ACF Bulletin #220, June 9, 2003

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** University Open 2003
$4000 total prizes - Category 3 Grand Prix
12-13 July - Adelaide University, SA  http://www.unichess.org

** Job Opportunity - Chess Kids, Melbourne
Full-time Chess Coach at Chess Kids Chess Centre, work Tuesday - Saturday. 
Salary range: $41,280 - $46,332 guaranteed (no traveling, commission or hourly payments)
Contact cordover@chessworld.com.au or David Cordover on 0411 877 833

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** ANU Open
July 19-20
GP Category 3
GM Ian Rogers will be defending his title.
Burton & Garran Hall, Daley Road, ANU, Acton, ACT
(Please see map at http://studyat.ane.edu.au/map/index.asp
and click on grid e-f/5-4; Free car parking on campus on Saturday and Sunday)
Registration: 8.30 - 9.30am Saturday 19 July
7 rounds; 60 minutes a side plus 10 seconds per move from the start (Fischer).
Entry fees: $60.00 Adult; $40 Juniors/Concessions; GMs, WGMs, IMs & WIMs free.
($10.00 discount for entries received before Friday 11 July)
Prizes: $1000/$600/$300 plus ratings/junior/locals prizes
Accommodation on campus $95/$108.00 a night or other options

* Australian Championships - Adelaide bid
* Tasmanian Championship
* NSW and Victorian Opens
* ANU Chess Festival
* Junior Selection
* Chess Directory
* Letters
* Chess World Grand Prix 2003 - new Category 1 tournaments
* Upcoming tournaments

This week's bulletin is a bit late because I was hoping to include reports on the 
NSW and Victorian Opens. As it happens, they'll have to wait to next week anyway.


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The South Australian Chess Association and the Adelaide University Chess Club 
are jointly bidding for the 2003/04 Australian Championship and associated events, 
to be held from December 29, 2003 to January 10, 2004. The bid will be considered 
by the ACF Council at the next meeting in June. I understand the plan is to hold it in 
the Adelaide Uni Union Building. 


The 2003 Tasmanian Championships attracted a record field of 31 players,
seven more than the previous best.  It was also a strong field by local
standards, with nearly all the state's higher rated players participating.
With a very wide range of player abilities, accelerated pairings were used
for the first two rounds of the six-round Swiss.

Tasmania's new state champion is Peter Knight.  A quiet acheiver who doesn't
play many tournaments, Knight is a cautious player noted for his patience in
good positions.  Not only was Peter able to grind out wins where required,
his cautious nature allowed him to get through the event undefeated while
other serious contenders repeatedly went down in various dramatic fashions
against the stiff competition brought on by the strong field and the
accelerated draw.  ACT visitor Ian Rout recovered from losing to Knight to
tie for the money and GP points, but is not eligible for the title.

A full report with some games and positions will be posted to the TCA
website in coming weeks.

5/6 Peter Knight (1840), Ian Rout (ACT, 1923)
4.5 Peter Lucas (1722), Charles Chadwick (1726)
4 Kevin Bonham (1957), Glen Gibbs (1846), Nigel Frame (1789), Andrew Todd
(1784), Stephen Taylor (VIC, 1498)
3.5 Pavel Sakov (1989), Phil Donnelly (1652), Milutin Ivkovic (1463)
3 Ross George (1655), Nick Chapman (1459), Graham Richards (1426), Janice
Martin (1385), John Kennedy (1383), Tony Sturges (1309), Leo Minol (1186),
Steve Aubrey (1155), Zak Frame (883)
2.5 John Slidziunas (1662)
2 David Christian (1399), Aaron Hooper (UNR), Catherine Shaw (UNR), Alex
Berry (UNR), Richard McAllister (UNR), Alex Shaw (UNR)
1.5 Sam Yomataris (UNR)
1 Erin Frame (UNR), Duncan Berry (UNR)

Catherine Shaw, Erin Frame and McAllister received 1 point byes.
Sam Yomataris received one half-point bye during an approved 3-round

Ratings prizes: Taylor, Ivkovic.  Junior prize: Zak Frame.

- Kevin Bonham


7.0 Rogers 
6.0 Rej
5.5 Seberry, Reilly


1st Stephen Solomon  7/7
=2nd/3rd David Hacche, Milenko Lojanica 5.5/7
Rating Group A: Dusan Stojic, Peter Frost, Scot Sharman 5/7
Rating Group B: Shane Lawson 4.5/7
Rating Group C: Paul Bearup, Kam Lee, George Tolpigin, Mendel Armerman, Wilson Lin, Rukman Vijayakumar 4/7
Rating Group D: Geoff Lee, John Seehusen 3.5/7
Rating Group E: Rengan Vijayakumar 3/7
Best Junior: Janos Nemeth, Dusan Stojic 5/7
67 players 


18 - 24 July
This is a major event on the chess calendar and it's coming soon! 
It features a variety of interesting events:

* University Co-op Bookshop Simul: GM Rogers will be giving a *blindfold* simul
* 11th ANU Open Championship
* ACT Go Championship
* National Computer Chess Championship
* ANU High Schools Chess Championship
* ANU Primary Schools Chess Championship

ANU Open
July 19-20
GP Category 3
GM Ian Rogers will be defending his title.
Burton & Garran Hall, Daley Road, ANU, Acton, ACT
(Please see map at http://studyat.ane.edu.au/map/index.asp
and click on grid e-f/5-4; Free car parking on campus on Saturday and Sunday)
Registration: 8.30 - 9.30am Saturday 19 July
7 rounds; 60 minutes a side plus 10 seconds per move from the start (Fischer).
Entry fees: $60.00 Adult; $40 Juniors/Concessions; GMs, WGMs, IMs & WIMs free.
($10.00 discount for entries received before Friday 11 July)
Prizes: $1000/$600/$300 plus ratings/junior/locals prizes
Accommodation on campus $95/$108.00 a night or other options

University Co-op Bookshop Simul and Blindfold Chess
July 18
GM Ian Rogers will give a simultaneous and blindfold chess exhibition in 
Garema Place, Civic, Noon-3pm on Friday 18 July to launch the week-long 
"11th ANU Chess Festival".
GM Rogers will play a blindfold simultaneous exhibition and will play 
a few sets of three blindfold games at once (about 45 minutes each exhibition) 
or one big exhibition of 6-8 games blindfolded (2-3 hours), depending 
upon the number of players who wish to crack at the Champion.
Time permitting, Mr Rogers will be happy to do a big simultaneous exhibition 
(without blindfold) with players being replaced as they finish.
All those who win or draw against GM Rogers will receive a book voucher 
from the ANU Co-op Bookshop.

2003 National Computer Chess Championship
July 22
As part of the Australian National University Chess Festival, the ANU will once 
again be hosting the National Computer Chess Championships (NC3). This event 
will take place on the evening of July 22nd. It is open to all computer chess 
programs in the following categories: A) Self developed programs (i.e., programs 
written entirely by the author) B) Modified programs (where the author has taken 
an existing program and modified it in a significant way). The competition is open 
to all developers world wide, although only programmers from Australia, New Zealand, 
Papua New Guinea, and Fiji and any other countries in the Oceania Zone are 
eligible for titles in the two categories. 
The event will be a swiss (depending on entries) and will be run online on a chess server, 
meaning competitors are not required to travel to Canberra to compete. 
For further details contact: 
Shaun Press 
Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering 
Australian National University 
(02) 6125 8828 (W) 

For entry to ACT Go Championship:
Tony Purcell
Research School of Earth Sciences, ANU
02-6288-7394 (H)
02-6125-5519 (W)

General enquiries and Schools Championships:
Shun Ikeda
Co-ordinator, 11th ANU Chess Festival
Phone; (02) 6125 4030 (bh)
Fax: (02) 6125 3144 (bh)
E-mail: Shun.Ikeda@anu.edu.au
11th ANU Chess Festival Web Site:


Andrew Hardegen has been selected to play in the Asian Under 20 Championship
in Sri Lanka to be held from 18-27 July.
His progress can be followed on the website for the event
We wish Andrew the best of luck.

Kerry Stead


The updated June version is now available at www.auschess.org.au/ausdir03.zip
Please note that the file has been zipped (compressed), so you'll an unzip program
like WinZip (Windows) or Stuffit (Mac) to view it properly. The file has been zipped 
for two reasons: first, to save space; and second, because some people were 
concerned that the email addresses in the webpage could be collected by spammers.
Thanks to Matthew Sweeney for compiling the directory.


(The next two letters concern discussion on the ACF Bulletin Board over
funding for the Australian Open - Ed)

2003 Australian Open Championships

Most people will be aware that Peter Parr has complained about the 2003 
Australian Open Championships, which were held earlier this year at 
Peter is unhappy about a number of aspects including choice of location, 
but he is particularly critical of the finances which were controlled by 
the joint organisers, Australian Chess Enterprises and the NSW Chess 

For the record I would like to state the following:

1. Peter's attack is unjustified and not in the interests of Australian 
2. The tournament was organised at short notice, after no other bidder was 
3. All monies went though the books of the NSW Chess Association.
4. It was agreed from the outset that, as a full-time chess professional, I 
would be paid an organisers fee.
5. It was my responsibility to arrange sponsorship for the event (which I 
6. All the sponsors received what they were contracted to receive.
7. It was agreed from the outset how any profits/losses would be 
8. The finances were monitored throughout by the Treasurer of both the 
NSWCA and the ACF.

There is nothing that says chess tournaments must only take place in free 
venues or in the CBD.
There is nothing that says that all income (from whatever source) has to be 
allocated to the prizefund.
Indeed, it is desirable to make a profit to provide the ACF with funds to 
further chess in Australia.
If only this had been done in past years Australian chess would be in a 
much stronger financial position today.

Finally, I should point out that I was last involved with organising an 
Australian Championship in Sydney in 1990.
This tournament made a healthy profit for NSW Chess Association and nobody 
Perhaps in 2003 Peter can be accused of playing the man and not the ball!

- Brian Jones
Australian Chess Enterprises


The declared surplus from the event was $ 3,616.
The Australian Chess Federation credited its account with $1,808
The NSW Chess Association credited its account with $ 904
Brian Jones of Australian Chess Enterprises credited his account with $
Brian Jones of Australian Chess Enterprises also received a management
fee of $ 1500
Brian Jones had free bookstall rights - by camparison Chess Discount
Sales gave $3000 worth of goods for one Australian Open.
Sponsorship received was $ 8825 of which The Pratt Foundation gave $

Total Prizes paid were $11950 (about 50% lower than each of the last 4
annual national championships)
Income from entry fees,bulletin and trivia night monies etc was $22047
Prizes would increase according to entries says the brochure.

The rent for the main hall was $3600.(Half the budgested amount)
The press room rent was paid by Penrith City Council.

I maintain a good business relationship with Brian Jones who placed his
last regular order with Chess Discount Sales two days ago. 

My concern is simple.   

The declared surplus of $ 3616 should not be divided up between the
ACF, NSWCA and Brian Jones.
The sponsors have donated in good faith to the tournament and their
money should be used for the event.
Prizes should have been increased.
It is most unfair on the sponsors and the players. George Howard, ACF
President, has received my concerns and has agreed that the matter will
be thoroughly looked into.

Finally I have run a number of International events, Australian
Championships, State and club events, 20 annual Doeberl Cups 
and have never seen only half the entry fees returned as prizes when
sponsorship more than covers rent and DOP fees.

- Peter Parr


How fair is the National Schools Chess Competition?
I am passionate about this competition and think it is a fantastic 
opportunity for young chess players like my students at Drouin Secondary 
College. I was thrilled when one of my teams won the first ever Country East 
Zone (Victoria) last year and graduated to the state A grade finals. My 
students were immensely proud of their achievements and had a wonderful time. 
But once we reached the finals we didn't have a chance. Why?
Because the system is subject to the influence of money and possibly dodgy 
First the money. It is a well known fact that a number of schools, namely 
elite government schools and private schools employ top players as coaches.
This is a privilege that most government schools cannot afford, and even if 
they could such coaching is rarely available outside capital cities.
Last year, at the national finals held in Melbourne these coaches were in 
abundance doling out advice and chocolates to their teams.
One of our Grandmasters was especially employed just for the weekend by 
Sydney Grammar to help out the Sydney Grammmar side. God knows what that 
would have cost Sydney Grammar but one thing is for sure....Drouin would 
never have been able to pay for a Grandmaster for a weekend.
This is not sour grapes. It is a challenge to the inherent fairness of the 
system, where money obviously helps a great deal.
As for the dodgy tactics? Why has Melbourne High School put its A team and B 
team in two different zones? 
It put its B team in the Metro Inner East Zone (which they won this year) and 
is fielding its A team in the Dandenong Zone (which it will almost certainly 
bolt home in).
I don't know the reason, but it is unusual and looks very suspect to me, for 
it gives Melbourne High the chance to field two teams in the A grade finals.
In the meantime we will fight the good fight in Country East which has no 
outsiders at the present time and we will feel that at least on our side of 
the state a degree of fairness is at play.

- David Bell
Chess Coordinator
Drouin Secondary College

The ACF has a vacancy for the position os ACF Selection Co-Ordinator (seniors).
The duties are to select players/teams to represent Australia in 
International Events as per the ACF Selection By-Laws (available on the 
ACF web site).

Interested persons should contact Robert Jamieson 

June 21-22
Robina Town Centre Community Centre
Open/under 1600 sections. 
60 mins a side plus 10 secs a move from the start (Fischer).
Registration Saturday 8am to 9.15am
Adult $55, Concession $45, Junior $35. 
Under 1600 Adult
$45, Concession $35, Junior $25. Add $10 if not a member of CAQ or state
Payment by cheque to Gold Coast Chess Club and mailed to Gardiner Chess 11
Hardys Road Mudgeeraba 4213. By credit card (mastercard, visa, bankcard)
supply account number, expiry date, name on card and signature. Online at
www.gardinerchess.com. Direct to the Gold Coast Chess Club bank account with
Heritage Building Society BSB 638-070 A/C 5260396.
Prizes total $3,000. 
Enquiries: Graeme Gardiner
Phone 5522 7221
Fax 5522 7760
Email ggardiner@gardinerchess.com


Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, 
29 September to 3 October 2003
Rydges Oasis Resort
Full details at www.gardinerchess.com/AusClubsTeamChamps.htm
- Graeme Gardiner 


Grand Prix class 3
June 28-29, Caloundra RSL, $2600 cash plus other prizes
Details: http://www.sunchess.aunz.org

$4000 Total Prizes
Category Three Grand Prix
July 12-13
$35 Adult   $25 Junior/Concession
Adelaide University, SA
Official site: http://www.unichess.org

Category 3 Grand Prix; Guaranteed prize pool $3000
July 19-20
Burton & Garran Hall, Daley Road, ANU, Acton, ACT 
Map: http://studyat.anu.edu.au/map/index.asp and click on grid e-f/5-4; 
Free car parking on campus on Saturday and Sunday)
Registration: 8.30 - 9.30am Saturday
Entry fees: $60.00 Adult; $40 Juniors and Concessions.
($10.00 discount for entries received before 11th July 2003)
Cheques payable to ANU.
Mail must be sent by the 11th July 2003 to:
11th ANU Open, Marketing and Communications Division, ANU, Canberra, ACT 0200
Enquiries: Shun.Ikeda@anu.edu.au
Fax: 02-6125-3144 (bh)
Phone: 02-6125-4030 (bh)
For further details and entry form at:

(Cat 2 GP event, Guaranteed prize pool $1500)
Rose Bay RSL Club, New South Head Road (cnr Vickery Ave) 
Seven rounds
2-3 August
60 minutes per player per game
Entry Fees: $60, U18 $50, U15 Juniors $40
$10 discount for Early Notification - before 26th July
Rd 1 Saturday 11:00am
1st Prize $500
Email: pcass@zeta.org.au
Enquires 9533-1759

Calicut, India, 16-25th August
The Championship shall qualify the top ten players to the FIDE World Championship. 
Open to all women players FIDE rated 2100 and above and who are registered with the 
Federations from Zones 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 
Each Federation from Zones 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 shall be represented by one player. 
Each Federation shall be entitled to send extra players FIDE rated 2100 and above. 
Entries shall be submitted in the model Registration Forms attached and shall be sent to: 
Mr. P.T. Ummer Koya, 
Hon. Secretary, All India Chess Federation, 
Nallalam [P.O], Calicut - 673 027, India, 
Tel: (+91) 495 - 2420227, 2420327, Fax: 2421005, 
Email: chessindia@sancharnet.in 
Entries shall be closed on 16th June 2003.


Co-ordinator:  ChessWorld/David Cordover
0411 877 833


* Wollongong Open  - Grand Prix Category 1
(30 minutes south of Waterfall in Sydney)
***100% of entry fees go to prizes***
3 equal sized rating divisions with
1st $200 2nd $100 for each.
(plus special division prizes on numbers)
28/29 June 2003, 7 round swiss, 60 mins + 10sec
Starts Saturday 9:30 sharp. Ends Sunday 3:30pm
$40 entry, Juniors and card holders $20
Contact Matthew Sweeney 4229 9107
email:  mhjs@bigpond.net.au
website:  http://members.ozemail.com.au/~jmazz/chess/wgong.htm
Venue:  Collegians Leagues Club, Cnr Princes HYW and Charlotte St,

Taree RSL June Open
Category 1
Jun 14-15
Contact Endel Lane  (02) 6559  9060

Gold Coast Open (Gold Coast CC)
Category 3
Jun 21-22
Contact Graeme Gardiner
(07) 5530 5794

Suncoast Caloundra Open
Category 3
Jun 28/29
Contact Bob Goodwin

University Open
Category  3
JUL 12-13
chess@adelaide.edu.au ph (08) 8303 3029 or 
andrew.saint@adelaide.edu.au ph  (08) 8332 3752

ANU Open
Category 3
JUL 19-20
Shun.Ikeda@anu.edu.au Fax: 02-6125-3144 (bh) Phone: 02-6125-4030 (bh)
Details/entry form: http://www.netspeed.com.au/ianandjan/IansPage/

NSWCA August Weekender
Category  2
Aug 2-3
Contact P.Cassettari
0403 775476

Coal City Open
Category 2
Aug 9-10
Contact georgelithgow@idl.com.au

Father's Day Tournament
Category 2/3?
Sep 6-7
Contact:  David Cordover (03) 9576177 or 0411-877-833

Gold Coast Classic (Gold Coast CC)
Category 3
Sep 20-21
Contact Graeme Gardiner
(07) 5530 5794

12th. Redcliffe Challenge
Category 2
Sep 27-28
Contact Mark Stokes (07) 3205 6042

Tweed Open
Category  3
Oct 4-5
Contact Audie Pennefather

Laurieton Open
Category 1
Nov 1-2
Contact Endel Lane  (02) 6559  9060

November weekender
Category  1
Nov 1-2 or 1-3
Contact  K.Bonham  (03) 6224 8487

Gosford Open
Category 2
Nov 8-9
Contact Lachlan Yee

Taree RSL Spring Open
Category 1
Nov 15-16
Contact Endel Lane  (02) 6559  9060

NSWCA November Weekender
Category 2
Nov 22-23
0403 775476

X-Mas Swiss Tournament
Category 2-3?
December 20-21
Contact David Cordover (03) 9576177 or 0411-877-833


Best wishes till next time
- Paul Broekhuyse