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#243, November 24, 2003
In this issue: NECG Junior Squad applications | West wins MCC Open | Geelong Open Weekender | Nominations for ACF Medals | Chess Victoria AGM agenda | Website hacked | World News | Problems | Tournaments | Grand Prix

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Affordable prices for accommodation have been arranged by the Championship organisers: The Stamford Hotel is offering 5 star accommodation at heavily reduced rates for entrants (as low as $130 a night for 2 including breakfast).
We are holding a chess exibition in Rundle Mall on the 27th of December, with free participation for entrants. Contact us at if you want to play in the simul with GM Ian Rogers, or in the 24 player knockout blitz tournament.

NECG Australian Junior Chess Squad Applications: Applications are called for the NECG Australian Junior Chess Squad for 2004.

Applications should be sent via email to Kerry Stead by Monday December 15 2003.

Players are asked to include the following in their applications:

  1. Full Name
  2. Address
  3. Email Address
  4. Date of Birth
  5. ACF Rating
  6. FIDE Rating
  7. Other rating eg: Queensland Junior Rating (If applicable)
  8. T-Shirt size
  9. Players may also include a supporting statement of up to 500 words to be looked at by the facilitators and selection consultants

Mandatory requirements for squad members:

  1. Must attend at least TWO of the three training weeks (weekender, coaching and training tournament)
  2. Must play at least ONE other ACF rated tournament per rating period
  3. Must play in the Australian Open/Championship (or supporting events) OR Australian Junior Championship

Failure to meet these requirements will result in removal from the squad!

Full details of the squad are below:


In January 2003 a brief proposal was put to NECG by Graeme Gardiner and Jenni Oliver for an Australian Elite Junior Training squad. NECG responded enthusiastically, offering $7,000 per annum sponsorship. Kerry Stead agreed to come up with a more detailed proposal and Jenni Oliver and George Howard have co-operated with this.


Create an Elite Training squad of around 20 of the best young players in the country. The ultimate goal is to lift the general standard at the top of junior chess and to improve Australia’s performance internationally.

Format of Squad

Because there is more chance of exponential improvement in the younger age group, the squad will include 13 members who are under 14 at the beginning of the squad year. A further 7 will be taken from the over 14 (and under 18) group. Of the 13, 3 members will be girls (minimum, other girls might be taken on merit). At least 2 members will come from the under 10 group, 3 from under 12 and 3 from under 14. (If insufficient quality applications are received to allow the desired splits, then the profile or number taken might change).

Forming the Squad

Each year applications will be called for the squad. This may be done via the ACF bulletin and informing State Associations and Junior Chess Leagues. The applications to be received by 15th of December and the squad finalized by 31 January (this enables the Australian Championship/Open and Australian Juniors results to be taken into account.)

Each applicant will provide a statement supporting their application.

Three facilitators will be appointed to deal with the applications. Once the applications have been processed and the squad decided, a selection consultant (e.g. Ian Rogers or a similarly qualified person), will review the squad. Where a number of applicants are too close to each other to be easily resolved by the facilitators, then 3 selection consultants will be appointed to assist in squad resolution.

No appeals will be permitted and the facilitators’ decision will be final.

However in the interests of transparency a webpage will be set up, where all the candidates’ supporting statements and rating history can be viewed.

The squad will be "revolving door" i.e. each squad member will have to be able to keep their spot each year against new applicants. Apart from chess talent the following criteria will apply:-

- squad members have to attend at least 2 of the three planned training weeks

- squad members must play in at least one ACF rated tournament (apart from the training tournament and weekender), per rating period.

- squad members must play in either the Australian Championships (supporting events)/ Australian Open or Australian Juniors.

- squad members must exhibit good behaviour – no disruption of training days will be tolerated.

If squad members do not meet minimum requirements, then they will not be admitted to the squad the following year. They can however apply in the future years when better motivation or maturity might enable them to meet squad requirements.

Training Program

It is anticipated that three sessions per year will be scheduled. These will be in, or close to school holidays to enable easy participation, particularly for the older members.

The training camps would be planned to coincide with the largest weekenders on the current Grand Prix Circuit.

A different tournament organizer (probably local), will be appointed for each training camp.

Easter Holidays
Friday - Monday Doeberl Cup
Tuesday Coaching
Wednesday-Friday Training Tournament. Ideally 10 player round robins. 3 games a day (either 60 +10s/move or 75 + 10s/move).

Close to July Holidays
Saturday-Sunday Gold Coast open
Monday Coaching
Tuesday-Friday Training Tournament
With an extra day, the time control could be 90 +30s/move.

October Holidays
Saturday-Monday Ryde-Eastwood weekender
Tuesday Coaching day
Wednesday-Friday Training tournament

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Melbourne Chess Club Open: I don't have the full details yet but do know that 1st was Guy West, 2nd Peter Froelich and =3rd were Mirko Rujevic, Marcus Raine and Richard McCart.

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Geelong Open weekender: The traditional Geeolong Open was restored again after an interuption last year, and six rounds were played during the weekend of 15-16 November. It was a nice event, organised a bit haphazardly, but undoubtedly enjoyed by all 34 entrees. The venue was good.

The ultimate winner, Malcolm Pyke, the fourth seed and keen to prove something (?), bolted like a horse from the start and was unstoppable. His win against Peter Froehlich in round 3 from a weird position where Peter took the wrong decision after a very long think, opened the floodgates. Malcolm was lucky in round 4 when Medmadelija Dizdarevic lost on time, but otherwise his chess was convincing. Peter Froehlich finished second on 5/6 and Milenko Lojanica (losing to Froehlich) third on 5 points.

Results (6 rounds):
5.5 Pyke, Malcolm (1892)
5.0 Froehlich, Peter (2367)
4.5 Lojanica, Milenko (2000)
4.0 Dizdarevic, Mehmedalija; Lawson, Shane; Frost, Peter; Hogg, Dean; Babic, Zoran; Lushaj, Tahir
3.5 Lojanica, Zdravko; Mollard, Max; Anderson, Alistar; Cook, Patrick; Feduniw, Terry
3.0 van Riel, Bas; Boasman, Ian; Power, Paul; Bekker, Gary; Bradley, Chris; Wemyss, Andrew; Hickman, Casey; Stewart, Scott
2.5 Bailey, Mitchell; McKenzie, Steve; Stewart, Clint
2.0 Kostrzewa, Jake; Bultman, Grant; Bennett, Calvin; Hogan, Steven; Nemaric, Tom; Palicko, Jacob
1.0 Smith, Wendy; McKenzie, Mark
0.0 van Dijk, Marieke

Report by Bas van Riel

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Nominations for ACF medals: State Associations are reminded of the opportunity to nominate persons for ACF medals as detailed in the ACF Medals Procedures by-law contained in the ACF Constitution/Administrative Manual, which may be viewed at the ACF web site at (link: ACF Medals Procedures).

The by-law includes the following guidelines for medals to be presented in January 2004.

Steiner Medal for Australian 'Player of the Year 2003' This is awarded to the "Player of the Year". It is to be the player who has made the greatest impact, not necessarily the highest-rated - it is for the most notable achievement of the year and may be awarded to the same person more than once.

Koshnitsky Medal This is awarded annually for an outstanding contribution to Australian chess administration at a national or a state level. The Koshnitsky medal is not awarded more than once to the same person. (Previous winners listed at

Nominations need not be from among a State's own members.
A separate document containing the following should be provided in respect of each nominee:
- name (correctly spelt);
- contact details (phone, email, postal address);
- description or list of relevant achievements;
- anything else relevant to the nomination.
Nominations may be forwarded as follows:
- email:
- post: 20 Sycamore Grove, East St Kilda 3183
- fax: (03) 9525 9632
A person submitting a nomination should retain at least one complete copy and must phone (03) 9525 9631 or 0419 525 963 to confirm that it has been received if delivery has not been acknowledged 36 hours after expected delivery time.

- Koshnitsky medal: Monday 15 December 2003
- Steiner medal: Friday 2 January 2004

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Chess Victoria annual general meeting:

The Annual General Meeting of Chess Victoria Incorporated is scheduled to
start at 7.00pm on Saturday 29 November 2003 at Elwood Chess Club, Elwood/St
Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre, 87 Tennyson Street, Elwood.
Additional copies of the agenda, related papers and nomination forms will be
distributed from 30 minutes before the start of the meeting and may be
obtained at other times by phoning (03) 9802 2635 or (03) 9525 9631.
Nominations for office-bearers to be elected under agenda items 6 and 7 must
be in the hands of the chairman, Mr Frank Meerbach, before the start of the

1. Opening and Preliminary Business
1.1. Time
1.2. Attendance and Apologies
1.3. Notice of Meeting and Agenda
1.4. Other Preliminary Business (if any)

2.  Annual Report
2.1. Part 1 - General Report (President)
2.2. Part 2 - Financial Report (Treasurer)
2.3. Questions Relating to Parts 1 and 2 of the Annual Report
2.4. Adoption of Annual Report

3. Proposed Chess Victoria Calendar for 2004
3.1 Presentation
3.2 Exemption of Junior Players from Compulsory Club Membership
That Victorian players in events marked (j) on the proposed 2004 Calendar be
exempt from compulsory club membership.
3.3 Amendments to Proposed Calendar for 2004 (if any)
3.4 Adoption of Proposed Calendar for 2004
That the proposed Chess Victoria Calendar for 2004, incorporating amendments
made at this meeting (if any), be approved."

4. Motions On Notice

4.1 Proposed Club Service Awards
That the proposal to institute Chess Victoria Club Service Awards, as
indicated in the attachment to this agenda headed "Proposed Chess Victoria
Club Service Awards", be approved.

4.2 Proposed Change to Eligibility Rules for Interclub Finals 
That clause 8(1)(a) of the By-Law for Interclub Competitions be changed as
Insert the following in sub-clause (i) immediately after
"or who has represented the same club in a lower grade or division";
Insert the following in sub-clause (ii) immediately after
"or who has represented the same club at least twice in the same
and/or a lower grade or division"; and,
Insert the following in sub-clause (iii) immediately after
"or who has represented the same club at least three times in the
same and/or lower grades or divisions".

5. Proposed Chess Victoria Budget for 2004
5.1 Presentation (Treasurer)
5.2 Amendments to Proposed Chess Victoria Budget for 2004 (if any)
5.3 Adoption of Proposed Chess Victoria Budget for 2004
That the proposed Chess Victoria Budget for 2004, incorporating amendments
at this meeting (if any), be adopted.

6. Election of Executive Members
6.1 President
6.2 Vice-President
6.3 Treasurer
6.4 Secretary
6.5 Two Other Members of the Executive Committee
(responsibilities determined by the Executive Committee) 

7. Elections of General Meetings Chairman and Auditor
7.1 General Meetings Chairman
7.2 Auditor

8. Notice of Motions
Notice may be given at this time of motions that it is intended be
considered at a future Chess Victoria General Meeting. Verbal notification
at this time does not alter the normal requirement for written notice of
motion to be given before the meeting at which the motion is to be

9. Close of Meeting

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Website hacked

Such is the popularity of the ACF website that it was hacked on Saturday morning with a message about human rights in Brazil. The site was restored, but some pages are inexplicably out of date. To be fixed soon.

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Solution next week

Last Week's Solution:

Mate in 3 - Denis Saunders

Solution: 1.O-O-O (Threat 2.Rxd2 3.Rxd6)
2...Be7 3.Qf5  2...d5    2...Bg5 (pin) 3.Nxg5

1...Nxe4    2.Nxe4	2...Be7 3.Qf5  2...d5    2...Bg5+  3.Nxg5
1...Nxc4    2.bc	2...Be7 3.Qf5  2...d5    2...Bg5+  3.Nxg5
1...Nxb3+   2.cb	2...Be7 3.Qf5  2...d5    2...Bg5+  3.Nxg5
1...d5	Kxd5    3.Qd6
1...g6      2.Rxg6+	2...Bf6 3.Ng5  2...Qf6 3.Qe8
1...Qxh7    2.Qxd6+	Kf7 3.Rf8	

Comments:  One of Denis's early 3 move castlers; The Problemist 1985. 
Castling is required because 1.Rd1 fails to 1...Nxe4 2.Nxe4  Bxf2+


Contributions are most welcome to this section!

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World news

Kasparov-Fritz match drawn: The final game was a brief but hard-fought draw, leaving honours even at 2-2 for the match (2 wins, 2 draws). In the final game Kasparov accepted Fritz's queen's gambit and both sides seemed to play well as the game headed towards a dead drawn major piece ending.

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X3D Fritz-Kasparov 0.5-0.5

1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4?!

Not bad in itself, of course, but this seems an unwise choice against a computer since it often leads to more open positions than alternatives such as declining the gambit or queen's indian.

3.Nf3 e6 4.e3 a6 5.Bxc4 c5

Hastening to attack the centre

6.O-O Nf6 7.Bb3

White will probably have to play this move anyway at some stage

7...cxd4 8.exd4 Nc6 9.Nc3 Be7 10.Re1 O-O 11.Bf4!? Na5!

Generally considered best


An interesting attacking idea seen before in a few games

12...Nxb3 13.Qxb3 exd5!?

This works out quite well for Kasparov, but ...Nxd5 is an interesting alternative, eg 13...Nxd5!? 14.Rad1 Nxf4! (alternatives leave white dominant in the centre) 15.Rxd8 Rxd8 Which seems OK for black

14.Rad1 Be6 15.Qxb7 Bd6!

Black plans counterplay based on ...Rb8, so the Bf4 has to be challenged

16.Bg5 Rb8 17.Qxa6 Rxb2! 18.Bxf6 Qxf6! 19.Qxd6

Better than 19.Na4 Rxa2 or 19.Nxd5?? Bxd5 20.Rxd5 Bxh2+!! -+ winning the queen


Kasparov has emerged well-placed. Threats against the kingside balance the poor Be6


20.Rxe6!? fxe6 21.Qxe6+ Kh8 22.Ne5 Rbxf2 23.Nf7+ R7xf7 24.Qxf7 is interesting

20...Rxa2! 21.Nxe6 fxe6 22.Qxe6+ Kh8 23.Rf1 Qc5! 24.Qxd5

Not 24.Rxd5?? Qxf2+!! 25.Rxf2 Ra1+ 26.Rf1 Rfxf1#

24...Rfxf2!! 25.Rxf2

Not 25.Qxc5?? (25.Qd8+ Rf8+ 26.Kh1 Rf2 27.Qd3 Qe3!? 28.Rxf2! Qxf2) 25...Rxg2+ 26.Kh1 Rxh2+ 27.Kg1 Rag2#

25...Qxf2+ 26.Kh1 h6 27.Qd8+ Kh7

It's a draw because 27...Kh7 28.Qd3+ will be a perpetual. Attempts to avoid it are hopeless, eg 28...Kg8 28...g6?? 29.Qd7+ Kg8 30.Qe8+ Kg7 31.Rd7+ Kf6 32.Qf7+ Ke5 33.Rd5+ Ke4 34.Qe6+ Kf4 35.g3+ 29.Qd8+ Kf7?? 30.Rd7+ Kg6 31.Qe8+ Kh7 32.Qe4+ Kg8 33.Rd8+ Kf7 34.Qe8+ Kf6 35.Rd6+


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Upcoming tournaments

NSW State Lightning Tournament
Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
117 Ryedale Rd.  West Ryde
Sunday November 30th
Starting Time 11am
All players must be members of the NSWCA
Entry Fee $10
Be there 10.50am
To be followed by the Annual General Meeting of
The New South Wales Chess Association Inc.
Starting Time 2.30pm

Tuggeranong Vikings Chess Weekender
December 6-7
Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and Amateur Sports Club
Ricardo St, Wanniassa , A.C.T
Grand Prix Class 1 event
Prizes: 1st: $350 guaranteed
U/1800: $100
Junior: $100 
Entry fees: Standard $40; Concessions $30; Juniors $20
Entries accepted until 9:10 am on Saturday 6 December 2003.
Round times: Saturday - 9:30am, 12:30pm, 2:45pm
Sunday - 9:30am, 12:30pm, 2.45pm 
Enquiries: Michael Whitely (02) 62929937
DOP: Charles Zworestine 
Time limits: Each players starts with 60 minutes. After one player has used 
all of the initial time allocation both players receive an extra 10 seconds 
per move. A player whose time expires loses. Digital clocks will be used.

Sponsored by the Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and Amateur Sports 

A junior is a player under 18 at 6 December 2003 (born 7 December 1985 
or later). The December 2003 rating list will be used for prizes and pairings. 
Meals are available at the venue.

Fairfield RSL Memorial Club Summer Cup
14 Anzac Ave Fairfield (next to Railway Station) NSW 2165
December 13-14 
9am - 6pm  Saturday and Sunday
Cat 3 Grand Prix Event (all games rated)
Entry Fees:  $50/$40 Pensioner/Student/
$30 Junior U18/$25 Junior U15 
Fairfield RSL Chess Club Members $10 Discount 
Entry fee to be paid in cash only at 9am Saturday 13th Dec 
Entries Limited to the first 80  
Round Times Saturday/Sunday 9:30am/12.00pm/14.30pm
Presentation Sunday 17:00pm   
PRIZE POOL = $2500*  1st $800    2nd $400     3rd $200 plus 
Best in Divisions A, B, C, D 
Best Fairfield Chess Club Member 
Best Junior U18 years Juniors U15 years 1st - 4th 
Lucky door prize
All Places will be determined by tie break (based on 60 entries) 
Players only eligible for a single prize (**except door prize) 
Players must be present at presentation to claim prize  
DOP: Robert Keast  (on behalf of the Fairfield RSL Chess Club)   
Enquiries/  (ph:0417-497-258) 

4th annual Laurieton Christmas Chess Tournament - Year 2003
Sunday, 14 December
10:00 am Start   ~   7  Rounds  ~  G/20 per Player
Venue: Laurieton Services Club  ~  Seymour Street
Games Rated ~ Cash Prizes subject to entries
The decision of Tournament Directors is final in this matter
Primary & High School Students most Welcome!
Entry Fees: $ 10 Seniors  ~  $ 4 under 18 years
Free Refreshments. Club Bistro open for Lunch
Contact: Endel  6559 9060 
This 'Day of Chess' is generously sponsored by the LUSC

Saturday/Sunday, 20th & 21st December 
Chess World Tournament Centre, 758 North Rd, Ormond. (Melway 68 H9)
7 Round Swiss You may elect to NOT play in any one round and receive 
a half-point bye. This must be requested prior to the start of Round 1.
Round Times: (Sat 10am, 1pm, 4pm, & 7pm, Sun 11am, 2pm, 5pm) 
60 minutes + 10 seconds per move 
Entry fees: FREE Entry for GM’s & IM’s
$70 Full $55 Concession & Juniors $44
Payment accepted by cash, cheque or credit card. 
Phone 9576-8177 to enter over the phone. 
Maximum 50 Players 
IM Sandler, FM Depasquale, Bjelobrk are confirmed entries already. 
All players will be entered into a single Swiss Tournament. 
Rating Group B prizes will only be awarded to the 20 lowest seeded players 
in the event. Rating Group A prizes will only be awarded to the next 20 
lowest seeded players. 
Prizes: $400, $200, $100; Rating Group A $150, $75; Rating Group B $150, $75
Plus Junior Prizes.
Enter to:
Phone: (03) 9576 8177

The All India Chess Federation has released full details of The Commonwealth Chess Championships for Men, Women, Boys & Girls. The event will be held in Mumbai, India, from 9 - 19 January 2004.

Board and lodging will be free for all GMs and WGMs, and for one "official" player in each of the Men and Women sections from affiliated Commonwealth Federations. Australians wishing to be selected as our official representative are invited to disclose their interest to Gary Bekker

More details at

Commonwealth Chess Championships incorporating International Open Mumbai, India 9-19 January 2004 Full details: Website: Contact: Mr. P.T. UMMER KOYA President, Commonwealth Chess Association, Nallalam [P.O], Calicut - 673 027, INDIA. Tel: (91) 495 2420727, 2420327, Fax: (91) 495 - 2421005, 2422033 E-mail:

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Chess World Grand Prix
Co-ordinator:  ChessWorld/David Cordover
0411 877 833

Tuggeranong Vikings chess weekender
December 6-7
Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and  Amateur Sports Club  
Michael Whitely - 02 62929937
John Peterson 62965135

Fairfield Summer Cup
Category 3
December 13-14
Fairfield RSL Memorial Club - Fairfield
Contact: Robert Keast - 0417 497 258

X-Mas Swiss Tournament
Category 2-3?
December 20-21
Contact David Cordover (03) 9576177 or 0411-877-833

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