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#251, February 3, 2004
In this issue: ACF Appointments | Olympiad Appeal Co-ordinator | NECG Squad | MCC Weekender | World news | Tournaments

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** The Italo-Australian Club 42nd Doeberl Cup:
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ACF appointments: Tasmanian Chess Association Secretary Kevin Bonham has been appointed Olympiad Selection Co-ordinator. Kevin, an academic, has considerable experience in selections.
And the ACF Grand Prix has a new co-ordinator: former NSWCA president Bob Keast. He will be assisted by Garvin Gray.
Thanks to both for continuing to contribute to Aussie chess!
Meanwhile, the 2003 Grand Prix results should be finalised soon. 2003 Co-ordinator David Cordover is awaiting the submission of results from a few remaining tournaments before the calculation can be done.

Wanted: Olympiad Appeal Co-ordinator: The ACF is calling for interested persons wishing to fulfill the role of Olympiad Appeal Co-ordinator. The tasks involved can be flexible but the occupant must fulfil or arrange to have fulfilled the ACF Olympiad By-Laws, specifically para 2.
This is obviously a very important task this year and available resources will be allocated to assist the occupant of this position to carry out this important function. The ACF Treasurer will obviously assist in the usual manner with accounting tasks if required.
The success of the Olympiad Squads depend not only on their abilities but our (Australian Chess Community) ability to financially support the players, captains etc.
Persons interested should not hesitate to send applications to
George Howard
ACF President
at or call me on 0414841575 for a confidential discussion.

NECG Australian Junior Chess Squad: I am pleased to announce the first 9 selections for the 2004 squad: Denis Bourmistrov, Michael Wei, Dusan Stojic, Vincent Suttor, Gareth Oliver, Junta Ikeda, Mouthun Ly, Angela Song and Raymond Song. Further selections will be made in due course. Congratulations to these kids - they are the future of chess in this country, and hopefully if they are fostered well, can potentially produce a number of titled players in time, and make Australia more competitive on the world scale.
- Kerry Stead, ACF Vice-President

Melbourne Chess Club Australia Day weekender:

=1st 6. Bjelobrk, Igor,Dragicevic, Domagoj $200 each
3rd 5.5 Partsi, Dimitri $100
Rating prize under 1800
4.5. Lindberg, Gordon,Lindberg, Douglas $50 each

No Name Feder Rtg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 

1. Bjelobrk, Igor 6:W 12:W 4:D 11:W 3:W 7:W 2:D
2. Abdulawahab, Rasheed 7:D 5:L 19:L 8:W 14:W 20:W 1:D
3. Baron, Michael 8:W 22:W 10:W 4:L 1:L 5:W 6:L
4. Partsi, Dimitri 9:W 14:W 1:D 3:W 5:W 6:L 10:D
5. Pecori, Ascaro 10:L 2:W 15:W 9:W 4:L 3:L 20:W
6. Dragicevic, Domagoj 1:L 7:W 14:W 12:W 11:W 4:W 3:W
7. Voon, Richard 2:D 6:L 8:W 16:W 18:W 1:L 12:L
8. Lushaj, Tahir 3:L 16:L 7:L 2:L 21:W 15:- : 
9. Fletcher, Andrew 4:L 17:W 22:W 5:L 20:L 19:W 14:D
10. Roberts, Mark 5:W 18:D 3:L 20:D 16:W 12:D 4:D
11. Lindberg, Gordon 16:W 20:D 18:W 1:L 6:L 13:W 17:W
12. Lindberg, Douglas 17:W 1:L 20:W 6:L 19:W 10:D 7:W
13. Stokie, Bill 18:L 19:W 16:L 17:L 15:W 11:L 21:W
14. Davenport, John 19:W 4:L 6:L 22:D 2:L 21:W 9:D
15. Lipe, Sam 20:L 21:W 5:L 18:L 13:L 8:+ 19:L
16. Lindberg, Eric 11:L 8:W 13:W 7:L 10:L 22:D 18:W
17. Werlheim, Steve 12:L 9:L 21:W 13:W 22:D 18:W 11:L
18. Zivkovic, Sam 13:W 10:D 11:L 15:W 7:L 17:L 16:L
19. Ivanov, Nick 14:L 13:L 2:W 21:W 12:L 9:L 15:W
20. Mono, 15:W 11:D 12:L 10:D 9:W 2:L 5:L
21. Theodosiu, Peter 22:L 15:D 17:L 19:L 8:L 14:L 13:L
22. Krawcheni, Andrei 21:W 3:L 9:L 14:D 17:D 16:D :L

The 2004 Australia Day Weekender kicked off at 3pm Saturday the 24th of January. There was an excellent turnout of 22 players in attendance at MCC. With 4 players over 2000 the tournament should be hotly contested. Bjelobrk ought to be considered a hot favourite, given his recent Australian Championship results, but recent Iraqi migrant FM Abdulawahab promises to be a likely dark horse. The return of the ever consistent Baron plus outsiders Partsi, Krawcheni, and the Lindberg brothers should keep the top two seeds honest. The ever flamboyant Pecori is always a serious threat. Good to see Stokie (Geelong), Lushaj (Frankston) and Werlheim (Byron Bay), making the trip to MCC. Good luck to all the competitors !!

Round 1 Australia Day Open 24/01/04
Lindberg,E - Lindberg,G [A48]
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.Bf4 Bg7 4.Nc3 d5 5.e3 0-0 6.Bd3 c5 7.dxc5 Qa5 8.0-0 Nc6 9.a3 Qxc5 10.Rc1 Bg4 11.h3 Bxf3 12.Qxf3 e5 13.Bg5 e4 0-1

The first round games went to seed except for board 2 where Voon held the draw with FM Abdulawahab and board 5 upset were Roberts fixed up Pecori (ed-not another first round defeat for Ascaro at MCC). Thankfully Ascaro didn’t complain too much.

Pecori,A ACF-1945 - Roberts,M ACF-1722 [C18]
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.e5 c5 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.bxc3 Qc7 7.Nf3 b6 8.a4 Ba6 9.Bxa6 Nxa6 10.Qd3 Nb8 11.Ba3 Nd7 12.0-0 Ne7 13.Rfe1 0-0 14.Ng5 Ng6 15.h4 Rfe8 16.h5 c4 17.Qf3 Nh8 18.Re3 Qd8 19.Qf4 h6 20.Nh3 Kh7 21.Rg3 f5 22.exf6 Nxf6 23.Qf3 Qd7 24.Nf4 Ne4 25.Rg4 Nf6 26.Rh4 Qxa4 27.Nxe6 Qd7 28.Nf4 Qf5 29.Bd6 Nf7 30.Bc7 Rac8 31.Be5 Nxe5 32.dxe5 Rxe5 33.Rxa7 Re1+ 34.Kh2 Rce8 35.Qg3 Qg5 36.Qh3 Ne4 37.Rg4 Rh1+ 38.Kxh1 Nxf2+ 39.Kg1 Nxg4 40.Qg3 Rf8 41.Ne2 Qf5 42.Ra1 Qxh5 43.Rd1 Qf5 44.Kh1 Nf2+ 0-1

In round 2, most games went to seed again. Mono was able to gain a draw against G.Lindberg playing well above his rating. Abdulawahab-Pecori was a hard fought encounter, with Pecori emerging victorious in the time scramble. Lushaj is probably having a tournament he would rather forget being convincingly beaten by E.Lindberg, another big upset.

The next game is an effortless win by Baron who simply accepts all the material offered by Krawcheni. White appears to self destruct on this occasion.

(16) A.Krawcheni-ACF-1689 - M.Baron –ACF-2239[B06]
1.d4 g6 2.e4 Bg7 3.Nc3 d6 4.Be3 a6 5.a4 Nd7 6.Nf3 c6 7.Bc4 e6 8.Qd2 b6 9.0–0 Rb8 10.Rae1 Qc7 11.Qe2 b5 12.axb5 cxb5 13.Bd3 Ne7 14.Bg5 f6 15.Bh4 e5 16.Ra1 0-0 17.dxe5 dxe5 18.Rfd1 Nc5 19.Bxb5 axb5 20.Nxb5 Qb6 21.c4 g5 22.Rd6 Nc6 23.Bg3 Nb7 24.Rd2 Bg4 25.Rad1 Bxf3 26.Qxf3 Qc5 27.Rd5 Qb4 0-1 Time

In round 3 the tournament startedto hot up with Baron taking the solo lead on 3/3. Bjelobrk was only able to gain a draw against a very solid game by Partsi, congratulations to Dimitri who is showing no sign of rust from not playing much tournament chess. All the Lindbergs continue to impress and yes Pecori was struggling again against a lower rated player at MCC. Lushaj is having a tournament he would rather forget. Whilst Ivanov did all that could be expected after his opponent arrived too late!

(1) Bjelobrk,I - Partsi,D [D40]
1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.d4 c5 5.dxc5 Bxc5 6.e3 0–0 7.a3 dxc4 8.Qxd8 Rxd8 9.Bxc4 a6 10.b4 Be7 11.Bb2 b5 12.Be2 Nc6 13.0–0 Bb7 14.Rfd1 Kf8 15.Nd2 Rd7 16.Nb3 Rad8 17.Rdc1 Na7 18.f3 Nd5 19.Nxd5 Bxd5 20.Nc5 Rd6 21.Be5 Rc6 22.e4 Bxc5+ 23.bxc5 Bb3 24.Bf4 f6 25.Rab1 Ba4 26.Be3 Rcc8 27.f4 Nc6 28.Rc3 Nd4 29.Bxd4 Rxd4 30.Rb4 Rd2 31.Kf1 Rc2 32.Rd3 R2xc5 33.Rd6 R5c6 34.Rbd4 R8c7 35.e5 Ke7 36.Bf3 Rc1+ 37.Kf2 fxe5 38.fxe5 R1c5 39.Rxa6 Rxe5 40.Ra8 Rec5 41.Rg8 Kf6 42.Rf4+ Rf5 43.Re4 Bb3 44.Rb8 Bd5 45.Re3 Bxf3 46.gxf3 Rc2+ 47.Re2 Rc3 48.Re3 Rfc5 49.Rxc3 Rxc3 50.Rxb5 Rxa3 51.h4 h6 52.Rc5 Ra2+ 53.Kg3 Ra1 54.Rb5 g6 55.Rc5 Rg1+ 56.Kf2 Rd1 57.Kg2 Rd5 58.Rc7 e5 59.Rc8 Rd4 ½–½

Round 4: Dimitri Partsi grabbed a share of the lead with Igor Bjelobrk after defeating Michael Baron in Round 4. Times scramble led to a queen sacrifice by Partsi which broke through Baron's defence. Bjeleobrk ended G.Lindberg's streak with a 51 move win. Pecori and Dragicevic both won as well, ensuring an interesting tussle for first place. In a round of upsets, Werlheim surprised the luckless Stokie, whilst Ivanov proved that winning form is good form. The surprise packet of the tournament is Mono who has continued to play well above his rating in a solid display.

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.d4 exd4 5.Nd5 Nxd5 6.exd5 Nb4 7.Nxd4 Bc5 8.Nb3 Qe7+ 9.Be2 0–0 10.a3 Na6 11.0–0 c6 12.Nxc5 Nxc5 13.d6 Qf6 14.Be3 Ne4 15.Bf3 Re8 16.Bxe4 Rxe4 17.Qd3 Re6 18.Bd4 Qf4 19.g3 Qxd6 20.f4 b6 21.f5 Re8 22.f6 c5 23.Bc3 Qc6 24.Qf3 Qxf3 25.Rxf3 Bb7 26.Rf2 d5 27.fxg7 d4 28.Bd2 Re6 29.Raf1 Ba6 30.Re1 Rxe1+ 31.Bxe1 Re8 32.Bd2 Kxg7 33.Kg2 Re2 34.Rxe2 Bxe2 35.Kf2 Bg4 36.Bf4 b5 37.Bb8 c4 38.Be5+ Kg6 39.Bxd4 a6 40.b3 cxb3 ½ ½

An excellent display by Mono, meanwhile here's the Partsi-Baron game:

(21) Partsi,D - Baron,M [A40]
1.d4 g6 2.Nf3 Bg7 3.Bf4 c5 4.e3 Qb6 5.b3 Nf6 6.Be2 Nc6 7.c3 0–0 8.0–0 d6 9.a3 a5 10.d5 Nb8 11.Ra2 Bf5 12.c4 a4 13.bxa4 Bd7 14.Qd3 Rxa4 15.Nc3 Ra7 16.Rb1 Qa5 17.e4 Qc7 18.h3 Rd8 19.Qe3 Qa5 20.Qd3 Nh5 21.Bd2 Nf4 22.Bxf4 Qxc3 23.e5 Qa5 24.Qe3 Re8 25.Bh6 Bh8 26.e6 fxe6 27.dxe6 Bc8 28.Bd3 Qc3 29.Ng5 Nc6 30.Qf3 Ne5 31.Qf7+ 1-0

The 5th round promised an exciting build up to the final day's play. Bjelobrk continued to set the field alight defeating Baron (anybody remember when he last lost two games in a row). Partsi defeated Pecori in a spectacular game where Pecori went astray in time trouble. Dragicevic proved he is easily one of the most promising juniors in Victoria by overcoming G.Lindberg. On the bottom boards Mono continues to outperform, whilst Werlheim drew with the experienced Krawcheni. Tahir and Stokie finally showed the sort of form they are both capable of producing.

Round 6: 1 Bjelobrk, I (1) 1:0 Baron, M (3); 2 Pecori, A (5) 0:1 Partsi, D (4) ; 3 Lindberg, G (11) 0:1 Dragicevic, D (6) ; 4 Zivkovic, S (18) 0:1 Voon, R (7) ; 5 Mono, (20) 1:0 Fletcher, A (9) ; 6 Lindberg, E (16) 0:1 Roberts, M (10) ; 7 Lindberg, D (12) 1:0 Ivanov, N (19) ; 8 Werlheim, S (17) .5:.5 Krawcheni, A (22) ; 9 Davenport, J (14) 0:1 Abdulawahab, R (2); 10 Lipe, S (15) 0:1 Stokie, B (13) ; 11 Lushaj, T (8) 1:0 Theodosiu, P (21).

Round 7: 1 Bjelobrk, I (1) .5:.5 Abdulawahab, R (2); 2 Dragicevic, D (6) 1:0 Baron, M (3) ; 3 Roberts, M (10) .5:.5 Partsi, D (4); 4 Lindberg, D (12) 1:0 Voon, R (7); 5 Lindberg, G (11) 1:0 Werlheim, S (17); 6 Pecori, A (5) 1:0 Mono, (20); 7 Fletcher, A (9) .5:.5 Davenport, J (14); 8 Lindberg, E (16) 1:0 Zivkovic, S (18); 9 Ivanov, N (19) 1:0 Lipe, S (15); 10 Theodosiu, P (21) 0:1 Stokie, B (13); 11 Krawcheni, A (22) 0:0 BYE.

Reports by David Beaumont on the ChessKit Forum.

World news:
The Swiss tobacco company Dannemann has just announced that the Classical Chess World Championship between Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Leko will be staged from September 25 to October 18.

Anand beat Topalov 1.5-0.5 in a TV rapid match in Bulgaria.

Aussies are playing in a couple of strong overseas events. Alex Wohl is in the Geneva Open, while Nick Speck is in Gibraltar.
Geneva Open Leading scores after 8 rounds:
6.0 Moiseenko, Milov, Alekseev
5.5 Eljanov, Dvoirys, Almasi
5.0 Gleizerov, Riazantsev, Georgiev, Tukmakov, Sulava, Shariyazdanov, Sutovsky
4.5 Palac, Khenkin, Cherniaev, Ulibin, Burmakin, Almasi, Gerber, Huss
4.0 Vasilev, Olivier, Landenbergue
3.5 Kovacevic, Papa, Wohl etc

Gib Telecom Chess Festival leading scored after 6 rounds:
5.0 Harikrishna, Sandipan, Short
4.5 Dreev, Ganguly, Kunte, Speelman
4.0 Bakre, Beshukov, Davies, Emms, Epishin, Gallagher, Hebden, Inarkiev, Lalic, Stefanova, Vasilevich, Wells, Womacka
Site | View games round 1-6

Lalic, B (2518)    --    Speck, N (2381)
Gibraltar Masters  (1)   Catalan Bay ENG
2004.01.27     1-0     D37

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Qc2 c5 5.dxc5 Nc6 6.Nf3 Bxc5 7.Bf4 O-O 8.e3 d5 9.a3 Qa5 10.O-O-O Bd7

The bishop looks uncomfortable here, but it's hard to see much better
11.Kb1 dxc4 12.Bxc4 Rfc8 13.Nd2 Be7 14.Bd3 b5!?
An adventurous offer, but black can't afford to much around since white's attack with g4 is about to start
15.Bxb5 Nd4 16.Qa4!?
( 16.exd4 Bxb5 17.Nxb5 Rxc2 )
What the heck! An amazing idea, reminiscent of the famous Anand-Radjabov game, not sure if it works here!

Curiouser and curiouser! White prefers another way
( 17.bxc3 Nxb5 looks promising enough for black. He'll pick up the exchange with ...Nxc3 and ...Nxd1, leaving him with rook, minor piece and a raging attack for the queen )
( 17.exd4?! Bxb5 18.Qxb5 Qc2+ 19.Ka1 seems to give black reasonable attacking chances 19...Nd5 20.Rc1? Qxc1+ 21.Rxc1 Rxc1+ 22.Ka2 Nxf4 )
17...Qd3+ 18.Ka2 Rc2!?
( 18...Nxd7 19.Qxd7 doesn't seem to work )
( 19.exd4 Nxd7 20.Qxd7? Qxa3+ -+ )
( 19...Qxa3+ 20.Kb1 doesn't work )
20.exd4 Nxd7 21.Rc1
As the dust settles, white's a pawn up in the ending
21...Rcc8 22.Ne4 Nb6 23.Rxc8+ Rxc8 24.Rc1 Rd8 25.Rc7 Nd5 26.Rxa7 Bxa3 27.Bg5 f6 28.Kxa3 fxg5 29.Nxg5 Nf4 30.g3 Nd3 31.Rxg7+!!
A nice finish. After 31...Kxg7 32.Nxe6+ finishes it

[Event "Gibraltar Masters"]
[Site "Catalan Bay ENG"]
[Date "2004.01.27"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Vuckovic,Bo"]
[Black "Houska,Jo"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "2511"]
[BlackElo "2370"]
[EventDate "2004.01.27"]
[ECO "B19"]
[JsCom "startply=53"]
1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Bf5 5. Ng3 Bg6 6. h4 h6 7. Nf3 Nd7 8.
h5 Bh7 9. Bd3 Bxd3 10. Qxd3 e6 11. Bf4 Ngf6 12. O-O-O Be7 13. Kb1 O-O 14.
Ne4 Qa5 15. g4 Nxg4 16. Ne5 Ngxe5 17. dxe5 Nc5 18. Nxc5 Qxc5 19. Qg3 Kh7
20. Rhg1 Rg8 21. Rd7 Rae8 22. Rxb7 a5 23. Be3 Qc4 24. Qf3 Rgf8 25. Rd7 Qb5
26. Qe4+ Kh8 

27. Bxh6!! gxh6 28. Rxe7! Rxe7 29. Qf4! {An important subtlety, forcing the king to h7} Kh7 30. Qg3! {Now after 30...f5 31.Qg6+ followed by Qxh6+ and Qxf8 mate} 1-0

Upcoming tournaments
2004 Chart/Zylstra Challenge
Fremantle Chess Club
Stan Reilly Centre, 
94 South Terrace, Fremantle   
Times: 7.45 p.m.   
Six consecutive Tuesdays, commencing Tuesday, February 10.   
6 round Swiss
40 minutes + 30s/move per player.   
Fees: Players may pay either $25 or $12.50. 
Players electing to pay $12.50 will be eligible for 50% x prizes.
No cash no play, no exceptions.    
Prizes: 1.  40%  2. 25%  3. 15%  U1750: 15%   
Entries: Ray Johnstone, 
7 Bruce St, Nedlands 6009
Entries close: 7.15 p.m. Tuesday, February 10.  
All competitors should be registered with CAWA. 


City of Sydney Championships 2004
29 Feb to 28 March
Venue: Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
117 Ryedale Rd, West Ryde 
Registration Closes 23rd Feb, 
late applications accepted until 10:30am 29th Feb
(Sundays) 9 rounds - 2 rounds a day
Starting Times: Morning Rd 11.00am 
Afternoon Rd 4.00pm
Presentation then City of Sydney 
Lightning 4.00pm, 28th March
FIDE time control 90 minutes + 
30 seconds per move from the start
Entry Fees: Adult $80, 
Under 18 $50, Under 14 $30.
$10 Late fee for Registration after 22nd Feb
Open: 1st $600 2nd $400 3rd $200
U2000, U1800, U1600, U1400, 
Junior: 1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $100
FIDE rated
All NSW resident players must be members of 
(or join) the NSWCA or the NSWJCL
Contact Ralph Seberry  [0403 991 730],, 
NSWCA website:
Cheques payable to NSWCA Inc.
[or email to]
NSW Chess Association
G.P.O Box 2418
Sydney 2001


Drouin Open Chess Championship
ACF Grand Prix Category 1 Tournament
Saturday/Sunday, 21st & 22nd February
Old Council Chambers
Young St, Drouin
7 Round Swiss 
60 minutes + 10 seconds per move
Entry fees:   free Entry for GM’s & IM’s
$40 Full $35 Concession 
$20 Juniors (under 18)
Payment accepted by cash, cheque or credit card. 
Phone 9576-8177 to enter over the phone. 
Late entry after 14th Feb will incur $10 late-fee.
Enter online:
Prizes: $500/$300/$200 plus Ratings Prizes 
and Junior Prizes depending on entries
Confirmed entry IM Leonid Sandler

**Chess Kids will be taking a group of kids, cost $154 all inclusive 
(entry fees, transport, food, accommodation, coaching 
(with IM Sandler and Cordover) and game preparation). for bookings.**


Toukley under 2000
21-22 Feb 
Toukley RSL Club
Holmes Avenue, Toukley 2263
DOP: Brian and Lee Jones
First prize $300 plus many other prizes
60 minutes followed by 10 seconds/move
Adult Fee $50
Concession Fee $35
Junior Fee $35
Please make cheques payable to White Knight Chess Club
Mail cheque and entry form to:
Brian Jones, PO Box 370, Riverstone, NSW 2765
02 9838 1529


Laurieton Chess Club 
Chessplayers are invited to the 4th annual
Laurieton 'One Day Chess' Tournament
Sunday 29 February 2004
10:30 am. Start - 7 Rds., 25 min. per Player
Venue: Laurieton United Servicemen's Club
Games Rated - Cash Prizes subject to entries
The decision of Tournament Directors is final.
Primary & High School Students most welcome.
Entry Fees; $ 12 Seniors - $ 5 under 18 years.
This is a Non-Smoking Tournament.
Free Refreshments. Club Bistro open for $ 4 Lunch.
Contact: Endel 6559 9060


Box Hill New Season Swiss
Starts Tuesday 10 February Finishes 30 March 2004
7 round SWISS
60 minutes +30sec/move ppp/pg
7.45pm start each evening
Entry $20, $15
Visitors fee $15 covers whole tournament
Entries close 7.30pm 10/2/4.
Messages can be left on the club mobile 0409 259 490


University Open:
10th & 11th of July
4th Floor Union Building, Adelaide University
$4000 Prizes, $1000 first
A Category Three Grand Prix event
Entry Fees: $40 Adult, $30 concession 
GM Ian Rogers is a confirmed entrant


Asian Cities Chess Team Championship
20-28 March 2004, Manila, Philippines
Organizing Committee Secretariat: 
4th Floor, Philippine Sports Commission
Admin Bldg., RMSC, Pablo Ocampo Sr. 
St., Malate, Manila, Philippines
Tel: +63-2-525 49 33, 521 33 67 
Fax: +63-2-303 10 32 attn: Mr. Ariel Paredes
20th (arrival) to 28th (departure) March 2004 in Manila.

The Organizing Committee shall host one 
team per country composed of 4 players plus 1 reserve 
and captain. Extra teams may participate at their own 
expense. Attached are the regulations, confirmation 
form, team composition and registration form.

Please confirm your participation by 31st January 2004 
to FIDE Delegate Casto Abundo of the Organizing Committee 
at email address or 
and submit the team composition and registration forms by 
20th February 2004.

- Atty. Matias V. Defensor
National Chess Federation of the Philippines


The Italo-Australian Club 42nd Doeberl Cup
A Class 3 ACF Grand Prix Event 
9-12 April 2004

Location: The Italo-Australian Club, 
78 Franklin Street, Forrest, Canberra, ACT.

Total Prizes: $10,000
Premier Division (FIDE-rated; 
Rated over 1600 only): First $2200



World Youth Under-16 
Chess Olympiad
Calicut (Kozhikode), Kerala, India
July 1-9
10 Round Swiss. 
4-player teams
90 minutes/30 seconds increment
Free board and lodging to a team of 4 players and 
the official, for nine days from 1st July to 9th July. 
For further details, please contact:
P.T. Ummer Koya,
Organising Secretary and 
Secretary General, AICF and
Vice President FIDE,
Chessindia Complex, Meenchanda,
Post Nallalam, Calicut – 673 027, 
Phone : (91) 495 – 2420327, 2420727
Fax : (91) 495 – 2422033, 2421005
Email :
Website :


Dubbo RSL Open (NSW)
Class 1 Grand Prix Event
Incorporating the NSW Country Championship
(NSWCA country members eligible for Country title)
Dubbo RSL Club
Corner Brisbane and Wingewarra Streets, Dubbo
13-14 March 2004
Saturday 10:30am 1:30pm 4:00pm
Sunday 9:30am 12:00pm 2:30pm
Registration: 10:00am - 10:30am
$350 first prize guaranteed
Also U1700, U1400, unrated, junior prize
depending on entries
Entry fees: Adults $40, Concession $30, Juniors $20
(a $5 dollar discount if paid by 1/3/2004)
Cheques payable to Dubbo RSL Chess Club
60 minutes + 10 sec per player.
Contacts: Alexander Aich 02 6884 4561
Trevor Bemrose 02 6882 2725
(come an extra day and visit our famous Zoo)


Chess World Open
Friday night starts Feb 13 7.30pm
Enter individually or as a team (up to 4 players). 
7.30pm start. 7 rounds
IM Sandler, FM Depasquale, Bjelobrk, Hacche playing
$50 entry fee or $150 for team of 4.

Mt Buller, January 2005. 
Australian Open, Australian Junior and 
National Schools Finals!  
Plus the International Mind Sports Olympiad!

Cheap accommodation, plenty of activities, movies, 
coaching, games and more - much, much more!

Keep your eye on 

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