ACF Bulletin No. 136 - 14 October 2001 

IN THIS ISSUE Round Australia trip, 2002 Australian Championships and Australian Juniors, Australian produced chess products, Steiner and Koshnitsky Medal nominations, 2001 Grand Prix, 2002 Grand Prix, Gosford Open, Redcliffe Challenge, Tweed Heads Open, GM Aaron Summerscale coming to Australia, World Youth Festival, Arianne Caoili WIM, Alex Wohl wins in Spain, 2001 Australian Schools Teams Championships, Smerdon v Miles Internet match, Australian Universities Teams Championships, World Championships, Queensland Vets and Disabled Championships, FIDE Commission for Chess Composition, Correspondence. 

ROUND AUSTRALIA TRIP My trip around Australia talking to the chess community was most encouraging. Many thanks to those who organised the various meetings: Bob Keast in Sydney, Denis McMahon in Perth, Alan Phillips in Bunbury, George Howard in Adelaide and Gary Wastell in Melbourne. My apologies for the lack of a bulletin last week but I was absolutely 'snowed' upon my return. A couple of people suggested that more be done to align chess with the various 'Masters Games'. If anyone knows of the details of any state, national or international masters games, please let me know and I'll advertise in the bulletin. It was even suggested that we should try and permanently align the Australian Veterans Championships with the Australian Masters Games. I was also asked to expand upon the Australian Rapid Ratings list. This is being maintained at a national level by Bill Gletsos and includes all submitted tournaments with time limits between 15 and 59 minutes a side. This is a good opportunity to work towards including all juniors around the nation on the same scale. There are many more junior tournaments with short time controls and the ratings list is the best tool available to us for motivating juniors. Last Sunday, during my trip to Melbourne, I was invited onto Gary Wastell's chess radio programme. On my previous trip last year, Shaun Press asked me onto his. A lot of work goes into these programmes and they provide a valuable service to their local chess communities. It occurred to me that either of them would make a worthy addition to Radio National's schedule. So if anyone has any contacts... A couple of interesting observations by people around the country: Too many men can't graciously accept defeat (especially by women and children). We don't meet and greet new members as well as we should. Kids leaving chess in grade 8/9 is identified by many as the biggest problem facing Australian chess. The best measures I've heard so far are: (1) Try and keep high school kids involved in schools teams chess (which they all seem to enjoy) and (2) Make sure there is a decent university and club chess system to move into. Another suggestion I received was that far too few clubs send their results regularly to the sports pages. Thanks again to all you who turned up to the meetings and for giving your views and ideas. 

2002 AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS AND AUSTRALIAN JUNIORS At this stage the only information that I can give on these two very important events is that given in my bulletin of 1 July 2001 with the addition that the ACF Conference will be held on 6 January and the venue for the Australian Juniors will be the Cranbrook School, Sydney. I also understand that the Australian Championships in Melbourne will be followed immediately by the Australian Women's Championships and a 'Masters' style tournament. "At the ACF Council meeting held by phone hook-up last Monday evening, I'm pleased to advise, the council accepted the VCA/Melbourne Chess Club submission to host the 2002 Australian Championships at the Melbourne Town Hall from 28 December 2001 to 11 January 2002. The Australian Juniors have already been awarded to the NSWCA who plan to hold the event from 12 January 2002 to 24 January 2002." Gary Wastell has promised lots of info re the Aust Champs for next week's bulletin. I very much hope to receive full information for the Australian juniors also over the next few days. 

AUSTRALIAN PRODUCED CHESS PRODUCTS Alan Goldsmith and Mark Chapman have produced a major new chess product entitled 'Good Move', aimed at the schools market. Its database contains 750 graphic movies organised into lesson sets, ranging from absolute beginner to expert level. It includes a CD Rom and book and much more. It could end up being successful internationally. The ACF has decided that it will provide a list of Australian-produced chess products on its webpage and negotiate a standard commission with suppliers. Products that immediately spring to mind are chess books by Ian Rogers, Cathy Chua, Brian Jones and of course the world famous 'Chess Made Easy' by Purdy/Koshnitsky; also, the 'How to Play Chess' video produced by members of the Suncoast Chess Club. I'm sure there are many more. I would be grateful if people could supply me with a list of Australian-produced chess products together with the author/producer/owner etc. 

STEINER AND KOSHNITSKY MEDALS - GARY WASTELL State Associations are reminded of the opportunity to nominate persons for the following medals, which the ACF will present in January 2002: (a) The Koshnitsky Medal, for services as an administrator (b) The Steiner Medal, for Australian 'Player of the Year 2001'. More information concerning the medals can be found at the ACF web site. Nominations can be forwarded by email to or mailed to 20 Sycamore Grove, East St Kilda 3183. Please follow-up if, after 48 hours, you have not been notified that your nomination has been received. 2001 

GRAND PRIX The Grand Prix Supervisor is Norm Braybrooke Just a reminder that we welcome more details of Grand Prix events for publication in this bulletin. There are now 41 events for 2001. 20/21 Oct Box Hill Whitehorse Festival Week-Ender VIC Cat 2 Trevor Stanning 3/4 Nov Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 3-5 Nov Tasmanian Open TAS Cat 1 Neville Ledger 03 6431 1280 17/18 Nov Taree RSL Spring Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 24/25 Nov NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614 8/9 Dec Tuggeranong Vikings Weekender ACT Cat 1 Lee Forace 02 9556 3960 15/16 Dec Melbourne Chess Club Christmas Swiss VIC Cat 2 Malcolm Pyke 15/16 Dec Fairfield RSL Pre Christmas Cup NSW Cat 2 Elpidio Bautista 02 9723 5537 NSW 15, Qld 9, Vic 5, Tas 4, SA 4, ACT 3, WA 1. 2002 GRAND PRIX We have already received four events for the 2002 Grand Prix. May I encourage clubs and states to start planning their 2002 calendars now and let's see if we can come up with a record number of events for 2002. 9/10 Feb Newcastle Open 22/23 June Gold Coast Open 10/11 August Coal City Open 21/22 Sept Gold Coast Classic It would be appreciated if states avoided two Grand Prix events being run on the same weekend in the same state. We are hopeful that Western Australia might enter several events in 2002 to give WA players an equal chance of winning prizes. 

GOSFORD OPEN Website : When : Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October 2001 Where : Central Coast Leagues Club (Dane Drive Gosford) 1 hour per player per game (DGT's used - so perhaps with increment) Saturday Rounds (Oct 27th) 10am; 12:30pm; 3pm & 5:30pm Sunday Rounds (Oct 28th) 9am; 11:30pm & 2pm Divisional Prizes Under 2200 Under 1400 Under 2000 Under 1200 Under 1800 Under 1000 Under 1600 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each Division * ($70, $35, $20 **) also Best Junior and Best Unrated Open 1st 2nd 3rd ($325 $175 $100 **) Entry fees : $45; $35 concession; $30 juniors $10 deduction if paid prior to 15th October 2001 Post entries to : Allen Robinson, CCLCC Treasurer, 5/6 Gillott Way, St Ives NSW 2075 Enquiries : Keith Farrell (02) 4341 7864 * subject to minimum number of entries in divisions ** based on 50 entries (65 entries is over $400 Open 1st & over $85 Div.1st) 

REDCLIFFE CHALLENGE - NORM BRAYBROOKE 1st S.Solomon 6/6, 2nd Michael Davidovici 5/6 then Hamish Selnes, Derek Elkington and Michael Szabo (best Redcliffe club member) 4.5/6. Gold Coast junior Toshi Kimura started well with 3.5/4 (including wins against John Myers and Paul Richards) then lost to Stephen Solomon and Michael Szabo. Leading Cadets (U/12) Luke Wagner (Gladstone) 3/6, Mikio Kimura and S. Long 2.5/6. 

TWEED HEADS OPEN 1st David Smerdon 6.5/7 ($1,000), 2nd= Stephen Solomon, John Myers, Chris Yu, Toshi Kimura 5.5/7, 6th= David Lovejoy, Derek Elkington, Brian Thomas, Ross Jempson, Peter Varela 5/7, 11th= Catherine Lip, Hamish Selnes, Andrew Van Der Meer, Tony Weller, Noel Olsen, Phachara Wongwichit, Endel Lane, Phillip Brown, Vasile Buciu 4.5/7. 67 players. $3,350 in prizes. 

GM AARON SUMMERSCALE IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA UK GM Aaron Summerscale is coming here in December and has asked about tournaments. His email is Contact him if you want to involve him and maybe organise a simul or promotion. 

WORLD YOUTH FESTIVAL OROPESA DEL MAR, SPAIN This important event commences next Saturday 20 October and finishes on 3 November. Webpage is Michelle Lee has withdrawn from the Australian team which is as follows: Girls U10 Rochelah Ziffer, Natasha Lauder, Tamzin Oliver, Adelaide Soltysik Open U10 Khoi Hoang Girls U12 Heather Huddleston, Amy Evans Open U12 Dusan Stojic Girls U14 Sally-Anne Richter Open U14 Peter Jovanovic, Gareth Oliver Girls U16 Shannon Oliver Open U16 Zong-Yuan Zhao, Svetozar Stojic Open U18 Justin Tan Jenni Oliver advises that Ian Rogers, Darryl Johansen and Michael Gluzman did a 'wonderful' job preparing the team during an 'absolutely fantastic' week during the school holidays in Canberra. The team uniforms have kindly been sponsored by the Soltysiks (ACE FM). Once again Australian chess is indebted to the Oliver family for sponsoring the coaching week and to Jenni in particular for doing all the administrative work in bringing the team together. Many thanks Jenni!! 

ARIANNE CAOILI Arianne, aged 14, with a FIDE rating of 2257 has just been awarded her WIM title after achieving five WIM norms. She will be competing for the Philippines in the World Under 18 Girls in Oropesa. Her family home is still on the Gold Coast. 

SANTA OLAYA OPEN Alex Wohl has won the Santa Olaya Open outright on 7/8. Alex certainly seems to be getting around during his time overseas! 

2001 AUSTRALIAN SCHOOLS TEAMS CHAMPIONSHIPS - IAN MURRAY Tournament Conditions Dates and venue 1 The championships will be held on the weekend of 15-16 December 2001 at Morris Hall, Anglican Church Grammar School (‘Churchie’), Oaklands Pde, East Brisbane. Eligibility 2 Each State and Territory is entitled to enter one team in each of the following championships:- Australian Secondary Schools Open Australian Secondary Schools Girls Australian Primary Schools Open Australian Primary Schools Girls Teams 3 Each team shall comprise players from the one school. Players nominated for a girls championship cannot play in an open championship; players nominated for an open championship cannot play in a girls championship. 4 Teams shall consist of four players plus any number of reserve players 5 Team members must be bona fide students at the school entering the team 6 Players and reserves are to be entered, and to play, in their teams in order of playing strength, which may not be varied during the championships. National or junior ratings are indicative of playing strength unless there are valid reasons for a school to believe that a player’s current rating does not reflect the player’s true strength. Tournament Director 7 The chief arbiter for the championships is Charles Zworestine. The deputy arbiter is Ian Murray. 8 Questions or concerns during the course of the tournament should be raised with the chief arbiter or, in his absence, the deputy arbiter. Registration 9 Schools must forward entry forms, with details of players and reserves, by mail or fax to reach CAQ by Wednesday 12 December 10 Final registration of teams, with any late changes, will take place at 8:30am on Saturday 15 December at the venue. 11 Upon registration, the playing order for each team will be confirmed. Reserves 12 Reserves may be freely used throughout the tournament. 13 The chief arbiter should be notified of the intention to substitute a reserve not later than 15 minutes before the start of the round in which the substitution is to take place. 14 When a reserve is substituted, the team playing order as advised upon registration must be preserved. Format 15 Each championship will be played as a teams-rostered round-robin tournament. Playing times 16 Round 1 will commence at 9.15am 17 Playing times vary for high schools and primary schools events, and will be advised at the commencement of play. 18 Players should be seated and ready for play five minutes before the scheduled commencement time for each round. Announcements to the players will be made at this time. Time Controls (Subject to confirmation) 19 In the high schools championship, the time control for the whole game will be 55 minutes per player with an added 10 second increment per move made from move 1. Session playing time is estimated at 2 hours. 20 In the primary schools championship, the time control for the whole game will be 40 minutes per player with an added 10 seconds per move made from move 1. Session playing time is estimated at 90 minutes. Recording moves 21 Players shall record their games on the score sheets provided. As is usual, players need not record moves when they have less than five minutes remaining of their allotted time. FIDE Laws 22 The FIDE Laws of Chess will apply. Results 23 At the conclusion of each round, a player from both teams will advise the arbiter of the results for all boards. Result sheets will be provided. 24 Players score one point for a win and half a point for a draw. 25 The team which scores most points at the conclusion of the tournament will be declared the winner. Should there be a tie, the title will be shared and trophies awarded on countback. Accommodation Churchie boarding houses (book through CAQ at $30 per person per night Breakfast $5 per person Lunch $6.50 per person Dinner $8.50 per person NB Lunches provided at playing venue on Sat/Sun; barbecue meal provided Sat night) When booking, advise number of adults and children, male and female Royal on the Park Hotel (five star ­ book direct) Book as participants in Churchie chess championships to obtain corporate discount ($110 per person per night twin share ­ normal base rate $140) Holiday apartments/motels, Kangaroo Point (book direct) 

SMERDON V MILES INTERNET MATCH - BRUCE HARRIS On Thursday evening 4 October David Smerdon played two games of lightning over ICC against GM Tony Miles. The event was part of the inaugural Gold Coast Edward de Bono Festival of Thinking. The match, billed as the First Chess Test Match, UK vs Australia, was held in the Tatiara Ballroom at the ANA Hotel in Surfers Paradise, as a prelude to a World Habitat Day Dinner sponsored by the International Young Professionals Summit. Tony played from the comfort of his home in the UK, while David stood in front of an audience of besuited international young professionals, with the moves projected onto a screen. Remi Broadway provided a brief commentary for the less chess-literate. The first game resulted in a draw, the second in a win to David. "Aus-sie! Aus-sie! Aus-sie!" cried the crowd. There was a minor mouse-slip blemish early in the game that David won. Nobody in the crowd noticed (whereas they no doubt would have noticed a takeback, which is why David adopted the strategy he did). In his words .... There is one problem with the game that I won: at a point (move 4.e4) Tony played a mousslip - he meant to play e3 but accidently let go at e4. Then ...Nxe4 just wins a pawn, so he asked for a takeback. To maintain the credibility of the match, I played ...d5 (a normal move but not winning on the spot!) and told him to go with it - I typed this without letting it be seen on the screen in case people began to have doubts. Thus, the game has that flaw in it early on. Both games are also very much time trouble-plagued in their later stages. 

smurfo (2809) vs. TonyM (2795) --- 2001.10.04 05:43:11 Unrated blitz match, initial time: 5 minutes, increment: 0 seconds
1. e4 (0:02) Nc6 (0:05)
2. Nf3 (0:02) e5 (0:01)
3. d4 (0:02) exd4 (0:02)
4. Bc4 (0:02) Bc5 (0:02)
5. c3 (0:02) Nf6 (0:02)
6. cxd4 (0:01) Bb4+ (0:02)
7. Bd2 (0:01) Nxe4 (0:12)
8. Bxb4 (0:10) Nxb4 (0:01)
9. Bxf7+ (0:02) Kxf7 (0:01)
10. Qb3+ (0:01) Kf8 (0:02)
11. Qxb4+ (0:01) Qe7 (0:01)
12. Qxe7+ (0:02) Kxe7 (0:02)
13. Nbd2 (0:06) Nxd2 (0:04)
14. Kxd2 (0:01) d6 (0:02)
15. Rhe1+ (0:03) Kd8 (0:06)
16. Ng5 (0:05) Rf8 (0:02)
17. Re2 (0:02) h6 (0:04)
18. Ne4 (0:01) Bd7 (0:13)
19. Nc3 (0:20) c6 (0:13)
20. Rae1 (0:02) Kc7 (0:03)
21. f3 (0:01) Rf7 (0:08)
22. Re7 (0:03) Raf8 (0:02)
23. b4 (0:07) Kd8 (0:07)
24. Rxf7 (0:01) Rxf7 (0:01)
25. a3 (0:02) Re7 (0:07)
26. Re3 (0:06) Rxe3 (0:05)
27. Kxe3 (0:01) Ke7 (0:01)
28. Kf4 (0:02) Be6 (0:17)
29. Ke4 (0:04) Kf6 (0:05)
30. f4 (0:03) g5 (0:23)
31. g3 (0:03) Bh3 (0:11)
32. Ke3 (0:07) gxf4+ (0:43)
33. Kxf4 (0:03) Bd7 (0:09)
34. g4 (0:06) b6 (0:03)
35. h4 (0:03) a5 (0:05)
36. g5+ (0:02) hxg5+ (0:02)
37. hxg5+ (0:02) Ke7 (0:05)
38. Ne4 (0:08) axb4 (0:03)
39. axb4 (0:02) Be8 (0:03)
40. Kf5 (0:06) c5 (0:05)
41. dxc5 (0:08) dxc5 (0:02)
42. bxc5 (0:01) bxc5 (0:02)
43. Nxc5 (0:01) Kf7 (0:03)
44. Ne4 (0:15) Bd7+ (0:03)
45. Kf4 (0:01) Ba4 (0:04)
46. Ng3 (0:07) Kg6 (0:03)
47. Nf5 (0:04) Bc2 (0:02)
48. Nh4+ (0:01) Kg7 (0:01)
49. Ke5 (0:01) Bb1 (0:03)
50. Kf4 (0:03) Bc2 (0:02)
51. Ng2 (0:01) Bb1 (0:02)
52. Kg4 (0:03) Bc2 (0:02)
53. Ne3 (0:01) Bb1 (0:02)
54. Kh5 (0:05) Bg6+ (0:02)
55. Kh4 (0:01) Bb1 (0:01)
56. Nd5 (0:17) Bc2 (0:02)
57. Nf4 (0:01) Bb1 (0:01)
{Game drawn by mutual agreement} 1/2-1/2 

TonyM (2795) vs. smurfo (2809) --- 2001.10.04 05:54:52 Unrated blitz match, initial time: 5 minutes, increment: 0 seconds
1. d4 (0:03) e6 (0:03)
2. Nf3 (0:02) Nf6 (0:05)
3. Bf4 (0:03) c5 (0:03)
4. e4 (0:01) d5 (0:16)
5. exd5 (0:13) Nxd5 (0:06)
6. Bxb8 (0:17) Rxb8 (0:03)
7. Bb5+ (0:02) Bd7 (0:03)
8. Bxd7+ (0:02) Qxd7 (0:01)
9. O (0:05) Bd6 (0:11)
10. c4 (0:03) Nb6 (0:11)
11. b3 (0:18) 0-0 (0:07)
12. Nc3 (0:03) cxd4 (0:06)
13. Qxd4 (0:07) Be7 (0:06)
14. Rad1 (0:07) Rfd8 (0:13)
15. Qxd7 (0:10) Nxd7 (0:25)
16. g3 (0:09) Nc5 (0:09)
17. Rxd8+ (0:07) Rxd8 (0:02)
18. Rd1 (0:01) Rxd1+ (0:05)
19. Nxd1 (0:02) f5 (0:05)
20. Nc3 (0:07) Kf7 (0:02)
21. Kf1 (0:07) Bf6 (0:04)
22. Nb5 (0:14) a6 (0:01)
23. Nbd4 (0:13) Ne4 (0:05)
24. Ke1 (0:14) g5 (0:06)
25. Ne2 (0:04) g4 (0:13)
26. Nd2 (0:02) Nc3 (0:06)
27. Nxc3 (0:04) Bxc3 (0:02)
28. Ke2 (0:01) e5 (0:04)
29. Nf1 (0:06) Ke6 (0:33)
30. Ne3 (0:02) Bd4 (0:02)
31. Nd5 (0:04) Bc5 (0:01)
32. a4 (0:10) Bd6 (0:06)
33. Kf1 (0:10) b5 (0:05)
34. axb5 (0:05) axb5 (0:01)
35. Ke2 (0:04) bxc4 (0:02)
36. bxc4 (0:02) f4 (0:04)
37. Nc3 (0:07) Bc5 (0:12)
38. Ne4 (0:02) Bb4 (0:13)
39. f3 (0:06) Kf5 (0:07)
40. Kf2 (0:06) h5 (0:02)
41. Kg2 (0:03) fxg3 (0:01)
42. hxg3 (0:15) Be7 (0:02)
43. c5 (0:05) h4 (0:01)
44. c6 (0:07) h3+ (0:03)
45. Kh2 (0:03) Bd8 (0:01)
46. Nd6+ (0:06) Ke6 (0:01)
47. Nb5 (0:04) gxf3 (0:02)
48. Kxh3 (0:01) e4 (0:02)
49. c7 (0:04) Bxc7 (0:01)
50. Nxc7+ (0:02) Kd6 (0:01)
51. Nb5+ (0:01) Kc5 (0:01)
52. Nc3 (0:01) Kd4 (0:01)
{White forfeits on time} 0-1
Editor's note: The good news for David and the Gold Coast chess scene is that David has been awarded a full scholarship to Bond University. He will be studying International Law and commences in late January 2002. 

AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITIES TEAMS CHAMPIONSHIPS - ALLAN RICHARDS Well the 2001 Australian Universities Teams Chess Championship has come to a close. While the distinct lack of teams was quite noticable (we only had four in the end), everyone seemed to enjoy the event. The surprisingly good prizemoney might have had something to do with that! While you might think that 4 teams might not be too bad, most of the major universities could be represented with that many teams, 3 of them from the University of New South Wales! A big thanks goes out to UNSW for being so well organised (and I think in particular Kerry Stead). Due to the number of people participating it was decided to change the format slightly. In the end we ran the event as an individual swiss with with the scores from the individual members of the team added on to work out the team standings. Jason Chan played some great chess to have won the individual tournament with a round to spare! Not bad for a six round tournament with tough opposition. Unfortunately the event was still a teams event, the final standings for which were: 1st UNSW A with 15.5 points. With individual scores: Ooi 4; Stead, Davies 4; Serov 3. 2nd University of Sydney with 13 points: Chan 5.5; Cheung 3.5; Lan 3; Mitra 1. 3rd UNSW C with 10.5 points: Chong 3.5; Chai 3; Forace, In 2. 4th UNSW B with 9 points: Bye 3; Arnold 2.5; Wong 2; Qu 1.5. The following people deserve to be thanked for their help regarding the tournament: The people at the Australian University Games who allowed the tournament to be part of their great event. Hopefully it will be part of the sporting program in the years to come. The University of Sydney Union who helped by providing a great venue for the tournament to be held in, and who provided generous sponsorship of the event. The ACF who generously sponsored the event. Nigel Nettheim for providing the perpetual trophy. Charles Zworestine for arbiting the event. All the participants for helping start what will hopefully become an inaugural event, and to all those people who tried to get teams together. Thank you all for your efforts. Editor's note: I'm enormously grateful to Allan Richards for organising this event and 'having a go'. I'm even more encouraged by the fact that Allan wants to have another try next year. In my opinion it is vitally important to the well-being of Australian chess to have a healthy universities competition. It would be very much appreciated if volunteers from around the nation would step forward with offers of help to organise the 2002 competition. Some of the best events have small beginnings. . . 

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Michael Gluzman and Ngan Koshnitsky are busy making arrangements to participate as the Oceania representatives in the World Championships due to commence on 25 November at the Palace Meeting Hall, Kremlin, Moscow. The preliminaries and semi finals finish on 12 December. The final will be held from 15 to 25 January, also in Moscow. 

2001 QUEENSLAND CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR VETERANS AND DISABLED PLAYERS 27/28 OCTOBER - WENDY TERRY Venue: Carina Leagues Club Creek Road Carina (opposite Meadowlands Road) Official Opening: 9.45am Saturday 27th October Kevin Rudd MP - Federal Member for Griffith Director of Play: Alan Thomas IA Rate of Play: 60 minutes each side of the clock games Rounds: Saturday One 10.00am Two 12.30pm Three 3.00pm Sunday Four 10.00am Five 12.30pm Six 3.00pm Prize Giving: 5.30pm Sunday 28th October John Montgomery ­ President ­ Coorparoo RSL Conditions Current membership of the CAQ is required as these are State Titles. Veterans must be fifty (50) years of age or older on 1-1-2001. Disabled Players must be able to show proof of disability by providing a DSP Card or similar. Entrants may play in both categories if eligible, but may win only one major cash award. If there are tied scores, prize money will be shared but trophies awarded on count-back. Entry Fee : $30-00 Should be sent to Wendy Terry, 29 Monmouth Street, Morningside. 4170 Or let Wendy know you are playing - 3899-0485 - and pay at the venue. 

PERMANENT COMMISSION OF THE FIDE FOR CHESS COMPOSITION President Bedrich Formanek, Zimna 2, SK-821 02 Bratislava, Slovakia tel.: **421-243-292-741 e-mail: Bratislava, September 15th, 2001 To all FIDE members Invitation I am pleased to invite the Chess Federation (or Chess Composition Organization) of your country to take part in the 7th World Chess Composition Tournament of the FIDE. The official announcement with all necessary details about the themes, closing date, registration etc. is published on the web-site or you can get it from the 7th WCCT Director Zivko Janevski, P.O. Box 163, 91480 Gevgelija, Macedonia. E-mail: I hope your country will take part in this supreme team competition in chess composition. 


JEFF SUPTUT Just wanted to check out something with you...the ACT Under 8 Open was held last weekend, and we had 42 entries. Is this some sort of a record for a state (or indeed National) Under 8 chess competition? 

KORINNA MILIARAKI The international open chess tournament of Panormo will take place October 20-27, 2001 in sunny Crete, Greece. The event is a 9-round swiss tournament with a total prize fund of more than 3000 Euro (1st prize: 1000 Euro). Special accommodation offers are available for the participants and accompanying persons. Download the official information document of the event from in WORD format or visit the official website of the event for more information: We would be pleased to see you participate in this event and visit the beautiful island of Crete. 

LASZLO NAGY After the Panormo open in Crete, GREECE (October 20-27, 2001) - - follows FIRST SATURDAY IM and Fide-master closed tournament in Budapest, HUNGARY, from 3rd until 15th of November 2001, more info: Nagy, Laszlo International Chess Organizer E-mail: 

JAKUB FUKSIK Dear chess friends, let me inform you about 3rd Friendship chess tournament which take place at 04.-14.12.2001 in Prerov (Czech Republic). There will be organized several tournaments including round-robin IM and GM tournament and 3 open tournaments. For more information contact please director of this tournament Mr Richard Biolek ( 

***** With very best wishes to all Graeme Gardiner President, Australian Chess Federation 11 Hardys Road Mudgeeraba Queensland 4213 Phone +61 7 5530 5794 Mobile 0438 305797 Fax +61 7 5530 6959 Email Chess - the Clever Sport!