ACF Bulletin #226, July 21, 2003

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IM David Smerdon outclassed the field to win easily with a picket-fence score

1 Smerdon, David 2428 7 * W W W W W W W 
2 Edwards, Jacob 1898 4 L * D D W L W W 
3 Davidovici, Victor 1739 4 L D * L W W D W 
4 Wongwichit, Phachara 1685 3 L D W * D L W L 
5 Kimura, Toshi 1648 3 L L L D * D W W 
6 Davidovici, Michael 1801 2.5 L W L W D * L L 
7 McDonald, Chris   2.5 L L D L L W * W 
8 Pengelley, Justin 1486 2 L L L W L W L * 

1 Weller, Tony   1714 5  12:W 7:W 10:W 3:D 5:D 9:W
2 Selnes, Hamish  1724 5  18:W 6:D 5:D 7:W 10:W 3:W
3 Barnard, Casey  1669 4.5 13:W 19:W 11:W 1:D 4:W 2:L
4 Ly, Moulthun   1277 4.5 15:W 5:D 26:W 6:W 3:L 12:W
5 Macleod, Keith  1587 4  23:W 4:D 2:D 14:W 1:D 6:D
6 Karita, Sean   1565 4  16:W 2:D 9:W 4:L 13:W 5:D
7 Stokes, Mark   1496 4  27:W 1:L 16:W 2:L 21:W 11:W
8 Al Zaher, Louay  1604 4  21:L 24:W 12:L 23:W 17:W 15:W
9 Jempson, Ross   1592 3.5 24:W 22:W 6:L 12:D 19:W 1:L
10 Davidson, Nathan  1595 3.5 20:W 14:W 1:L 13:D 2:L 19:W
11 Littleboy, Bruce  1624 3  17:W 21:W 3:L 19:D 12:D 7:L
12 Marney, Tom   1376 3  1:L 27:W 8:W 9:D 11:D 4:L
13 Nutt, Jeff   1318 3  3:L 25:W 15:W 10:D 6:L 18:D
14 Long, Sam    1442 3  26:W 10:L 23:W 5:L 15:L 20:W
15 Alkin, John   1616 3  4:L 20:W 13:L 24:W 14:W 8:L
16 Chuang, Howard    3  6:L 18:W 7:L 17:L 25:W 22:W
17 Wongwichit, Chatapong 1308 3  11:L 26:L 22:W 16:W 8:L 21:W
18 Booy, Peter   1454 3  2:L 16:L 27:W 20:D 24:W 13:D
19 Chelebichanin, Nenad 1467 2.5 25:W 3:L 21:W 11:D 9:L 10:L
20 Blundell, Jian  926 2.5 10:L 15:L 25:W 18:D 23:W 14:L
21 Kaspar, Ric   1166 2  8:W 11:L 19:L 22:W 7:L 17:L
22 Yang, James   591 2  0:W 9:L 17:L 21:L 27:W 16:L
23 Gunn Schrader, Liam 679 2  5:L 0:W 14:L 8:L 20:L 27:W
24 Talpade, Udit   754 2  9:L 8:L 0:W 15:L 18:L 25:W
25 Sarai, Karran    1  19:L 13:L 20:L 27:W 16:L 24:L
26 Mastorakis, Tiny  1721 1  14:L 17:W 4:L 0: 0: 0: 
27 Gunn Schrader, Yarran 409 0  7:L 12:L 18:L 25:L 22:L 23:L

1 Kimura, Toshi U16 1697 7 15:W 11:W 3:W 2:W 5:D 12:W 4:D 8:W
2 Lazarus, Benjamin U16 1621 6.5 19:W 7:W 12:W 1:L 4:W 3:D 11:W 5:W
3 Karita, Sean  U18 1565 6 18:W 4:W 1:L 12:W 6:W 2:D 13:W 10:D
4 Wongwichit, Phachara U18 1782 5.5 14:W 3:L 15:W 9:W 2:L 5:W 1:D 11:W
5 Davidovici, Michael U18 1766 4.5 16:W 12:L 13:W 11:W 1:D 4:L 6:W 2:L
6 Tangimetua, Tyson U16  4.5 8:D 9:L 17:W 7:W 3:L 16:W 5:L 13:W
7 Chuang, Howard U16  4.5 10:W 2:L 14:W 6:L 9:D 8:L 19:W 18:W
8 Kaspar, Ric  U16 1166 4.5 6:D 10:L 16:L 0:W 15:W 7:W 12:W 1:L
9 Hvistendahl, Robert U18 1505 4.5 11:L 6:W 18:W 4:L 7:D 13:L 14:W 15:W
10 Hardy, Christopher U16 1432 4.5 7:L 8:W 11:L 19:W 12:L 17:W 15:W 3:D
11 Rawson, Sean  U16  4 9:W 1:L 10:W 5:L 16:W 14:W 2:L 4:L
12 Yu, Chris  U18 1590 4 13:W 5:W 2:L 3:L 10:W 1:L 8:L 19:W
13 Butner, Christopher U16  3.5 12:L 16:W 5:L 14:D 0:W 9:W 3:L 6:L
14 Olm-Milligan, Dominic U16 1133 3.5 4:L 19:W 7:L 13:D 18:W 11:L 9:L 16:W
15 Wagner, Luke  U16 984 3 1:L 17:W 4:L 18:W 8:L 0:W 10:L 9:L
16 Menzies, Damien U18 1095 3 5:L 13:L 8:W 17:W 11:L 6:L 0:W 14:L
17 Tomkins, Chris U16  3 0:L 15:L 6:L 16:L 19:W 10:L 18:W 0:W
18 Tam, Vincent  U16  2 3:L 0:W 9:L 15:L 14:L 19:W 17:L 7:L
19 Donaldson, Craig U16 737 1 2:L 14:L 0:W 10:L 17:L 18:L 7:L 12:L

2003 ANU OPEN - Report by DOP Charles Zworestine
The 11th annual ANU Open was a resounding success, attracting as it did 87 players (well above last year's figure of 53). Apart from the usual quota of ACT (47) and NSW (25) players, this included 5 Victorians, 5 South Australians, 1 Queenslander and 4 players from overseas (Czech Republic, Bangladesh and Malaysia)! Also 13 females, 38 juniors and several recent ex-juniors. A young and varied field. Much credit for this must go the excellent organisational efforts of Shun Ikeda and his team (Paul Dunn, Mirabelle Guo, Roger McCart and Shaun Press): a little advance publicity goes a long way... 
This year's event was headlined by ever reliable GM Ian Rogers, who always makes sure such events are hard for anyone else to win! The tournament itself ran remarkably smoothly, so dispute free that it was a total pleasure for me to arbit. The time controls of 60 minutes plus 10 seconds per move from the start are becoming established in weekenders around the country, and I think are very good ones - they caused no scheduling problems this time, and ensured that everyone could get down to the business of just playing chess... 
Round 1 already saw some sensational upsets, proving the depth of chess in this country is increasing - due especially to the flow of up and coming juniors. One of them, SA's Tristan Stevens, beat fifth seed Brian Jones; while one only recently out of the juniors, ACT's Andrew Fitzpatrick, drew with the strong Bangladeshi 3rd seed, Ruhul Kabir. Just in case people thought these were flukes, Fitzpatrick beat rising 9 year old star Raymond Song in the next round, while Stevens won again against Malcolm MacMillan (more than 300 points his "rating senior"). Other Round 2 upset wins were scored (among others) by Gareth Oliver (1769) over Ralph Jackson (2151); Narelle Szuveges (1717) over Giang Nguyen (2121); Michael Yu (1612) over Andrew Saint (1894); Tor Lattimore (1567) over Mos Ali (1838) and Angela Song (1463) over Aaron Guthrie (1986). (Notice how many of these are juniors...). But by far the beigest interest occurred on Board 1, where Milan Grcic really pushed Ian Rogers - even Ian admitted "Milan's pieces were very good", and it took Milan falling to pieces tactically in the time scramble at the end for Ian to win... 
Round 3 was much easier for Rogers against Duncan Peters, but second seed Bretislav Modr (Czech) decided he had to take a draw in his inferior position when offered it by Joel Harp on Board 2. Gareth Oliver held Australian Junior Champion Tomek Rej to a draw, while an overconfident Michael Lip was upset by an in form Michael Yu. Tristan Stevens continued his good run by beating Kerry Stead, as did Tor Lattimore when he drew with Ian Rout. Unfortunately for them, their runs came to an end in Round 4, with Tor losing to Tomek, Tristan to Modr and Michael Yu to George Xie. The latter result left George in a tie for first with Rogers on 4/4 at the end of the first day - but only after Ian was a little bit lucky to beat Justin Tan! In a complicated position where Ian had sacrificed a piece for attacking chances, Justin had a forced draw, but of course tried to win - and blundered an exchange in time pressure and lost instead! Gareth Charles had better luck on Board 2, where he reached a superior position against Malaysian Chee Yin Thaw; with Gareth short of time, Chee Yin accepted his draw offer. 
Despite arriving late, George Xie pulled off a sensation in Round 5, forcing a draw against Ian Rogers in a tough rook and pawn ending with only a few seconds left. This left the tournament wide open, with 3 other players equal leaders with Ian and George on 4.5: Tomek (who upset Modr), Kabir (beat Gareth Charles) and Thaw (defeated Rout). Close behind on 4 were Justin Tan, Giang Nguyen, Michael Yu (upset Ilya Zvedeniouk) and David Castor (winner ov er Tristan Stevens). Round 6 eliminated several of these, as Rogers beat Thaw, George beat Kabir and Tomek defeated Giang to leave these three equal leaders on 5.5 going in to the last round. Meanwhile Tan drew with Castor, Brian Jones beat Michael Yu, Junta Ikeda upset Gareth Charles in a long ending and Angela Song scored an excellent upset win when Joel Harp tried too hard to win a drawn position against her... 
So to the last round, where Tomek was a victim of Roger's opening preparation and lost rather convincingly. With George unable to make any progress and having to settle for a draw with Modr, this left Ian outright first on 6.5, and George outright second on 6. But who would join Tomek in third on 5.5? Of all the many players on 4.5, only Kabir and Justin Tan could win to share third. The latter won a very complicated long struggle against Junta Ikeda, while the former was even luckier to win when his opponent (Duncan Peters) somehow misplayed a drawn opposite coloured bishop ending. David Castor and Michael Wei could only draw (with Thaw and Jones respectively), but still had excellent tournaments and assured themselves of rating prizes - as did Milan Grcic (upset winner over Giang Nguyen) and Ramakrishna (likewise over Andrew Saint). 
Prizewinners: 1st Ian Rogers 6.5/7; 2nd George Xie 6; 3rd = (and pooling best junior) Tomek Rej, Ruhul Kabir, Justin Tan 5.5; 1600-1999 (and pooling Best Local) David Castor, Michael Wei, Milan Grcic, Gogulapati Ramakrishna 5; 1200-1599 Tor Lattimore, Junta Ikeda, Angela Song, Anthony Keuning 4.5; Best ANU Shaun Press, Roger McCart, Jeff Wood 3.5; Under 1200 Tamzin Oliver, Veronique Eldridge-Smith, David Jaksa, Luke Allerton 3. 

6.5 Ian Rogers
6.0 George Xie)
5.5 Tomek Rej, Justin Tan, Ruhul Kabir (os)
5.0 Chee Yin Thaw (os), Bretislav Modr (os), Brian Jones, Milan Grcic, Ramakrishna, Michael Wei, Ralph Jackson, David Castor
4.5 Ian Rout, Michael Yu, Gareth Charles, Duncan Peters, Tor Lattimore, Junta Ikeda, Peter Jovanovic, Gareth Oliver, Mosadeque Ali, Kerry Stead, Michael Lip, Angela Song, Ilya Zvedeniouk, Anthony Keuning, Peter Frost
4.0 Ian Hosking, Giang Nguyen, Andrew Saint, Narelle Szuveges, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Vaness Reid, Malcolm Macmillan, Raymond Song
3.5  Joel Harp,  Khoi Hoang, Aaron Guthrie, Shaun Press, Roger McCart , David Messina, Jeffery Boardman, Jose Escribano, Bill Egan, Shannon Oliver, Jeyaranjan Hoole, Christopher Tran, Marlon Chan, Jeffrey Wood
3.0 Tristan Stevens, Gary Losh, Alex Mendes da Costa, Sebastian Jurd, Jeremy Neeman, Sherab Guo-Yuthok, Veronique Eldridge-Smith, Paul Dunn, Stephen Mugford, Tamzin Oliver, Luke Allerton, David Jaksa
2.5 Erik Jochimsen,Quan Nguyen, Stephen Taylor, Hana Modrova, Andrew Brown, Thomas Ung, Robert Hvistendahl, Leif Eldridge-Smith, Emma Guo
2.0 Jesse Maguire, Andrew Greig, Miona Ikeda, Sunny Yoon, Christopher Flood, Van Nguyen, Aidan Lloyd, Kayleigh Smith, Awais Cheema
1.5 Justin Chow, Anthony Oliver
1.0 Gaya Sakthivel, Alexander Mitchell, Heinrich Korbe, Jenni Oliver, Carl Nater

The Eastern Zone Winter Interclub started on Friday 18 July 2003 with 112 players registered over four grades. They are playing weekly at the Box Hill Chess Club venue. All round 1 results are posted at the Club's website: Many round games are already stored on the website since Friday, due to a willing band of helpers. (You may wish to delve into the Rujevic-Chow game in A grade. Or even muse over the oddity that all 4 games in that pairing of teams was a French defence. The PACMEN won 4-0). Regards - Trevor Stanning 

Mirko Rujevic-Samuel Chow: 1. e4 e6 2. d3 d5 3. Nd2 Nf6 4. e5 Nfd7 5. f4 f6 6. Ngf3 Nc6 7. d4 fxe5 8. dxe5 Bc5 9. Nb3 Bb6 10. Bd3 Nb4 11. Be2 O-O 12. c3 Na6 13. Bd3 h6 14. Bc2 Ndc5 15. Qe2 Bd7 16. Nbd4 Qe7 17. O-O Be8 18. Kh1 Bh5 19. a4 c6 20. b4 Ne4 21. Bxe4 Bxd4 22. Bh7+ Kxh7 23. Qd3+ Bg6 24. Qxd4 c5 25. bxc5 Nxc5 (Black has emerged with strong pressure on the white squares) 26. Ba3 Rac8 27. c4 Rfd8 28. cxd5 Rxd5 29. Bxc5 Rcxc5 30. Qb4 Qc7 31. Nd4 a5 32. Qb2 Qd7 33. Nf3 Rc2 34. Qb6 Be4 35. Qe3 Rc4 36. Rae1 Qxa4 37. Qf2 Bd3 38. Rg1 Rxf4 39. Qg3 Rg4 40. Qh3 Qf4 41. Rd1 Be4 42. Rxd5 Bxd5 43. Ne1 Rh4 44. Nd3 Qg5 0-1  

Janos Nemeth-Jovica Mirkovic: 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. exd5 exd5 4. Bd3 Bd6 5. Nf3 Nf6 6. Bg5 O-O 7. O-O h6 8. Bh4 Re8 9. Nc3 c6 10. Re1 g5 11. Bg3 Rxe1+ 12. Qxe1 Bxg3 13. hxg3 Be6 14. Na4 Nbd7 15. Ne5 Nxe5 16. dxe5 Nd7 17. f4 b5 18. Nc3 Nc5 19. Qf1 Nxd3 20. cxd3 Bf5 21. Rd1 g4 22. Kh2 h5 23. Ne4!? dxe4 24. dxe4 Qc8 (If ...Bd7 25.Qd2) 25. exf5 Qxf5 26. Rd6 Qe4 27. Rh6 Kg7 28. Rxh5 Rh8 29. Rxh8 Kxh8 30. Qd1 Qg6 31. Kg1 Kh7 32. Qd6 Qb1+ 33. Kh2 Qxa2 34. f5 Qd5 35. Qf6 Qd7 36. Qg5 a5 37. f6 1-0 

Some of Queensland's top players and some rising stars will do battle in this tournament, starting today at the Gardiner Chess Centre. Organiser Graeme Gardiner will be relaying one game live to the internet each week (Monday nights) via (live chess). The players include Matthew Sonter, Bernie Saavedra, Toshi Kimura, Chris Page, Steven Cooke, Justin Pengelley, Nikolai Hart, IM Stephen Solomon, Nathan Davidson and Moulthun Ly.

Rydges Oasis Resort, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, 29 September to 3 October 2003. Full details at
- Graeme Gardiner

The Biel tournament in Switzerland has just begun with Korchnoi, Bacrot, Smirin, Lutz, Pelletier and Morozevich playing. The latter's my personal favourite: a delightful attacking maniac, as shown in this game:
Morozevich-Pelletier 1-0: 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. e5 Ne7 5. a3 Bxc3+ 6. bxc3 c5 7. h4 Qa5 8. Bd2 Nbc6 9. h5 h6 10. Rh4 Bd7 11. Rg4 Qc7 12. Nf3 g5 13. hxg6 fxg6 14. Rb1 g5 15. dxc5 O-O-O 16. Bd3 Rhg8 17. Qe2 Rdf8 18. c4 Ng6 19. cxd5 exd5 20. Ba6!! (With the Rg4 en prise, he offers another piece!) bxa6 21. Qxa6+ Kd8 22. Rb7 Qc8 23. e6!! Bxe6 24. Nd4!! Bd7 (...Nxd4 25.Qd6+) 25. Ba5+ Ke8 26. Qe2+ Nge7 27. Rc7 Qb8 28. Nxc6 Qb1+ 29. Kd2 Rg7 30. Rb4 1-0 

The Politiken Cup in Denmark features players such as Beliavsky, Sakaev, McShane and Sasikiran. 
GM Peter Heine Nielsen beat George Michelakis with a nice combination in round 4: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. Nf3 O-O 6. h3 Na6 7. Bg5 Qe8 8. g4 c5 9. Bg2 h5 10. Bxf6 exf6 11. gxh5 f5 12. hxg6 fxe4 13. Ng5 fxg6 14. Ncxe4 Bxd4 15. O-O Qe5 16. Qd2 Bxb2 17. Rae1 Nb4 18. a3 Bxa3 19. Nh7!! Qf4 (White can't play ...Kxh7 because Ng5+ wins the queen) 20. Nef6+!! Rxf6 21. Nxf6+ Qxf6 22. Re8+ Kf7 23. Rfe1 (Black is paralysed) Bb2 24. Qh6 1-0 
"Big Al" Beliavsky lost the lead in round 6 when Hoi found a mate: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. Nf3 O-O 6. Be2 c5 7. O-O cxd4 8. Nxd4 Nc6 9. Be3 Nxd4 10. Bxd4 Bd7 11. b4 Be6 12. f3 a5 13. a3 Qc7 14. Nd5 Bxd5 15. exd5 Rfe8 16. Rc1 axb4 17. axb4 e6 18. dxe6 Rxe6 19. Qd2 h5 20. Rfd1 Kh7 21. Ra1 Rxa1 22. Bxa1 Bh6 23. Qc3 Qe7 24. Bf1 h4 25. Kh1 Bg7 26. Qd2 Nh5 27. Bxg7 Kxg7 28. Kg1 Kh7 29. Rc1 b6 30. Qd4 Qg5 31. Ra1 Nf4 32. Kh1 Nh5 33. Kg1 Nf4 34. Ra7 Rf6 35. Kh1 Nh5 36. Ra8 Ng3+! 37. hxg3 hxg3 38. Kg1 Qh6 39. Rh8+ Kxh8 40. Qxf6+ Kg8 0-1 

Also starting are the British Championships and some strong opens. View games at

I note the comment on the Tournament for the Common Man. Why not arrange the prize money intellectually intelligently if that is your wish? Prizes should be awarded for this purpose in order of a player's improvement in rating. Thus a player rated 2400 who performs at 2600 has an inferior result in those terms to a 2000 player who performs at 2500. This is fair, provided announced in advance. I would recommend some of the money be awarded for actual score. This is easier to explain to the public. I would not recommend that all events be that way. Players may deliberately  seek to lower their rating when performing poorly. The calculation is easy with computers. - Stewart Reuben   

HAKOAH CHESS CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2003. Consecutive Monday evenings July 21-September 15, from 7.30pm. The Hakoah Club, 61 Hall Street Bondi, NSW. 9 round Swiss Open. Prizes:  $400/$250/$100 Under 1750: $250/$150/$100 Based on minimum 50 entries. 40/90 minutes, then 30 minutes to finish the game. Entry fees: $30 Hakoah Chess Club Members (Membership is $30 for a year)/$40 Non-Members/$20 Juniors (U/18). Enquiries: Joel Harp (club President)  - 0412352196    Vladimir Feldman - DOP : - 0414798503. Hakoah Chess Club web page:  
Sunday, 27 July
Laurieton United Servicemen's Club
10 am Start - 7 Round Swiss - G/25 - 25 min. p/p.
Prizes determined by the number of entries.
Entry: $12 Seniors/$5 Juniors
Non-Smoking - Free Refreshments. Dining room 
open for Lunch - $4 special every day.
Contact: Endel - 6559 9060
Strahan 6585 1143. Enjoy Chess - the Clever Sport!

(Cat 2 GP event, Guaranteed prize pool $1500)
Rose Bay RSL Club, New South Head Road (cnr Vickery Ave) 
Seven rounds
2-3 August
60 minutes per player per game
Entry Fees: $60, U18 $50, U15 Juniors $40
$10 discount for Early Notification - before 26th July
Rd 1 Saturday 11:00am
1st Prize $500
Enquires 9533-1759

7 Round Open Swiss
Rooty Hill RSL Club 
Sherbrooke Avenue, Rooty Hill
Starts Monday 18 August, 7.30pm each week 
Every Monday for seven weeks.   
Entry Fee:  $30/ Members $25   
Prizes: $250/$150  Divisions: $100
D.O.P  Peter Cassettari 9896 4224 after 7pm  

A lot of changes and some exciting new times on offer starting from Monday July 14th. A Friday night tournament with a $400 first prize, Chinese Chess lessons and tournaments and the Victorian Lightning Championship FINALS! All-Ages at 758 North Rd, Ormond 
Monday Chinese Chess (Xiang-Qi) Club and Tournament (Prizes $200, $100, $50) 7:30  9:30pm 
Tuesday Tournament (60 min + 10 seconds) and Social Games 7:30  9:30pm 
Thursday Adult Coaching $8 per session 8pm-9.30pm 
Friday Winter Challenge (90 min + 30 seconds) Rated Tournament 8pm until finished Prizes $400 1st + place prizes, junior and ratings prizes ($50 entry fee) 
Saturday July 19th  Victorian Lightning Championships FINALS 1pm  5pm PRIZES! $400, $200, $100, $100, 4 x $50, 8 x $25 Qualified players free, entries accepted on the day $40 per player.


Co-ordinator:  ChessWorld/David Cordover
0411 877 833

NSWCA August Weekender
Category  2
Aug 2-3
Contact P.Cassettari
0403 775476

Coal City Open
Category 2
Aug 9-10

Father's Day Tournament
Category 2/3?
Sep 6-7
Contact:  David Cordover (03) 9576177 or 0411-877-833

Gold Coast Classic (Gold Coast CC)
Category 3
Sep 20-21
Contact Graeme Gardiner
(07) 5530 5794

12th. Redcliffe Challenge
Category 2
Sep 27-28
Contact Mark Stokes (07) 3205 6042

Tweed Open
Category  3
Oct 4-5
Contact Audie Pennefather

Laurieton Open
Category 1
Nov 1-2
Contact Endel Lane  (02) 6559  9060

November weekender
Category  1
Nov 1-2 or 1-3
Contact  K.Bonham  (03) 6224 8487

Gosford Open
Category 2
Nov 8-9
Contact Lachlan Yee

Taree RSL Spring Open
Category 1
Nov 15-16
Contact Endel Lane  (02) 6559  9060

NSWCA November Weekender
Category 2
Nov 22-23
0403 775476

X-Mas Swiss Tournament
Category 2-3?
December 20-21
Contact David Cordover (03) 9576177 or 0411-877-833


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