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#242, November 17, 2003
In this issue: ACF Vice-President quits | NECG Australian Junior Chess Squad update | West wins in NZ | Viner in World Seniors | Ford Memorial | Box Hill Spring Swiss | Laurieton November Open | Letters | World News: Kasparov-Fritz | Problems | Tournaments | Grand Prix

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ACF Vice-President Robert Jamieson resigns: Robert Jamieson has resigned as Deputy President of the ACF. President George Howard said Robert's contribution over several years had been invaluable and wished him the best of luck, while welcoming any further input in the future. Besides his work with the ACF, Mr Jamieson is an IM and remains one of Australia's strongest players, though he rarely plays OTB tournaments these days.

The resignation creates a vacancy in the ACF Council, and all players are urged to consider the opportunity.

George Howard says: "This gives the ACF an opportunity for a generational change. If there are younger people skilled in administration who eat and live chess we are certainly interested in them.

"If interested persons are middle-aged like me or older, the ACF is certainly interested in them also to fill this important role.

"In the past the point has been made that, if possible, persons occupying important roles in the ACF should preferably be strong players. But to my knowledge neither the President, Secretary or Treasurer are top-line Australian players. "Again, if you are not a strong player, don't let this preclude you from being interested in this position. The Deputy President acts in place of the President when the President is unable to fulfill the role. Also the Deputy President can develop any area of ACF policy and implementation strategy that the ACF Council/President accord with.

"Anyone interested in filling the position of Deputy President please call me on 0414 841575 for a chat or simply send in your interest via email to me -

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NECG Junior Chess Squad update: This exciting initiative will be officially launched at the Australian Junior in Perth by NECG managing director Henry Ergas, whose company has kindly offered annual sponsorship of $7000. Applications from interested juniors will be invited soon. For full details, see ACF Bulletin #241

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West wins in NZ: IM Guy West has top-scored with 5/6 in the strong All Canterbury FIDE-rated Championship.

Leading final scores:
5.0 West
4.5 Christian Bleis, Stephen Lukey
4.0 Nokes, Van der Horn, Bennett, Compton

Full details at | View games

[Event "All Canterbury Open"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "2003.??.??"]
[Round "1.1"]
[White "Johnson, Quentin"]
[Black "West, Guy"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "A59"]
[WhiteElo "1952"]
[BlackElo "2347"]
[PlyCount "68"]
[EventDate "2003.??.??"]
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 3. d5 b5 4. cxb5 a6 5. bxa6 Bxa6 6. Nc3 d6 7. e4 Bxf1 8. Kxf1 g6 9. g4 Bg7 10. Kg2 O-O 11. f3 Na6 12. Nge2 Nc7 13. Bf4 Ra6 14. Qd2 e6 15. Rad1 exd5 16. exd5 Re8 17. Ng3 Rb6 18. b3 Rb4 19. Nge2 Nfxd5 20. Bg5 Qa8 21. Ne4 Rbxe4 22. fxe4 Nf6 23. Bxf6 Qxe4+ 24. Kg3 Bxf6 25. Rhe1 h5 26. h3 Be5+ 27. Kf2 hxg4 28. Qd3 g3+ 29. Nxg3 Qh4 30. Kg2 Nd5 31. Ne2 Qg5+ 32. Kf3 Re6 33. Qxd5 Rf6+ 34. Ke4 Qg2+ 0-1

[Event "All Canterbury Open"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "2003.??.??"]
[Round "2.1"]
[White "West, Guy"]
[Black "Reedy, Brendan"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "B23"]
[WhiteElo "2347"]
[BlackElo "2099"]
[PlyCount "51"]
[EventDate "2003.??.??"]
1. e4 c5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. f4 g6 4. Nf3 Bg7 5. Bc4 e6 6. f5 Nge7 7. fxe6 fxe6 8. d3 a6 9. a4 O-O 10. O-O b6 11. Bg5 Qe8 12. Qd2 Nd4 13. Nxd4 cxd4 14. Rxf8+ Bxf8 15. Ne2 Nc6 16. Rf1 16... Bb7 {=} 17. Bf6 Bg7 18. Bxg7 Kxg7 19. Qf4 Qe7 20. Nxd4 Qc5 21. Qf6+ Kg8 22. Qf7+ Kh8 23. c3 Ne5 24. Qf6+ Kg8 25. b4 Qd6 26. Nxe6 1-0

[Event "All Canterbury Open"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "2003.??.??"]
[Round "4.2"]
[White "West, Guy"]
[Black "Lukey, Stephen"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "A48"]
[WhiteElo "2347"]
[BlackElo "2222"]
[PlyCount "87"]
[EventDate "2002.01.08"]
1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 g6 3. Bf4 Bg7 4. c3 d6 5. Nbd2 c5 6. dxc5 dxc5 7. e4 O-O 8. Qc2 Nc6 9. Be2 Nh5 10. Be3 Qc7 11. g3 b6 12. O-O Bg4 13. Rfe1 Rad8 14. a4 Qb7 15. Bf1 Qc8 16. Qb3 h6 17. Qb5 Kh7 18. Bg2 Nf6 19. Rac1 Be6 20. b4 c4 21. a5 a6 22. Qa4 b5 23. Qc2 Ng4 24. Bc5 Rd3 25. Nb1 Rfd8 26. h3 Nge5 27. Nxe5 Nxe5 28. Kh2 h5 29. Bxe7 Re8 30. Bg5 Nf3+ 31. Bxf3 Rxf3 32. h4 Bg4 33. Be3 Be5 34. Nd2 Qd8 35. Nxf3 Bxf3 36. Bg5 Qd7 37. Qd2 Qg4 38. Bf4 Bf6 39. Bg5 Be5 40. Qe3 f5 41. Qa7+ Kg8 42. Qd7 Bxg3+ 43. fxg3 Rxe4 44. Bh6 1-0

[Event "All Canterbury Open"]
[Date "2003.??.??"]
[Round "6.1"]
[White "West, Guy"]
[Black "Van der Hoorn, Mark"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "A47"]
[WhiteElo "2347"]
[BlackElo "2157"]
[PlyCount "51"]
[EventDate "2003.09.03"]
1. d4 Nf6 2. Bg5 b6 3. Nd2 Bb7 4. Ngf3 g6 5. Bxf6 exf6 6. e4 Bg7 7. Bd3 O-O 8. O-O d6 9. c3 Nd7 10. Qc2 Re8 11. Rfe1 Nf8 12. a4 a5 13. Bb5 Re7 14. Qb3 Ne6 15. d5 Ng5 16. Nd4 f5 17. Nc6 Bxc6 18. Bxc6 Rb8 19. exf5 gxf5 20. Qc2 f4 21. h4 f3 22. hxg5 fxg2 23. Qf5 h6 24. Nf3 Kh8 25. gxh6 Bxh6 26. Qf6+ 1-0

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Viner in World Seniors: The World Seniors (over 60) championship has just begun in Bad Zwischenahn,Germany. Phillip Viner, former Australian Seniors Champion, will start as the 79th seed in the 309 player, 11 round event. - Peter Parr.

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Ford Memorial: Robert Goris won the 83 player Ford Memorial Open tournament at North Sydney Leagues Club conceding a draw in a winning position in the final round against Roger Cook. Leading final scores R.Goris 8/9, Gareth Charles 7.5, R.Cook and David Castor 7. - Peter Parr

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Box Hill Spring Swiss:

Name                Div   Rtg  Score Wins Progr.

Kempen, Leon        A     1987 5        4   19.0
Flude, David A      A     1738 5        4   15.0
Brooks, Chris       A     1548 4        4   20.0
Harutyunyan, Vahram A     1644 4        4   15.0
Warren, Fred        A          3.5      3   18.0
Kloprogge, Joe      A     1216 3.5      3   13.5
Parker, Derek       A     1525 3.5      3   10.5
Simpson, Bruce      A     1331 3        3    8.0
Kloprogge, Ion      A     1401 2.5      1    9.0
Wilson, Norm        A     1570 2.5      1    7.5
Tsirongas, Dimitri  A     1730 2        2    8.0
Juszczynski, Mathew A          2        2    6.0
Meldau, Henning     A     1564 2        2    3.0
Goudy, Arthur       A     1310 2        1   11.0
Stanning, Trevor    A     1551 1.5      1    3.5
O'Connor, Phil      A     1452 1.5      1    2.5
Elbrish, Sam        A     1287 1.5      1    2.5
Renzies, Elliott    A     1365 1        1    2.0
Schulzer, Peter     A     1601 1        1    1.0
Hartland, Gerrit    A     1443 0        0    0.0
Southall, David                0        0    0.0

Name                Div   Rtg  Score Wins Progr.

McCulloch, Rob      B          4        4   13.0
Gray, Alan          B     528  4        4   12.0
Gray, Barry         B          4        3   18.0
Bagdasarian, David  B     938  3        3   15.0
Feng, Thomas        B          3        3   15.0
Feng, Tim           B          3        3   14.0
Bozsan, Tom         B     602  3        3   12.0
Senjen, Rye         B          3        3   11.0
Anderson, Bill      B     498  3        3    9.0
Collins, Michael    B     800  3        3    8.0
Van Dijk, Marieke   B     641  3        3    8.0
Clements, Lucas     B          3        2    9.0
Lee, Bryan          B          2        2    7.0
Cocks, James        B     666  2        2    5.0
Harutyunyan, David  B     71   1.5      1    8.5
Muthusamy, Jay      B          1.5      1    5.5
Harutyunyan, Argine B          1        1    5.0
Lee, Jason          B          1        1    5.0
Lee, Sharyn         B          0        0    0.0

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Laurieton November Open GP: 17 Players had a lovely weekend in Laurieton. 1st Place was shared by Hani Malik (1931) and Kerry Stead (1889) 6.5/7. 3= Gary Losh (1432), Mike Canfell (1432) 4.5, followed by 5= Endel Lane, Perry Brenner, Michael Weltner 4, 8= Mick Lukic, Lee Forace, Simon Riordan, Matthew Northover, Bruce Parr 3.5, 13= Anthony Keuning, Logan McArthur, 15. Dylan Furey, 16. Leslie Wells, 17. Richard Wells.

Best under 14 years Mid North Coast Trophy won by Perry Brenner. Congratulations to young achiever! DOP: Lee Forace - thank you Lee.

- Endel Lane.

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Letters - Simul sought:

I work for the College Association at Crows Nest TAFE in Sydney. I am hoping to be able to organise an event next year which would have a chess master challenging students. I was thinking of having something like 5 - 10 boards set up and the person playing continuously. For example - make a move on board 1, then move to board 2 etc. While he is mvoing to each board it would give the student opponent the opportunity to make their move.
Can you assist or point me in the right direction?

Cassandra Ward
Executive Officer
College Association Crows Nest
9448 4421

(Can anyone help? - Ed)

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Mate in 3 - Denis Saunders

Solution next week

Last Week's Solution:

Mate in 2
Andy Sag

Solution: 1.Qg5  (Threat 2.Qg1)
1...f3	2.Qe3
1...e4	2.Nec6
1...Nd5	2.Nc2
1...Bxd2	2.Nf5
1...Kc5	2.Qxe5

Comments: Threat and 5 variations. BK flight leads to a double pin mate.


Contributions are most welcome to this section!

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World news: Kasparov-Fritz The match is tied at 1.5-1.5 after three interesting games - and just one more to go.

In game 1, Kasparov won the exchange but "X3D Fritz" obtained counterplay and the first game of their match ended in a draw by perpetual check.

Kasparov blundered a crucial pawn in a good position and then resigned as the computer program forced game 2 into an endgame in game 2. But the world's top-rated player bounced back to easily win the third game, playing textbook "anti-computer" chess - obtaining a huge space advantage early in the game, patiently winning a pawn, and avoiding all possibilities of a tactical skirmish in which the computer might find surprising resources.

The New York match is taking place in X3D "virtual reality" with the on-screen board "floating in the air" in front of Kasparov. His moves are received by X3D Fritz via voice recognition and appear instantly on the display screens. Kasparov recently drew a match against another computer program, Deep Junior, and famously lost a match to IBM's Deep Blue some years back.

Official site | Game 1 annotated | Game 2 annotated | Game 3 annotated | All games

Game 3: Kasparov-X3D Fritz 1-0

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 d5 4.d4 c6 5.e3 a6!?

A popular idea lately, which allows black to play ...b5 in some lines



A fairly fashionable response, gaining space

6...Nbd7 7.b4 a5 8.b5!?


A very interesting way of dealing with things. White already has a considerable space advantage on the queenside, and the a5 will become vulnerable. The problem for black is that any attempt to secure a5 with ...b6 will allow either bxc6 or c6 by white, with a deadly passed pawn. This position has some strong affinities with the Ne2 line of the Rubinstein Nimzo-Indian, where white's queenside play is harrd to answer.


Black will need to get this in at some stage, but maybe simple development with ...Be7 and ...0-0 was better first. If 9.Nxe5 Nxe5 10.dxe5 Ng4 will recover the pawn and weaken white's grip

9.Qa4 Qc7

Defending c6

9...cxb5 10.Bxb5 exd4 11.exd4 Be7 12.Bf4 O-O 13.O-O is very strong for white. Black's pieces can hardly move, it's hard to defend d5, and the threats include c6!?, eg 13...Re8 14.c6 Nb6 15.c7!! Nxa4 16. cxd8=Q Rxd8 17.Bxa4 +-


defending c5



A book move, but it looks dodgy to me. Closing the pawn structure limits black's possibilities for counterplay. Now black's only option is kingside play, but he never gets around to it

11.Nd2 Be7 12.b6!?

Very committal - and apparently a novelty. It's now almost certain that white will win the a5 pawn with Nd2-b3-a5, but the resultant pin is briefly awkward. White also has a huge space advantage on the queenside, which is so blocked that black has no prospects there at all. Blocking the position, in general, is a good tactic against computers since they play such positions quite poorly.

12...Qd8 13.h3 O-O 14.Nb3 Bd6?


A cheap trap, but otherwise completely pointless, it seems, in view of the bishop's retreat next move.


A good move, giving added support to the b6 pawn in the event of Na5. It avoids some nasty tactics:

15.cxd6?? Nxb6! winning the queen, or
15.Nxa5? Nxb6!! 16.cxb6 Bxa3 17.Qxa3 Qxb6 18.Nc4? dxc4!! 19.Qxa8 Qb2 20.Rd1 Qxc3+ 21.Rd2 Qc1+
(21...Bg4! is even stronger, eg 22.Qxf8+ (22.Qxb7?? Qc1+ 23.Rd1 Qxd1#) 22...Kxf8 23.hxg4 Nxg4 24.Rxh7 Nxf2! -+)
22.Rd1 Qxd1+!! 23.Kxd1 Bg4+! 24.hxg4 Rxa8 25.Bxc4 Nxg4 26. Ke2 b5 27.Bb3
is one possibility, illustrating some surprising tactical possibilities


Given the last move, ...Bb8 might be better to keep the e-file open for ...Re8. Black is lost on the queenside and its only hope is to get ...f5-f4 in - paradoxically, attacking in front of its king. In that respect, the position now resembles some lines of the Saemisch King's Indian

16.Nxa5 Nb8?

Too slow. There is some point to the move, which secures c6, since otherwise white could try Qb4/Nxc6!/b7. But better was 16...Ne8


Overprotecting the Na5 gives the queen freedom to graciously reposition herself. In contrast, breaking the pin with Qb4?! would leave the queen misplaced and the Ba3 could be vulnerable

17...Qd7? 18.Rb2!?

Kasparov plays super-cautiously, overprotecting f2 and a2

18...Qe6? 19.Qd1 Nfd7!

Threatening 20...Nxb6! 21.cxb6 Bxb4 and 22...Rxa5

20.a3! Qh6!? 21.Nb3 Bh4?


Better ...f5 and ...f4 first

22.Qd2 Nf6? 23.Kd1!

A king march in the Steinitzian fashion

23.g3 Bg5 24.h4 Ng4 would give black counterplay


Not particularly useful, as the bishop on c8 slows up any a6 advance

24.Kc1 Rd8?

Black should be preparing ...f7-f5-f4

25.Rc2 Nbd7?

...Na6 would presumably be met by Bxa6 followed by advancing the pawn to a5 and repositioning a knight to b4

26.Kb2?! Nf8 27.a4 Ng6?


Black dumbly assembles pieces on the kingside, even though it's obvious to any human observer that they've got nothing to do

28.a5 Ne7 29.a6!!


The breakthrough

29...bxa6 30.Na5! Rdb8 31.g3 Bg5 32.Bg2

threatening h4 and opening the way for a rook shift

32...Qg6 33.Ka1 Kh8 34.Na2 Bd7 35.Bc3 Ne8 36.Nb4

White focuses on a6

36...Kg8 37.Rb1 Bc8 38.Ra2 Bh6 39.Bf1 Qe6 40.Qd1

From here the white queen can go to a4 if needed

40...Nf6 41.Qa4 Bb7 42.Nxb7 Rxb7 43.Nxa6 Qd7 44.Qc2 Kh8 45.Rb3 1-0


Black can do nothing to stop the long-term advance of the b-pawn. A game which amply demonstrates the limitations of computers!

Three tie for first Bavarian Master Open: Leading Final Scores, 9 rounds:
7.5 Atalik, Doettling, Bromberger
7.0 Landa, Hertneck, Naumann, Gavrikov, Schmaltz, Galdunts, Breder, Potkin, Zysk, Bischoff, Shaw, Eingorn, Fridman, Schenk, Stern, Burmakin, Zude
6.5 Rozentalis, Khenkin, Luther, Schütte, Meins, Golod, Berelovich, Seel, Gasthofer, Kostic, Mainka, Sarbok, Levushkina, Giemsa, Wiersma, Negi, Schorra, Fischer

Official site | View Games and PGN

Olafsson beats Larsen in veterans' match: Bent Larsen and Fridrik Olafsson - both once world championship candidates in Bobby Fischer's heyday - played an 8-game rapid match in Reykjavic, Iceland. Olafsson won 5-3.

View Games and PGN

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Upcoming tournaments

NSW Chess Association November Weekender
(Cat 2 GP event, Guaranteed prize pool $1500)
November 22-23
North Sydney Leagues Club, Abbott St Cammeray; 
Note: Club Dress regulations apply
Juniors welcome but DOP must be informed if a 
supervising adult will not be present.
Six rounds
Registration  9:00 am on Saturday / Entries close 9:45am
Rounds: Sat 10am, 12.30pm, 3pm 
Sun 10am, 1pm, 4pm
Presentation Sunday 7pm
60 minutes plus 10 secs a move - per player per game.
Entry Fee Adult $60, Concession $50, Juniors (U15) $40. 
(Early Entry Discount $10 if advised via email 
or phone by Friday 21st )
All NSW resident players must be members of 
1st Prize $500/2nd $250/3rd  $200
U2000 1st  $200  
U1800 1st  $200  
U1600 1st  $200  
U1400 1st  $200 
1st Junior $100
(Prizes based on 60 entries)
Players are eligible for only 1 prize.
Please make all cheques payable to NSWCA Inc.
Enquiries: 9533 1759

NSW State Lightning Tournament Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club 117 Ryedale Rd. West Ryde Sunday November 30th Starting Time 11am All players must be members of the NSWCA Entry Fee $10 Be there 10.50am To be followed by the Annual General Meeting of The New South Wales Chess Association Inc. Starting Time 2.30pm
Fairfield RSL Memorial Club Summer Cup 14 Anzac Ave Fairfield (next to Railway Station) NSW 2165 December 23-14 9am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday Cat 3 Grand Prix Event (all games rated) Entry Fees: $50/$40 Pensioner/Student/ $30 Junior U18/$25 Junior U15 Fairfield RSL Chess Club Members $10 Discount Entry fee to be paid in cash only at 9am Saturday 13th Dec Entries Limited to the first 80 Round Times Saturday/Sunday 9:30am/12.00pm/14.30pm Presentation Sunday 17:00pm PRIZE POOL = $2500* 1st $800 2nd $400 3rd $200 plus Best in Divisions A, B, C, D Best Fairfield Chess Club Member Best Junior U18 years Juniors U15 years 1st - 4th Lucky door prize All Places will be determined by tie break (based on 60 entries) Players only eligible for a single prize (**except door prize) Players must be present at presentation to claim prize DOP: Robert Keast (on behalf of the Fairfield RSL Chess Club) Enquiries/ (ph:0417-497-258)

The All India Chess Federation has released full details of The Commonwealth Chess Championships for Men, Women, Boys & Girls. The event will be held in Mumbai, India, from 9 - 19 January 2004.

Board and lodging will be free for all GMs and WGMs, and for one "official" player in each of the Men and Women sections from affiliated Commonwealth Federations. Australians wishing to be selected as our official representative are invited to disclose their interest to Gary Bekker

More details at

Commonwealth Chess Championships incorporating International Open Mumbai, India 9-19 January 2004 Full details: Website: Contact: Mr. P.T. UMMER KOYA President, Commonwealth Chess Association, Nallalam [P.O], Calicut - 673 027, INDIA. Tel: (91) 495 2420727, 2420327, Fax: (91) 495 - 2421005, 2422033 E-mail:

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Chess World Grand Prix
Co-ordinator:  ChessWorld/David Cordover
0411 877 833

NSWCA November Weekender
Category 2
Nov 22-23
Phone Enquiries: 9533 1759 (Paul Sike)
Email: (Peter Cassetari)

Tuggeranong Vikings chess weekender
December 6-7
Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and  Amateur Sports Club  
Michael Whitely - 02 62929937
John Peterson 62965135

Fairfield Summer Cup
Category 3
December 13-14
Fairfield RSL Memorial Club - Fairfield
Contact: Robert Keast - 0417 497 258

X-Mas Swiss Tournament
Category 2-3?
December 20-21
Contact David Cordover (03) 9576177 or 0411-877-833

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