ACF Bulletin No. 123 - 1 July 2001


Volunteer required, Suncoast Noosa Open,  2002 Australian Championships, Asian Women's
Championships, Asian Championships, Letters to the Sports Minister, Gold
Coast Open time controls, 2001 Grand Prix, 2001 Global Institutes Tertiary
Youth Chess Challenge, Correspondence.


A volunteer is required to compile a complete directory of all states,
clubs, leagues, key individuals etc in Australia. It is proposed that this
then be maintained as a sub-section of the ACF webpage. If anyone has the
time and inclination to carry out this task which will be a very useful
resource to all involved in Australian chess, please contact me at

1. Stephen Solomon 6.6/7
2-4. Bob Smith, Ronald Scott, Phachara Wongwichit 5.5
5-12. David Smerdon, Ian Rout, Tony Weller, Vivian Smith, Paul Summers, Hamish Selnes, Matthew Sonter, Toshi Kimura 5
71 players

At the ACF Council meeting held by phone hook up last Monday evening, I'm
pleased to advise, the council accepted the VCA/Melbourne Chess Club
submission to host the 2002 Australian Championships at the Melbourne Town Hall
from 28 December 2001 to 11 January 2002. The Australian Juniors have already been
awarded to the NSWCA who plan to hold the event from 12 January 2002 to 24
January 2002.


This will be held at Channai (Madras), Tamil Nadu, India from 2 to 12
September. I have been advised that Australia is entitled to two seeds.
Entry fee 200 Swiss Francs. Free board and lodging for seeds. Extra players
and accompanying persons twin US$60 per day, single US$100 per day. 11
rounds. New FIDE time controls to be used. Prize fund to be announced
shortly. Nominations for seeds to be in to Robert Jamieson by Monday 16 July latest please.


There were three nominations for seeds namely Alex Wohl, John Paul Wallace
and Tim Reilly. We have just been advised that Australia is entitled to two
seeds for this event. Alex Wohl has already accepted and the second is yet
to be confirmed.


Once again I ask all those who care about this matter to consider writing to
both the Minister for Sport, Jackie Kelly and Shadow Minister, Kate Lundy.
Now is the best possible time to write. Letters can be sent to Jackie Kelly and/or
Kate Lundy at Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2601 or by email Jackie Kelly and Kate Lundy If you think it appropriate, I would appreciate
copies of your letters or their replies. Incidentally, if we have a
professional lobbyist living in Canberra who is prepared to work on behalf
of the ACF, please let me know.


Last weekend we experimented with a new time control for the Gold Coast
Open - 30 minutes a side plus 30 seconds a move from the start. This is a
new time control which the ACF has approved for rating as a trial until the
next national conference.
As a tournament organiser I can say that in the first six rounds games
generally finished a little earlier than the previous 60 mins a side. In the
last round several games finished later than the previous 60 mins a side.
The feeling I got was that 40 mins plus 30 secs a move from the start would
be more acceptable, but this might lead to weekend tournaments running over

So far I've received a little feedback from players like Andrew Allen, David
and Ian Rogers with varying views. Certainly there were some
concerns but also I think it is fair to say that there were absolutely no
problems at the end of games because there were simply no old fashioned time
scrambles. No games were lost because of the need to keep score throughout.
Hopefully I'll get some written feedback from players and arbiters for

May I encourage a few other clubs to trial this time control.


The Grand Prix Supervisor is Norm Braybrooke

The Coal City Open on 14/15 July is a category 2 event.
Just a reminder that we welcome more details of Grand Prix events for
publication in this bulletin.

There are now 39 events for 2001.

7/8 July   Adelaide University Open SA Cat 2 Robin Wedding 08 8303 3029
14/15 July  Coal City Open NSW Cat 2 George Lithgow

14/15 July  Fairfield RSL Winter Cup NSW Cat 2 Elpidio Bautista 02 9723 5537

28/29 Jul  ANU Open ACT Cat 3 Shaun Press 02 6255 2040

4/5 Aug  Mackay Open QLD Cat 1 Stan Long Hong  07 4953 4573

4/5 Aug  NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614

1/2 September  Launceston Weekender TAS Cat 1  Leo Minol 03 6344 7472

22/23 Sep  Gold Coast Classic QLD Cat 3 Graeme Gardiner 07 5530 5794
29/30 Sep  Lidum's Cup SA Cat 1 Roland Eime 08 8268 1374

29/30 Sep  Redcliffe Challenge QLD Cat 1 Mark Stokes 07 3205 6042

13/14 Oct  Tweed Heads Open QLD Cat 3 Audie Pennefather 07 5536 9185
20-21/October  Box Hill Whitehorse Festival Week-Ender VIC Cat 2 Trevor
3/4 Nov  Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060
3-5 Nov  Tasmanian Open TAS Cat 1 Neville Ledger 03 6431 1280
17/18 Nov  Taree RSL Spring Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060

24/25 Nov  NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614

8/9 Dec  Tuggeranong Vikings Weekender ACT Cat 1 Lee Forace 02 9556 3960

15/16 Dec  Melbourne Chess Club Christmas Swiss VIC Cat 2 Malcolm Pyke
15/16 Dec  Fairfield RSL Pre Christmas Cup NSW Cat 2 Elpidio Bautista 02
9723 5537
NSW 15, Qld 9, Tas 4, SA 4, ACT 3, Vic 3, WA 1.


Adelaide & Flinders University are hosting a Category 2 tournament on the
weekend of the 7th and 8th of July.  The total prize pool exceeds $1500
and there is a $500 first prize.  As an interesting novelty, there will be
a free meal as well as a transfer tournament on the Saturday night.  The
tournament will be a 7 round Swiss draw with 1 hour each.  Please see our
website where you can get more
details, and download an entry form in Word 2000 or rich text format.
Robin Wedding President Ph: (W) (08) 8 303 3029 (H) (08) 8 356 7075


The ANU team arrived in Singapore on Wednesday night for the 2001 Global
Youth Tertiary Institutes Chess Challenge.  We spent the next two days
settling in and looking around the city.

The competition began yesterday (Saturday).  The format is two 5-team
groups who play a 5-round Round-Robin with a bye.  The final two rounds
will be match ups between the top finishers 1&2 in each group, 3&4 with
5th playing each other twice with alternating colours.  There are 10
teams participating.  The strongest teams in each group come from China
and Iceland, each with a GM respectively.  There are also teams from
Singapore and Malaysian universities with one team from Cambridge
Yesterday we had the tough match up against Nankai University, China.
Their team was made up of GM Zhang Zhong (2632), FM Du Shan (~2350), WIM
Ning Chun Hong (~2250) and Chi Feng Tong (~2280).
Nye Griffiths took a half-point from his opponent on board 4, which was a
great result.  Here is his game:
Nye Griffiths - Chi Feng Tong
1. e4 c6 2. f4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Nd7 5. Nf3 Ngf6 6. Nf2 e6 7. g3 b6
8. Bg2 Bb7 9. 0-0 Be7 10. b3 c5 11. c4 Ne4 12. Nxe4 Bxe4 13. d3 Bb7 14.
Bb2 Bf6 15. Qe2 Bxb2 16. Qxb2 Qf6 17. Qxf6 gxf6 18. d4 0-0-0 19. Rad1
Bxf3 20. Bxf3 cxd4 21. Rxd4 Nc5 22. Rfd1 Rxd4 23. Rxd4 Rd8 24. Rxd8+ Kxd8
25. Kf1 f5 26. Ke2 a5 27. Ke3 Ke7 28. Kd4 Kd6 29. Bd1 f6 30. Bc2 e5+ 31.
Ke3 Ke6 32. a3 h6 33. b4 axb4 34. axb4 Na6 35. Bb3 Kd6 36. Bc2 Ke6 37.
Bb3 Kd6 38. Bc2 e4 39. c5+ bxc5 40. bxc5+ Nxc5 41. h3 -
I managed to hold a reasonable position in my game until move 35, where I
took a pawn which could not be captured safely.
Zhang Zhong - Andrew Greenwood
1. e4 c6 2. c4 d5 3. exd5 cxd5 4. cxd5 Nf6 5. Nc3 Nxd5 6. Nf3 Nc6 7. Bb5
a6 8. Ba4 (he suggested after the game he should have played Bxc6 for
better chances) 8b5 9. Bb3 e6 10. 0-0 Be7 11. d4 0-0 12. Re1 Ncb4 13. Ne4
Nf6 14. Neg5 Nbd5 15. Ne5 Bb7 16. Qd3 h6 17. Nh3 Rc8 18. a3 Qb6 19. Bd2
Rfd8 20. Rad1 Ba8 21. Qg3 Nh5 22. Qg4 Nhf6 23. Qh4 Nd7 24. Qg3 Nxe5 25.
dxe5 Kh8 26. Bxd5 Bxd5 27. Nf4 (here he thought Nxg7 might have been
better) 27Be4 (bishop cannot be captured because of Rxd2 and back rank
mate threats) 28. h4 Bf5 29. Nh5 Bg6 30. Be3 Bc5 31. Nf4 Bf5 32. Kh2 Bxe3
33. fxe3 Rc2 34. Rd6 Rxd6 35. exd6 Rxb2? (should have played 35Rd2 here
according to him and after 36. e4 e5.  However, later that night the
Icelandic GM Throstur Thorhallson said white might be able to win with
37. exf5 exf4 38. Re8+ Kh7 39. Qc3 Qxd6 40. Qc8 f3+ 41. Kh3! where checks
are hard to find except for sacrificing the rook) 36. Rd1 Qa5 37. d7 Qd8
38. Nh5 Bg6 39. Nxg7 Kxg7 40. Qe5+ 1-0
Today we have a bye, and tomorrow we play two rounds against Nanyang
Technological University, Singapore and a Malaysian team.  While we are
only on 0.5/4, we think we have a good chance if we can get some good
results tomorrow.  NTU has two FIDE-rated players, including 1 FM, so we
will have to play well to get a good qualifying position for the final
two rounds.  We have been treated to very good hospitality from the
organisers, who are ensuring that the event is a great success for all.



Just to clarify my feedback on the new GC Open. I think the venue is
splendid, and the whole tournament exceeded the high standards your club has
already set in the past. Although I am still unsure of the experimental time
control, I can see that a small initial allotment together with a 30 second
increment does make the end of the game less stressful and less blunderful.
But I think most players were hurrying in the earlier stages and playing
more superficially than they would in say 40/60. This may be just a matter
of orientation and I would be prepared to give it another go. However, I
still don't like being forced to record the moves in situations which I
regard as time pressure. The only reason for it would seem to be checking a
draw claim based on three-fold repetition, but if you are not keeping score
you won't make that claim.

Once again, congratulations on a great weekend.

Every good wish in chess
Graeme Gardiner
President, Australian Chess Federation
Phone 07 5530 5794
Fax 07 5530 6959 
Chess - the clever sport!
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