Australian Chess Federation newsletter
No. 256, March 10, 2004

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The Italo-Australian Club 42nd Doeberl Cup: Canberra - Easter weekend 9-12 April - Class 3 Grand Prix - Full details and entry form at

Wanted: Olympiad Appeal Co-ordinator: The Co-ordinator must fulfil or arrange to have fulfilled the ACF Olympiad By-Laws, specifically para 2. Resources will be allocated to assist the occupant. The ACF Treasurer will assist with accounting tasks if required. Persons interested should not hesitate to send applications to George Howard, ACF President at or call me on 0414841575 for a confidential discussion.

New ACF Secretary appointed: Jey Hoole ( Email: ) has kindly agreed to be ACF Secretary, filling an important role in the organisation's structure. He's replacing Joe Tanti, who resigned recently after several years in the demanding role. Jey, who lives in Canberra, will be organising teleconferences and minutes for ACF meetings. Welcome aboard!

Grand Prix 2003 Prizes: All Grand Prix 2003 prizewinners should email ACF President George Howard with their name and address so that he can send them their cheques.


1   SOLOMON, Stephen      VIC   IM   2446 A    6.5    49:W  53:W  12:W  11:W  19:W   7:D   5:W
2   WEST, Guy             VIC   IM   2383 A    6      72:W  31:W   6:D  10:W   5:D  20:W  12:W
3   SMERDON, David        VIC   IM   2380 A    6      55:W  69:W  27:W   5:L  16:W  18:W  15:W
4   SOROKINA, Anastasia   QLD   WIM  2204 A    6      93:W  65:W  10:D   6:D  32:W  31:W   7:W
5   RUJEVIC, Mirko        VIC   IM   2276 A    5.5    45:W  40:W  34:W   3:W   2:D  21:W   1:L
6   HUMPHREY, Jonathan    QLD        2062 A    5.5    52:W  62:W   2:D   4:D  33:W   8:D  22:W
7   FROEHLICH, Peter      VIC   IM   2400 A    5     103:W  37:W  16:D   9:W  22:W   1:D   4:L
8   BOOTH, Stewart        VIC        2149 A    5      95:W  38:D  26:W  13:D  17:W   6:D  14:D
9   OGADA-OSIR, Ibrahim   VIC        1744 B    5      90:W  14:W  36:W   7:L  13:D  24:W  20:D
10  FLITNEY, Adrian       SA         1989 A    5      99:W  41:W   4:D   2:L  42:W  13:D  44:W
11  HAMILTON, Doug        VIC   FM   2238 A    5      66:W  48:W  17:W   1:L  25:W  15:L  33:W
12  JONES, Lee            NSW   FM   2071 A    5      43:W  42:W   1:L  62:W  69:W  19:W   2:L
13  WRIGHT, Ian           VIC        2031 A    5      67:W  58:D  35:W   8:D   9:D  10:D  31:W
14  DIZDAREVIC, Mehmed    VIC        2006 A    5      77:W   9:L  55:D  56:W  26:W  37:W   8:D
15  O'CARROLL, Jeremy     VIC        2067 A    5      96:W  61:D  58:W  21:D  54:W  11:W   3:L
16  DRAGICEVIC, Domagoj   VIC        2009 A    5     100:W  63:W   7:D  20:D   3:L  73:W  40:W
17  FLETCHER, Steven      VIC        1877 B    5      89:W  60:W  11:L  41:W   8:L  70:W  34:W
18  CHARLES, Gareth       NSW        2106 A    5      76:W  73:W  70:W  19:L  57:W   3:L  46:W
19  RUTHERFORD, Simon     VIC   FM   2366 A    4.5    71:W  33:W  25:W  18:W   1:L  12:L  23:D
20  BOURMISTROV, Denis    VIC        2112 A    4.5    78:W  26:D  38:W  16:D  53:W   2:L   9:D
21  SANDLER, Leonid       VIC   IM   2371 A    4.5    79:W  57:D  44:W  15:D  23:W   5:L  25:D
22  VOON, Richard         VIC        1920 A    4.5    56:D  74:W  30:W  24:W   7:L  36:W   6:L
23  PYKE, Malcolm         VIC        1978 A    4.5    68:W  70:L  45:W  28:W  21:L  42:W  19:D
24  LOJANICA, Milenko     VIC        2085 A    4.5    29:W  35:D  61:W  22:L  60:W   9:L  58:W
25  STOJIC, Dusan         VIC        1935 A    4.5    87:W  51:W  19:L  70:W  11:L  59:W  21:D
26  LUGO, Ruperto         VIC        1781 B    4.5   104:W  20:D   8:L  79:W  14:L  60:W  63:W
27  BOOTH, Shane          VIC        1998 A    4.5    94:W  50:W   3:L  54:L  45:W  35:D  61:W
28  PAPADINIS, Jim        VIC        1752 B    4.5   115:W  34:L  68:W  23:L  47:W  32:D  53:W
29  LIN, Zhigen           VIC        1559 C    4.5    24:L 114:W  33:L  86:W  50:W  69:W  39:D
30  KARA, Barbaros        VIC        1688 B    4.5   105:W  32:D  22:L  46:D 100:W  53:D  54:W
31  HOLT, Kenneth         VIC        1860 B    4      84:W   2:L  93:W  44:W  36:W   4:L  13:L
32  RAINE, Marcus         VIC        1947 A    4      64:W  30:D  47:D  50:W   4:L  28:D  41:D
33  JAGER, Jesse          VIC        1821 B    4      98:W  19:L  29:W  72:W   6:L  49:W  11:L
34  PECORI, Ascaro        VIC        2023 A    4      92:W  28:W   5:L  42:L  72:W  62:W  17:L
35  SZUVEGES, Narelle     VIC   WFM  1774 B    4     114:W  24:D  13:L  71:W  39:D  27:D  37:D
36  JONES, Brian          NSW   FM   2128 A    4      75:W  54:W   9:L  48:W  31:L  22:L  72:W
37  ANDERSON, Alistair    VIC        1847 B    4      86:W   7:L  75:W  60:D  58:W  14:L  35:D
38  LISTON, Howard        VIC        1788 B    4     102:W   8:D  20:L  59:D  75:W  39:D  43:D
39  McDONALD, Joel        VIC        2100 A    4      47:D  56:L 102:W  63:W  35:D  38:D  29:D
40  VAN RIEL, Bas         VIC        1829 B    4      82:W   5:L  78:W  92:D  43:D  56:W  16:L
41  BROCKMAN, Roland      VIC        1703 B    4      97:W  10:L  87:W  17:L  64:D  79:W  32:D
42  STOJIC, Svetozar      VIC        1772 B    4     101:W  12:L 100:W  34:W  10:L  23:L  78:W
43  WALLIS, Christopher   VIC        1549 C    4      12:L 101:W  65:D  61:W  40:D  54:D  38:D
44  LYCETT, Garry         VIC        1678 C    4     117:W  46:W  21:L  31:L  94:W  57:W  10:L
45  DOUR, Nicholas        VIC        1614 C    4       5:L  82:W  23:L  89:W  27:L  83:W  69:W
46  BARROW, Nigel         VIC        1869 B    4      83:W  44:L  71:D  30:D  92:W  55:W  18:L
47  VAN DIJK, Devrim      VIC        1560 C    4      39:D  59:W  32:D  57:L  28:L  88:W  73:W
48  JIA, Jing             VIC        1803 B    4      88:W  11:L  67:W  36:L  55:L  64:W  71:W
49  WOLF, Peter           VIC        1655 C    4       1:L  81:W  83:W  69:L  74:W  33:L  85:W
50  ANTONIAZZI, Francesco VIC        1715 B    4     109:W  27:L  99:W  32:L  29:L  94:W  76:W
51  OGDEN, Marcus         VIC        1703 B    4     116:W  25:L  64:W  53:L  56:L  99:W  80:W
52  STANISHEFF, Alex      VIC        1492 C    4       6:L 106:W  54:L 104:W  59:L 101:W  70:W
53  TSAGARAKIS, Angelo    VIC        1864 B    3.5    81:W   1:L  66:W  51:W  20:L  30:D  28:L
54  McCART, Richard       VIC        1798 B    3.5   113:W  36:L  52:W  27:W  15:L  43:D  30:L
55  GHOBRIAL, Adel        VIC        1637 C    3.5     3:L  91:W  14:D  65:D  48:W  46:L  57:D
56  MARTIN, Richard       VIC        1299 C    3.5    22:D  39:W  57:D  14:L  51:W  40:L  59:D
57  FROST, Peter          VIC        1833 B    3.5    80:W  21:D  56:D  47:W  18:L  44:L  55:D
58  FLETCHER, Andrew      VIC        1754 B    3.5   108:W  13:D  15:L  77:W  37:L  95:W  24:L
59  LIDUMS, Aivars        SA         1734 B    3.5    74:D  47:L  80:W  38:D  52:W  25:L  56:D
60  STEWART, Scott        VIC        1687 B    3.5   110:W  17:L  89:W  37:D  24:L  26:L  92:W
61  FITZPATRICK, Andrew   ACT        1763 B    3.5   111:W  15:D  24:L  43:L  77:W  93:W  27:L
62  LINDBERG, Gordon      VIC        1757 B    3.5   106:W   6:L  94:W  12:L  76:W  34:L  68:D
63  FLUDE, David          VIC        1751 B    3.5   107:W  16:L  77:D  39:L  82:W  92:W  26:L
64  HICKMAN, Casey        VIC        1319 C    3.5    32:L 105:W  51:L  97:W  41:D  48:L  93:W
65  ROBERTS, Mark         VIC        1814 B    3.5   112:W   4:L  43:D  55:D  95:D  71:D  66:D
66  MOLLARD, Maxwell      VIC        1612 C    3.5    11:L  88:W  53:L  81:L 102:W  91:W  65:D
67  KERKSAL, David        VIC        1424 C    3.5    13:L 108:W  48:L  85:D  93:L  74:W  95:W
68  McKENCHIE, Andrew     SA         1348 C    3.5    23:L 118:W  28:L  74:L 114:W 103:W  62:D
69  KALISCH, Tom          VIC        1829 B    3      91:W   3:L  76:W  49:W  12:L  29:L  45:L
70  JUSZCZYNSKI, Matthew  SA         1709 B    3     118:W  23:W  18:L  25:L  99:W  17:L  52:L
71  MELDAU, Henning       VIC        1623 C    3      19:L  98:W  46:D  35:L  81:W  65:D  48:L
72  KAPLAN, Alex          VIC        1646 C    3       2:L  84:W  86:W  33:L  34:L  87:W  36:L
73  COOK, Patrick         VIC        1784 B    3      85:W  18:L  92:L  87:W  78:W  16:L  47:L
74  DALTON, Joshua        VIC        620  D    3      59:D  22:L  96:D  68:W  49:L  67:L 100:W
75  BROTHERIDGE, Jamie    VIC        1600 C    3      36:L 113:W  37:L  83:W  38:L  84:D  82:D
76  BULTMAN, Grant        VIC        1578 C    3      18:L  85:W  69:L  84:W  62:L  86:W  50:L
77  FRANGAKIS, John       VIC        1380 C    3      14:L  90:W  63:D  58:L  61:L  98:W  79:D
78  FINLAY, Colin         NSW        1594 C    3      20:L 104:W  40:L 102:W  73:L  81:W  42:L
79  ANDREWS, Charlie      VIC        1630 C    3      21:L  80:D 111:W  26:L 112:W  41:L  77:D
80  COONEY, Matthew       VIC        1150 D    3      57:L  79:D  59:L  90:D  97:W  96:W  51:L
81  SMITH, Wendy          VIC        1220 D    3      53:L  49:L 108:W  66:W  71:L  78:L 105:W
82  KOSTRZEWA, Jake       VIC        1123 D    3      40:L  45:L  90:D 111:W  63:L 112:W  75:D
83  BAILEY, Mitchel       VIC        1259 D    3      46:L 117:W  49:L  75:L 106:W  45:L 101:W
84  GLENTON, Alan         VIC        1200 D    3      31:L  72:L 115:W  76:L  90:W  75:D  96:D
85  YOUNG, Darren         VIC        1003 D    3      73:L  76:L 105:W  67:D  96:D 100:W  49:L
86  HOPF, Lorna           VIC        1164 D    3      37:L 103:W  72:L  29:L 115:W  76:L 106:W
87  STEWART, Clint        VIC        1304 C    3      25:L 116:W  41:L  73:L 104:W  72:L 107:W
88  DALTON, Laurie        VIC        1054 D    3      48:L  66:L 116:W  95:L 107:W  47:L  99:W
89  ELDRIDGE, James       VIC        1286 C    3      17:L 110:W  60:L  45:L 101:L 115:W 102:W
90  YU, Sally             VIC        711  D    3       9:L  77:L  82:D  80:D  84:L 114:W 111:W
91  YU, Derek             VIC        1140 D    3      69:L  55:L 107:L 118:W 105:W  66:L 103:W
92  MORRIS, James         VIC        1420 C    2.5    34:L 115:W  73:W  40:D  46:L  63:L  60:L
93  POWER, Paul           VIC        1608 C    2.5     4:L 112:W  31:L  98:D  67:W  61:L  64:L
94  BAILEY, Robert        VIC        1369 C    2.5    27:L 109:W  62:L 107:W  44:L  50:L  97:D
95  SOCO, Dejan           VIC        1603 C    2.5     8:L 102:L 106:W  88:W  65:D  58:L  67:L
96  BROWN, Cyril          SA         1506 C    2.5    15:L 111:D  74:D 112:D  85:D  80:L  84:D
97  FRASER, Reuben        VIC        600  D    2.5    41:L  99:L 113:W  64:L  80:L 108:W  94:D
98  THEODOSIOU, Peter     VIC        1123 D    2.5    33:L  71:L 109:W  93:D 103:L  77:L 113:W
99  HAMILTON, Ian         VIC        1364 C    2      10:L  97:W  50:L 101:W  70:L  51:L  88:L
100 ROWSTON, Bruce        VIC        1386 C    2      16:L 107:W  42:L 114:W  30:L  85:L  74:L
101 SCHON, Eugene         VIC        853  D    2      42:L  43:L 103:W  99:L  89:W  52:L  83:L
102 DALTON, Samuel        VIC        1014 D    2      38:L  95:W  39:L  78:L  66:L 111:W  89:L
103 TAYLOR, Stephen       VIC        1652 C    2       7:L  86:L 101:L 109:W  98:W  68:L  91:L
104 LUGO, Jerome          VIC        909  D    2      26:L  78:L 110:W  52:L  87:L 107:L 112:W
105 EUSTACE, Sophie       VIC        467  D    2      30:L  64:L  85:L 113:W  91:L 118:W  81:L
106 TOPER, David          VIC        803  D    2      62:L  52:L  95:L 116:W  83:L 109:W  86:L
107 VAN DIJK, Marieke     VIC        753  D    2      63:L 100:L  91:W  94:L  88:L 104:W  87:L
108 KENMURE, Jamie        VIC        800  D    2      58:L  67:L  81:L 110:L 116:W  97:L 117:W
109 BELL, Nathan          VIC        600  D    2      50:L  94:L  98:L 103:L 117:W 106:L 115:W
110 AMBROSE, Lauren       VIC        400  D    2      60:L  89:L 104:L 108:W 111:L 113:L 114:W
111 QIAN, Dennish         VIC        835  D    1.5    61:L  96:D  79:L  82:L 110:W 102:L  90:L
112 THAKUR, Udit          VIC        1080 D    1.5    65:L  93:L 118:W  96:D  79:L  82:L 104:L
113 BELL, David           VIC        1031 D    1.5    54:L  75:L  97:L 105:L 118:D 110:W  98:L
114 BALNIONIS, Alex       VIC        900  D    1      35:L  29:L 117:W 100:L  68:L  90:L 110:L
115 McCART, Tully         VIC        767  D    1      28:L  92:L  84:L 117:W  86:L  89:L 109:L
116 SKYLLAS, Elizabeth    VIC        600  D    1      51:L  87:L  88:L 106:L 108:L 117:L 118:W
117 BELL, Laura           VIC        400  D    1      44:L  83:L 114:L 115:L 109:L 116:W 108:L
118 BOSMAN, Kevin         VIC        600  D    .5     70:L  68:L 112:L  91:L 113:D 105:L 116:L

We hope to have a report next week about this important tournament. In the meantime, visit the Ballarat website at for more details.

Tasmanian Championships, Burnie: Charles Chadwick of Hobart is the new Tasmanian Champion after finishing outright 2nd in the Tasmanian Championships to Malaysian visitor Lim Yee Weng, who is ineligible for the title as he does not meet the residency requirements. The tournament had an unusually cosmopolitan flavour with entrants from as far away as Germany, Malaysia and even WA. 23 players competed, while another three from the Qg3 Chess Club were prevented from doing so by a car breakdown en route. 2003 state champion Peter Knight did not defend his title.

Lim had a close and long game with Chadwick but thrashed most of his opponents and had a very showy win against German tourist Werner Doblies in which Lim (Black) planted pawns on c4,d4,e4 and f4 then sacrificed his queen on g4 (as taking it would have allowed a rook mate on the h-file, Doblies resigned). With Lim destroying the field, the race for the Tasmanian Championship title was congested and very confusing. At the start of round 5 there were five equal leaders in the title race, but of these Frame lost to Lim, Slidziunas lost to Radosavljevic, and Pavicic and Donnelly drew with each other. With Chadwick in trouble against Doblies it seemed that Tasmania would have four or five state champions but Doblies trapped his own queen while attacking and had to shed a piece, leaving Chadwick as the only one of the five to win.

Top-seeded local Kevin Bonham celebrated his highest ever rating with a real train wreck of a tournament (perhaps down to fitting too many non-chess activities into the same weekend), blundering a rook in time trouble in a drawn ending against Lewis and another one to a tactic in a strong but tricky position against Ledger. Janice Martin was a worthy winner of the U1500 ratings prize, not only drawing with Bonham but also beating Radosavljevic - however the latter recovered impressively from 1/3 to share third place. Burnie junior Thomas Hendrey also recorded a very good result and was unlucky not to do even better.

Tasmania's new State Champion is a solid, mostly positional player whose game has improved greatly over the last few years. Charles likes to play slowly and carefully and finished most of his games with little time on the clock - the most hair-raising being a wild scramble against Donnelly which Chadwick won with his flag apparently teetering, although it turned out he had about 30 seconds left.

A strange case involved John Bund, who claimed to have no rating despite a player of the same name from the same state being master-listed in the 1800s based on a provisional rating earned decades ago. When Bund insisted he had never played a rated game in Australia, the organisers treated him as unrated and gave him the bye in the first round. Bund objected to this as well, was soundly beaten by Doblies in round 2, and was not seen thereafter. On a more positive note, Evyonne Yin Ken Shien was everybody's favourite player after leaving Snickers bars on all boards prior to round 5, and Phil Donnelly came up with a nice TN in Tassie tournament recording by bringing a scanner to the tournament, quickly capturing the scoresheets of most of the top board games. (How many he manages to decipher remains to be seen!). A tournament booklet will be produced in the coming weeks.

6/6 Lim Yee Weng (FIDE2311, Malaysia) (Ineligible for Tas Champs Title)
4.5/6 Charles Chadwick (1822) (Tasmanian Champion)
4/6 Mile Pavicic (2002), Phil Donnelly (1647)(U1700 ratings prize), Dragan Radosavljevic (1728), Nigel Lewis (1566)
3.5/6 Kevin Bonham (2039), Nigel Frame (1833), Werner Doblies (German rating 1740, Germany), John Slidziunas (1777), Janice Martin (f,1467) (U1500 ratings prize)
3/6 Neville Ledger (1640), Thomas Hendrey (j,1327), Denis McMahon (WA, 1650), Graham Richards (1445)
2.5/6 Tony Sturges (1344)
2/6 Milutin Ivkovic (1606), John Adams (1400), Neil Thornton (1271)
1.5/6 Joe Basic (1468)
1/6 Tony Salter (1292), Evyonne Yin Ken Shien (f,U/R,Malaysia)
1/3 John Bund (U/R?,Qld) (Unauthorised Withdrawal)

Basic authorised forfeit to Salter.
Bund and Yin Ken Shien received byes.
Bund forfeited to Lewis round 3 without notifying the organisers and was scratched.

- Kevin Bonham

Melbourne Chess Club Championship: Forty-two players, including some of Australia's best, are contesting the 2004 MCC championship - arguably the strongest weekly tournament in the country. The top 4 seeds included IMs Froelich, Rujevic, West and FM Levi. International Arbiter Edwin Malitis and Stephan Taylor are arbiters for the event.

You can view games from the event at

There were no big upsets on the top boards in round 1. Game of the day in round 2 was definitely West-Kalisch a masterful wiggling defence by West. Ivanov also showed good technique in defeating his more highly fancied opponent Kovacevic. Just for the record Pecori gained revenge on Roberts and for the first time in about five years remains undefeated against weaker opposition after 2 rounds. Thank goodness was the sigh around the club!

Some interesting games in round 3, with most being hard-fought. Probably the biggest upset of the round was Kristic gaining the full point against Levi. Hanks-Pyke appeared an odd result, while young Yap continues to improve despite losing a long encounter with Stanisheff. Ly held the inferior ending against Fletcher. Pecori lost an absolute epic against Rujevic.

In round 4 Froelich and Rujevic played a grandmaster draw, as both had previous engagements with the card table and blitz clocks respectively. Kristic launched an attack against West who defended and comfortably converted. After a level middle game Levi slowly outplayed Pyke to convert. Beaumont and Hacche was a sharp game with Hacche counter-attacking well before Beaumont self combusted in time trouble. Kalisch conducted an excellent attack with the black pieces to overwhelm Stirling, culminating in a Kingside attack that was decisive. Hanks turned up with a broken arm and went home with a broken heart. Talk about soldiering on. Ivanov played the opening poorly, but almost pulled off a miracle in the middlegame before Pecori exposed his king to an irresistible attack. Roberts played beautifully against the talented Dragicevic before missing a sharp win with the piece sacrifice Nc2 after Bg6, then watched as his chess position skied downhill. Raine converted a pawn advantage in the endgame to grind out a win against Ghobrial. In a sharp encounter Ly won a tense struggle with Voon. Fletcher threw pawns to the wind before becoming temporarily blind to the tactics, whilst Ogada-Osir turned into the technician of Fitzroy.

The tournament continues ...

Scores after 5 rounds:
Melbourne Chess Club Championship 2004
Melbourne, 2004.02.02 - 2004.03.01
 1: Rujevic, Mirko       fm   4.5 /  5  
 2: West, Guy            im   4.5 /  5  
 3: Froelich, Peter           4.0 /  5  
 4: Pecori, Ascaro            4.0 /  5  
 5: Hacche, David             3.0 /  4  
 6: Krstic, Slobodan          3.0 /  5  
 7: Ly, Thai                  3.0 /  5  
 8: Levi, Eddy           fm   2.0 /  3  
 9: Raine, Marcus             2.0 /  3  
10: Belletty, Malcolm         1.5 /  3  
11: Ogada-Osir, Ibrahim       1.5 /  3  
12: Pyke, Malcolm             1.5 /  3  
13: Stirling, Nathan          1.5 /  4  
14: Dragecevic, Domagoj       1.0 /  1  
15: Stewart, Scott            1.0 /  1  
16: Dragicevic, Domagoj       1.0 /  2  
17: Stanisheff, Alex          1.0 /  2  
18: Wright, Jim               1.0 /  2  
19: Beaumont, David           1.0 /  2  
20: Wyss, Felix               1.0 /  3  
21: Kalisch, Tom              1.0 /  3  
22: Papadinis, Jim            1.0 /  3  
23: Roberts, Mark             1.0 /  3  
24: Ivanov, Nick              1.0 /  3  
25: Yap, Alwyn                1.0 /  3  
26: Hanks, John               0.5 /  2  
27: Fletcher, Andrew          0.5 /  3  
28: Cartledge, Dwayne         0.0 /  1  
29: Beattie, Roger            0.0 /  1  
30: Kovacevic, Paul           0.0 /  1  
31: Kara, Barbaros            0.0 /  1  
32: Wertheim, Stephen         0.0 /  1  
33: Kaplan, Alex              0.0 /  1  
34: Ghobrial, Adel            0.0 /  2  
35: Voon, Richard             0.0 /  2  
36: Tambasco, Jean-Luc        0.0 /  2  
49 games: +26 =6 -17

City of Sydney Championship: 44 players are contesting the event this year, as a new format is tested. There is a single division, and players face two games each Sunday at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club. The top seeds, George Xie and Greg Canfell, are both on 2/2. Round 1 featured an unusual contest between Lloyd S.Fell - the 85-year-old veteran of the Sydney chess scene who first won the title 60 years ago in 1944! - and his unrelated near-namesake, Lloyd R. Fell. The older guy won.

Details at the NSWCA site:

Thanks to DOP Ralph Seberry and Peter Parr for the info.

Ruth Coxhill Memorial: A nice attack from the tournament being played at the Gardiner Chess Centre:

Nikolai Stawski 2067 -- Petra Blazkova 2243 1-0

1. f4 Nf6 2. Nf3 g6 3. d3 d5 4. g3 Bg7 5. Bg2 O-O 6. O-O c5 7. Qe1 d4 8. e4 dxe3 9. Bxe3 Nd5 10. Bxc5 Bxb2 11. Bd4 Bxd4+ 12. Nxd4 Qb6 13. Qf2 Rd8 14. Kh1 Nc6 15. Nxc6 bxc6 16. Nd2 Rb8 17. Nc4 Qa6 18. Qe2 Be6 19. Ne5 Rb2 20. f5 gxf5 21. Qh5 f6 22. Rxf5 Bxf5 23. Qxf5 fxe5 24. Qe6+ Kf8 25. Rf1+ Nf6 26. Rxf6+ exf6 27. Qxf6+ Kg8 28. Qxd8+ Kf7 29. Qc7+ Kf6 30. Qd6+ Kf5 31. Be4+ Kg4 32. Qe6+ Kh5 33. Qf5+ Kh6 34. Qf6+ 1-0

chess position

Laurieton One-Day - 29 February: 20 players enjoyed a lovely 'Day of Chess' in chess-friendly Laurieton Services Club. This 7-round G/25 event ended in unexpected result with Endel winning all 7 games. I was hoping to get my usual 50%, but it turned out better.

7.0 Endel Lane 1443
5.5 David Mearns u/r
5.0 Philip Tan 1601
4.5 Mike Weltner 1445, Mick Lukic 1624, Shane Northover 1031
4.0 Bruce Parr 952, Alex Momot 1093, Leslie Wells 854, Joshua Arthur u/r, Simon Louie 1456
3.0 Matthew Northover 1145, Michael Peters 518
2.5 Osman Faruqi u/r
1.5 Thomas Fajks 260, James Fajks u/r, Joshua Brown 380, Richard Wells u/r- 2, 19. Simon Riordan 879
1.0 Elischa Brown u/r

Next: March 19 - 4th Mid North Coast High Schools 'Day of Chess'
May 1/2 - 7th Laurieton 'May Open' Grand Prix
June 19/20 - Mid North Coast Open Grand Prix

- Endel Lane

Web page for chess arbiters: Webmaster Luis Blasco de la Cruz invites link and banner exchanges and other forms of collaboration. Email: or

Get your face on the small screen: FIDE has requested that players should check out their personal details card on the FIDE website,, and then submit a small scanned photo if there is not already one posted.

Many thanks,
Gary Bekker
President, FIDE Oceania Zone

"China-Australia Chess Exchange": David Cordover writes: "Australia has been invited to send a team of 10 children (Ages 9-16) to Shanghai, China to receive coaching, play a tournament and see some sights. This cultural exchange is due to take place from April 29 to May 8 this year. Students would stay with a family in China and be supervised be one Australian Coach and a Cultural Guide (and translator) from Australia. This is a fantastic opportunity to visit China, experience their life, language and culture at the same time as getting some coaching and playing what could prove to be some very challenging chess games! If you have any interest in being involved please contact immediately as there are only 10 places and everything must be confirmed by the end of March."

World News: Kramnik wins Linares: Three draws in the final round left Kramnik the winner, half a point ahead of Kasparov and Leko. After some lacklustre form in recent times, the win is an important victory for Kramnik, who was undefeated but managed to score two impressive wins over world championship challenger Leko and Topalov. Kasparov missed several wins and seems to have lost his edge, whereas Leko confirmed he is a serious rival to the top players. Young stars Radjabov and Vallejo Pons both did very well against almighty opposition, while attacking players Topalov and Shirov provided some much-needed entertainment but also lost some games. The tournament featured lots of draws with only eight decisive games.

Final Scores, 12 games over 14 rounds:
7.0 Kramnik
6.5 Kasparov, Leko
6.0 Radjabov, Topalov
5.0 Shirov, Vallejo Pons

Official Site | View games
Annotated games: Shirov-Kasparov | Shirov-Radjabov

Kramnik held off his rival with a nice drawing combination in this game:

[Event "XXI SuperGM"]
[Site "Linares ESP"]
[Date "2004.02.23"]
[Round "5"]
[White "Kasparov,G"]
[Black "Kramnik,V"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[WhiteElo "2831"]
[BlackElo "2777"]
[EventDate "2004.02.19"]
[ECO "E12"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 b6 4. Nc3 Bb7 5. a3 d5 6. cxd5 Nxd5 7. Qc2 Nxc3
8. bxc3 Be7 9. e4 O-O 10. Bd3 c5 11. O-O Qc7 12. Qe2 Nd7 13. Bb2 Rac8 14.
Nd2 Rfd8 15. Rfd1 Nf6 16. a4 cxd4 17. cxd4 Bb4 18. Nf3 Qe7 19. h3 h6 20.
Qe3 a5 21. Rdc1 Ne8 22. Ne5 Nf6 23. Nf3 Ne8 24. Ne5 Nf6 25. Nc4 Rc6 26. Qg3
Nh5 27. Qe3 Nf6 28. Rc2 Rdc8 29. Rac1 Qd8 30. Qe2 Bf8 31. Qe3 R8c7 32. Qe2
Rc8 33. Ne5 R6c7 34. f3 Nh5 35. Rxc7 Rxc7 36. Rxc7 Qxc7 37. Qc2 Qd8 38. Bf1
Bd6 39. Qf2 Qg5 40. h4 Qf4 41. g4 Ng3 42. Nd3 Nxe4!! 43. fxe4 Qxe4 44. Qg2

Black will hover between ...Qe3+ and ...Qe4, forcing a repetition.

chess position

Cappelle le Grande: The famous tourney featured 576 players this year. Leading final scores, 9 rounds:
7.0 Najer, Kulaots, Timofeev, Gyimesi, Grigoriants, Korneev
6.5 Delchev, Vysochin, Chernyshov, Postny, Brodsky, Areshchenko, Yevseev, Jakubowski, Grachev, Svetushkin, Skatchkov, Dzhumaev, Burmakin, Danielian, Ivanisevic, Jaracz, Sulava, Tunik, Arencibia, Vorobiov, Bagheri, Janev
Site | View games

Upcoming tournaments

Dubbo RSL Open (NSW) Class 1 Grand Prix Event Incorporating the NSW Country Championship (NSWCA country members eligible for Country title) Dubbo RSL Club Corner Brisbane and Wingewarra Streets, Dubbo 13-14 March 2004 Saturday 10:30am 1:30pm 4:00pm Sunday 9:30am 12:00pm 2:30pm Registration: 10:00am - 10:30am $350 first prize guaranteed Also U1700, U1400, unrated, junior prize depending on entries Entry fees: Adults $40, Concession $30, Juniors $20 (a $5 dollar discount if paid by 1/3/2004) Cheques payable to Dubbo RSL Chess Club 60 minutes + 10 sec per player. Contacts: Alexander Aich 02 6884 4561 or Trevor Bemrose 02 6882 2725. (come an extra day and visit our famous Zoo)

The Italo-Australian Club 42nd Doeberl Cup A Class 3 ACF Grand Prix Event 9-12 April 2004. Location: The Italo-Australian Club, 78 Franklin Street, Forrest, Canberra, ACT. Total Prizes: $10,000. Premier Division (FIDE-rated; Rated over 1600 only): First $2200 Full details

University Open: 10th & 11th of July 4th Floor Union Building, Adelaide University $4000 Prizes, $1000 first A Category Three Grand Prix event Entry Fees: $40 Adult, $30 concession GM Ian Rogers is a confirmed entrant Details

World Youth Under-16 Chess Olympiad Calicut (Kozhikode), Kerala, India July 1-9 10 Round Swiss. 4-player teams 90 minutes/30 seconds increment Free board and lodging to a team of 4 players and the official, for nine days from 1st July to 9th July. For further details, please contact: P.T. Ummer Koya, Organising Secretary and Secretary General, AICF and Vice President FIDE, Chessindia Complex, Meenchanda, Post Nallalam, Calicut 673 027, INDIA Phone : (91) 495 2420327, 2420727 Fax : (91) 495 2422033, 2421005 Email Website

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Grand Prix tournaments:

2004 GP website:
2003 results: GP details.xls and

T1 NSW 3 24 / 25 Jan Australia Day Weekender North Sydney Leagues Club Ralph Seberry 040-399-1730
T2 NSW 2 7 / 8 Feb Newcastle Open Cardiff (Newcastle) George Lithgow 02-4943-2225
T3 VIC 1 21 / 21 Feb Drouin Open Old Council Chambers Drouin 03-9576-8177
T4 TAS 1 6 - 8 Mar 2004 Tasmanian Championship Burnie Neville Ledger 03-6431-1280
T5 VIC 6 - 8 Mar Ballarat Begonia Open Ballarat Patrick Cook 03-5331-6658
T6 NSW 1 13 / 14 Mar Dubbo Open & Country Championship Dubbo RSL Club Trevor Bemrose 02-6882-2725
T7 ACT 3 9 - 12 Apr Doeberl Cup Canberra Roger McCart 02-6251-6190
T8 QLD 2 10- 12 Apr Darling Downs Open Downlands College Toowoomba Ross Mills 07-4634-0875
T9 NSW 1 1 - 2 May Laurieton Open Laurieton Endel Lane 02-6559-9060
T10 QLD 1 - 3 May Peninsula Open Redcliffe State High School Redcliffe Chess Club
T11 NSW 15 - 16 May May Weekender Rose Bay Ralph Seberry 040-399-1730
T12 NSW 3 5 - 7 Jun NSW Open Championship Sydney - TBA Ralph Seberry 040-399-1730
T13 NSW 3 12 / 13 Jun Mid North Coast June Open Laurieton Endel Lane 02-6559-9060
T14 QLD 3 26 / 27 Jun Gold Coast Open Robina Town Centre Graeme Gardiner 07-5522-7221
T15 QLD 3 / 4 Jul Caloundra Open Caloundra Powerboat Club Bob Goodwin
T16 NSW 10 / 11 Jul Fairfield Winter Cup Fairfield Rolando Atenzia
T17 SA 3 10 / 11 Jul University Open Adelaide University Andrew Saint 08-83323752
T18 ACT 3 24 / 25 Jul ANU Open Canberra
T19 NSW 3 7 / 8 Aug Coal City Open Newcastle George Lithgow 02-4943-3862
T20 NSW 31 Jul & 1 Aug August Weekender Rose Bay Ralph Seberry 040-399-1730
T21 QLD 3 18 / 19 Sep Gold Coast Classic Somerset College Graeme Gardiner 07-5522-7221
T22 NSW 3 2 / 4 Oct Ryde Eastwood Open Ryde Eastwood Ralph Seberry 040-399-1730
T23 QLD 2 / 3 Oct Redcliffe Challenge Redcliffe State High School
T24 NSW 16 / 17 Oct Tweed Heads Open Tweed Heads Civic Centre Audie Pennefather
T25 NSW 1 30 /31 Oct Laurieton Open Laurieton Endel Lane 02-6559-9060
T26 NSW 2 13 / 14 Nov Coffs Harbour Inaugural Open Coffs Harbour Catholic Club Bill Ross 02-6651-8855
T27 NSW 20 /21 Nov November Weekender North Sydney Leagues Club Ralph Seberry 040-399-1730
T28 NSW 3 10 / 11 Dec Fairfield Summer Cup Fairfield Rolando Atenzia

Dubbo RSL Open (NSW)
Class 1 Grand Prix Event
Incorporating the NSW Country Championship (NSWCA country members eligible for Country title)
Dubbo RSL Club
Corner Brisbane and Wingewarra Streets, Dubbo 13-14 March 2004

The Italo-Australian Club 42nd Doeberl Cup
A Class 3 ACF Grand Prix Event
9-12 April 2004
Location: The Italo-Australian Club, 78 Franklin Street, Forrest, Canberra, ACT.
Total Prizes: $10,000
Premier Division (FIDE-rated; Rated over 1600 only): First $2200
Full details

Gold Coast Open
Cat 3
Robina Town Centre
26/27 June
Graeme Gardiner 07 5522 7221

Gold Coast Classic
Cat 3
Somerset College
18/19 September
Graeme Gardiner 07 5522 7221

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