nxd4 Bg7 6.Be3 Nf6 7.Bc4 O-O 8.Bb3 d6 9.f3 Bd7 10.Qd2 Nxd4 11.Bxd4 b5 12.h4 a5 13.h5 e5 14.Be3 a4 15. Bd5 b4!?

16.hxg6!? bxc3 17.Bxf7+ Rxf7 18.gxf7+ Kxf7 19.Qxc3 Be6 20.O-O-O Rc8 21.Qb4 d5 22.Bh6 Qc7 23.Qxa4 dxe4 24.fxe4 Bxh6+ 25.Rxh6 Kg7 26.Rdh1 Bxa2 27.R6h3 Bc4 28.Qa3 Kh8 29.Qf3 Qe7 30.Rh6 Rf8 31.g4 Bg8 32.g5

Nxe4!! 33.Qxe4 Qxg5+ 34.Kd1
( 34.Kb1? Qxh6!! 35.Rxh6 Rf1+ 36.Qe1 Rxe1# is a surprising mate )
34...Rd8+ 35.Ke2 Qd2+ 36.Kf3 Rf8+ 37.Kg3 Qf2+ 38.Kh3 Rf3+ 39.Kg4 Qg2+ 40. Kh4 Qxh1+ 41.Kg4 Qg2+ 42.Kh4 Rh3# 0-1

Gershon, Alik (2533)    --    Managadze, Nikoloz (2430)
Athens Acropolis GM  (7.10)   President Hotel, Athens
2005.03.12     1-0     A41

1.d4 g6 2.c4 Bg7 3.Nf3 d6 4.e4 Bg4 5.Be3 Nc6 6.Be2 Bxf3 7.Bxf3 e5 8. d5 Nd4 9.Bxd4 exd4 10.Nd2 Ne7 11.O-O O-O 12.b4 a5 13.b5 a4 14.Rc1 c5 15. dxc6 bxc6 16.Qe2 Rb8 17.Rb1 c5 18.Rfe1 Nc8 19.Bg4 Nb6 20.f4 Qc7 21.g3 Rbe8 22.Qd3 Re7 23.h4 Rfe8 24.h5 f5 25.Bf3 fxe4 26.Rxe4 d5 27.cxd5 Rxe4 28.Bxe4 c4

29.d6! Qc5 30.Nxc4!! Nxc4 31.d7! Rd8 32.Rc1 Qxb5 33.Rxc4 Qxd7 34.hxg6 h6 35.Rc6 Kh8 36.f5 Qe7 37.Kg2 Qg5 38.Qf3 Rf8 39.Kh3 a3 40.Ra6 Qe7 41.Rxa3 Rd8 42.Rb3 Bf6 43.Bc6 Bg7 44.Rb7 Qd6 45.Bd5 Rf8 46.Qe4 Qf6 47.Be6 Qd8 48. Qf4 Qf6 49.Qxh6+!

Socko, Bartosz (2591)    --    Gershon, Alik (2533)
Athens Acropolis GM  (8.7)   President Hotel, Athens
2005.03.13     0-1     A37

1.Nf3 c5 2.c4 Nc6 3.Nc3 e5 4.g3 d6 5.Bg2 g6 6.d3 Nge7 7.a3 a5 8.O-O Bg7 9.Bd2 O-O 10.Rb1 Rb8 11.Qa4 Be6 12.Nb5 d5 13.cxd5 Bxd5 14.Nc3 Bxf3!? 15.Bxf3 Nd4 16.Bg2 b5 17.Qd1 b4 18.Ne4!? bxa3 19.bxa3 Rxb1 20.Qxb1 Nxe2+ 21.Kh1 c4! 22.dxc4 f5! 23.Qe1 Qd3! 24.Nc3 Nd4 25.Bg5 Nf3 26.Qe3 Qxe3 27. Bxe3 e4 28.Nd5 Nxd5 29.cxd5 Bd4 30.Bxd4

( 30.Bxf3 Bxe3 31.fxe3 exf3 32.Rxf3 Rd8 should be OK )
30...Nxd4 31.Rc1 Rb8 32.Bf1 Kf7 33.Rd1 Nc2 34.a4 Rb4 35.Rc1 Nd4 36.Rc7+ Kf6 37.Rxh7 Rb1 38.Kg2 Rb2!
Threatening ...e3
( 39.Kg1 Nf3+ 40.Kg2 Rd2 41.Bc4 Ne5 42.Bb3 e3 )
39...e3! 40.d7 Rxf2+ 41.Kh3
( 41.Kg1 Nf3+ 42.Kh1 Rxf1+ 43.Kg2 Rf2+ 44.Kh1 Rd2 )
Attack and defence: threatening ...Ng5+ and st9opping d7-d8=Q

Kotronias, Vasilios (2585)    --    Halkias, Stelios (2533)
Athens Acropolis GM  (8.8)   President Hotel, Athens
2005.03.13     1-0     C07

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 c5 4.Ngf3 cxd4 5.exd5 Qxd5 6.Bc4 Qd6 7.O-O Nf6 8.Nb3 Nc6 9.Nbxd4 Nxd4 10.Nxd4 Bd7 11.c3 Be7 12.Qe2 O-O 13.Rd1 Qc7 14.Bg5 Rfe8 15.Bh4 Rac8 16.Bb3 Qc5 17.a4 h6 18.Bc2 Bc6 19.a5 Bd5 20.Bg3 a6 21.Re1 Red8 22.Be5 Bc4 23.Qf3 Nd7 24.Bf4 Bf6 25.Qe4 Nf8 26.Be3 Qc7 27.Qg4 Kh8 28. Qh3 Kg8 29.Qg4 Kh8 30.Nf3 Qe7 31.Bb6 Rd5 32.Rad1 Rb5 33.Nd2 Rxb2 34.Nxc4 Rxc2

35.Ne3! R2xc3 36.Nd5! Qa3 37.Nxf6! gxf6 38.Bd4 e5 39.Bxc3 Rxc3 40.Rd8 Qe7 41.Rb8 Rd3 42.Qe4 Rd8 43.Rxb7 Qe8 44.Qf5 Kg7 45.h4 Qe6 46.Qf3 Qd5 47. Qg4+ Ng6 48.Reb1 h5 49.Qxh5 Qxg2+ 50.Kxg2 Nf4+ 51.Kf3 Nxh5 52.Rg1+ Kf8 53. Ra7 f5 54.Rg5 e4+ 55.Kg2 Nf4+ 56.Kh2 Rd5 57.Rxa6 Ne6 58.Ra8+ Ke7 59.Rgg8 Rd2 60.a6 e3 61.Rae8+ Kf6 62.a7 e2 63.Rg1 Nc7 64.a8=Q Nxa8 65.Rxa8 Rd1 66. Re8 Rd4 67.Rxe2

Kotrotsos, Vasilios (2310)    --    Sokolov, Andrei (2582)
Athens Acropolis GM  (9.7)   President Hotel, Athens
2005.03.14     0-1     B30

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.b3 Nc6 4.Bb5 Nce7!? 5.Bb2 a6 6.Bf1 d6 7.g3 e5 8. Bg2 f5 9.exf5 Nxf5 10.O-O Nf6 11.d3 Be7 12.Nbd2 O-O 13.Re1 Bd7 14.Ne4 Bc6 15.c4 Nxe4 16.dxe4 Nd4 17.Bxd4 cxd4 18.Re2?!

Very clumsy
18...Bd7 19.Ne1 Bg4 20.f3 Bh5 21.Rf2 Bg5 22.Kh1 Rc8 23.Nd3 Be3 24. Rf1 b5 25.Bh3

bxc4! 26.bxc4 Rxc4! 27.Be6+ Bf7 28.Bxc4 Bxc4
Black has great compensation for the exchange
29.Qc2 Qc8 30.Rab1 h5 31.Rb4 Be6 32.Ne1 Qc3 33.Qxc3 dxc3 34.Kg2 Bxa2 35.f4 a5 36.Rb7 Bc4 37.Rf3 Bd2 38.Kf2 d5
( 38...d5 39.exd5 e4 40.Re3 Bxe3+ 41.Kxe3 Bxd5 42.Rb5 Rd8 43.Rxa5 Bb3 )

Gelashvili, Tamaz (2577)    --    Skembris, Spyridon (2445)
Athens Acropolis GM  (9.9)   President Hotel, Athens
2005.03.14     1-0     D57

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.Nc3 Be7 5.Bg5 h6 6.Bh4 O-O 7.e3 Ne4 8. Bxe7 Qxe7 9.cxd5 Nxc3 10.bxc3 exd5 11.c4 dxc4 12.Bxc4 Bg4 13.Rb1 Nd7 14.h3 Bxf3 15.Qxf3 Nb6 16.Bd3 c6 17.O-O Rad8 18.Qf5!? g6 19.Qa5

A computer-like change of scene
19...Nc8 20.Rfc1 Rd5 21.Qa4 Rfd8 22.Qb3 Nb6 23.a4 Kg7 24.Be2 Ra5 25.Ra1 Nd5 26.Bf3 Rd7 27.Rab1 h5 28.Bd1 f5 29.Qb2 Kh7 30.Qd2 Qd8 31.Bb3 Kg7 32.Rb2 h4 33.Rcb1 b6 34.Rc1 Qf6 35.Rbc2 Ne7 36.Qe2 Rd6 37.Rd2 Nd5 38. Qf3 Ne7 39.Re1 Qg5 40.Rc2 Kh6 41.Rcc1 Kg7 42.Rcd1 Nd5 43.e4 fxe4 44.Qxe4 Rf6 45.Qe8 Qf4 46.f3 Qd6 47.Bxd5 Rxd5 48.Re7+ Kh6 49.Qh8+ Kg5 50.Re4 Rf4 51.Rde1 Rdf5 52.Rxf4 Rxf4 53.Re5+ Rf5 54.f4+!
( 54.f4+ Kxf4 55.Qxh4# )

Solak, Dragan (2596)    --    Obodchuk, Andrei (2442)
Athens Acropolis GM  (9.11)   President Hotel, Athens
2005.03.14     1-0     C85

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Be7 6.Bxc6 dxc6 7.d3 Nd7 8.Nbd2 O-O 9.Nc4 f6 10.Nh4 Nc5 11.Nf5 Ne6 12.Nxe7+ Qxe7 13.b3 a5 14.a4 b6 15.f4 exf4 16.Bxf4 f5 17.exf5 Nxf4 18.Rxf4 Bxf5 19.Qf3 Bd7 20.Rf1 Rxf4 21. Qxf4 Rf8 22.Qe5 Qxe5 23.Nxe5 Rxf1+ 24.Kxf1 Be8 25.d4 Kf8 26.Ke2 Ke7 27.Ke3 b5?! 28.Nd3! Bg6

29.Nc5!! Be8
( 29...Bxc2 30.Kd2 Bf5 31.Nb7 Kd7 32.Nxa5 +/- )
( 30.Nb7 bxa4 31.bxa4 c5! )
30...bxa4 31.bxa5 Bg6
( 31...a3 32.a6 a2 33.Nb3 and the pawn can't be stopped 33...Bf7 34.Na1 Bd5 35.c4! Bxc4 36.a7 )
( 31...Bg6 32.a6 a3 33.a7 )

Hadzimanolis, Antonios (2303)    --    Stefanova, Antoaneta (2491)
Athens Acropolis GM  (9.14)   President Hotel, Athens
2005.03.14     1-0     C44

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Bc4 Bc5 5.c3 dxc3 6.Bxf7+ Kxf7 7.Qd5+ Kf8 8.Qxc5+ d6 9.Qxc3 Nf6 10.Nbd2 Qe7 11.O-O Nxe4 12.Nxe4 Qxe4 13.Re1 Qg6 14.Bf4 Qf6 15.Qc4 Qf7 16.Qc1 h6 17.Qd2 Bg4 18.Re3 Kg8 19.Rb3 Rf8 20.Bg3 Nd8 21.Nd4 Re8 22.Rc1 a6 23.h3 Bh5 24.Rbc3 Re7 25.Qc2 Bg6 26.Qb3 c5 27.Nf3 Qxb3 28.Rxb3 Nf7 29.Rb6 Rd7 30.Ne5!? dxe5 31.Rxg6 Kh7 32.Re6 Rd2 33.Re7 Rf8 34.Rxb7 c4 35.Rxc4!? Nd6

36.Bxe5!! Nxb7
( 36...Nxc4 37.Rxg7+ Kh8 38.Rd7+ Nxe5 39.Rxd2 )
37.Rc7 Kg6 38.Rxb7 Rf7 39.Rb6+ Kh7 40.f4 Ra7 41.Kh2 Rc2 42.Kg3 a5 43.Kf3 a4 44.a3 h5 45.g4 Rd7 46.gxh5 Rd3+ 47.Ke4 Rxh3 48.Rg6 Re2+ 49.Kd5 Rxh5 50. Rxg7+ Kh6 51.Rb7 Rh3 52.Rb6+ Kh5 53.Rb4 Kg4 54.Rxa4 Kf5 55.Ra8 Rd3+ 56.Kc4 Rd7 57.b4 Rc2+ 58.Kb3 Rc1 59.Ka4 Ke4 60.Ka5 Kd5 61.b5 Rc5 62.Kb6 Rc1 63.a4 Rc5 64.Ra7 Rxa7 65.Kxa7 Kc4 66.b6 Ra5+ 67.Kb8 Kc5 68.b7 Kb6 69.Bc7+ 1-0

Grand Prix tournaments:

Doeberl Cup: Category 3 GP; March 25-28; Italo-Australian Club, 78 Franklin Street, Forrest, Canberra, ACT; $10,000 in prizes; Entry Fees: Premier $100/$60; Major/Minor $90/$50. Discount for early entry. Entries to: Paul Dunn (Treasurer, Doeberl Cup), 20 Richmond St, Macquarie, ACT 2614. Please make cheques payable to ACTCA. Contact Roger McCart (Convener, Doeberl Cup) 02 6251 6190 Details, entry form, accommodation info
Brisbane Open Mar 26-28, Cat 2, Marymac Centre, Annerley (Gardiner Chess), $1500 in prize money
2005 Open - Tasmania: June 11-13; Burnie Chess Club; Room 25, Portside Building, Spring Street, Burnie. Contact: Neville Ledger, P.O. Box 837, Burnie, Tasmania 7320. Email
NSWCA Open: June 11-13; Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club, 117 Ryedale Rd, West Ryde; Category 3; $5000 in prizes; Open & U1600 divisions; Early Entry Fees: $80/$60 else $100/$70. Prizes: $1200/$700/$500/$400/$300. U2000 1st $250 2nd $150, U1800 1st $250 2nd $150. U1600 1st $750 2nd $500 3rd $350, U1500 1st $250 2nd $150, U1400 1st $250 2nd $150, U1300 1st $250 2nd $150, Email Website
Gold Coast Open June 18/19 Cat 3 Robina Town Centre Community Centre (Gold Coast Chess Club)
Caloundra Open: June 25-26; Cat 3. Email Bob Goodwin, Suncoast Chess Club
Port Macquarie PCYC Weekender: July 2-3; Cat 3; Four Points By Sheraton hotel, 2 Hay Street, Port Macquarie, NSW; Les Wells 0403 860100
Adelaide Uni Open: July 9-10; Uni of Adelaide Union Building; Cat 3; $4000 in prizes; Entry Fees: $50/$40 for the open, $40/30 for the U/1600 event. Live music entertainment, cinema, table tennis and a canteen that serves lunch. Contact Alex Saint;
Nell Van De Graaff Classic Sept 10-11; Cat 3; Somerset College Sports Pavilion (Gold Coast Chess Club).
Geelong Open: October 1-2. Geelong Chess Club.

Other events:

Sydney Easter Cup: Easter Saturday and Easter Monday - March 26 and 28; Cabra-Vale Diggers Chess Club; 1 Bartley Street, Cabramatta. Lightning competition March 28 evening; Entry Fee: $20/$10; Contact: Ernest Dorn 9727-2931 0419-260-240
Queensland Women's Chess Championship: April 9-10; Gardiner Chess Centre 11 Hardys Rd Mudgeeraba 5522 7221; 6 Round Swiss; Entry Fee $45 + $10 CAQ fee if required. Contact Gail Young 3372 8077; Graeme Gardiner 5522 7221
Peninsula Open: April 30-May 2, Queensland; Mark Stokes (07) 3205 6042 Website
Redclffe Challenge: October 15-16, Queensland; Mark Stokes (07) 3205 6042 Website
Laurieton May Open: April 30-May 1; Laurieton United Servicemen's Club, Seymour Street; $25/$12; Contact: Endel 6559 9060; Club Secretary Tania 6559 4750.

International events:

The 5th BCC Open is coming soon! It will be held May 19-23 at Regent Cha-Am Resort ( approx 200km from Bangkok. All tournament details can be seen in our website You can register by using the online registration form, and a list of already-registered players will be on the website soon.

Best wishes till next time
- Paul Broekhuyse
19 Gill Avenue, Avoca Beach, NSW 2251
02 4382 4525
0408 824525


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