ACF Bulletin No. 120 - 10 June 2001

Chess is a sport, World Under 20 Championships, Asian Under 16 Boys
Championship, Asian Individual Championship (World Championship qualifier),
Children's Olympiad, Other important dates taken from FIDE calendar, British
Chess Championship, Grand Prix, Voice conferencing, Chess the Musical,


There follows the copy of a letter I have written to Senator Kate Lundy
which is self explanatory. Once again I ask all those who care about this
matter to consider writing to both the Minister for Sport, Jackie Kelly and
Shadow Minister, Kate Lundy. Now is the best possible time to write. Letters
can be sent to Jackie Kelly and/or Kate Lundy at Parliament House, Canberra,
ACT 2601 or by email Jackie Kelly and Kate Lundy If you think it appropriate, I would appreciate
copies of your letters or their replies. Incidentally, if we have a
professional lobbyist living in Canberra who is prepared to work on behalf
of the ACF, please let me know.

Dear Senator Lundy
Chess is a sport.
I refer to previous correspondence in which you indicated that you were
currently looking at Labour Party policy in this matter.
There follows the copy of an email I've just sent to the Minister of Sport,
Jackie Kelly, which is self explanatory.

I'm sure that the Australian chess community would be extremely interested
to hear whether you are prepared to break with tradition and commit to
changing the legislation and finally bring chess into the fold.

I'd be very pleased to transmit your policy to the chess community through
my weekly bulletin.

With warm regards
Graeme Gardiner
President, Australian Chess Federation
Dear Ms Kelly
Michelle Wagner, the mother of a young chess player from Gladstone, has
received the following information as part of a reply from your office
regarding the question of chess as a sport:

"... there are many activities that seek recognition as a sport from the
Australian Sports Commission. For the purpose of providing guidance to these
organisations, the commission has defined 'sport' as requiring elements
involving physical exertion and/or physical skill, is competitive by nature
and is generally accepted as being sport."

"The Commission, while recognising that chess is a worthwhile pastime, does
not view chess as a sport. There are no plans to review the sport definition
in the near future. The Commission would, however, reassess its position
should chess be accepted as a full medal event on the program on an Olympic

I must say that I'm extremely disappointed in your complete lack of sympathy
for the plight of Australian chess players. We cannot understand why people
who choose other sports are in some way better than chess players. Why is it
that so many other nations around the world recognise and fund chess as a
sport....but not Australia? Quite apart from the fact that we are made to
feel like second class citizens, we have to scratch around for funding to
try and comply with the IOC's requirements in respect of drug testing.
Meanwhile, ASDA provide funding for this purpose to all the wealthy sports
recognised by you.
Of course, whilst drug testing is necessary to comply with IOC regulations,
what we really want to do is develop our sport.
Why does chess have to wait until it is 'on the program on an Olympic
Games'? I'm sure you recognise several other sports which are not 'a full
medal event on the program on an Olympic Games'.

To be quite honest, whilst I'm sure you do not intend it, your policy is an
insult to all those Australian children who choose chess as their sport. I
put it to you that the present definition used by the Australian Sports
Commission, and the current interpretation of the definition, is
conveniently and unnecessarily exclusive and that you should introduce
legislation to change it.

I will pass on your policy to the Australian chess community through my
weekly email bulletin which goes to over 900 administrators and players
involved in Australian chess.
Graeme Gardiner
President, Australian Chess Federation


ACF Junior Coordinator Brett Tindall advises that Zong Yuan Zhao and
Catherine Lip have been selected to represent Australia at the World Junior
Championships which are due to be held in the Exhibition Center of
Peristeri, Athens from 16-29 August.


This will be held at Doha, Qatar from 6 to 16 October. Participants must
have been born on or after 1 January 1985. Full board will be provided to
the Australian representative. Those interested in being selected to
represent Australia should advise Brett Tindall
by 30 June latest.

Nominations received to date are from Alex Wohl, Jean-Paul Wallace and Tim Reilly. I have
written to the Asian Continental President, Khalifa, Mohamad Al-Hitmi,
asking for clarification on the number of Australian seeds. By my
calculation it could be one or two. Unfortunately Alex got pickpocketed in
Santa Clara, Cuba so he'll have an extra incentive to do well in this event,
assuming he gets selected!


Again, please let Brett Tindall know if you
wish to be considered for this important children's teams event.


World Amateur Championship Bento Gonzales, Brazil 08.12.01 - 16.12.01
World Senior Championship Argo, Italy 16.10.01 - 28.10.01
World Team Championship (every 2 years) Yerevan, Armenia 11.10.01 - 21.10.01
IV World Junior Team Championship Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 08.08.01 - 12.08.01
World Rapid Cup Cannes, France 20.03.01 - 25.03.01
Asian Junior Boys and Girls U-20 Tehran, Iran 12.07.01 - 20.07.01


All commonwealth countries are entitled to send one official representative
to compete. I have entry forms.


Upcoming events in the Grand Prix:

23/24 June Taree RSL Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060

23/24 June Gold Coast Open QLD Cat 3 Graeme Gardiner 07 5530 5794
30Jun/1Jul Suncoast Weekender QLD Cat 3 Robert Hochstadt 07 5447 5056

7/8 July Adelaide University Open SA Cat 2 Robin Wedding 08 8303 3029

The Grand Prix Supervisor is Norm Braybrooke

The quarterly ACF Council meeting by phone hook up is due to be held on
Monday 25 June. This is quite an expensive exercise. If anyone can advise of
an internet-based or phone-based voice conferencing option that is fairly
simple and reliable, please let me know as soon as possible. Text
conferencing is not an option.

Imagine, if you will, that it's 1982.  Ronald Reagan just delivered his
speech to the House of Commons denouncing Russia as the "Evil Empire."  As
the two world superpowers battle it out, Chess has become more than just a
game ...
It's The U.S. Versus U.S.S.R! ... And you are invited to participate in a
historic event.
What:   The Cold War CHESS Tournament
Conducted over two Saturdays in June, this high profile tournament will mix
calculating strategies with live music, to be performed by the cast members
of the THE Theatre Company Ryde, Inc.'s production of the rock musical
'CHESS.'  In the spirit of the Cold War, each player will represent either
the U.S. or the U.S.S.R. ALL MOVES IN 30 MINUTES.

The Stakes:     Fame & Fortune Plus
In addition to receiving notoriety by the Media (which will be invited to
cover this competition), there will be a $500 cash prize pool.

1st Prize $200, 2nd Prize $100 Bottom Section 1st Prize $100, 2nd Prize $70,
3rd Prize $30.
When:   June 16 (Sat) & June 23 (Sat) 10:00am ­ 2:00pm

Where: Chatswood Westfield Shopping Centre (LEVEL 6)

Why:    To promote the rock musical 'CHESS' (Music by Benny Andersson and Bjorn
Ulvaeus, Lyrics by Tim Rice)

Entry Fee:      $15 per person

R.S.V.P.:       By 8 June, 2001 Phone:  0413 488 599  (OR)   9660 7660 Email:
(*Please include commitment to participate, name, club name, address and
contact numbers.)

... It's Your Move!

The venue for the musical production is the Argyle Theatre, Cnr Argyle St &
Blaxland Rd, Ryde.
Jun 29  8pm  Fri
Jun 30  8pm  Sat
July 1  5pm  Sun
     3  8pm  Tue
     4  8pm  Wed
     6  8pm  Fri
     7  2pm  Sat
     7  8pm  Sat

Adults  $23.10 (concession $19.10) Group $17.10 (10 or more per night) Plus
Booking fee. Ticketmaster7 136166 or
Editor's note: For lovers of chess and musicals this is a must. My school
put this on a few years ago and it was one of the most enjoyable of the many
musicals I've seen over the years.


DENIS JESSOP on Swissperfect
I can confirm the fact that cheap old computers can run the program
successfully. Both Canberra and Tuggeranong CCs have computers in the
$200-400 range running it. Also it runs perfectly on a Windows emulator such
as Virtual PC on a Macintosh which is what I use. (I believe Bill Gletsos
also uses a Mac.)

Dear chess friends,
We let send you regulations of the 1st International Chess Tournaments
Series CZECH TOUR 2001/2002.

One part of series will be one of the biggest chess events in the world -
XII. Year of CZECH OPEN  Festival and 5 open tournaments for players without
age and performance limitation with rating for ELO FIDE.

12.-29.7. 2001 CZECH OPEN - Pardubice
2.-9.8. 2001 OPEN OLOMOUC - Open championship of Moravia and Silesia
7.-14.10. 2001 OPEN ZNOJMO
1.-8.11. 2001 OPEN KRKONOSE - Pec pod Snezkou
25.1.-1.2. 2002 OPEN MARIANSKE LAZNE
2.-9.2. 2002 OPEN PRAHA (Prague)

Yours sincerely
Dr. Jan Mazuch, Festival Director of CZECH OPEN 2001 -
CZECH OPEN - International Chess Festival -
CZECH TOUR - International Chess Tournaments Series -
International Chess Calender -


Dear President of CF Australian,

I have the pleasure to inform about a new edition of "City of Banyoles"
Chess Open International

Banyoles is a nice village in Girona (Spain), near to the Mediterranean

It is a very interesting place where you can spend excellent holidays.
Banyoles have a very nice lake: Lake of Banyoles.

The tournament is played from 4th until 12th August 2001. It is open to
licensed players. 9 Rounds. Swiss System. 40 moves / 2 hours + 1 hour K.O.

There is more information about the tournament and about Banyoles, in Web
To enrolment:
a) By phone: (+34) 972 57 38 90 (Sr. Muratet)
b) By email:
I agree you if you could inform about this tournament and
to add a link to in your tournaments section.
Thank you very much

Your faithfully
Lluís Muratet i Miracle
President of Escacs Banyoles Club

PD: banner of the tournament (400x40)


Dear chessfriends,
I am organizing several tournaments in Eger/Hungary, which will take place
between 24th of June and 3rd of July. Enclosed you'll find our announcement.
To every interrested player, I will give very good conditions concerning
entry fee and accommodation.
Please anwer me as soon as possible, if you are able to play or if you know
somebody who is. Thank you in advance!
With regards,
Ali Habibi

Int. EUROPE CHESS Festival Eger (HUN)
June 25th to July 3rd 2001
Esterházy Károly College, Egészséhaz u. 4, Eger
A: GM Tournament
Category VII to IX, 12 to 14 participants,4 prizes + natural prize for every
participant. Time limit: 40 moves/2h + 20 moves/h + 30 min sudden death
B: IM Tournaments
Category I to II and III to IV, 12 to 14 participants,4 prizes + natural
prize for every participant. Time limit: 40 moves/2h + 20 moves/h + 30 min
sudden death
C: Rating Tournament
12 to 14 participants, 3 nonrated players, 4 prizes + natural prize for
every participant. Time limit: 40 moves/2h + 30 min sudden death. Entry fee
depending on rating, to be stipulated with the organiser.
D: Open
9 rounds CH system, last round 1st of July, 40 moves/2h + 30 min sudden
Prizes (HUForint): 60.000, 40.000, 30.000, 25.000, 20.000, 15.000, 10.000,
8.000, 7.000, 6.000, best woman, best junior, best senior, rating prizes +
10 natural prizes. (Prize fond guaranteed > 60 participants).
Entry fee (ELO/USD): nonrated / 50; 2001 ­ 2100 / 40; 2101 ­ 2200 / 30;
2201 ­ 2300 / 25; above 2301 / 15
Hotels and private roms at different categories (ł USD 10,- /night +person)
Information and Registration:
EuropeChess, Ali Habibi, Postfach 1148, D-35436 Linden,

With best wishes to all.
Graeme Gardiner
President, Australian Chess Federation
Phone/fax  07 5530 5794
Chess - the clever sport!
PS - If you do not wish to receive this bulletin in future, please email Wendy Gardiner on