ACF Bulletin No. 125 - 15 July 2001


Adelaide and Flinders University Open, Asian Women's Championship,
Queensland Women's Championship, Alex Wohl, Grand Prix latest points, ACF
Grand Prix, Centenary of Federation Geelong Open, New Zealand Girls' Chess


The University Open was a 7 round Category 2 Grand Prix event held on the
weekend of the 7th and 8th of July in 'The Kaf' located on the City East
campus of the University of South Australia. The venue was very spacious and
catered for all 38 participants in air conditioned comfort. To our surprise,
the event received extensive media coverage with news reports on
Channels 9 and 2, a radio interview and newspaper coverage. A free dinner, a
door prize and complimentary tea and coffee made our tournament an enjoyable
experience for the players and spectators.

Entries in our tournament included: IM Mark Chapman, Trevor Tao, FM Scott
Wastney, WIM Ngan Koshnitsky, CCIM Szabo Zaric, Thu Giang Nguyen, Bob
Cowley, Ronald Scott, Alan Goldsmith
, and ex-state champions Song Yang and
Kevin Sheldrick. Mark Chapman took first place with 6/7, Kevin Sheldrick
came second with 5.5/7 and Scott Wastney and Alan Goldsmith came equal third
on 5/7. For other scores please see our web site

A big thanks to our principle sponsor G H Michell & Sons, and our
co-sponsors : Bickfords, Knights & Bytes, The Chess Set, Haighs chocolates,
and Billy Baxters.

Here is the game played between the top seeds Trevor Tao and Mark Chapman.

Round 4 - Chapman (white) Tao (black): 1-0

1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 Bf5 4. Nc3 e6 5. g4 Bg6 6. Nge2 Be7 7. Be3 Nd7 8.
Qd2 Bb4 9. h4 h5 10. gxh5 Bxh5 11. Rg1 Bf8
12. O-O-O Ne7 13. Bg5 f6 14. exf6 gxf6 15. Be3 Qc7 16. Bh3 Qd6 17. Bf4 e5
18. dxe5 fxe5 19. Ne4 Qc7 20. Bxd7+ Kxd7 21. Nc5+ Kc8 22. Qc3 Rh6 23. Bxe5
Qb6 24. Qh3+ Kd8 25. Qd7# {White mates} 1-0

(Editor's note: I've heard that people in South Australia are pretty pleased
with the quality and turnout for this event. Well done Robin and his team).


I understand from Robert Jamieson that we do not, as yet, have any
nominations for the position of Australian seeds at the above event.

This will be held at Channai (Madras), Tamil Nadu, India from 2 to 12
September. I have been advised that Australia is entitled to two seeds.
Entry fee 200 Swiss Francs. Free board and lodging for seeds. Extra players
and accompanying persons twin US$60 per day, single US$100 per day. 11
rounds. New FIDE time controls to be used. Prize fund to be announced
shortly. Nominations for seeds to be in to Robert Jamieson by Monday 16 July latest please.


Venue: Carina Leagues Club, Creek Road, opposite Meadowlands Road, Carina

9am start both days
6 Rounds, 60 mins a side
Entry Fees $35 (plus CAQ membership)
DOP Alan Thomas
Prizes: 1st $200 plus trophy, 2nd $100, 3rd $50, Best Junior $50, Best Cadet
$30, Best Adult rated under 1200 $30
Sponsors: Carina Leagues Club, QWCL, Cheryl Kernot MP
Contact Wendy Terry 07 3899 0485


I won 18 bottles of fine Medoc red wine and we (Juliette and I) have been
drinking some of them with our hosts for several hours now. . . . . .


Leading Scores after 20 Tournaments (excludes tournaments on July 14/15 ­
"Juniors" excludes University Open ­ awaiting confirmation of Junior

Open - 107 players

Solomon, Stephen QLD 2418 51.00
Stead, Kerry NSW 1970 38.00
Wallace, John-Paul NSW 2399 36.00
Chapman, Mark SA 2335 28.00
Lane, Gary NSW 2440 26.00
Rej, Tomek NSW 2000 23.00
Stephson, David QLD 2240 22.50
Zaric, Srboljub SA 2174 21.50

Under 2000 - 108 players

Stead, Kerry NSW 1970 62.00
Rout, Ian ACT 1896 38.40
Davidovici, Michael QLD 1759 26.50
Yang, Song      SA 1826 23.16
Sonter, Matthew QLD 1689 21.16
Wongwichit, Phachara QLD        1498 20.00
Capilitan, Romeo NSW UNR 19.66
Jarek, Mariusz NSW 1713 19.50
Smith, Vivian NZ 1800 19.50

Under 1600 - 79 players

Wongwichit, Phachara QLD 1498   29.00
Capilitan, Romeo NSW UNR 28.50
Stewart, Craig QLD 1558 28.13
Kimura, Toshi QLD       1449 27.33
Keuning, Tony NSW       1565 26.50
Lutley, Philip SA 1416 26.33
Thiyagarajah, Anand SA 1325 26.00
Norman, Brendon NSW 1599 23.00

Junior - 75 players

Rej, Tomek NSW 2000 54.83
Smerdon, David QLD 2104 51.00
Davidovici, Michael QLD 1759 38.50
Zhao , Zong-Yuan        NSW 2317 37.50
Xie, George     NSW 2007 31.50
Wongwichit, Phachara QLD 1498   27.50
Kimura, Toshi QLD       1449 25.50
Varela, Peter NSW       1371 25.50
Yang, Song SA 1826 24.00

Women - 28 Players

Lip, Catherine NSW 1801 45.50
Mills, Natalie QLD 1909 43.00
Smith, Vivian NZ 1800 40.00
Huddleston, Heather NSW 1132 36.00
Evans, Amy      QLD 990 25.50
Martin, Janice TAS 1466 24.00
Distledorf, Jessica QLD 1391 20.00
Lee, Michelle VIC       1652 17.50
Koshnitsky, Ngan SA 2108 16.00

Unrated - 75 Players

Yu, Chris QLD 37.50
Stewart, Torin QLD 30.50
Capilitan, Romeo NSW 28.50
Mitchell, K     NSW 28.00
Chadwick, Charles       TAS 21.00
Chan, Jason NSW 21.00
Wells, Leslie NSW       21.00
Soltysik, Adelaide ACT 20.00
Zdziarski, Zbigniew SA 19.80


The Grand Prix Supervisor is Norm Braybrooke

I'm very pleased to say that we have one new category 2 Grand Prix event
from Victoria. The Geelong Open will be held on the weekend of 1/2

The Lidum's Cup is now a category 2 event.

Please support the ANU Open on 28/29 July.

Just a reminder that we welcome more details of Grand Prix events for
publication in this bulletin.

There are now 40 events for 2001.

28/29 Jul  ANU Open ACT Cat 3 Shaun Press 02 6255 2040

4/5 Aug  Mackay Open QLD Cat 1 Stan Long Hong  07 4953 4573

4/5 Aug  NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614

1/2 September  Launceston Weekender TAS Cat 1  Leo Minol 03 6344 7472

1/2 Sep Geelong Open VIC Cat 2 Bill Stokie 03 5250 1786 Paul Power

22/23 Sep  Gold Coast Classic QLD Cat 3 Graeme Gardiner 07 5530 5794

29/30 Sep  Lidum's Cup SA Cat 2 Roland Eime 08 8268 1374

29/30 Sep  Redcliffe Challenge QLD Cat 1 Mark Stokes 07 3205 6042

13/14 Oct  Tweed Heads Open QLD Cat 3 Audie Pennefather 07 5536 9185

20-21/October  Box Hill Whitehorse Festival Week-Ender VIC Cat 2 Trevor

3/4 Nov  Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060

3-5 Nov  Tasmanian Open TAS Cat 1 Neville Ledger 03 6431 1280

17/18 Nov  Taree RSL Spring Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060

24/25 Nov  NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614

8/9 Dec  Tuggeranong Vikings Weekender ACT Cat 1 Lee Forace 02 9556 3960

15/16 Dec  Melbourne Chess Club Christmas Swiss VIC Cat 2 Malcolm Pyke

15/16 Dec  Fairfield RSL Pre Christmas Cup NSW Cat 2 Elpidio Bautista 02
9723 5537

NSW 15, Qld 9, Tas 4, SA 4, ACT 3, Vic 4, WA 1.


A Category 2 Grand Prix Event

Prize Pool 1st $700 2nd $450 3rd $200 Three rating prizes of $200 Top Junior
$125 Top Lady $75

Players are eligible to receive only one of the above prizes, which are
guaranteed by our sponsor.'Daniels Band'

Entry fee $50 Late entry $60

Time Control 90 minutes per game plus 30 seconds per move

Entries will be received until Friday 31/8/2001 6pm. Entries may be sent by
mail to reach the G.C.C. Treasurer 83 Peter Street Grovedale Vic.

Cheques made payable to Geelong Chess Club.

Playing Schedule 8:30am entries close Games commence 9.30am both days

Some accommodation available Saturday night pre-book please.

All enquiries to: Bill Stokie 03 5250 1786 Paul Power

Venue: To be advised


This inaugural event was a resounding success. Girls only tournaments were
held in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin during the week from 28 May to 1

In Auckland the organising club,Waitemata, received an incredible 128
entries. Publicity releases resulted in primetime nationwide television
coverage on TVNZ's One News, and an extensive article in the New Zealand
Herald, with a big photo of promising junior Eugenia Sharomova. There was
also coverage in the local West Auckland newspaper. The large turnout caused
a few teething problems, mainly in terms of doing the pairings, but these
should be eliminated next year by the use of the computer pairing system
"swiss perfect" (currently being trialled by NZCF's tournament committee).

Canterbury Chess Club also ran a very successful girls championship, with
over 30 entries, and local newspaper coverage. Principal organiser
- who has joined NZCF's Female Chess Committee - is keen to run
another tournament again next year. A highlight in Christchurch was a simul
by South Island Champion Ben Giles, who also helped as arbiter.

Otago's Girls' Tournament was a little more low-key, with 10 participants.
However, that is still more than double the number of females who played in
the last New Zealand Women's Championship! Otago stalwart Graham Haase
organized the event.

NZCF provided special certificates for all three competitions. This cost -
which was nominal - was virtually the Federation's only expense for
invaluable, positive publicity, the chance for many more girls to experience
the delights of chess and an opportunity to identify potential members of
our future women's olympiad teams!

I would like to personally thank all those involved in the Girls Chess Week,
especially my wife Viv (NZCF's Female Chess Committee Convenor) who was a
driving force behind the concept. NZCF Council has now decided to follow up
with a coaching day in August for leading participants.

A play-off is also planned between the regional champions (using the
internet or e-mail) to find a New Zealand Girls' Chess Champion. Wellington
Chess Club is also now working on organising a girls' championship at a later

The overall regional winners were : Auckland - Eugenia Sharomova ,
and Samantha Smith (1=); Christchurch - Hannah Mason ; Dunedin -
Nicola Porteous. There will be more on the inaugural Girls' Chess Week in
"NZ Chess" magazine.

With very best wishes to all.

Graeme Gardiner
President, Australian Chess Federation
Phone 07 5530 5794
Fax 07 5530 6959 
Chess - the clever sport!
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