Australian Chess Federation newsletter
No. 279, August 25, 2004

In this issue:
Wanted: ACF President
Olympiad captains picked
CCLA hosts World Cup
New ACF Junior trophy
Aussies overseas
NSW Rapid Play
Tweed Open
Letters: Bobby Fischer, Tweed Open
Blasts from the past: Anderssen-Kiezeritsky
World News
Notices: World Junior, Zonal, Selection Panel
World News: Sao Paolo, French/Ukrainian/Hungarian Champs
Upcoming Tournaments
Grand Prix 2004

Wanted - ACF President: After a couple of years in the hot seat, George Howard is finishing up as ACF President at the end of this year. Nominations for the top job are now open - and must be received by September 30. Full details below.

Olympiad captains picked: FM Manuel Weeks has been elected captain of the Olympiad Open Team, and IM Leonid Sandler captain of the Olympiad Women's Team, following a vote by the ACF Council, taking into account the stated preferences of the selected players. Congratulations to the successful candidates and thanks to all candidates for applying for these important positions.
- Kevin Bonham, ACF Selections Co-Ordinator (Senior Events)

The Correspondence Chess League of Australia has been chosen to organise the International Correspondence Chess Federation's next World Cup Tournament. There will be separate postal, email and web-server sections, and all chess players - not just correspondence buffs - are invited to enter. The tournament will be played in three stages, with separate postal, Email and Webserver sections in the preliminary stage, which will start in December 2004 at the latest. As an extra incentive, Aussie players paying the $24 entry fee will get an annual subscription to the CCLA - normally $16 - which entitles you to a newsletter and allows you to play in CCLA events. More...

A fitting memorial ... Age may not weary our ANZACs, nor the years condemn, but the same can't be said for the Australian Junior trophy, which is going to be replaced. Apparently the sacred cup now boasts a sizeable dent - from a disgruntled second-place-getter, perchance? - and the dates are all over the shop like a madman's fruitcake. Worst of all, they've spelt my name wrong, which I can kinda forgive since it took me till sixth grade to get the hang of it. Anyhow, a shiny new trophy's coming, without the dent and with all the names and dates corrected, in time for the next Aussie Junior at Mt Buller.

Aussies overseas: IM Alex Wohl has finished second behind Russian Grandmaster Igor Naumkin in a tournament in Catania, Italy. And GM Ian Rogers and FIDE Master Tim Reilly are playing in the first Dato Arthur Tan Memorial tournament in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which started on Saturday. The 70 competitors include 10 GMs, 3 women GMs and 14 IMs. (Thanks to Peter Parr for the info)

The NSW Rapid Play Championship last weekend attracted 44 players. Ivan Zirdum finished on top with 6.5/7, ahead of Johny Bolens, David Castor 5.5, Bruce Murray, Jason Chan, Ian Trott, Stanislav Berezovski 5.

Also in NSW, the 2004 NSW State Championships event kicks off next weekend at the Ryde-Eastwood RSL Club. Play starts at 3 pm every Sunday except for the long weekend in October. It is a 9 round event played in three divisions (Championship, U2000 and U1600). Entry form on the website or phone Trent Parker on 0419 469 764.

The ACT Open Championship is well under way. It is an 11-round Swiss played on Wednesdays and is now approaching round 6. It concludes on 29 September. Games may be viewed on Ian Rout's webpage at

Some nice reports from the Australian Masters are now available on the website.

Queensland's Tweed Open - cancelled recently due to a lack of funds - may still be a goer for October 16-17, so keep the dates open. See Letters

Zonal applications deadline: The zonal applications deadline is September 10 2004, not "Friday 15th March 2002" as previously advertised. The moral of this story is: be careful when cutting and pasting from previous event details! Apologies to anyone confused by this error. Full details below
- Kevin Bonham ACF Selections Co-Ordinator (Senior Events)


Bobby Fischer

Has the ACF considered lobbying to get the government bullies to get off Robert Fischer's back?
10 years for playing chess against Spassky is a bit much.
- Bill Jordan

(Not that I'm aware of Bill, but no doubt it will come up. My - strictly personal - view is like yours: The proposed penalty seems completely disproportional to the "crime". It also seems very fishy to me that there's suddenly a big push to get Fischer just before a US election - whereas no-one seemed very concerned about it for 12 years previously. I suspect many are really more concerned about Fischer's anti-US and anti-Semitic remarks than his chess match 12 years ago. I think his anti-US remarks are within the realm of reasonable free speech; his anti-Semitic remarks are certainly not reasonable, but the funny thing is that Fischer is himself Jewish - both of his parents are Jewish, so Fischer is effectively attacking ... himself. In any case, he's not being deported for the remarks, at least not officially. Fischer, in my opinion, is a threat only to himself.

I made similar remarks on the NetChessNews site a while back, and a friend of mine responded along the lines that I was failing to take seriously the large numbers of people who suffered and died in the Balkan wars of the 1990s. My friend argued that the sanctions were legitimate and that breaching them was a serious matter that should be punished. I'd have to say that my understanding of that conflict is very poor, so I can't venture an opinion on the sanctions. I would say though that 10 years is still a high price to pay for someone like Fischer, who's a few sausages short of the barbecue, and is on record for professing a fondness for all the various peoples of the former (Communist-era) "Yugoslavia". - Ed)

Tweed Open

Dear Paul,
Bruce and I had an interview with our Mayor Polglaise on Monday 16th August, regarding our Tweed Shire Chess Festival Tournament which was booked for 16/17Oct 2004 and I subsequently cancelled due to the inadequate funding we received from Council.
I had received an email letter from Peter Bender sympathising with the unfortunate predictment we were in, particularly that our tournament was well organized and we had an excellent venue in hiring the Tweed Civic Centre.
The Mayor read Peter's letter and asked us to re-apply stating the required amount we needed and that it was a shame not to go ahead with the tournament.
I have made application to hold the tournament on the same date 16/17 Oct, 2004. The final decision from Council, will be in the second week of September. So now we wait with bated breath!
Could you please place this notice in your bulletin to ask the chess players to keep our date free pending further information from Council in September?
Thank you for your co-operation and goodwill. We look forward to a successful outcome.
Kind regards,
Audie Pennefather
President/ Festival Tournament organizer, Tweed Coolangatta Chess Club Inc, 3/39 Beryl Street,, Tweed Heads 2485.

Blasts from the past:

Anderssen, A    --    Zukertort, J
?   Barmen
1869     1-0

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4

The famous Evans Gambit. White offers a pawn to speed up his development. Unlike many old-fashioned gambits, this line is still occasionally played in top-level chess by players such as England's Nigel Short.
4...Bxb4 5.c3 Ba5 6.d4! exd4 7.O-O!
Continuing in the gambit spirit
7...Bb6 8.cxd4 d6 9.d5 Na5 10.Bb2!? Ne7!?
( 10...Nxc4 11.Bxg7 or Qa4+ )
11.Bd3 O-O 12.Nc3
Black's Na5 is badly offside.
...Bg4!? was also possible, and black might like to retreat it to g6 via h5 to bolster the defence
Stopping ...Nf4, uncovering the Bb2, and preparing Bc3/Qa4 to capture the Na5
13...c5 14.Qd2 f6 15.Kh1 Bc7 16.Rac1 Rb8 17.Ng3 b5 18.Nf5 b4 19. Rg1 Bb6 20.g4 Ne5 21.Bxe5
If Nxe5 the Bb2 would be biting on granite
21...dxe5 22.Rg3 Rf7 23.g5 Bxf5 24.exf5 Qxd5 25.gxf6!? Rd8
Now it looks like black will win the Bd3
26.Rcg1 Kh8
( 26...Qxd3 27.Qh6!! )
27.fxg7+ Kg8

chess position

28.Qh6!! Qd6 29.Qxh7+!! Kxh7 30.f6+!! Kg8
( 30...Qxd3 31.Rh3+ Kg8 32.Rh8# )
31.Bh7+!! Kxh7 32.Rh3+ Kg8 33.Rh8# 1-0

World News:

Anand wins Sao Paolo Rapid: Anand scored a mighty victory in this double round-robin, finishing three points clear of the field. Final Scores after 10 rounds: Anand 8.5; Morovic Fernandez 5.5; Leitao 4.5; Karpov, Vescovi 4.0; Milos 3.5 Site | View games

Japan decides: Fischer to be deported Japan has decided to deport former world chess champion Bobby Fischer, who is wanted in the United States for defying sanctions against Yugoslavia. A Japanese official said a deportation order had been issued and Fischer had been notified. Fischer was detained at Tokyo's Narita airport last month allegedly for having an invalid passport.

No date for deportation has been set, and it is not even certain he will be deported to the US, according to Japanese officials. In ordering the deportation, Japan has rejected Fischer's plea for refugee status. Fischer's lawyers have begun legal action to challenge the deportation order.

Ukrainian Championship: An elimination event featuring Ivanchuk, Moiseenko, Volokitin, Miroshnichenko, etc. Site | View games

Hungarian Championship: Scores after 6 rounds: Berkes 4.5; Gyimesi, Horvath, Ruck, Almasi 3.5; Acs, Flumbort, Varga 2.5; Cao, Balogh 2.0. Site | View games

Lautier dominates French Championship: He leads by 2.5 points with a few rounds to play Scores after 8 rounds: Lautier 7.0; Vaisser, Fressinet, Dorfman, Fontaine 4.5; Degraeve, Sokolov 4.0; Nataf, Apicella 3.5; Vachier-Lagrave 3; Le Roux, Maze 2,5. Site | View games

Canadian Championships: Leading scores after 4 rounds: Spraggett, Tyomkin, Charbonneau, Bluvshtein, Igor Ivanov 3.5; Zugic, Hamilton, Day, MacPhail, Gravel, Milicevic, Jiganchine 3.0. Site | View games

Bocharov wins Abu Dhabi: Leading final scores after 9 rounds: Bocharov 7.0; Kobalia, Kotsur, Harikrishna 6.5; Ghaem, Vladimirov, Anastasian, Dzhumaev 6.0; Gleizerov, Minasian, Ramesh, Hasangatin, Timofeev, Haznedaroglu, Bakre, Vakhidov 5.5. Site | View games

Howard Staunton Memorial: Features Houska, Speelman, Levitt and King. Site | View games

Novotel GM tournament: Scores: Hoang Thanh Trang 3.0; Krasenkow, Horvath J, Erdos 2.5; Hoffmann, Lupulescu, Vajda, Kulaots 2.0; Papp 1.0; Horvath A 0.5. Site | View games

Illescas Cordoba wins Spanish Championships: Illescas Cordoba beat Moreno Carnero 2-0 is the final. Final standings: 1 Illescas Cordoba; 2 Moreno Carnero; 3 Oms Pallise; 4 Fernandez Romero; 5 Lopez Martinez 5.5; 6 Moreno Ruiz, 5.0; 7 Cifuentes Parada; 8 Arizmendi Martinez 4.5; 9 De la Riva Aguado 4; 10 Perez Candelario 3.5; 11 Del rio Angelis 4; 12 Garcia Luque 3.0. Site | Games (CBV)

Kengis wins Riga Open: Leading final scores after 9 rounds: Kengis 7.5; Stefansson, Rytshagov, Starostits 7.0; Novikov, Lanka, Kveinys, Meijers, Sulskis 6.5. Site

World news including games updated daily at NetChessNews.


Gleizerov, Evgeny (2539)    --    Minasian, Artashes (2584)
Abu Dhabi Masters  (7)   Abu Dhabi
2004.08.21     1-0     A62

1.d4 g6 2.c4 Bg7 3.Nf3 c5 4.d5 Nf6 5.Nc3 d6 6.g3 O-O 7.Bg2 e6 8.O-O exd5 9.cxd5 Na6 10.Nd2 Nc7 11.Nc4 b6

chess position

12.Nxd6!! Qxd6 13.Bf4 Qd7 14.d6
Now white regains the piece with interest
14...Ne6 15.Bxa8 Nxf4 16.gxf4 Qg4+ 17.Bg2 Qxf4 18.e3 Qe5 19.Re1 g5 20.Qf3 Qxd6 21.Qg3!
Forcing a queen swap - and a better ending
21...Qxg3 22.hxg3 g4 23.Rad1 Be6 24.Rd2 Nd7 25.Nd5 Ne5 26.b3 Rb8 27.Red1 Kf8 28.Nf4 Ke7 29.Be4 h6 30.Kg2 Rc8 31.Rd6 Rb8 32.Nxe6 fxe6 33.Bc6 Rf8 34.Bd7 Rf6 35.Bb5 h5 36.Rd8 h4 37.gxh4 Rh6 38.Ra8 Nf3 39.Rxa7+ Kf6 40. Rdd7 Nxh4+ 41.Kg3 Nf5+ 42.Kxg4 Rh1 43.Bd3 Ke5 44.f4+
( 44.f4+ Kf6 45.Rf7+ Kg6 46.Rxg7+! )

Vescovi, G (2648)    --    Karpov, Ana (2682)
Rapid  (1)   Sao Paulo BRA
2004.08.20     1-0     C10

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Nd7 5.Nf3 Ngf6 6.Nxf6+ Nxf6 7.c3 c5 8.Ne5 a6 9.Bg5 Qd5 10.Bxf6 gxf6 11.Nc4 cxd4 12.Nb6 Qe4+ 13.Be2 Rb8 14. O-O dxc3 15.bxc3 Bc5! 16.Rb1 Qc6?!

Maybe ...Bxb6 was better, though black will have problems developing
17.Bf3 Qc7 18.Qa4+ Ke7 19.Qa5 Bd6 20.Rfe1!
The h2 pawn doesn't matter
20...Bxh2+ 21.Kh1 Be5??

chess position


Leitao, R (2573)    --    Karpov, Ana (2682)
Rapid  (2)   Sao Paulo BRA
2004.08.20     1-0     C42

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 d6 4.Nf3 Nxe4 5.d4 d5 6.Bd3 Nc6 7.O-O Be7 8.c4 Nf6 9.Nc3 O-O 10.h3 dxc4 11.Bxc4 Na5 12.Bd3 Be6 13.Re1 Nc6 14.Bg5 h6 15.Bh4 Nd5 16.Bg3 Bd6 17.Bxd6 cxd6!?

Although isolated, the pawn on d6 is not exposed to direct attack and usefully controls e5
18.Qd2 Nce7 19.Re2 Rc8 20.Rae1 Qc7 21.Nxd5 Nxd5 22.Nh4 Bd7 23.Nf5 Bxf5 24.Bxf5 Rcd8 25.Bg4 Nf6
Allows Re7, but that was coming soon enough anyway, perhaps after Bf3
26.Re7 Qb6 27.Bf3 d5 28.R1e3 Rb8 29.Rb3 Qa6 30.a3 Rfc8 31.Rc3 Qb6 32.g3 Kf8 33.Re5 Rxc3 34.Qxc3 Rd8 35.Kg2 Qd6 36.h4 b6 37.Re1 g6 38.Rc1 Rd7 39.Qc8+ Kg7 40.Rc6! Qe7

chess position

41.Rxf6!! Kxf6 42.Qh8+ Kf5 43.g4+ Kf4 44.Qxh6+ g5 45.hxg5

chess position

There's no defence against either 46 g6+ Qg5 47.Qh2! mate or 46.Qh2+ Kxg5 47.Qh5+ Kf6 48.Qh6 mate.

Leitao, R (2573)    --    Milos, G (2601)
Rapid  (6)   Sao Paulo BRA
2004.08.22     1-0     D37

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.Nc3 Be7 5.Bf4 O-O 6.e3 Nbd7 7.c5 c6 8.h3 b6 9.b4 a5 10.a3 Ba6 11.Bxa6 Rxa6

chess position

12.b5!? cxb5 13.c6! Qc8! 14.c7

chess position

b4 15.Nb5 a4 16.Rc1 Ne4 17.Nd2 Ndf6 18.f3 Ra5 19.fxe4 Rxb5 20.Bg5!
Threatening to win a piece with e5
20...b3 21.e5 b2 22.Rc2 Ne4 23.Bxe7 Nxd2 24.Kxd2! b1=Q 25.Qxb1 Rxb1 26.Rxb1 Re8 27.Rxb6! Qa8

chess position

28.c8=Q!! Rxc8 29.Rxc8+ Qxc8 30.Bd6!

Anand, V (2782)    --    Morovic Fernandez, I (2573)
Rapid  (6)   Sao Paulo BRA
2004.08.22     1-0     B46

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Nxc6 bxc6 7.Bd3 d5 8.O-O Nf6 9.Re1 Bb7 10.Bf4 Be7 11.Qf3 Qa5 12.a3 d4 13.e5!

chess position

dxc3 14.exf6 cxb2 15.fxe7!! bxa1=Q 16.Rxa1 Kxe7 17.Rb1!
It's obvious white has plenty for the exchange
17...Bc8 18.Qg3! Kf8 19.Bd6+ Kg8 20.Be5 g6 21.Qg5!
( 21.Bxh8 Kxh8 22.Rb8 Rxb8 23.Qxb8 Qd8 24.Bxa6 Qd1+ 25.Bf1 Qd8 is less clear )
21...h6 22.Qf6 Rh7

chess position

23.Bxg6!! fxg6 24.Qxg6+ Kf8 25.Bd6+!
( 25.Bd6+ Re7 26.Qf6+ )


Call for nominations for ACF President: The annual National Conference of the Australian Chess Federation (ACF), amongst other matters, will also in each alternate year, elect members of the ACF Executive. The next annual National Conference, which will be held on 06 January 2005 during the Australian Open, will thus need to elect members of the ACF Executive, including the ACF President. Nominations for other members of the ACF Executive, unlike the nominations for the ACF President, can be received up to the time the election to fill each office is due to be held.

The ACF Constitution specifies that candidates for ACF President shall be limited to persons who have "advised the Federation in writing of their willingness to serve as President, [with] such advice having been received by the Federation not less than ninety days before the date on which the Annual National Conference at which elections are due is scheduled to start". The ACF’s rules regarding the election of the ACF president may be viewed at the ACF web site

Pursuant to the ACF Constitution, nominations are now called for the post of ACF President.

How to submit your nomination:

You can submit your nominations by email or hardcopy. The email address for all nominations is

Should you be unable or not wish to transmit via email, the address for all correspondence is:
Jey Hoole, ACF Secretary, PO Box 308, Strathfield NSW 2135.

The deadline for the submission of all nominations is 30 September 2004. All nominations will be formally acknowledged with 72 hours. If you have not received an acknowledgment of your application by this time, please contact me.

If you have any queries or seek further clarification please contact me on 0411 062160, or (02) 6264 2462.

- Jey Hoole, ACF Secretary

ICCF World Cup XIV: The International Correspondence Chess Federation is delighted to announce that the Australian Correspondence Chess Federation (CCLA) will be the main organiser of the next ICCF World Cup Tournament and all chess players are invited to enter. The tournament will be played in three stages, with separate postal, Email and Webserver sections in the preliminary stage, which will start in December 2004 at the latest.

Preliminary groups will all have 9-11 players, each with one game against each other player in the group, with the winners of each group qualifying for the Semifinal stage. Other qualifications will depend on the number of entries for the preliminary stage. Any tie breaking, necessary to decide qualification to the next phase will be done in accordance with ICCF rules, principally by use of the Sonneborn-Berger method.

Arrangements for the Semifinal/Final stages will be announced later, depending on the total number of entries and the preferred playing method of those entering the preliminaries.

Allocation of players to the preliminary and Semifinal groups will be made randomly, but geographical distribution, as well as an achievement of reasonable equality of the average rating, will be taken into account. In addition, those players who qualified for World Cup XII and XIII Finals will also be entitled to play in the Semifinal stages of World Cup XIV and the winner of WC XIII Final will be eligible to participate in World Cup Final XIV. Although the number of preliminary groups for each player is unlimited, no player will be able to qualify for more than two Semifinal groups or for more than one place in the Final.

Winners of preliminary and Semifinal groups will receive book prizes. Presumably, a cash prize of 1000 Swiss Francs will be awarded to the winner of World Cup XIV, with a trophy and gold medal. There will also be prizes of 600 Swiss Francs to the silver medalist and 400 Swiss Francs to the bronze medalist. The above prize money is subject to the formal approval of the ICCF Congress 2004 in Mumbai.

The following qualifications can be achieved in the Final: The winner of the World Cup Final XIV will qualify for the Final of the next World Cup Tournament (ICCF Tournament Rules, Article 3.6) and will gain the IM title (ICCF Tournament Rules, Article 8.6.c). The IM title will also be awarded to any players who achieve an IM result according to the Article 8.6.e of the ICCF Tournament Rules. All participants in the Final will qualify for the Semifinal of the next World Cup Tournament (ICCF Tournament Rules, Article 3.6), provided that they do not withdraw. The first and second placed players in the Final will qualify for the Candidates' Tournament of the World CC Championship (ICCF Tournament Rules, Article 1.2.1.e). All participants in the Final who score at least 60% of the possible number of points will qualify for the Semifinal of the World Cup CC Championship (ICCF Tournament Rules, Article 1.1.2.e).

The Australian Correspondence Chess Federation has appointed George Stibal (47 Whitehead Grove, Rosebud, Victoria, 3939, Australia; Phone: +03 5986 7995; Fax: +03 5986 1050) as the Central Tournament Leader (CTL) of this tournament. He will be assisted by a team of Tournament Directors. The appeal instance are the ICCF Appeals Commission (Playing Rules) for cases concerning the application of ICCF Playing Rules, and ICCF Appeals Commission (Other ICCF Rules) for cases concerning the application of Tournament Rules, Code of Conduct and any other rules matters, not covered elsewhere.

Entries (to include name, address and / or email address and the preferred way of transmission) should be submitted to George Stibal. It will also be possible to make multiple entries. Entry Fees will be $24.00* per section. Applications must reach the CTL no later than 15th September 2004, preferably by email. We wish all participants many interesting games and new links with CC friends in other countries, based on the spirit of friendship and the ICCF motto: Amici Sumus!

CC-SIM Tim Runting, President CCLA and George Stibal, Central Tournament Leader

PS. As the host nation, the CCLA is very pleased to announce that for all Australian chess players that are non-members of the CCLA, the $24.00 entry fee will also include their annual subscription (normally $16.00) to the CCLA. We hope that all interested chess players will take up this great offer from the CCLA.

The ACF presents:
The Mt Buller Australian Open Chess Championships
Hospitality Textiles Australian Schools Chess Championships
Hospitality Textiles Australian Junior Chess Championships

Where: Mt Buller, Victoria
Details: (site will be up soon)
General enquires: George Howard 0414 841575;

The Mt Buller Australian Open Chess Championships
Dates: Tuesday December 28th 2004 to Sunday January 9th 2005
Details: 11 round Swiss draw, 1 round per day, 90 min/60s
Prizes: $18,500 in prizes, 1st-10th place, + rating prizes. Top prize is $4500!
Prices: $90 concession, $130 adult (early bird fees) GM, WGM, IM, WIM free
Contact: Garvin Gray, ph 0422993062

The Mt Buller Australian Minor Chess Championships
Dates: Sunday 2nd January- Wednesday 5th January 2005
Details: 8 round Swiss draw, 2 round per day, 90 minutes + 30 seconds
Prizes: 1st-3rd place + rating prizes. Top prize is $500!
Prices: $60 adult (by December 1). $80 adult (after december 1 and before december 15). Concession and junior entry fee: $50 early, $70 late.
Entries close: December 15.
Contact: Garvin Gray, ph 0422993062

Hospitality Textiles Australian Junior Chess Championships
dates: Tuesday January 11th to Sunday January 21st 2005
prices: $55 all juniors (early fee); GM, WGM, IM, WIM all free
prizes: $5,800 total; 1st-5th, girls and age prizes.
contact: Kerry Stead,

Hospitality Textiles Australian Schools Chess Championships
Dates: December 4th and 5th
Contact: Jenni Oliver 02 6253 2848

Accomodation: Mercure Grand Chalet, 4.5 Star, Mt Buller, Summit Road.
Adult: $120 twin share per night including full buffet breakfast
$50 for an additional adult
Junior: $90 for three children including a continental breakfast
$20 for an additional child
All accommodation queries and bookings must be directed to:
Ms Natasha Solczanuik Ph: (03) 5777 6566

It is the responsibility of entrants to arrange accommodation. The above Chalet accommodation deal, secured at discounted rates, is highly recommended by the organisers.

Support the Team! All Aussie chess lovers are asked to donate to the 2004 Olympiad Appeal - don't leave it to the last minute! Cheques/money orders should be made out to "Australian Chess Federation" and sent to: ACF Treasurer Norm Greenwood, P.O. Box 1840, Westfield Hornsby Post Office 1635

Corporations or business sponsors please call George Howard on 0414 841575

George Howard, ACF President

The Australian Clubs Teams Championships is fast approaching, so why not get a team together? This novel event will be held at the Oasis Resort in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast from Monday to Friday 27 Sept to 1 Oct. There's very good, very cheap accommodation available and cheap arifares too. The entry fee is $400 per team of 8 (min 3 females). Perhaps a good opportunity for uni students? Contact Graeme Gardiner on 07 5522 7221

FIDE Zonal - call for applications: The Oceania (3.2b) Zonals will be held from January 30th to February 5th at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre (

Applications to represent Australia at this Zonal are open. Two male and two female players, selected by the ACF as its official representatives, will be provided with free entry into the Oceanic Zonal Chess Championship, and will receive free hotel costs for the event from the New Zealand Chess Federation. Airfares and other costs are to be borne by the selected representatives. $5,500 prizefund. Contact Paul Spiller for event enquiries.

Those wishing to be considered for selection as official representatives must apply, by email or in writing, as per the ACF Selection Procedures By-Laws, by September 10, 2004. Please read item 5 of the ACF Selection Procedures By-Laws thoroughly before applying and ensure that all applicable details required in item 5.4 are supplied. Additionally candidates may submit tournament results and/or a candidates statement - see items 5.6 and 5.7. The Selection By-Laws are available at .

Applications by email to . If an application is not acknowledged within 7 days, please call 6224 8487 or 0421 428 775. Postal applications to Kevin Bonham, ACF Selections Co-Ordinator (Senior Events), 410 Macquarie St, South Hobart 7004.

September 10: Applications close
September 17: Corrections to applications close
October 2: Selections finished, applicants advised of results by email
October 5 (approx): Selections publicly announced in bulletin.

- Kevin Bonham, ACF Selections Co-Ordinator (Senior Events)

Selection panel: expressions of interest in membership: The ACF Council is reviewing the ACF Selection Panel.

The panel is a list of players who may be willing to act as selectors from time to time. The selectors for specific events must be chosen from this panel. Players on the panel are not required to accept any specific invitation to be a selector for any one event and may leave at any time.

Members of the Selection Panel should preferably be strong players with a good knowledge of the relative playing strengths of Australian players. However, specialists in junior chess, women's chess and girls' chess may also be considered as panel members.

Could any players interested in being added to the existing selection panel please send an email to briefly stating why they believe they would make good selectors?

Expressions of interest from strong female players are especially welcome at this time to improve the gender balance of the existing panel.

The existing selection panel is: I. Rogers, D. Johansen, S. Solomon, A. Allen, M. Gluzman, P. Parr, M. Partis, R. Gastineau-Hills, M. Weeks, G. West, D. Cordover, I. Berezina-Feldman, T. Reilly, M. Chapman, S. Press, G. Wastell, G. Lane, K. Bonham, H. Barber, I. Rout, G. Saw, C. Zworestine.

The number of players on the panel is unlimited. Questions welcome to the address above.

- Kevin Bonham, ACF Selections Co-Ordinator (Senior Events)

Applications are invited for the World Junior Championships (U20) to be held in Kochi, India from November 18 to December 1. Full details are available at

Applications are also invited for the Asian Youth Chess Championships (U8, U10, U12 & U14) to be held in Singapore from December 10 to December 18. Full details are available at

Applications should be sent to the Junior Selection Co-ordinator by Friday September 3. Send applications to Applications should be in accordance with the ACF Selection By-Law, and need to contain the following information:

5.4 Applications must include the following information:
5.4.1 Full Name
5.4.2 Address
5.4.3 Email address
5.4.4 Fax
5.4.5 Phone number
5.4.6 Nationality
5.4.7 Date of Birth
5.4.8 FIDE Rating
5.4.9 ACF Rating
5.4.10 FIDE Titles held
5.4.11 Current ACF Titles held
5.4.12 Passport number (if held), date of issue and expiry date (for overseas events only).

The full Selection proceedures by-laws can be seen at

Kerry Stead
ACF Vice President & Junior Selection Co-ordinator

Grand Prix tournaments:

These details are provisional. For up-to-date details of these events, please visit the Grand Prix website. The new GP co-ordinator is Garvin Gray, email:

Nell Van De Graaff Classic (includes a teams event) QLD; 3; September 18-19; Somerset College; Graeme Gardiner 07-5522-7221 Email Website
Ryde Eastwood Open NSW; 3; October 2-4; Ryde Eastwood; Website
Redcliffe Challenge QLD; October 2-3; Rothwell Grace Lutheran College; Website; Contact Norm Braybrooke (07) 3203 3732 Email
Laurieton Open NSW; 1; October 30-31; Laurieton; Endel Lane 02-6559-9060
Coffs Harbour Inaugural Open NSW; 3; November 13-14; Coffs Harbour Catholic Club; Bill Ross 02-6651-8855 Email
November Weekender NSW; November 20-21; North Sydney Leagues Club; Website
Fairfield Summer Cup NSW; 3; December 10-11; Fairfield; Rolando Atenzia

Other tournaments

Full details - see upcoming tournaments on the website.

Box Hill Open Championship: 7 round super-accelerated swiss in 2 sections, on 7 consecutive Fridays from September 17 to October 29. This year with enlarged prize fund of $1000 including a first prize of $500. Considerable discounted early bird entry fees closing 10 PM Tuesday September 7. Other entries close 7.30 PM Friday September 17. BHCC members: early bird fee $20. Full fee $30. Visitors: early bird fee $30. Full fee $40. Rate of Play 90 min plus 30 seconds per move / from move one. Website
International Chess Festival - Open Highlands 18-26 September; Havlickuv Brod, Czech Republic. Website
ASEAN Masters Chess Congress: Several tournaments. Thomas Hoe Tel : (65) 96934049 Fax : (65) 63581483 Email
Cesenatico (Italy) Open International September 4-12; Fax +3954786331 Phone +39335.6615956. Website Email
Malbork Castle Cup: 18-19 September; Poland. Website. Email
Mihail Sadoveanu International Chess Festival; Jassy, Romania; September 20-26; Free entry/accommodation for over-2400s; Contact: ; ; 0040740277850 - Vasile Manole ; 0040741665384 - Vlad Ungureanu. Websites:;;;
Qld Girls' Chess Championship: September 25-26 from 9am; 7 Round Swiss; Gardiner Chess Centre, 11 Hardys Rd, Mudgeeraba, 4213. Phone 5522 7221; Prizes: $150 + Shield + Trophy; $100 + Trophy; $50 + Trophy; also Under-16, 14, 12, 10 and 8 prizes. DOP: Graeme Gardiner; Entry Fee: $40 plus $10 CAQ fee if required. Cheques payable to QWCL. Entries to: Gail Young, PO Box 9, Inala, 4077. 3372 8077. e-mail: ; or Graeme Gardiner 5522 7221.
Medal Event: September 26 9.30am; 10 Round Swiss Gardiner Chess Centre; For boys and girls, unrated or with a junior rating of less than 1000. Entry Fee: $12 or $18 Family (at same address) Rapid rated. Medallions, Ribbons and Incentive Awards dependant on entries. Cheques payable to QWCL. Entries to: Gail Young, PO Box 9, Inala, 4077. 3372 8077. e-mail: ; or Graeme Gardiner 5522 7221.
2005 Oceania Zonal: Jan 30 - Feb 04, 2005; Auckland, NZ, Waipuna International Hotel & Conference Centre. 9 round swiss. Prize fund of $5,500 (minimum). Details. - Paul Spiller, Zonal organiser
ICCF World Cup (correspondence, email, web): Starts December at the latest. All welcome. $24 entry includes CCLA membership. Full details.

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Best wishes till next time
- Paul Broekhuyse
19 Gill Avenue, Avoca Beach, NSW 2251
02 4382 4525
0408 824525


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