ACF Bulletin No. 128 - 5 August 2001

First ASEAN Open, British Championships, Celebrities/Corporate contacts,
Venue for World Championships, ANU Open, Australian Rapid Play, 2001 Grand
Prix, Flaunches Weekender, Insurance Deal, Queensland Women's Championships,
Australian Schools Teams Championships, NSWCA Grade Comp, Green and Gold
Cup, Some International Tournaments, Correspondence.

Ian Rogers is the first ASEAN Open Champion! Well done Ian.
For full details and games go to and
look under chronicles and games.

1. Ian Rogers (Aus) 7.5/9
2eq. Juswanto (Ind), Antonio (Phi) 7;
4eq. Nguyen Thanh Son (Vie), Boricsek (Hun), Senador (Phi) 6.5;
7eq. Villamayor (Phi), Nguyen Ahn Dung (Vie), Megaranto (Ind),
Sitanggang (Ind), Ginting (Ind), Irwanto (Ind), Mariano (Phi), Chuah (Mas) 6....
Tim Reilly 5.5, Danny Dwyer 4.5, Cathy Rogers 4.

Zong-Yuan Zhao and Gary Lane are both on 3.5/6. Zong-Yuan has a win and five
draws including two against GMs and one against a strong IM. Full details
and live games at


This information was kindly supplied to Peter Wallman by Peter Parr. I
reproduce it here for the interest of the chess community and in the hope it
might induce a few more names from chess supporters.

The Lord Mayor of Sydney, Frank Sartor, was in my shop with his two sons about
a year ago and purchased a few sets and books for his sons.

Maybe (like Melbourne) he could arrange free usage of Sydney Town Hall for
an Australian Championship.
Richard Farleigh a former employee of Chess Discount Sales is high on the
world's richest list. Farleigh estimates his portfolio of investments at 100
million pounds sterling ($300 million AUS) now living in Monaco, drives the
latest Ferrari and recently purchased world champion Formula one Schumaker's

The opening ceremony of the Kasaprov-Kramnik title match was hosted by
Farleigh in his splendid Home House in London. Farleigh played for Monaco in
the Istanbul Olympiad and visits my shop about once or twice a year for
lightning practice.

Sir Ron Brierley has visited my shop on occasions and purchased a few chess

Former deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer visited my shop on many occasions
and showed me around the NSW Parliament Building.

The Chairman of the NSW Bridge Association John Arkinstall is a frequent
visitor. The NSW Bridge Association owns the Bridge Centre in the Sydney
CBD - 588 square metres enough for 250 players in a new central building -
value 1.5 - 2 million dollars. Chess players are welcome but show little
interest at present - we need a CBD centre. Paddy McGuiness a brilliant
journalist visits Chess Discount Sales and has purchased various computers.

Lorand Loblay is a tournament player of considerable wealth.

Ron Barassi is a keen chess player. The annual solicitors barristers match
attracts Justice John Purdy, Malcolm Broun QC etc.

John Baker is a regular player and as former managing director of Cepacol
sponsored chess about $100,000 over a number of years.
Dato Tan Chin Nam has sponsored the QVB International in Sydney 1999 owns
numerous race horses in Sydney and sponsored the USA - China match and a
number of International tournaments in the last 12 months. Jason Lyons is
his chess organiser.

Ros Kelly (Minister of Sport) and Kerry Chikarovski (NSW Opposition leader)
both attended the prize giving of the Australian Rapid Play at the Shore
Inn, Sydney about 6 years ago.

Visy Recycling managing director Mr Pratt assists junior chess. Mercantile
Mutual now (ING) sponsored about $80,000 in the ACF weekend Grand Prix

Former NSW Champion Roy Travers is in a  managerial role at Accor Asia
Pacific - the largest hotel management company in Australia with nearly 90
hotels in Australia.
Chess Sets are often in advertising - new television adverts in a few months
time for Arnott's Tim - Tam biscuits will prominently feature a chess set
and board.
David Salter - TV producer and former head of Channel 2 sport is a regular
visitor to Chess Discount Sales - his son is Michael Salter. David organised
sponsorship for the Karpov tour of Australia.

Frank Lowy owner of Westfield is a keen chess player. He financed Spassky
exhibitions in Sydney. Koshnitsky knew him quite well.

Kerry Packer had a number of private chess lessons from a leading player
about 6 years ago.
A. Jackson of Chess Consulting Group sponsored Sydney Grade Matches.

IBM sponsored the inter-state matches for the IBM trophy but no one has
organised the inter-state series for a few years. Why not? John Tong is a
good contact at IBM.

Australia are of course the official reigning World Tele-Chess Champions.

I was pleased to captain the winning Australian Team (Australia beat Russia
8-0). Peter Wallman was ACF President at the time.

I hope this information is of use for corporate contacts.
Peter Parr


I am writing to inform the entire chess fraternity that due to the nature of
the on-going negotiations for this year’s World Chess Championships, it has
become necessary for more time to be given in order to ensure that all
parties and interests are satisfied.
The President, H.E. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, has directed me to assure all of you
that in the end and after due consultations, he will announce the venue that
will be in the best interest of chess and of FIDE.
I am to seize this opportunity to remind those sceptics of FIDE’s inability
to organise this event, to look back at our track record with regard to
living up to our commitments, even in the face of all odds, from 1997 to
date. In the end, come November 25 2001, the World Championship will be held
at a venue, which will be announced by the President on completion of the
negotiations and upon the confirmation of the scheduling arrangements per
regulations by the Presidential Board.
Gens Una Sumus.
Emmanuel Omuku
Executive Director, FIDE


1  Johansen, Darryl   VIC   2501 6.5   29:W 30:W 17:W  3:W  2:W 10:W 5:D
2  Wallace, John-Paul  NSW   2397 5.5   18:W  7:W 16:D  9:W  1:L 23:W 12:W
3  Stead, Kerry   NSW   1949 5.5   35:W 20:W 44:W  1:L  6:W 11:D 10:W
4  Jones, Brian  NSW   2164 5.5   40:W  9:D 23:W 12:L 21:W 19:W 11:W
5  Solomon, Stephen   QLD   2386 5.5   28:W 22:W 11:L 27:W 17:W 16:W 1:D
6  Rout, Ian  ACT   1899 5     26:L 41:W 29:W 22:W  3:L 27:W 20:W
7  Grcic, Milan  ACT   1833 5     24:W  2:L 28:D 18:D 26:W 33:W 16:W
8  Farrell, Roger ACT   2097 5      0:D 54:W  9:L 34:W  0:D 18:W 21:W
9  Marsden, John NSW   1799 4.5   50:W  4:D  8:W  2:L 15:W 12:L 30:W
10 Chow, Sam  VIC   1973 4.5   31:W 25:W 21:W 11:D 12:W  1:L 3:L
11 Jovanovic, Peter  ACT   1873 4.5   33:W 38:W  5:W 10:D 16:D  3:D 4:L
12 Moylan, Laura ACT   1860 4.5   45:W 26:D 19:W  4:W 10:L  9:W 2:L
13 Bliznyuk, Andrey ACT   2055 4.5   52:W 19:D 26:L 36:L 45:W 24:W 31:W
14 Forace, Lee  ACT   1470 4.5   17:L 51:W 22:L 55:W 25:W 30:D 36:W
15 Wright, Ian  ACT   1989 4.5   34:L 37:W 35:W 44:D  9:L 28:W 32:W
16 Lovejoy, David  QLD   1926 4     27:W 36:W  2:D 26:W 11:D  5:L 7:L
17 Bartlett, Stephen ACT   1921 4     14:W 32:W  1:L 39:W  5:L 20:L 40:W
18 Hummel, Mark ACT   1577 4      2:L 24:W  0:D  7:D 47:W  8:L 33:W
19 Ninchich, Milan  ACT   1685 4     43:W 13:D 12:L 46:W 44:W  4:L 23:D
20 Myers, Stephen VIC   1724 4     42:W  3:L 31:D 45:W 30:D 17:W 6:L
21 Retallick, Stephen   NSW   1857 4     37:W 39:W 10:L 33:W  4:L 35:W 8:L
22 Kordahi, Nicholas NSW   1794 4     46:W  5:L 14:W  6:L 35:L 37:W 34:W
23 Ramakrishna, Gogulapati ACT 1800 4  54:D 34:W  4:L 28:W 36:W  2:L 19:D
24 Powles, Jonathan  ACT   1241 4      7:L 18:L 48:W 29:W 40:W 13:L 39:W
25 McCart, Roger ACT   1626 4     48:W 10:L 33:L 37:W 14:L 47:W 35:W
26 Marks, Joe  ACT   1453 3.5    6:W 12:D 13:W 16:L  7:L 32:L 44:+
27 Oliver, Gareth  ACT   1484 3.5   16:L 48:W 32:W  5:L 38:W  6:L 29:D
28 Wei, Michael   ACT   1563 3.5    5:L 50:W  7:D 23:L 54:W 15:L 45:+
29 Zbiljic, Nikola NSW   1579 3.5    1:L 47:W  6:L 24:L 42:W 41:W 27:D
30 Press, Shaun   ACT   1835 3.5   47:W  1:L 34:D 54:W 20:D 14:D 9:L
31 Fitzpatrick, Andrew ACT   1511 3.5   10:L 43:W 20:D 38:D 32:D 44:W 13:L
32 Jovanovic, Marija  ACT   1648 3.5   56:W 17:L 27:L 41:W 31:D 26:W 15:L
33 Oliver, Shannon  ACT   1451 3     11:L 53:W 25:W 21:L 39:W  7:L 18:L
34 Keuning, Anthony  NSW   1533 3     15:W 23:L 30:D  8:L 46:W 36:D 22:L
35 Stojic, Svetozar ACT   1485 3      3:L 56:W 15:L 42:W 22:W 21:L 25:L
36 Egan, Bill ACT   1614 3     49:W 16:L 46:D 13:W 23:L 34:D 14:L
37 Ridge, Mike ACT   1428 3     21:L 15:L 51:W 25:L 49:W 22:L 50:W
38 Wesley, Anthony ACT   1620 3     51:W 11:L 45:D 31:D 27:L 40:L 46:W
39 Stojic, Dusan  ACT   1583 3     53:W 21:L 55:W 17:L 33:L 52:W 24:L
40 Brockman, Roland VIC   1549 3      4:L 42:L 56:W 49:W 24:L 38:W 17:L
41 Murphy, Peter  ACT   1360 3     44:L  6:L 43:W 32:L 55:W 29:L 53:W
42 Guo-Yuthok, Sherab  ACT   1038 3     20:L 40:W 54:L 35:L 29:L 49:W 52:+
43 Maguire, Jesse   ACT   970  3     19:L 31:L 41:L 51:L 56:W 55:W 47:W
44 Wirth, Anthony  NSW   1853 2.5   41:W 55:W  3:L 15:D 19:L 31:L 26:-
45 O'Connor, Travis   ACT   1428 2.5   12:L 49:W 38:D 20:L 13:L 50:W 28:-
46 Hoang, Khoi  ACT   1199 2.5   22:L 52:W 36:D 19:L 34:L 54:W 38:L
47 Huddleston, Heather  NSW   1251 2     30:L 29:L 53:W 52:W 18:L 25:L 43:L
48 Sakthivel, Gaya ACT   580  2     25:L 27:L 24:L 50:L  0:W 53:L 56:W
49 Eldridge-Smith, Veronique ACT 302  2  36:L 45:L  0:W 40:L 37:L 42:L 54:W
50 Selby, Kenzo ACT   1206 2      9:L 28:L 52:L 48:W 53:W 45:L 37:L
51 Oliver, Tamzin  ACT   304  2     38:L 14:L 37:L 43:W 52:L 56:L 55:W
52 Escribano, Jose  NSW   1538 2     13:L 46:L 50:W 47:L 51:W 39:L 42:-
53 Eldridge-Smith, Peter  ACT   2     39:L 33:L 47:L 56:W 50:L 48:W 41:L
54 Mengelkamp, Brian  ACT   1212 1.5   23:D  8:L 42:W 30:L 28:L 46:L 49:L
55 Smith, Kayleigh ACT   114  1   0:W 44:L 39:L 14:L 41:L 43:L 51:L
56 Eldridge-Smith, Leif ACT   680  1     32:L 35:L 40:L 53:L 43:L 51:W 48:L


Gary Bekker was broadcasting the top board from this event live this
weekend, together with webcam and chatbox at Many thanks to Gary who has
been very active lately preparing a manual for use of the DGT Boards. These
boards have now been distributed around the states, and we expect to get
more and more use from them as time goes on. Thanks again to Queensland
University of Technology
who sponsored the boards.

The Grand Prix Supervisor is Norm Braybrooke

Just a reminder that we welcome more details of Grand Prix events for
publication in this bulletin.

There are now 41 events for 2001.

1/2 September  Launceston Weekender TAS Cat 1  Leo Minol 03 6344 7472
1/2 Sep Geelong Open VIC Cat 2 Bill Stokie 03 5250 1786 Paul Power

22/23 Sep  Gold Coast Classic QLD Cat 3 Graeme Gardiner 07 5530 5794
29/30 Sep  Lidum's Cup SA Cat 2 Roland Eime 08 8268 1374
29/30 Sep  Redcliffe Challenge QLD Cat 1 Mark Stokes 07 3205 6042
13/14 Oct  Tweed Heads Open QLD Cat 3 Audie Pennefather 07 5536 9185

20-21/October  Box Hill Whitehorse Festival Week-Ender VIC Cat 2 Trevor

3/4 Nov  Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060
3-5 Nov  Tasmanian Open TAS Cat 1 Neville Ledger 03 6431 1280

17/18 Nov  Taree RSL Spring Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060

24/25 Nov  NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614

8/9 Dec  Tuggeranong Vikings Weekender ACT Cat 1 Lee Forace 02 9556 3960
15/16 Dec  Melbourne Chess Club Christmas Swiss VIC Cat 2 Malcolm Pyke
15/16 Dec  Fairfield RSL Pre Christmas Cup NSW Cat 2 Elpidio Bautista 02
9723 5537
NSW 15, Qld 9, Tas 4, SA 4, ACT 3, Vic 5, WA 1.


Adult Education Centre 8 High Street FLAUNCHES
A Level 1 ACF Grand Prix Event.
Hosted by Flaunches Chess Club for the Tasmanian Chess Association.
Rate of Play: 5 rounds S/P. 90 minutes per player for the whole game.
Entries close Saturday 1st September 2001 10:45 AM.
Sessions: Saturday: 1st Sep Round 1: 11:00 AM - 2.00 PM Round 2: 3:00 PM -
6:00 PM Round 3: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
Sunday: 2nd Sep Round 4: 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon Round 5: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Followed by presentation of prizes. 4:10 PM
Entry Fee: $40.00 seniors, $35.00 concessions, $30.00 juniors (U18). Early
entries $5.00 discount if paid by Wed 29 August.
Prizes: 1st: 45% of prize pool, 2nd: 25%, 3rd 10%. U 1700: 10%, U 1500: 10%.
Note: Prize pool is entry fees less running costs, ACF fees and TCA levy.
Tiebreak methods will be used.
Arbiter: Kevin Bonham plus assistants. FIDE 1997 laws apply.
Some billeting will be available.
Entries and Enquiries: Leo Minol 11 Docking Court Newstead Tas 7250 Phone 03
6344 7472 Email


The following clubs/states have now signed up:

Gold Coast Chess Club Inc
Canberra Chess Club
Southside Junior Chess Club
Bunbury Chess Club Inc
Hobsons Bay Chess Club
Dandenong Chess Club Inc
Tweed Coolangatta Chess Club Inc
Street Chess (In Canberra)
Australian Capital Territory Chess Association Inc
Belconnen Chess Club
Noble Knights Chess Club Inc
Chess Association of W.A. Inc
South Australian Chess Association Inc
Suncoast Chess Club Inc
Melbourne Chess Club Inc
The Southern Chess League
Adelaide University Chess Club
Toowoomba Chess Club Inc
Kin Kora Junior Chess Club

Did you know that if your club has less then 50 members, you can join the
ACF policy providing $10M of Public Liability Insurance Cover for just $121
per annum?
Chris Zuccala's new email address is


Champion        Natalie Mills     5.5/6
Second      Wendy Terry             4.5/6
Third           Michelle Mowles 4/6
                Ingrid Thompson 4/6
                Kieran Lyons    3.5/6
                Amy Evans  3/6
                Piper Kenny    3/6
                Jessica Layton  3/6
                Jessica Kinder  2.5/6
                Ailsa McKenzie  2/6
                Danielle Kinder 1/6

Some preliminary accommodation information:

Boarding Facilities at Churchie prices: $35 per night per person plus meals
(Discount rate) $30 per night per person plus meals: Breakfast - $5.00 +
GST, Lunch - $6.50 + GST, Dinner - $8.50 + GST.

Motels that are near Churchie (5 min. drive):
Kangaroo Motel 624 Main Street Kangaroo Point Tel: (07) 3391 1145

Kangaroo Point Holiday Apartments 819 Main Street Kangaroo Point Tel: 1800
676 855

Kangaroo Point Paramount Motel 649 Main Street Kangaroo Point Tel: (07) 3393
14444 Fax: (07) 3891 5592


Scores after 10 rounds (40 games):

1. St George 26.0
2. Wests 25.5
3. Koala 21.0
4. Fairfield 18.0
5. Canterbury 17.5
6. North Sydney 12.0

This inaugural event is for players rated up to 1450 (seniors) and 1550
(juniors) and will be held next weekend 11/12 August at the Somerset College
Koala House (Sports Pavilion), Gold Coast. Registration 8.30am to 9.15am (no
pre registration required for this event). Format Rapid Mix 12 Rounds.
Medals and Cash Prizes. Canteen and Library Open all weekend. Entry fee $15
(Family Discount available). Contact Henry MacLennan 07 5525 1461 or Email


II Figueres International Chess Open "Miquel Mas" 13-19 August

European Club Cup 22-30 September, International Rapid Tournament 20-22
September in Crete

4th World Junior Team Chess Championship 10-14 October Rio de Janeiro,
Amateur World Chess Championships, Bento Gonçalves, 6-13 December.
4th Malbork Castle Cup (Poland) 08-09 September 2001


7 Round Open Swiss Tournament Venue: Rooty Hill RSL Club Sherbrooke Avenue,
Rooty Hill.
Start: Monday 20th August 2001 - 7.30pm each week.
Rate of Play: 40 moves in 90mins, then 15 mins to complete.
Entry Fee: $30. Rooty Hill RSL Chess Club Members $25.
Prizes: 1st $250, 2nd $150, U1900 $100, U1700 $100, U1550 $100, U1400 $100.
All other prizemonies dependant upon entries.
D.O.P Peter Cassettari 02 9896 4224 after 7.00pm Email



I would like to suggest the ACF publishes a list of the leading players aged
over 60 on future rating lists.

If the proposal is accepted players aged at least 60 and rated above 1800
(about 20 on the active players list) should advise the ACF ratings officer
of their date of birth by 1st January 2002 for the April 2002 ACF rating
As a matter of interest the highest rated players in the respective age
groups in August 2001 are:-

Over 90 Prof Bernard Neumann (ACT) 1652
Over 80 Lloyd Fell (NSW) 1850
Over 70 Phil Viner (NSW) 2152
Over 60 Fred Flatow (NSW) 2302
Over 50 Naum Kagan (VIC) 2383
Over 40 Ian Rogers (NSW) 2571

The average age of the top 8 players on the ACF August list is over 40 years
compared to the average age of under 30 years for the top 8 players on the
July FIDE world rating list.

Peter Parr

With very best wishes to all.

Graeme Gardiner
President, Australian Chess Federation
Phone 07 5530 5794
Fax 07 5530 6959 
Chess - the clever sport!
PS - If you do not wish to receive this bulletin in future, please email Wendy on