ACF Bulletin No. 104
18 February 2001



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Grand Prix - lots happening, South Australian AGM, FIDE Asian Board Meeting, Vote for FAQ in the Logies, FIDE General Assembly Minutes, Hervey Bay Open, Correspondence.



New Initiative from Chess Ideas - MICHAEL GLUZMAN:

We are very pleased to announce a new initiative to help Victorian Chess organisers to include their tournaments in the ACF Grand Prix.

Thus far in 2001 Victorian organisers have not been keen to include their tournaments in the Grand Prix.

In other states the Grand Prix is becoming more and more popular giving their members an opportunity to participate in a Grand Prix.

Many players would be interested in participating in the Grand Prix as long as they can play in approximately seven tournaments. We have only one or two Grand Prix tournaments in Victoria so an average player is not so interested.

To encourage more chess activities in Victoria and to give more opportunities for Victorian chess players Chess Ideas proposes a new initiative to assist tournament organisers make their tournaments Grand Prix events.

So if you are an organiser and thinking about running a chess tournament please give me a call on 9532-8370 or 0410 532837 to find out how Chess Ideas can assist you financially in running your tournament.

More prizes - more winners!


2000 Final Results:

1. Rogers, Ian NSW 95
2. Solomon, Stephen QLD 74
3. Chapman, Mark SA 70.5
4. Johansen, Darryl VIC 64.5
5. Reilly, Tim NSW 57

1. Myers, John QLD 72.08
2. Rej, Tomek NSW 67.82
3. Hornung, Michael TAS 49.83
4. Coutts, Tama NSW 48.45

1. Guthrie, Aaron SA 58.66
2. Yang, Song SA 42.5
3. Bowen, Leon VIC 40
4. Lea, Tom TAS 37.16

1. Zhao, Zong - Yuan NSW 105.66
2. Smerdon, David QLD 82.66
3. Chow, Samuel VIC 78.5

Female Winner
Szuveges, Narelle VIC 88.5

Unrated Winner
Stojic, Svetozar ACT 46.5

State Prizes
Boyd, Tristan WA 22.5

Many thanks again to INGRID THOMPSON for finding time in her busy schedule to administer these results. If there are any results with which you disagree, please let us know urgently before we issue the cheques.

2001 Calendar of Grand Prix Tournaments (34 to date):

Look out for the three upcoming Grand Prix events, the Dubbo RSL Open on 3/4 March, the Tasmanian Championships which are being held from 10-12 March and the South West Open in Bunbury, WA on the 17/18 March.

Tournaments registered to date are as follows:

3/4 Feb Newcastle Open NSW Cat 2 GEORGE LITHGOW

17/18 Feb Taree RSL Summer Open NSW Cat 1 ENDEL LANE 02 6559 9060

3/4 Mar Dubbo RSL Open NSW Cat 1 ALEXANDER AICH 02 6884 4561

10-12 Mar Tasmanian Championships TAS Cat 1 DAVID FERRIS 03 6225 1523

17/18 Mar South West Open WA Cat 1 ALAN PHILLIPS

13-16 Apl Doeberl Cup ACT Cat 3 ROGER MCCART 02-6251-6190

13-16 Apl Sydney Easter Cup NSW Cat ? PETER HANNA

20-22 Apl Univ of Qld QLD Cat 3 DAVID COWLAND-COOPER 0414 498556

5/6 May Hobson's Bay Open VIC Cat 1 PETER CAISSA 0411 710900

5/6 May Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1 ENDEL LANE 02 6559 9060

5-7 May Redcliffe Peninsula Open QLD Cat 1 MARK STOKES 07 3205 6042

19/20 May Adelaide Cup SA Cat 1 ROLAND EIME 08 8268 1374

19/20 May NSWCA Cat 1 ROBERT KEAST 02 9649 8614

8/10/11 June NSWCA Queen's Birthday Weekender Cat 1 ROBERT KEAST 02 9649 8614

9-11 June Queen's Birthday Weekender The Gap Open QLD Cat 1 ANDREW ROBINSON

9/10 June Queen's Birthday Weekender SA Cat 1 ROLAND EIME 08 8268 1374

9-11 June Queen's Birthday Weekender TAS Cat 1 KEVIN BONHAM 03 6224 8487

23/24 June Taree RSL Open NSW Cat 1 ENDEL LANE 02 6559 9060

23/24 June Gold Coast Open QLD Cat 3 GRAEME GARDINER 07 5530 5794

30Jun/1Jul Suncoast Weekender QLD Cat 3 ROBERT HOCHSTADT 07 5447 5056

28/29 Jul ANU Open ACT Cat 3 SHAUN PRESS 02 6255 2040

4/5 Aug Mackay Open QLD Cat 1 STAN LONG HONG 07 4953 4573

4/5 August NSWCA Cat 1 ROBERT KEAST 02 9649 8614

25/26 August Launceston Weekender TAS Cat 1 LEO MINOL 03 6344 7472

22/23 Sep Gold Coast Classic QLD Cat 3 GRAEME GARDINER 07 5530 5794

29/30 Sep Lidum's Cup SA Cat 1 ROLAND EIME 08 8268 1374

29/30 Sep Redcliffe Challenge QLD Cat 1 MARK STOKES 07 3205 6042

13/14 Oct Tweed Heads Open QLD Cat 3 BRUCE PENNEFATHER 07 5536 9185

3/4 Nov Laurieton Open NSW Cat 1 ENDEL LANE 02 6559 9060

17-19 Nov Tasmanian Open TAS Cat 1 NEVILLE LEDGER 03 6431 1280

17/18 Nov Taree RSL Spring Open NSW Cat 1 ENDEL LANE 02 6559 9060

24/25 November NSWCA Cat 1 ROBERT KEAST 02 9649 8614

8/9 Dec Tuggeranong Vikings Weekender ACT Cat 1 LEE FORACE 02 9556 3960

15/16 December Melbourne Chess Club Christmas Swiss VIC Cat 2 MALCOLM PYKE

May I appeal to the organisers of the following tournaments which were entered in 2000 to enter them again in 2001:

Ballarat Begonia Open, Darling Downs Open, Basta Shield, Vic Open, North Queensland Open, Coal City Open, Central Coast Weekender, Geelong Open, Melbourne Cup. It would also be nice to list two or three more WA tournaments. I understand that the Box Hill Chess Club in Melbourne is considering entering an event. Perhaps there are several other established or new tournaments which might like to enter.

Tournaments entered to date: NSW 12, Qld 9, Tas 4, SA 3, ACT 3, Vic 2, WA 1, Total 34.

Tournaments in Tasmania, WA and SA are reminded that they can stage a class one event with no 'up front' fee. The total cost for these events would be simply the number of entrants x $2.

Please note that the new Grand Prix Supervisor is NORM BRAYBROOKE . I'm sure that he would love to hear from new events. Norm's webpage is at:



GEORGE HOWARD has been returned as President at the recent Annual Meeting of the South Australian Chess Association.



Present : Mr Khalifa Mohammad Al-Hitmi (Continental President)
Mr Emmanuel Omuku (FIDE Executive Director)
Mr Mohammad Jafar Kambouzia (Zone 3.1a President)
Mr P. T. Ummer Koya (Zone 3.1b President)
Mr Ignatius Leong (Zone 3.2a President)
Dr Mohammad Al-Khozai (President of Bahrain Chess Fed)
Mr Yousef Ahmad Ali (Deputy President of Qatar Chess Assn)
Dr Michael Shadarevian (Continental General Secretary)

Apologies : Mr Ibrahim Al-Bannai (Board Member), Mr Michael Freeman (Board Member)

1. Mr. Khalifa welcomed the participants and invited Mr. Omuku to brief the members on FIDE's decision to stop using the Zonal Championships as qualification to the World Championship.

2. After taking into consideration the views of the Zonal Presidents, Mr. Khalifa proposed the following decisions which all the members supported for recommendation to the Continental Assembly in Teheran in February and to the FIDE Presidential Board:

a) That the system of organizing the Zonal Championships and the number of qualifying places be kept intact. Where no zonal championship is held, the qualifying place(s) from that zone shall be contested at the Continental Championship. The highest placed player(s) from that zone in the Continental Championship shall qualify for the World Championship. Where no member of that particular zone is present, the place(s) shall be contested by the other players in the Continental Championship in the order of merit.

b) It is no more mandatory for the organizing Federation to provide a prize fund for the Winners of a Zonal.

Zone 3.1a Zone 3.1b Zone 3.2a Zone 3.2b Zone 3.3 Zone 3.4 Total 1 1 2 1 2 2 9

c) The number of places from each country participating in the Zonal Championship shall be retained as per regulations of 2000.

d) For the Continental Championship, the basis shall be similar as for the Zonal Championship in 2(c) above. These automatic players shall qualify for free board and lodging. A country may be allowed to enter the same number of players as extra players and these extra players shall have to pay their own travel and living expenses. This condition also applies to the host country. Another one player is allowed for the host country and if the number is odd, one more player is allowed.

e) The allocation of US$ 80,000 from FIDE shall be used as Prize Fund for the Continental Championship. Of this amount, 20% shall be retained by FIDE.

f) The minimum Prize Fund of US$ 64,000 shall be distributed in the following manner to the top 20 places : 1st US$ 12,000; 2nd US$ 10,000; 3rd US$ 8,000; 4th US$ 6,000; 5th US$5,000; 6th US$ 4,000; 7th US$ 3,000; 8th to 10th US$ 2,000; 11th to 20th US$ 1,000.

g) The Continental Championship shall qualify 10 players to the World Championship.

h) The Zonal Championships shall be held prior to the Continental Championship between the months of January to April. The Continental Championship must be held between May to June.

i) The Continental Championship shall be played on the 11-round Swiss and the number of days shall not exceed eleven including days of arrival and departure.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Arrival R1 R2 & 3 R4 R5 & 6 Rest R7 & 8 R9 R10 R11 Departure

j) In the event that additional qualifying places are allocated to the Continent due to good performances of the players, these places shall be distributed back to the zones where the players come from.

k) That these regulations shall form the basis for the regulations of the Continental Championship for Asia.

l) In the interest of organizational practicality, the number of players in the Zone 3.2b Championship (Oceanic Zone) shall be determined by its Zone President in consultation with the Continental President.

m) If the same format is used for the Women then the regulations for (Zonals & Continental) championships shall be based on the above regulations. The distribution of the Prize Fund shall be pro-rated.

n) It was agreed by the members that Asia must be represented in the World Championship cycle committee.

the communique signed by the below mentioned
Mr Khalifa Mohammad Al-Hitmi (Continental President)
Mr Mohammad Jafar Kambouzia (Zone 3.1a President)
Mr P T Ummer Koya (Zone 3.1b President)
Mr Ignatius Leong (Zone 3.2a President)
Dr Michael Shadarevian (Continental General Secretary)

These decisions will have to be ratified at the Continental Assembly to be held in Tehran from 21-23 February.

There is a strong chance that we will be organising an Oceanic Zonal (Open and Women) in the second half of April either in Sydney (JASON LYONS) or the Gold Coast (GRAEME GARDINER). Expressions of interest from players would be welcomed to .



ADAM SPENCER is probably the media celebrity who does most to promote chess in Australia, and as a reward for his services why not vote for FAQ in the best light entertainment category in the logies. I understand that the voting form is in TV Week magazine.



The full minutes of the meeting are available at



This event will be held at the Hervey Bay Resort Motel on 10/11 March. It is not a Grand Prix event this year. For more information please contact: ANDREW ROGERS 07 4124 7107 or TONY HANCOCKS 07 4125 3653.




Metropolitan Centre on Chess "Sofia" is an organization, which (has) placed before itself the noble and hard task for training of beginners and talented young chess players.

With us work young and ambitious people, (who have) completed their higher chess education at the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria. Our alumni participate many times in the sports calendar of F.I.D.E. Our opinion, however, is that the present day scheme of children's competitions allows only for one or two of the skilled children of each country to be nominated. The rest, though skilled enough, we assure you, remain in the shadow of the fame, sometimes because of most subjective reasons. In the contemporary information and huge area for representation in other fields of life, the easily injured child's mentality can readily withdraw from the chess, may be of future champions.

It happens that with the growing up fewer children remain fond of chess. That is why, as an alternative, we desire to realize closer connections with organizations and clubs, willing a cooperation, by which our chess life will be varied.

Thus, you already understand that we are interested in the children's chess clubs in your country, as well as in the tournaments, where Bulgarian children may take part.

Yours sincerely

Maria Nikolieva, ,


Bravo Mr. Glissan! What a fine chess reporter you are. Your piece on the Shaw Shield was one of the best chess tournament reports I have ever read. I absolutely fell in awe with your descriptions. How I wish there was more of your style in Australian chess publications. It was terrific!



Very best wishes to all.

Graeme Gardiner


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