ACF Bulletin No. 110 - 1 April 2001


Australian Chess Online, ACF Council Meeting decisions, ACF restructure, Oceanic Zonal, Wotulu Memorial Grandmaster Tournament, FIDE Presidential Board communique, Moves for Sponsorship of Australian chess, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Coaching for juniors straight after the Doeberl Cup, 2001 Grand Prix, Doeberl Cup, Sydney Easter Cup, Darling Downs Open, University of Queensland Challenge, Laurieton May Open, Characters of Australian chess.


At the ACF Council Meeting held by phone hook up last Monday, the council unanimously gave the go ahead to proceed with finalising a contract with Games Parlor to provide an online service similar to that provided by US Chess Live.

Subject to finalising that contract, ACF Webmaster Paul Broekhuyse will be setting up the technical arrangements and hopes to go live by the end of this month (April). He hopes to provide live coverage of the Oceanic Zonal via this service.

The US Chess Federation have been providing US Chess Live through Games Parlor in competition with the Internet Chess Club (ICC) for approximately six months and already has over 10,000 registered subscribers. Some of these subscribers may subscribe to both US Chess Live and the ICC. Games Parlor are about to launch their world site which will include the US, Britain, Germany, the European Union and Australia. Moves are afoot to include New Zealand and some other South East Asian countries as soon as possible.

When Australian Chess Online is launched, there will already be a critical mass of players online and we will have access to various content such as GM seminars, promotional matches, blitz tournaments etc. The ACF will be providing content as its share maybe once or twice a month. Everything possible will be done to 'Australianise' our service.

It is anticipated that there will be a free trial period so that potential subscribers may assess the benefits of becoming a registered subscriber. The likely annual subscription after the free trial period is likely to be A$35 which I believe is around one third of the price of ICC when you take into account the exchange rate.

In due course, we hope to add other benefits for registered subscribers.

If all goes according to plan and the Australian chess community support this scheme, the ACF will be earning a steady income stream which, in time, may well negate the need for the states to pay levies to the ACF.


Joe Tanti from South Australia was confirmed as the new Secretary of the ACF.

The decision taken at the January council meeting to exclude grade 7s from the Australian Primary Schools Teams Championships was rescinded. Members of council agreed that they had taken the January decision whilst not in possession of the full facts regarding the age at which students graduated from primary school in the various states.

Terry O'Neill reported that the Darwin Chess Club and the Alice Springs Chess Club are in the process of incorporating the Northern Territory Chess Association and once this is completed the Northern Territory will formally apply to become the eighth and final state/territory to affiliate with the ACF.

The NSW Junior Chess League have taken up 'Associated Body' status and since the meeting the Australian Women's Chess League have also done so. The Correspondence Chess League have deferred a decision until their next meeting.

The Australian Junior Championships for January 2002 was awarded to NSW and will be held at the Cranbrook School, Rose Bay, Sydney from 12 to 24 January. The detailed proposal includes accommodation on campus for up to 100 people.

Bids for the upcoming December 2001/January 2002 Australian Championships have been reopened as the excellent bid put in by the VCA was dependent upon also being awarded the Australian Juniors. The ACF will be delighted to receive bids for this event as well as for the January 2003 Australian Open and the January 2003 Australian Juniors. I understand that the Box Hill Chess Club, through the VCA, are likely to bid for the January 2003 Australian Open. The Western Australia Chess Association have indicated that they will be exercising their option to host the January 2004 Australian Juniors.


Stage one of the restructure commences today (1st April 2001). No, this is not an April Fools Day joke. The details for states and tournament organisers to be aware of are as follows:

During the calendar year 2001, the following admin fees be charged on all tournaments submitted for official ACF rating:

Tournaments 60 mins a side or over and four rounds or more - 50 cents per player for the ACF plus a state charge to be decided by each state independently.

Tournaments 60 mins a side or over and three rounds or less - 25 cents per player for the ACF plus a state charge to be decided by each state independently.

Tournaments 15-59 mins a side - 25 cents per player for the ACF plus a state charge to be decided by each state independently.

There will be a loading of 10% if the games are submitted without using Swiss Perfect and a further 10% if they are submitted more than 21 days after the event.

States will be free to offer a list of benefits to tournaments that pre register more than three months before the date of the event.

All admin fees will be collected by the states, with the ACF portion to be remitted within 21 days of the end of each quarter.

The cooperation of all involved in the Australian chess community in making this work would be most appreciated.


The Australian seeds for this important event have been finalised. Due to the shortage of time, no selection committee was formalised. Instead the seeds were chosen on the average of FIDE and ACF ratings. The choices for the mens and womens seeds were clear cut. Congratulations to the following. Men: Darryl Johansen and Michael Gluzman. Women: Irina Berezina and Ngan Phan-Koshnitsky.

Confirmed entries to date:

Open: Johansen 2520 (Aust seed), Gluzman 2432 (Aust seed), Feldman 2399, Zhao 2396, Wallace 2366, Rujevic 2314, Wastney (NZ seed) 2241, Lukey 2234, Tindall 2226, Jones (Brian) 2196, Jones (Lee) Unrated.

Women: Berezina 2295 (Aust seed), Koshnitsky 2156 (Aust seed), Mills Unrated, Smith (NZ seed) Unrated.


Open: Sandler 2402, Smith (NZ) 2282, Allen 2255, Levi 2245, Reilly 2229, Stead 2183, Corker 2027, Ilic 2021, PNG seed, Kumar (Fiji seed) Unrated, Humphrey Unrated, Sonter Unrated, Dunn (NZ) Unrated.

Women: Moylan 2121, Szuveges 2046, Lip Unrated, Zivanovic Unrated.

A reminder that entries are due in by next Friday 6 April 2001.

Entry form with full details at

The PNG seed will be decided at the PNG Open being run by Gary Bekker over Easter.

Enquiries to Graeme Gardiner


GM Darryl Johansen has been playing in a GM tournament at the Clarion Golden Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia. The 14 participants are as follows:

1 Hulak, Krunoslav Croasia GM 2546

2 Djuric, Stefan Yugoalavia GM 2465

3 Miezis, Normunds Latvia GM 2601

4 Sharavdorj, Dashzeveg Mongolia GM 2441

5 Zaw, Win Lay Myanmar GM 2537

6 Johansen, Darryl Australia GM 2520

7 Sasikiran, Krishnan India GM 2601

8 Juswanto, Danny Indonesia IM 2487

9 Liu, Dede Indonesia IM 2378

10 Wahono, Awam Indonesia FM 2401

11 Prayitno, Sugeng Indonesia NM 2391

12 Kosasih,Cecep Indonesia NM 2420

13 Majella,Yoseph Indonesia NM 2321

14 Supriyono, Eko Indonesia NM 2252

Average Rating = 2454

Category = IX

GM Norm = 9.5

IM Norm = 6.5

Scores after 9 rounds:

1 Juswanto 7.5

2 Hulak (+1) 7

3 Zaw 6

4 Johansen 5.5

5-6 Djuric (+1), Liu (+1) 5

7-9 Sasikiran (+1), Miezis (+1), Kosasih (+1), 4.5

10 Wahono (+1) 4

11 Sharavdorj (+1) 3.5

12-13 Majella (+1), Prayitno 3

14 Supriyono (+1) 2

Full details


Presidential Board rose from its meeting Sunday, and agreed on a number of issues, which in the words of the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, would "enable Chess move in the right direction with harmony in the chess world".

At the meeting, which saw the Presidents of the Royal Dutch, French and German Chess Federations and the International Director of the British Chess Federation in attendance, the Board confirmed the compromise proposal of the FIDE President with regard to the new time control. The Board resolved to make the use of the new time control of 40 moves in 75 minutes, 15 minutes for the remainder of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move from move 1, mandatory for the World Championship events, including the Zonals and Continental Championships and optional or recommendatory for other FIDE and international rating and title tournaments until the next FIDE Congress.

Speaking along the same lines, the Board clarified that for those tournaments using analogue clocks, the time control of 4 hours for the duration of the whole game shall be recommendatory for title tournaments.

The Board noted with satisfaction, FIDE's on-going program on commercialisation and after noting the brief from FIDE Commerce and Messrs. Octagon Marketing Ltd, gave a full mandate to both companies to embark on their program for the Grand Prix and World Internet Championships as well as the reduction of the rating floor to 1000 elo points with a final report to the next Board meeting.

It directed the FIDE Secretariat to announce the bidding procedure for the World Championships for 2001 and 2002.

Regarding the use of the Continental Championships for qualification to the World Championships, the Board approved the request to allow Continents to determine their selection procedure. The Board accepted the proposal for those Continents, which want to use the Zonals for qualification to the World Championships to limit the number of qualifiers from the Zones to the approved figure prior to the Tehran Board meeting, while the extra places will be available for the Continental Championships. All Zonal qualifiers shall be eligible for participation in the Continental event with the same number of players eligible to play by country in each Zonal, having their full board expenses covered by the host country. The extra players by country as determined by each Continent, shall be responsible for their expenses. FIDE Commerce shall still make available, the previously agreed sums for each Continental Championship as extra prize money as stated in the World Championship Regulations.

The Board confirmed that this year's World Junior Championship will be held in Athens, from 14 to 28 August 2001, while Brazil's bids to organise the 2001 Children's Chess Olympiad in Batatais, from 18 to 26 September and World Amateur Championships in Bento Gonzales, from 8 to 16 December were approved.


Former ACF President, Peter Wallman, has asked for the following information from anyone at all who can help.

1. Names of famous chess players, eg Bill Gates, Tony Buzan (inventor of mindmaps)

2. Names of previous Australian sponsors, (eg Mercantile Mutual - Grand Prix, Cepacol - National championships)

3. Names of sponsors of overseas tournaments (this is to see if they have Australian subsidiaries)

4. Names of keen Australian players in large companies eg Fred Bloggs, XYZ Co.

Please email Peter on if you can help in any way.


If anyone is interested, my Melbourne Comedy Festival show "Adam 101, taking the numb out of numbers" is on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of April at the Capitol Theatre at 9pm. It's a world first, a one hour comedy maths lecture. No maths knowledge needed, just a wandering mind.


When- 17th April

Where- St Monica's Primary School Evatt ACT Time- 10am- 3.30 pm

Cost- $30 per child for the day.

Coaches- International Master Gary Lane and International Master John Paul Wallace

Open to all juniors to improve their game

Contact ACF National Junior Coordinator Brett Tindall


One change this week. The Tasmanian Open moves from 17/18 November to 3-5 November.

Here are the 35 events for 2001:
3/4 Feb Newcastle Open NSW Cat 2 George Lithgow <>
17/18 Feb Taree RSL Summer Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <>
3/4 Mar Dubbo RSL Open NSW Cat 1 Alexander Aich 02 6884 4561 <>
10-12 Mar Tasmanian Championships TAS Cat 1 David Ferris 03 6225 1523 <>
17/18 Mar South West Open WA Cat 1 Alan Phillips <>
13-16 Apl Doeberl Cup ACT Cat 3 Roger Mccart 02-6251-6190 <>
13-16 Apl Sydney Easter Cup NSW Cat ? Peter Hanna <>
13-15 Apl Darling Downs Open QLD Cat 2 Keven Duncan <>
20-22 Apl Univ of Qld QLD Cat 3 David Cowland-Cooper 0414 498556 <>
5/6 May Hobson's Bay Open VIC Cat 1 Peter Caissa 0411 710900 <>
5/6 May Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <>
5-7 May Redcliffe Peninsula Open QLD Cat 1 Mark Stokes 07 3205 6042 <>
19/20 May Adelaide Cup SA Cat 1 Roland Eime 08 8268 1374 <>
19/20 May NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614 <>
8/10/11 June NSWCA Queen's Birthday Weekender Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614 <>
9-11 June Queen's Birthday Weekender The Gap Open QLD Cat 1 Andrew Robinson <>
9/10 June Queen's Birthday Weekender SA Cat 1 Roland Eime 08 8268 1374 <>
9-11 June Queen's Birthday Weekender TAS Cat 1 Kevin Bonham 03 6224 8487 <>
23/24 June Taree RSL Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <>
23/24 June Gold Coast Open QLD Cat 3 Graeme Gardiner 07 5530 5794 <>
30Jun/1Jul Suncoast Weekender QLD Cat 3 Robert Hochstadt 07 5447 5056 <>
28/29 Jul ANU Open ACT Cat 3 Shaun Press 02 6255 2040 <>
4/5 Aug Mackay Open QLD Cat 1 Stan Long Hong 07 4953 4573 <>
4/5 Aug NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614 <>
25/26 Aug Launceston Weekender TAS Cat 1 Leo Minol 03 6344 7472 <>
22/23 Sep Gold Coast Classic QLD Cat 3 Graeme Gardiner 07 5530 5794 <>
29/30 Sep Lidum's Cup SA Cat 1 Roland Eime 08 8268 1374 <>
29/30 Sep Redcliffe Challenge QLD Cat 1 Mark Stokes 07 3205 6042 <>
13/14 Oct Tweed Heads Open QLD Cat 3 Audie Pennefather 07 5536 9185
3/4 Nov Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <>
3-5 Nov Tasmanian Open TAS Cat 1 Neville Ledger 03 6431 1280 <>
17/18 Nov Taree RSL Spring Open NSW Cat 1 Endel Lane 02 6559 9060 <>
24/25 Nov NSWCA Cat 1 Robert Keast 02 9649 8614 <>
8/9 Dec Tuggeranong Vikings Weekender ACT Cat 1 Lee Forace 02 9556 3960 <>
15/16 Dec Melbourne Chess Club Christmas Swiss VIC Cat 2 Malcolm Pyke <>

Please note once again that the Grand Prix Supervisor is Norm Braybrooke <>. I'm sure that he would love to hear about new events. Norm's webpage is at: We continue to appeal to chess organisers in Victoria and WA to give players in those states the opportunity to earn Grand Prix points.


A Class 3 ACF Grand Prix Event, 13-16 April 2001, The Italo-Australian Club, 78 Franklin Street, Forrest, Canberra ACT

Prizes $10,000

Open Division (FIDE-rated)

First $2200, Second $1100, Third $600, Fourth $400, Fifth $300, Under 2150 $300, Best Junior $200, Best Local $100

Major Division (Rated under 2000 only)

First $1000, Second $700, Third $500, 1700-1799 $300, Under 1700 $250, Best Junior $100, Best Local $100

Minor Division (Rated under 1600 only)

First $600, Second $400, Third $300, 1350-1499 $250, Under 1350 $200, Best Unrated $100

April 13 (Good Friday): 12:00 noon Entries close 1:15 pm Opening ceremony 1:30 pm Round 1 7:00 pm Round 2

April 14: 10:00am Round 3 - 3:00pm Round 4 - 7:30pm Lightning Tournament

April 15: 10:00am Round 5 - 3:00pm Round 6

April 16: 9:00am Round 7 - 1:45pm Presentations

Entry Fees:

Adult $90 (GMs, IMs free). Under 18s $50. A $20 (Adult) /$10 (Under 18s) discount applies if entry is received by 6 April 2001. A $35 surcharge applies for under 2000 non-FIDE rated entries to Open Section. Players must be ACT or State Association members.

Time Limits:

Digital clocks will be used. Open Section (FIDE rated): 32 moves in 90 minutes, then 24 moves in 30 minutes, followed by 20 seconds per move until finish. Major/ Minor Sections: 40 moves in 90 minutes, then 30 moves in 30 minutes, followed by 20 seconds per move until finish.

Director of Play: Shaun Press

Please make cheques payable to ACTCA. Entries to: PAUL DUNN (Treasurer, Doeberl Cup) 20 Richmond St Macquarie ACT 2614


Roger McCart (Convener, Doeberl Cup) Ph: 02-6251 6190 Email:


Macquarie Private Hotel 18 National Cct Barton ph 02-6273-2325 Twinshare B&B $84 per night; Single $48:50 to $60:50 per night Forrest Motor Inn 30 National Cct Forrest ph 02-6295-3433;

Single/Double/Twinshare $105 per night Telopea Inn 16 New South Wales Cres Forrest ph 02-6295-3722 Twinshare $99 per night; Family 4 + Kitchen $150 per night Rydge's Capital Hill Cnr Canberra Ave & National Cct Forrest ph 02-6295-3144 Double/Twinshare B&B $179 per night

Roger McCart ph: (02) 6125 2041 Fax: (02) 6247 4823 Email:


This comp will now be staged by the Parramatta RSL Chess Club, located on corner of O'Connell and Macquarie Streets Parramatta. Run on Easter Saturday and Sunday commencing 10am. Director of Play will be Mr. Manny Rivera on (02) 9687-5278. Games of one hour each per player, loss on flag fall.

First prize guaranteed of $150 minimum plus trophy. Games to be rated.

Entry fees: standard $25, Concession $20, Juniors and Students $10.

Note this will not take place at Canterbury Leagues Club.

Peter Hanna: or Paul Sike 9533-1759 Postal address P.O. Box 274, Cabramatta 2166


Friday 13/04/01 Rd 1 - 10am Rd 2 - 12.30pm Rd 3 - 4pm

Saturday 14/04/01 Rd 4 - 9am Rd 5 - 2.30pm

Sunday 15/04/01 Rd 6 - 9am Rd 7 - 2.30pm

Total Prizes $1600 Grand Prix Class 2

Enquires to: Toowoomba Chess Club 97 Tourist Rd Toowoomba 4350 Ph (07) 46351255

Email: <>

Entry fees: Seniors: $46 Concession: $36 Cadets: $31 Non-CAQ (or other state) members: +$10


(Editor's note: This tournament is very highly recommended. It is the first large Grand Prix event in the centre of Brisbane for many years. David Cowland-Cooper is a new chess organiser who has put together a tournament very much worth supporting. We hope to see a very large turnout for this event which has a fantastic list of prizes).

The revival of chess on campus at The University of Queensland is getting a kick start with the inaugural UQ Chess Challenge in April. As the only major Grand Prix event in Brisbane city, we're really looking to get a good turnout. The absence of many professional players, thanks to the Oceanic Zonal, should mean that more amateurs and juniors will get amongst the prizes. Here are the details.

When: Saturday April 21 & Sunday April 22

Venue: The Holt Room, Union Building, The University of Queensland, St. Lucia campus

Total Prize Money: $2670

Prize List:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Open $500 $400 $300 $200 $100

U/2000 $200 $100 $75

U/1600 $200 $100 $75

Junior $100 $50 $30

Women $60 $40 $20

Unrated $60 $40 $20

Early Entry Fees: Standard - $60, Concession - $40, Junior - $30

Entries received after Thursday 12th April 2001 will need to pay an extra $10. Entries will be accepted up to 9:10am on Saturday 21st April 2001.

FORMAT: Seven rounds, 60 minutes each way for all moves

Round Times: Saturday: 9.30am, 12.00pm, 2.30pm, 5.00pm Sunday: 9.30am, 12.00pm, 2.30pm

Presentations will be made at 5pm after the final round.

Enquiries: Phone - David Cowland-Cooper 0414 498556 Email -

Light meals and coffee are available on campus.

Accommodation is available on campus and in nearby Toowong and Brisbane City.

Hope to see you there!


Saturday & Sunday - 5/6 May Venue: Laurieton Services Club

Round times: Sat - 10:00 am., 12:45 Pm., 3:15 Pm., 5:45 pm. Sun - 10:00 am., 12:45 pm., 3:15 pm.

Presentation of Cash Prizes & Trophies after Round 7.

Time Limit: G60 - 60 min per Player for Game.

First Prize: $300. Other prizes determined by the number of entries.

This is a Non-smoking tournament.

Fees: $25 1500+ Rating, $20 u1500, $15 u1250, $5 Discount Juniors. $5 Juniors in first ACF Rated tournament.

Tea/Coffee/Cordial/Biscuits supplied free. Club Bistro open for meals.

Contact: John: 6559 7590, Endel 6559 9060.

Try your skill in simul with IM John-Paul Wallace 8pm Saturday!

Enjoy a Weekend of Chess in Pretty Laurieton!!!


I would be very pleased to receive articles for this bulletin about any individuals you regard as being the most interesting characters of Australian chess.

I am prompted to write this by correspondence I have had this week with Professor BH Neumann, Emeritus Professor of Maths at the Australian National University. I understand that at the age of 91 Prof Neumann, ACF Rating 1659, still plays in the Doeberl Cup and still rides his bike 6kms a day to and from Uni.

Peter Parr advises that Prof Neumann received the highest award in the Queen's Birthday honours list a few years ago - for maths - the Companion of the Order of Australia. Only about 4 such awards are made annually. He was the leading mathematics professor in Canberra for over 60 years until his retirement.

Andrew Greenwood advises "I would say that Professor Neumann would be one of the most eminent persons who still plays chess in Australia. The ANU at the conferring of degrees ceremony next month will be presenting him with an honorary Doctor of Science, I think which is the highest honour one can receive in his field (mathematics)".

Robert Jamieson claims he swindled Prof Neumann in 1975 in the Australian Kriegspiel Championship. For those, like me, who don't know, Robert advises that Kriegspiel is a chess variant where you don't see your opponent's pieces but must guess where they are.

Prof Neumann tells me that he hopes to keep cycling for at least another nine years!

Very best wishes to all.

Graeme Gardiner

Graeme Gardiner
President, Australian Chess Federation
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