ACF Bulletin No.114 – 29 April 2001


New email addresses for Graeme and Wendy, Oceanic Zonal, Australian Coaching Association, 2001 Grand Prix, World Junior Championships in Greece, Open letter from the three Ks, Correspondence.


Please note our new email addresses: 



If you have sent us emails over the last few days that have been unanswered, please resend them.


The Oceanic representatives for the upcoming World Championships are Michael Gluzman and Ngan Phan-Koshnitsky. Michael overcame a poor start during which he lost to Brett Tindall and Leonid Sandler to defeat Mark Chapman in a play off. Mark had looked the likely winner for much of the tournament. Ngan defeated Irina Berezina in the penultimate round from a drawish looking position. Congratulations to both our winners and to all the participants for giving us a very enjoyable event.

Mark Chapman and Ngan Koshnitsky won the IM and WIM titles respectively. New Zealander Scott Wastney earned the FM title. There is debate over the other FM title with some believing that Lee Jones has earned the title on tiebreak whilst others believe that Andrew Allen has done likewise. I’m not at all sure that the FIDE statutes are clear on this so I’ve asked for a ruling from the Joint Chairmen of the FIDE Titles Commission.

Full details and games at Gary Bekker’s webpage

Many thanks to Gary Bekker, Charles Zworestine and Allan Richards for a fine job in administering the event and providing (virtually) live coverage of the games.


Good early work has been done by Nik Stawski and Brett Tindall on developing a national coaching association and national accreditation scheme. Both Nik and Brett are very busy with university studies. 

Michael Gluzman has kindly agreed to take over this very important task. Personally I think that it is very important that Australian chess coaches are regarded as and feel as if they are truly professional. Like any other profession, it is important that they have respect from the community and every opportunity for professional advancement.

I appeal to the many professional (and amateur) coaches around Australia to give Michael every support.

Brett will continue in his role as National Junior Coordinator.


The Grand Prix Supervisor is Norm Braybrooke <>

Please support the following three events in the Grand Prix which are being held on the weekend of 5/6 May:

5/6 May

Hobson's Bay Open VIC Cat 1 Peter Caissa 0411 710900 <>

5/6 May

Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1  Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <>

5-7 May

Redcliffe Peninsula Open QLD Cat  Mark Stokes 07 3205 6042 <>

I am advised by Robert Keast that the Sydney Easter Cup was not a Grand Prix event.

I have added an email address for the Tweed Heads Open.

Details of the 36 events for 2001 are as follows:

3/4 Feb

Newcastle Open NSW Cat 2 George Lithgow <>

17/18 Feb

Taree RSL Summer Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <>

3/4 Mar

Dubbo RSL Open NSW Cat 1 Alexander Aich 02 6884 4561<

10-12 Mar

Tasmanian Championships TAS Cat 1 David Ferris 03 6225 1523<

17/18 Mar

South West Open WA Cat 1 Alan Phillips <

13-16 Apl

Doeberl Cup ACT Cat 3 Roger Mccart    02-6251-6190 <

13-15 Apl

Darling Downs Open QLD Cat 2 Keven Duncan  <

20-22 Apl

Univ of Qld QLD Cat 3    David Cowland-Cooper 0414 498556 <

5/6 May

Hobson's Bay Open VIC Cat 1 Peter Caissa 0411 710900 <

5/6 May

Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1  Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <

5-7 May

Redcliffe Peninsula Open QLD Cat 1 Mark Stokes 07 3205 6042 <

19/20 May

Adelaide Cup SA Cat 1   Roland Eime 08 8268 1374 <

19/20 May

NSWCA Cat 1   Robert Keast 02 9649 8614 <

8/10/11 June

NSWCA Queen's Birthday Weekender Cat 1  Robert Keast 02 9649 8614 <

9-11 June

Queen's Birthday Weekender The Gap Open QLD Cat 1 Andrew Robinson <

9/10 June

Queen's Birthday Weekender SA Cat 1  Roland Eime 08 8268 1374 <

9-11 June

Queen's Birthday Weekender TAS Cat 1 Kevin Bonham 03 6224 8487 <>

23/24 June

Taree RSL Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <

23/24 June

Gold Coast Open QLD Cat 3 Graeme Gardiner 07 5530 5794 <


Suncoast Weekender QLD Cat 3 Robert Hochstadt 07 5447 5056 <

7/8 July

Adelaide University Open Cat ?   Robin Wedding 08 8303 3029 <>

14/15 July

Coal City Open Cat ? George Lithgow   <

28/29 Jul

ANU Open ACT Cat 3 Shaun Press 02 6255 2040 <

4/5 Aug

Mackay Open QLD Cat 1 Stan Long Hong  07 4953 4573 <>

4/5 Aug

NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614 <

25/26 Aug

Launceston Weekender TAS Cat 1  Leo Minol 03 6344 7472 <

22/23 Sep

Gold Coast Classic QLD Cat 3 Graeme Gardiner 07 5530 5794 <

29/30 Sep

Lidum's Cup SA Cat 1 Roland Eime 08 8268 1374 <

29/30 Sep

Redcliffe Challenge QLD Cat 1 Mark Stokes 07 3205 6042 <

13/14 Oct

Tweed Heads Open QLD Cat 3    Audie Pennefather 07 5536 9185 <>

3/4 Nov

Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <

3-5 Nov

Tasmanian Open TAS Cat 1 Neville Ledger 03 6431 1280 <

17/18 Nov

Taree RSL Spring Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <

24/25 Nov

NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614 <

8/9 Dec

Tuggeranong Vikings Weekender ACT Cat 1 Lee Forace 02 9556 3960 <

15/16 Dec

Melbourne Chess Club Christmas Swiss VIC Cat 2 Malcolm Pyke <>


The Municipality of Peristeri in Athens, Greece will organize the 2001 World Junior Chess Championship for boys & girls up to 20 years old.

The games will be played during August 16-29 in the Exhibition Center of Peristeri, Athens. It is the first major FIDE event to be organized in Greece after the 1998 Zonal Tournament 1.5 in Panormo, Crete. It is also the first major chess event which will be organized in Athens, the host city of the 2004 Olympic Games.

The games will be covered through the Internet by Greek Chess Online, the leading Greek Chess Vortal at - the official website.


The following letter from Kasparov, Karpov and Kramnik has provoked much debate around the world. What do you think?

“As the 12th, 13th, and 14th World Chess Champions, we are writing jointly to voice our disagreement with recent statements and unilateral decisions made by FIDE, the international chess federation. In particular, we are very concerned about FIDE's policy changes regarding the official time controls, their treatment of the history of the World Championship, and their open hostility toward the organizers of traditional events.

The world's chessplayers have been denied a voice in these matters, and we who represent these conventions at the highest level see the need to set aside our differences and speak out publicly in defense of the game that has brought us so much joy. Many players and European chess federations are critical of FIDE's recent actions and we hope to lend a powerful and unequivocal voice to this protest.

The time honored traditions and rules of classical chess are not to be toyed with and any changes should be made only after such plans are studied and debated in an open forum. Drastically shortening the amount of time available during a game is an attack on both the players and on the artistic and scientific elements of the game of chess itself. To implement these rules without an adequate period for reflection, discussion, and review is foolhardy and cavalier. 

Of greater concern is the behavior of FIDE in regard to the prestige and tradition of the World Chess Championship. FIDE's declaration in Tehran laid claim to a title that existed long before FIDE was created and, we might say, will exist long after it is gone. A century of tradition cannot be wiped away simply by saying that it is so. The true tradition lives on in us and in the minds and memories of millions of chess enthusiasts around the globe. It is unacceptable for FIDE to claim rights to the World Chess Championship while at the same time working to destroy the structures upon which the tradition was built. 

Nor are the traditional tournaments that have given so much to chess safe from FIDE. Their threat to schedule FIDE events in competition with traditional ones is nothing less than a direct attack on the organizers, players, and fans of events such as Linares, Dortmund, and Wijk aan Zee.

Chess is not FIDE's property to toss around like a bauble. The game belongs to the global chess community.

Based on FIDE's accompanying statements, these ill-advised measures have been taken in an attempt to popularize the sport of chess. This is an admirable goal, but it is impossible to achieve it by assaulting the very things that elevate the game most of all: beautiful games of chess, traditional top tournaments, and the quest for the World Championship.

The chess world is depending on its leaders to provide a suitable and democratic solution to this unsatisfactory state of affairs. We propose an open dialogue on these matters between FIDE, the national federations of which it is composed, and the players - professional and amateur alike - it was created to represent. In this dialogue we will depend on the participation of the fans, organizers, and sponsors to whom chess owes a great deal. We, who have both given to and received so much from chess, look forward to being on the front lines in this battle to protect the status and legacy of the game we love.”

Anatoly Karpov

Garry Kasparov

Vladimir Kramnik



I would like to inform you about two our tournaments, which will take place during summer in Olomouc (Czech Republic).

The most important event will be traditional chess festival Olomouc Chess Summer 2001, which will take place on August 1-9, 2001.  There will be organized several tournaments:

1) GM round robin tournament, category 8-10 FIDE (10-12 players)

2) IM round robin tournament, category 3-4 FIDE (10-12 players) -  2-3 groups

3) FIDE open - 9 rounds, 2/40+1 (August 2-9, 2001)

We are looking for players for all our tournaments!

The second event MLADI OPEN 2001 is a tournament for young players up to age of 20. It will take place on June 24-28, 2001 in Olomouc as well. There will be 2 categories:

1) FIDE open

2) national open

For best players are prepared many prizes. The most interesting will be probably 1st prize in FIDE OPEN - free start in round-robin IM tournament of category 3-4 FIDE in Olomouc (1.-9.8.2001).

If you are interested in attendance at our competitions, please contact us at below address and we will inform you about start conditions. Complete information about both events are also published at our web site Email:

Information about FIDE open in August are also published at Czech Tour series site


I inform you that this year the International Chess Tournament City of Cesenatico will be played from the 9 to the 16 September.
From the end of April on the WEB site you will find the convention hotel.


I would like to invite you to The 7th International Chess Festival "Festival Schneider Bohemia " Pilsen 2001, which will take place during 18th - 26th August 2001 at "Strelecky stadion" Pilsen Lobzy (The Czech Republik).

The main tournament of this Festival is International Open Czech Championship. (1st prize 20 000 CZK, sum of prizes 81 000 CZK).

For detailed information look at Atleticka 100/2, 160 17 Praha 6 - Strahov, The Czech Republik tel+fax.++42 2 57210981, e-mail:

With very best wishes to all.

Graeme Gardiner

President, Australian Chess Federation
Phone/fax  07 5530 5794

Chess - the clever sport!

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