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#241, November 10, 2003
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NECG Australian Junior Chess Squad: An elite junior training squad is being set up following a generous contribution of $7000 per annum by NECG. The NECG Australian Junior Chess Squad will have 20 members who will receive special coaching and play in training tournaments timed to closely follow major tournaments on the GP calendar during school holiday periods. The aim is to lift the general standard at the top of junior chess and to improve Australia's performance internationally.

Because younger players improve faster, 13 of the 20 will be under-14s. There will also be at least three girls in the team. At least 2 members will come from the under 10 group, 3 from under 12 and 3 from under 14 - all assuming that applications are of sufficient quality.

The initiative comes out of a proposal put to NECG by Graeme Gardiner and Jenni Oliver early this year. NECG responded enthusiastically, offering $7,000 per annum sponsorship. Kerry Stead, Jenni Oliver and George Howard then worked out a more detailed proposal.

Each year applications will be called for the squad, which will be finalized by 31 January. A team of three will decide the team, and then another person will review the squad. No appeals will be permitted. A webpage will be set up, where all the candidates' supporting statements and rating history can be viewed.

Squad members have to attend at least 2 of the three planned training weeks, play in at least one ACF rated tournament per rating period and in either the Australian Championships (supporting events), Australian Open or Australian Juniors. Also, squad members must exhibit good behaviour.

There will be three sessions per year, closely following the Doeberl Cup (Easter), Gold Coast open (July holidays) and the Ryde-Eastwood weekender.

Watch this space for more details in coming weeks.

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Xie wins Gosford Open:

No Name                      Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7  

1  Xie, George               6.5   10:W  7:W 12:W  2:D 16:W  3:W  6:W
2  Lane, Gary W              6      8:W 17:W  9:W  1:D  4:D 18:W  5:W
3  Rowlison, Colin N         4.5   25:W 16:W 15:D  6:D 11:W  1:L  7:D
4  Van Renen, Mike           4.5   24:L 23:W 10:W  7:W  2:D  5:L  9:W
5  Edwards, Chris J          4.5   15:L 28:W 14:D 13:W  9:W  4:W  2:L
6  Murray, Bruce D           4.5   20:W 14:D 18:D  3:D 17:W 12:W  1:L
7  Escribano, Jose           4.5    0:W  1:L 26:W  4:L 14:W 20:W  3:D
8  Trkulja, Slavko           4.5    2:L 21:W 19:W 17:L 10:W 11:D 18:W
9  Mendes da Costa, Alex     4     21:W 24:W  2:L 15:W  5:L 16:W  4:L
10 Greenwood, Norman         4      1:L 27:W  4:L 22:W  8:L 17:W 19:W
11 Keuning, Anthony V        4     28:W 15:L 20:W 14:W  3:L  8:D 13:D
12 Baterowicz, Mark          4     27:W 19:W  1:L 16:L 21:W  6:L 20:W
13 Dickson, Ian C            4     14:L 22:D 23:W  5:L 25:W 15:W 11:D
14 Harris, Rebecca           3.5   13:W  6:D  5:D 11:L  7:L 23:W 16:D
15 Keuning, Patrick J        3.5    5:W 11:W  3:D  9:L 18:L 13:L 24:W
16 Robinson, Allen           3.5   29:W  3:L 22:W 12:W  1:L  9:L 14:D
17 Jurd, Sebastian           3.5   30:W  2:L 24:D  8:W  6:L 10:L 21:W
18 Katnic, Eddy              3.5   19:L 25:W  6:D 24:W 15:W  2:L  8:L
19 Illingworth, Max          3     18:W 12:L  8:L 20:L 26:W 25:W 10:L
20 Nemeth, Bela L            3      6:L 30:W 11:L 19:W 24:W  7:L 12:L
21 Harris, Benjamin          3      9:L  8:L 30:W 26:W 12:L 22:W 17:L
22 Deacon, Graeme            3     23:D 13:D 16:L 10:L 29:W 21:L 27:W
23 Murrell, Malcolm R        3     22:D  4:L 13:L 28:D 27:W 14:L 29:W
24 Losh, Gary                2.5    4:W  9:L 17:D 18:L 20:L 29:W 15:L
25 Skulimowski, Don          2.5    3:L 18:L 28:W 27:D 13:L 19:L 30:W
26 Farrell, Keith R          2.5    0:L 29:W  7:L 21:L 19:L 30:D 28:W
27 Shearwood, Barry          2     12:L 10:L 29:W 25:D 23:L 28:D 22:L
28 Hogan, Terry              2     11:L  5:L 25:L 23:D 30:W 27:D 26:L
29 Hoseman, Bill             1     16:L 26:L 27:L 30:W 22:L 24:L 23:L
30 Porter, Leslie            .5    17:L 20:L 21:L 29:L 28:L 26:D 25:L

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NSWCA Inc. Annual General Meeting: To be held on Sunday 30th November 2003 at 2.30pm at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club, 117 Ryedale Road, West Ryde.

Notice of motion:

1) The NSWCA form a Sydney Chess Centre Committee with the responsibility to investigate and evaluate the requirements and actions necessary for the establishment of a chess centre in Sydney. The committee will provide a report outlining its preferred option to the NSWCA Council which will then include said option on the agenda for the next AGM.

The evaluation should include but not be limited to the following:

a) Determine the legal and executive processes necessary for the establishment of a chess centre in Sydney.
b) Actively encourage individuals in the NSW chess community to become financially connected to a Sydney chess centre. This could be via the purchasing of shares.
c) Actively seek the input, assistance and financial involvement of the NSWJCL.
d) Seek expressions of interest for commercial enterprises to operate on the premises of a Sydney chess centre.
e) Seek corporate sponsorship for the chess centre, to begin upon its opening.
f) Investigate the purchase or long-term lease of appropriate premises preferably near Sydney's population centre of gravity. Availability of transport and suitability for juniors should be a consideration.


1. Welcome and apologies.

2. Confirmation of the minutes of AGM held 1st December 2002.

3. Presidents Report.

4. Treasurers' report and consideration of the statement of income and expenditure.

5. Other office bearer reports.

6. Ratification of Council By-Laws.

7. Voting on the above notice of motion.

8. Determination of Annual membership and Club Affiliation fees for 2003.

9. Confirmation of Life Memberships.

10. Election of office bearers for the forthcoming year:
President * Vice President * Treasurer * Secretary * Ratings Officer Registrar Club Liaison Officer Webmaster Communications Officer Publicity Officer Tournament Officer Country Representative Member without portfolio *Executive Positions 11. Appointment of auditor.

12. Appointment of Appeals Committee

13. Other Business

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Kasparov-Fritz: The world's top-rated chessplayer squares off against computer program X3D Fritz in a match starting today in New York. The Internet Chess Club (ICC) will be providing real-time commentary, both visual ( and auditory ( Commentators include GMs Svidler, Sutovsky, Dreev and Leitao.

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Wandering websites: The Wollongong Collegians Chess Club Web Page has moved to a new address: And the ACT Junior Chess League has set up shop at

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International chess calendar: If you're planning to go overseas at some time, check out the calendar of events at - Jan Mazuch

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ChessWorld Oz Junior Coaching offer: Last chance! Chess Kids is organising a team of kids from all over Australia to stay and be coached together at the Australian Junior Championships in Perth (Jan 14-25). We are providing the opportunity for children to go without their parents by offering supervision, accommodation, food, transport within Perth, social activities and a full coaching service. Your child will receive daily individual coaching and game preparation from one of:

IM Leonid Sandler, FM Chris Depasquale, CG David Cordover or Matthew Juszczynski (average rating 2150!)

Coaching/Preparation for the duration of the tournament : $175
Full Package: $998

This Package includes accommodation, transportation while in Perth, meals, supervision, coaching, and entry fees. The player must bear their own costs of travel to Perth, although supervision will be provided if you book to fly on the same plane as other team members. Places are limited, so to book this you must email For all enquiries please contact 0411 877 833.

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Solomon v Pengelley Two of Queensland's stronger players will contest a four-game game training match at the Gardiner Chess Centre. The games will be boradcast live to the internet on Tuesdays, 11am Qld time, commencing 11 November. Time Control of 90 mins + 30 secs (Fischer).

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Mate in 2
Andy Sag

Solution next week

Last Week's Solution:

Mate in 2 Denis Saunders (The Wizard of Oz)

Solution: 1.Ne5  (Threat 2.Qxc3)
1 Kxe5	2.Bf6
1 Ke3	2.Bxb6
1 Rxc6+	2.Nxc6
1 Rc~file	2.Nxf3
1 Re3	2.Qd5
1 R3~rank	2.Qe4

Comments: A fine sacrificial key conceding two flights, allowing a check, self-pinning the white queen and changing two mates [set 1 Rxc2 or Rd3 2.R(x)d3 1 Be5 2.Bxb6]. Any move by the black rook on c3 defends against the threat, lateral moves unpinning the white queen.

Contributions are most welcome to this section!

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World news: Anand beat Topalov to win the Corsica Open rapid tournament. In the other major event last week, Sokolov and Nikolic tied for first in the Milk tournament in Iceland.
Final Scores after 9 rounds: 7.0 Sokolov, Nikolic; 6.5 Malakhov; 5.0 Vallejo Pons; 4.5 Rowson, Fressinet; 4.0 Bologan; 2.5 Stefansson; 2.0 Thorhallsson, De Firmian.

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In other news, FIDE endorsed Iljumzhiunov's decision of the President to cancel the Ponomariov-Kasparov match. The World Championship knockout tournament in 2004 will be split into two, three or four groups of 64 or 32 players each, with the aim to cut costs. In another cost-cutting move, the FIDE Secretariat will move from Lausanne to Athens.


Nikolic-Stefansson 1-0: 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Nf3 a6 5.c5

A very topical line

5...Nbd7 6.Bf4 Nh5 7.e3!?

White offers the two bishops. In return, he retains a grip on the dark squares - especially e5 - and speeds up development 7...g6 8.h4!?

The pawn's ready to go to h5 when black plays ...Nxf4 8...Nxf4 9.exf4 Bg7 10.h5!


Wasting no time!

10...b6 11.cxb6 Qxb6 12.Qd2 Rb8 13.b3 c5!?

Entering complications, but black doesn't have many useful alternatives. For example, ...Nf6 allows h6! and Ne5!

14.Nxd5 Qe6+ 15.Ne3 cxd4 16.Nxd4 Qe4 17.Rd1 Qxf4 18.Nc6!


Adventurous play. Besides hassling the rook, the knight's uncomfortably close to black's king


Defending against both NxRb8 and Nxe7 because of ...Bc3 18...Rb6 19.Nxe7! is a big problem because Nxc8 and Qxd7+ are theatened. 19...Kxe7? 20.Nd5+ +-


Renewing both threats

19...Ra8 20.Nxe7! Qd8 21.Nc6 Qg5 22.Qb4!


Preventing black from castling, and making Rh4!? possible at some stage

22...Ne5 23.hxg6 hxg6 24.Rxh8+ Bxh8 25.Be2!

Simple development, threatening Nxe5 and Bf3

25...Nxc6 26.Qe4+


The rook's lost after 26.Qe4+ Kf8 27.Qxc6 Rb8 28.Qd6+


Upcoming local tournaments

NSW Rapid Play Championship
Venue:  St George Leagues Club
124 Princes Highway, Kogarah.
Nine rounds over 3 Wednesday nights
12th, 19th  &  26th  of November 2003
Registration  7:00 pm 12th November
Starting Time 7.30 pm all 3 nights
Rate of play 20 minutes plus 10 seconds per move.
Entry Fee Adult $30, Concession $25. Junior U15 - $20

1st Prize $300 2nd $150 3rd  $50
U2000 1st  $100 * 2nd $50, U1800 1st  $100 * 2nd $50, 
U1600 1st  $100 * 2nd $50, U1400 1st  $100 * 2nd $50
1st  Junior  $100
Prize pool based on 60 entries.

Players are eligible for only 1 prize.
Only NSWCA or NSWJCL members eligible for Title
Please make all cheques payable to NSWCA Inc.
Mail must be sent before 30th October 2003
to GPO Box 2418 Sydney 2001.

D.O.P.  Charles Zworestine 
Pre register via phone or email before 30th October and save $5
Enquires  Paul Sike 9533 1759     Pre registration - pay on the day	

2003 Geelong Open Incorporating boys and girls championships (under 17) Saturday November 15th & Sunday November 16th Geelong Historical Records Centre, Little Malop Street, City (Next to the Regional Library, walking distance from Geelong Railway Station, Cafes, Restaurants, and the Bay) Six Rounds (1 Hour each then 20 seconds per move) Registrations Saturday at 9 - 9.30 a.m. Saturday Rounds at 10am, 1.30pm, 4.30pm and 8pm. Sunday Rounds at 10.30am and 2pm. Presentations 5pm. Prizes 1st $500, 2nd $300 3rd $150, Ratings prize 1st $200, 2nd $100 (all subject to entries) Entry Fees $60, concession $50, juniors (under 17) $30 For more information phone Stephen McKenzie 035222 4898 or Alistair Anderson 035222 4706 Email Paul Power at
NSW Chess Association November Weekender (Cat 2 GP event, Guaranteed prize pool $1500) November 22-23 North Sydney Leagues Club, Abbott St Cammeray; Note: Club Dress regulations apply Juniors welcome but DOP must be informed if a supervising adult will not be present. Six rounds Registration 9:00 am on Saturday / Entries close 9:45am Rounds: Sat 10am, 12.30pm, 3pm Sun 10am, 1pm, 4pm Presentation Sunday 7pm 60 minutes plus 10 secs a move - per player per game. Entry Fee Adult $60, Concession $50, Juniors (U15) $40. (Early Entry Discount $10 if advised via email or phone by Friday 21st ) All NSW resident players must be members of NSWCA or NSWJCL. 1st Prize $500/2nd $250/3rd $200 U2000 1st $200 U1800 1st $200 U1600 1st $200 U1400 1st $200 1st Junior $100 (Prizes based on 60 entries) Players are eligible for only 1 prize. Please make all cheques payable to NSWCA Inc. Enquiries: 9533 1759
NSW State Lightning Tournament Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club 117 Ryedale Rd. West Ryde Sunday November 30th Starting Time 11am All players must be members of the NSWCA Entry Fee $10 Be there 10.50am To be followed by the Annual General Meeting of The New South Wales Chess Association Inc. Starting Time 2.30pm
Fairfield RSL Memorial Club Summer Cup 14 Anzac Ave Fairfield (next to Railway Station) NSW 2165 December 23-14 9am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday Cat 3 Grand Prix Event (all games rated) Entry Fees: $50/$40 Pensioner/Student/ $30 Junior U18/$25 Junior U15 Fairfield RSL Chess Club Members $10 Discount Entry fee to be paid in cash only at 9am Saturday 13th Dec Entries Limited to the first 80 Round Times Saturday/Sunday 9:30am/12.00pm/14.30pm Presentation Sunday 17:00pm PRIZE POOL = $2500* 1st $800 2nd $400 3rd $200 plus Best in Divisions A, B, C, D Best Fairfield Chess Club Member Best Junior U18 years Juniors U15 years 1st - 4th Lucky door prize All Places will be determined by tie break (based on 60 entries) Players only eligible for a single prize (**except door prize) Players must be present at presentation to claim prize DOP: Robert Keast (on behalf of the Fairfield RSL Chess Club) Enquiries/ (ph:0417-497-258)
5th annual Taree Spring Open including Phillip Brown Memorial Tournament * and 7th Mid North Coast Championship & 5th Mid North Coast u18 Championship * This Class 1 Grand Prix event will be on Saturday & Sunday 15 & 16 November at the Taree RSL & Golf Club on the waterfront in Pulteney St. Sat: 10:15, 1:00, 3:30, 6:00 pm., Sun: 10:15, 12:45, 3:15. 60 minutes per player - G/60. First Prize: $ 100. Divisional Prizes determined by the number of entries. Only one Prize per Player. The decision of Tournament Directors is final. Entry: $ 20 Seniors - $ 10 u18. * MNC Players only * Contact: 6559 9060 ~ Mike 6553 7047. In the Spirit of Things * We would like to dedicate this Tournament to the memory of Phillip Brown. Phillip was the President of Taree Chess Club for many years, and twice Club Champion. Phillip will be long remembered for his keen participation and support for Junior Chess. And a good friend to all of us. Taree Chess Club.

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Chess World Grand Prix
Co-ordinator:  ChessWorld/David Cordover
0411 877 833

Taree RSL Spring Open
Category 1
Nov 15-16
Contact Endel Lane  (02) 6559  9060

NSWCA November Weekender
Category 2
Nov 22-23
Phone Enquiries: 9533 1759 (Paul Sike)
Email: (Peter Cassetari)

Tuggeranong Vikings chess weekender
December 6-7
Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and  Amateur Sports Club  
Michael Whitely - 02 62929937
John Peterson 62965135

Fairfield Summer Cup
Category 3
December 13-14
Fairfield RSL Memorial Club - Fairfield
Contact: Robert Keast - 0417 497 258

X-Mas Swiss Tournament
Category 2-3?
December 20-21
Contact David Cordover (03) 9576177 or 0411-877-833


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