ACF Bulletin #231, August 25, 2003

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In this issue

* Ratings change
* Lajos Steiner Memorial report
* ACT Champs update
* Upcoming events on the Gold Coast
* Letters
* World News
* Chess World Grand Prix 2003
* Upcoming tournaments

Ratings change approved

The ACF Council has unanimously approved a motion allowing changes to the rating system:
"The ACF Council authorises the ACF Ratings Officers to make changes to the rating system to reduce the impact of rating swings for players rated over 2200. Whether this should be further lowered to 2100 or even 2000 is left to the rating officers' discretion."
Moved: Bill Gletsos. Approved 10-0

Lajos Steiner Memorial

With ten players rated over 2000, and Justice John Purdy and Grandmaster Ian Rogers in the audience, the Lajos Steiner Memorial tournament made up in strength for what it lacked in number.

Purdy spoke eloquently about his recollections of Lajos Steiner, who emigrated to Australia from his native Hungary in the late 1930s. We learnt that Steiner stopped serious study of chess after moving here, and overhauled his style to become a d4 player, seeking to outplay his opponents in the middle and endgame, avoiding the tactical thrusts associated with e4.

Steiner won numerous State and Australian titles, however he played the role of spectator and analyst in later life, rather than continue his successful tournament play.

The customary top half crushing bottom half, excepting the occasional junior upset, was itself upset in the opening round. There was the junior upset - Justin Huang knocking over a rusty Adrian Chek - and the double whammy of Alex Mendes da Casta triumphing over fellow junior George Xie, but rarely do the upsets creep as high as board 1. Armen Ayvazyan [2334] perhaps thought he could cruise for a few rounds before the serious games emerged, but Domenic Clark [1608] had other ideas, chalking up what surely must be his greatest win.

Round Two was more of the same, with Kevin O'Chee grinding Tim Reilly to a draw. Victor Berezin, Ralph Seberry and Tomek Rej all looked good, moving to 2/2.

Just when Ayvazyan was getting things back on track, he ran into mighty Raymond Song, and suddenly the top seed was down on 1/3 and out of contention. Victor, Tomek, and David Dick [who had performed so well at the last Rose Bay event] extended their picket fence scores, whilst Mendes da Costa was looking good for the prizes on 2.5/3.

Sunday morning saw the leaders whittled down to 2, with Berezin getting the cash over Rej in a scrambling finish, whilst Dick dealt Mendes da Costa his first loss.

Berezin, brother of Australia's No.1 Women's player Irina Berezina, is only in Australia for a short time, but his chances of some extra holiday spending were enhanced when he established a full point lead with an emphatic round 5 victory over Dick. Rej bounced back to beat Viner in an ending where both players had chances, but Fabulous Phil was unable to keep pace with the 10 seconds per move increments. Tim Reilly kept in touch, drawing with the wily Johhny Bolens, Raymond Song enhanced his chances of a successul weekend with a win over Matthew Perkovic, whilst Wollongong junior Vaness Reid made up for two early losses to record a 3rd straight win.

Berezin was happy to take victory the easy way, agreeing to an early draw with Reilly, who mustn't have fancied his chances against the in-form tourist. Rej powered over the top of Dick to claim 2nd, whilst the evergreen Joel Harp was grateful for Seberry's gift of a knight to catch Reilly in a tie for overall 3rd.

Down the boards, Reid drew to claim the u/1600 prize - oustanding for a player rated 1274. She's been doing very well in junior tournaments this year and her rating will climb rapidly in this rich vein of form. Her father was last seen trying to claim some of her $200 prize as petrol money.

Three juniors finished in the top 10 - we're getting used to that these days - but none managed a place on the podium. I can't recall a single mobile phone going off during the rounds - a record? - and as arbiter I was rarely called on to intervene in games. The event was played in an excellent spirit, the 10 second increments provided some tense finishes to games, and all players are to be commended for their sportsmanship over the course of the weekend. Rose Bay RSL is an excellent, albeit limited to a capacity of about 80, venue, and I hope we can hold another event there in 2004.

- Jason Graham Lyons, Arbiter.

ACT Championship update

With two rounds to go Peter Jovanovic appears to have taken an unassailable lead of a point after being victorious in the top of the board clash against Gareth Oliver. On the other top four boards Shannon Oliver and Ian Rout agreed to a draw fairly early. Tor Lattimore upset Michael Wei, Jeremy Neeman put up strong resistance against Roger Farrell in vain and Milan Grcic managed to draw against Junta Ikeda in the longest game of the night. Other results included Kishore Sreetharan, Gaya Sakthivel and Emma Guo winning against higher rated opponents.

Leading Scores
7.5 Peter Jovanovic
6.5 Roger Farrell, Ian Rout, Gareth Oliver and Tor Lattimore
6.0 Junta Ikeda, Michael Wei, Shannon Oliver, Kishore Sreetharan and Ramakrishna

- Jenni Oliver

Chess Victoria publicity officer appointed

Mark McKenzie has just been appointed as Director of Publicity for Chess Victoria.

He writes: "My brief is primarily to ensure the effective internal and external publicity of events which Chess Victoria or its affiliates conduct throughout the year.

"I did play OTB chess for a few years but set it aside to complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree at Monash University. I graduated earlier this year and intend to specialise in painting. I am presently living in Williamstown where I play as a member of the Hobsons Bay Mariners' Chess Club."

Mark has asked Victorian clubs to help him out with a few things:

"I would very much appreciate if each week there was one person from each of the clubs who would submit a 75 - 100 word article on what is happening at their club to CV News. A different person from the club could perhaps do something different each week provided that there is one person responsible for submitting it.

"As a follow up to this it would be good if each club did have a regularly updated website either in their own right or hosted by Chess Victoria. This would facilitate the submission of their weekly article in that more detailed information such as game scores and analysis etc could be left at the club site.

"A similar thing could be done for schools competing in the Interschool Competition each year. They could perhaps maintain a school chess website as part of their curriculum requirements.

"I shall be working in co-operation with all Chess Victoria office-bearers to ensure that all chess played in Victoria, whether it be a serious rated game played at the forthcoming Victorian Championships or an informal celebrity cafe game staged for promotional purposes, receives the publicity it requires and deserves."

Thank you to you all.

- Mark McKenzie
Director of Publicity
Chess Victoria Inc

Website: book reviews, problems wanted

I'd like to add two new sections to the ACF website: book reviews and problems. All readers are invited to submit reviews or problems for inclusion on the pages. I've long wanted to set up a problems page but have not had the material. The spur for the book reviews idea was the very kind offer of several excellent reviews by an overseas writer, whose work should appear on the site soon.

While we're at it, the "records" section of the ACF website is hopelessly out of date, partly because of slackness by yours truly and partly because some files were replaced incorrectly during a server update. If anybody knows who the missing champions are, please email me:

- PaulB

NSW Under-12s decided

The two-game play-off match between Max Illingworth and Edwin Wu for the NSW Under 12 title resulted in a tie with each player winning one game. Two more games were then played and again each player won one game. The title is therefore being shared.

Final scores in the Under 1800 rated division of the NSWCA grade match competition (12 teams, 44 games): Wollongong 28.5, Mt.Pritchard 27.5, Wests, Smithfield 26.5, Manly 25, Rooty Hill Knights 23.5, St George 23, Croatia Sydney 21, Rooty Hill Rooks 20, North Sydney 18,Croatia Punchbowl 13, Canterbury 11.5

- Peter Parr

Upcoming events on the Gold Coast:

Australian Clubs Teams Championships: Plans are progressing smoothly for the Australian Clubs Teams Championships being held at Rydges Oasis Resort, Caloundra from Monday to Friday 29 Sept to 3 Oct. I hope to be in a position to name the make up of each of the six teams next week. The teams are St George (Sydney), Belconnen (ACT), Univ of NSW, Suncoast, Gold Coast, Bullwinkle (Brisbane). Full details at www.gardinerchess .com (Upcoming events). Players are reminded that this important event is sandwiched between two local Grand Prix events, the Redcliffe Challenge and the Tweed Heads Open.

Last weekend the Queensland Clubs Teams Championships were held at the centre. The Gold Coast and Club Bullwinkle shared the senior title whilst the Gold Coast won the junior event. Full details at

Hardys FIDE Rated Classic: This event is progressing very well. Last Monday there was a big upset with Justin Pengelley defeating Stephen Solomon. The live chess is working very reliably now, with the Hardys Classic on Monday evenings and a junior event on Tuesday evenings. Go to (live chess).

Australian Championships Play-Off: This long awaited play-off between GM Darryl Johansen and Nick Speck is scheduled from Tues to Fri 23-26 September at 6pm daily, and is being held at the Gardiner Chess Centre, 11 Hardys Road, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast. GM Ian Rogers will provide live analysis in the centre cafe and the games will be relayed live to the internet from the Gardiner Chess website (live chess).

Gold Coast Classic Sat/Sun 20/21 September: This popular Grand Prix tournament will be held at the Somerset College Sports Pavilion, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast. What makes this event unique is that it doubles as a teams event. Players not only play as individuals for individual prizes and GP points as usual; they also form themselves into teams of four with a maximum average rating of 1400. The result in the past has been a great deal more social interaction between young and old, as well as strong and average players. Full details and entry form can be downloaded from (Upcoming events).

- Graeme Gardiner

World news

Lots of tournaments on at the moment, including the French Championship and some strong events in Abu Dhabi.

Grischuk won the powerful Ordix Open as part of the Chess Mainz festival:

Chess Classic - Ordix Open

1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 d5 3. c4 e6 4. g3 dxc4 5. Qa4+ c6 6. Qxc4 b5 7. Qc2 Bb7 8. Bg2 Nbd7 9. O-O c5 10. a4 b4 11. Nbd2 Rc8 12. Qd3 Be7 13. b3 cxd4 14. Nxd4 Rc3 15. Qb5 Bxg2 16. Kxg2 Qa8+ 17. N4f3 a6 18. Qg5 h6 19. Qxg7 Rh7!

Ouch! The queen is trapped 20. Qxh7 Nxh7 21. h4 Nhf6 22. Rb1 Rc2 23. Kg1 Nd5 24. Nd4 Rc8 25. Nc4 h5 26. Bb2 Nc3 27. Ra1 Qe4 28. e3 e5 29. Bxc3 bxc3 30. Ne2 Qc2 0-1

And for all those who've lost brevities, enjoy a little schadenfreude, a couple of quick crushes from Abu Dhabi. First, "Kasparov" gets done:

Abu Dhabi Masters
Svetushkin, Dmitry-Kasparov, Sergey

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 3. d5 b5 4. Nd2 Qa5 5. e4 bxc4 6. Bxc4 d6 7. Ngf3 Nbd7 8. O-O g6 9. b3 Bg7 10. Bb2 O-O 11. Qc2 Ng4 12. Bxg7 Kxg7 13. Ne1 Nge5 14. Be2 g5 15. g3 Ba6 16. Bxa6 Qxa6 17. f4 gxf4 18. gxf4 Ng6 19. Nc4 Rg8 20. Ng2 Kf8 21. Kh1 Qb7 22. Nge3 Nb6 23. f5 Ne5 24. Nxe5 dxe5 25. Rg1 Rxg1+ 26. Rxg1 Ke8 27.Qxc5 Rc8 28. Qb5+ Kd8 29. Nc4 Qd7 30. Rg8+ Kc7 31. Qc5+ 1-0

1. d4 Nf6 2. Bg5 d5 3. Bxf6 exf6 4. e3 c6 5. Bd3 Bd6 6. Nd2 O-O 7. Qf3 Na6 8. c3 Nc7 9. Ne2 g6 10. g4!
White's king is as safe as houses in the middle
c5 11. dxc5 Bxc5 12. h4 b5 13. h5 Ne6 14. Nf4 Nxf4 15. Qxf4 b4 16. Qh6 Qc7 17. hxg6 fxg6 18. Bxg6! 1-0
18...fxg6 19.Qh8+ Kf7 20.Qh7+

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 Nf6 4. Nc3 cxd4 5. Nxd4 Nc6 6. Bg5 Qb6 7. Be3!? Qxb2 8. Ndb5 Qb4 9. Bd2 Nxe4 10. a3! 1-0

A novelty, I'm told, which decides the game! 10...Nxc3 11.axb4 Nxd1 12.Nc7+ Kd8 13.Nxa8 Nb2 14. Bc3 is curtains.

Finally, the latest sensation to emerge from the Ukraine is a girl, Kateryna Lahno, who has just won a strong tournament in Kramatorsk ahead of several grandmasters:


1. e4 Nc6 2. Nf3 d5 3. exd5 Qxd5 4. Nc3 Qa5 5. d4 Bg4 6. Bb5 O-O-O 7. Bxc6 bxc6 8. h3 Qh5 9. Qe2 Bxf3 10. gxf3 e6 11. Be3 Bb4 12. O-O-O Bxc3 13. Qa6+ Kd7 14. bxc3 Qxf3 15. Rhg1 Ne7 16. c4 g6 17. d5 exd5 18. cxd5 cxd5 19. Qb5+ Kc8 20. Qa6+ Kd7 21. Qa4+ Kc8 22. Bg5 Rhe8 23. Rge1 f6 24. Qa6+ Kb8 25. Re3 Rd6 26. Qb5+ f6 24. Qa6+ Kd7 25. Qe6# 1-0


My 7 year old has just taken up chess. One of the first games he has to try and solve is called 8 Queens. As a non chess player, I would like to assist him but do not know the answer to this quiz. Can you email me where the pieces should be placed?
- John

(Can anyone help? - ed)

Upcoming local tournaments


Next RJ Shield - Sunday 31st August
Chess Kids Education Centre, 758 North Rd, Ormond 
1pm  5pm

Northern Zone RJ Shield - Sunday 14th September
Ivanhoe Girls Grammar

Transfer Chess RJ Shield  Sunday 28th September
Chess Kids Education Centre, 758 North Rd, Ormond

Toddler Chess Starting
From next week Chess Kids will be offering programs for kids aged 
3-5 who are not yet at school.
Times available: Monday 2-3pm
Thursday 9.30-10.30am
Friday 9.30-10.30am or 11.00-12.00

Book quickly by ringing George on 9578 6203 or 9576 8143. 
Only 6 children will be accepted into each group

* 2003 VICTORIAN CHAMPIONSHIP          (6/9/2003 - 18/10/2003)

for details contact Gary Wastell:

The Championships will comprise the following round robin tournaments:

Victorian Championship  
Victorian Championship Reserves
Victorian Women's Championship  
Victorian Championship Qualifying Tournaments
Victorian Senior Championship (players born 1943 or earlier)

Entrants will be scheduled to play up to 10 games at Elwood (Saturdays), Box
Hill (Tuesdays) and/or Melbourne (Thursdays), between Saturday 6 September
and late October. 
Players can choose from 18 optional playing sessions.
Entries close Friday August 29th.
Printed bulletins will be available courtesy of Chess World.
The compulsory final round will be held at Federation Square and shown on a
large screen.

Sunday 28 September. Starts 10am
Laurieton United Servicemen's Club.
7 round Swiss - G/25 - 25 min. p/p.
Games Australian Chess Federation Rated.
Primary & High School Students most welcome.
Prizes determined by the number of entries.
The decision of the Tournament Directors is final.
Entry Fees: $12 Seniors - $5 Players under 18 yrs.
Non-Smoking - Free Refreshments. Bistro open 
for Lunch - $4 Special every day.
Endel - 6559 9060

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October, 2003
La Trobe University, Bendigo,
Osborne Street Campus, Burnett Lounge.

Saturday 4th Round 1 -  9.00 am
             Round 2 -  1:00 pm
             Round 3 -  4:00 pm
Sunday 5th   Round 4 -  9:00 am
             Round 5 - 12:30 pm
             Round 6 -  3:30 pm

The Country Victorian Lightning Championship will be held at
8:00 pm, on Saturday 4th October.

A separate Junior Tournament will take place on Saturday Only.

Rate of Play:
Each player will be given 45 minutes on their clocks,
with a 30 second increment for each move.

Entry Fees:
Adults $35; Concession $25, Junior $10.
(Lightning) Adults $10; Concession $7; Junior $3.

The Victorian Country Chess Championship is restricted solely to players
who reside in Victoria, and whose main place of residence is outside of
a 50km radius of the Melbourne GPO.

Please send your entries to Bendigo Chess Club, PO Box 983, Bendigo Vic
For more information, please contact Maxwell Mollard (03)5444 7438 (bh) or
(03) 5442 5647 (ah), or via email: .
Entries will be accepted on the day

Ryde-Eastwood weekender
Category 3
October 4-6
Contact Peter Cassetari 9533 1759 or

Category 3 GP event, Guaranteed prize pool $2500
October long Weekend: Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th & Monday 6th October 2003
Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
117 Ryedale Rd, West Ryde (1 minute from West Ryde Station)
Registration 12.00 Noon - 1pm 4th October.
Seven Rounds
Entry Fees: Adult $70; Juniors U18 $50, U15 $40
All entries must be on official entry form (or copy)
Payment and entries accepted on the day 
Or pre register via phone or email before 30th September and save $10 (details below) 
All NSW resident players must be members of NSWCA or NSWJCL.
FIDE time control is 90 minutes + 10 seconds per move from the start
1st   $800  *  2nd   $500  *  3rd   $200
U2000 1st  $200 * 2nd $100, U1800 1st  $200 * 2nd $100, U1600 1st  $200 * 2nd $100, 
U1400 1st  $200 * 2nd $100, 1st Junior $100, 
Players are eligible for only 1 prize.
Please make all cheques payable to NSW Chess Association.
Mail must be sent by the 30th September 2003
to GPO Box 2418 Sydney 2001.
Pre registration - pay on the day
Phone Enquiries: 9533 1759     Email:	
New South Wales Chess Association Inc.
G.P.O BOX 2418


Co-ordinator:  ChessWorld/David Cordover
0411 877 833


Ryde-Eastwood weekender
Category 3
October 4-6
Contact Peter Cassetari 9533 1759 or

Tuggeranong Vikings chess weekender
December 6-7
Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and  Amateur Sports Club  
Michael Whitely - 02 62929937
John Peterson 62965135


Father's Day Tournament
Category 2/3?
Sep 6-7
Contact:  David Cordover (03) 9576177 or 0411-877-833

Gold Coast Classic (Gold Coast CC)
Category 3
Sep 20-21
Contact Graeme Gardiner
(07) 5530 5794

12th. Redcliffe Challenge
Category 2
Sep 27-28
Contact Mark Stokes (07) 3205 6042

Tweed Open
Category  3
Oct 4-5
Contact Audie Pennefather
07 55369185
Tweed Heads Civic Centre. cr. Wharfe St and Brett St Tweed Heads.
$2500 total prizes, 1st $750

Ryde-Eastwood weekender
Category 3
October 4-6
Contact Peter Cassetari 9533 1759 or

Laurieton Open
Category 1
Nov 1-2
Contact Endel Lane  (02) 6559  9060

November weekender
Category  1
Nov 1-2
Contact  K.Bonham  (03) 6224 8487

Gosford Open
Category 2
Nov 8-9
Contact Lachlan Yee

Taree RSL Spring Open
Category 1
Nov 15-16
Contact Endel Lane  (02) 6559  9060

NSWCA November Weekender
Category 2
Nov 22-23
0403 775476

X-Mas Swiss Tournament
Category 2-3?
December 20-21
Contact David Cordover (03) 9576177 or 0411-877-833

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