ACF Bulletin No. 100 - 21 January 2001


The ACF Secretary, PAUL BROEKHUYSE has heard from the Australian Olympic

Committee that the ACF is likely to be accepted as a 'recognised body'. This is

subject to the ACF supplying more information.

During the week I had a meeting at Parliament House with Shadow Minister


Sport, KATE LUNDY. During the meeting I impressed on the Shadow Minister

that it wasn't sufficient for chess to be recognised as recreation. I gave

several reasons why chess needs to be recognised as a serious sport, one

of which is that in order to receive funding to conduct drug tests in line with

IOC regulations, the ACF needs to be recognised as a sport by the Australian

Sports Commission. For this to happen, it will require politicians in power

to change the laws under which the Australian Sports Commission is run by

civil servants. Senator Lundy advised me that this was a good time for our

meeting because she is in the process of forming the Labour Party's sports

policy for the Federal Election due later this year.


At the Australian Open Closing Ceremony, ACF Medals Coordinator, GARY

WASTELL announced the following winners for this year:

Steiner Medal (Player of the year) DARRYL JOHANSEN

Purdy Medal (Chess Journalism) DAVE ELLIS

Koshnitsky Medal (Chess Administration) RICHARD GASTINEAU-HILLS

Many congratulations to each of the above for their fine contribution to

Australian chess.


1 Kuan-Kuan Tian (N) 2054 6.5

2 Sam Chow (V) 1893 6.5

3 George Xie (N) 2007 5.5

4 Arthur Huynh (N) 1480 5

5 Keiran Olm-Milligan (Q) 1502 5

6 Jonathon Humphrey (Q) 1673 5

7 Dusan Stojic (A) 1502 5

8 Michelle Lee (V) 1652 5

9 Svetozar Stojic (A) 1435 4.5

44 players

Progress scores in 2001 Australian Juniors after 8 rounds

Open Under 18

1 IM David Smerdon (Q) 2304 7

2 IM Zhao Zong-Yuan (N) 2297 6.5

3 Sam Chow (V) 1893 6

4 Jonathon Humphrey (Q) 1673 5.5

5 George Xie (N) 2007 5.5

6 Peter Jovanovic (A) 1842 5.5

7 Catherine Lip (N) 1801 5.5

8 Denis Bourmistrov (V) 1881 5.5

9 Julian McDonald (V) 1546 5.5

10 Kuan-Kuan Tian (N) 2054 5.5

11 Keiran Olm-Milligan (Q) 1503 5.5

12 WIM Laura Moylan (A) 1871 5.5

65 players

Open Under 12

1 Dusan Stojic (A) 1487 8

2 Casey Barnard (Q) 1508 7

3 Michael Wei (A) 1478 6

4 Louis Chu (N) 1099 5.5

5 Eugenia Sharomova (N) 1378 5.5

39 players

Girls' Under 18 (10 rounds)

Michelle Lee (V) 1652 8.5

Sally-Anne Richter (V) 1167 8

Shannon Oliver (A) 1390 7.5

Kateryna Moshnenko (Q) 1493 7.5

Juanita Lauer-Smith (S) 1239 6.5

Jade Lauer-Smith (S) 1093 6

13 player round robin

Girls' Under 12

1 Heather Huddleston (N) 1127 7

2 Casey Hickman (V) 869 6.5

3 Rebecca Harris (N) 967 5

4 Vaness Reid (N) 938 5

5 Amy Evans (Q) 985 5

20 players

Full details:



It's been so long since I won against a good player I have to share it with


1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 e6 3.c4 b6 4.g3 Bb7 5.Bg2 Bb4 6.Nbd2 O-O 7.O-O Re8 8.a3 Bf8

9.b4 c5 10.Qb3 Nc6 11.d5 ed5 12. cd5 Nb8 13.e4 Na6 14.b5 c4 15.Qc4 Rc8

16.Qd4 Nc5 17.Re8 g6 18. Bb2 Bg7 19. Re3 d6 20. h3? Bd5 21. Rae1 Ba8 22.Nh2

Qd7 23. Ng4 Re6 24. Nf6 Bf6 25. Qb4 Bb2 26. Qb2 d5 27 ed5 Re3 28.Re3 Bd5

29.Bd5 Qd5 30.Nf3 Ne6 31. h4 Rc5 32.a4 Qd1 33. Kg2 Qa4 34. Qf6 draw offer

Rf5 35.Qe7 Qb5 36.Qa7 Qc6 37.Qa1 Qd5 O-1


The inaugural PNG International Open Chess Championship is open to all

players. Appearance money will be offered to foreign, FIDE-rated

competitors. Entries, or enquiries should be directed to Gary Bekker, Webpage:

Gary also notes that all current January 2001 ratings and ratings

calculations are available from his web site:


1. 3rd-16th of February - "FIRST SATURDAY" GM-IM-FM tmt, Budapest, organi=


Nagy Laszlo,

2. 16th-24th of February, IM-closed tournament, Eger, /100 km North-East

from Budapest/, organizer: IM Ali Habibi, e-mail:

3. 3rd-16th of March , FS IM-FM tmt, Budapest, org.: NL.,

4. 16th-24th of March, 17th Budapest Spring Festival, 9 rounds Swiss, org:


5. 7th-19th of April, FS GM-IM-FM tmt, Budapest, org.: NL,

6. 5th-17th of May, FS, IM-FM tmt,

7. 21st of May - 1st of June, ELEKES memorial, Budapest, GM-IM-tmt, Org: IM

Zsinka Laszlo, mobile: /36/-20-9219197

8. 2nd-14th of June FS GM-IM-FM tmt, org: NL.,

9. 12th-26th of June, GM-IM tmt Szentgotthard /West of Hungary/, org. FM

Tomcsanyi, Peter, e-mail:

Regards: Nagy, Laszlo, International Chess Organizer, E-mail:,, phone-fax: (361)-263-28-59=


mobile: (36)-30-230-1914


FM BOB SMITH, Organiser, 108th NZ Chess Congress

Just wondering if you could in the next ACF Bulletin correct the statement

made re CHRIS DEPASQUALE'S performance at the NZ Champs. The bulletin states

: "unfortunately for him the event was not quite strong enough for an IM

Norm". This was wrong. Chris did in fact score an IM Norm over the first 9

rounds (perhaps you just counted 11). He scored 7/9 with an average rating

of 2256.66 (counting the 1 unrated player he faced as 2000, as per FIDE

regulations). This conforms with a Category One tournament (2251-2275), in

which he needed 7/9.

So I think congratulations are in order for Chris Depasquale and a

correction! Hopefully you will oblige in the next bulletin. I would also

appreciate (as mentioned) acknowledgement that Sandler, Dive and Ker are IMs

and that Depasquale and Garbett are FMs.

All the best in chess

Graeme Gardiner


Graeme Gardiner

President, Australian Chess Federation

C/- Somerset College, Somerset Drive, Mudgeeraba Q 4213

Phone 07 5530 3777 (w) 07 5530 5794 (h) Fax 07 5525 2676 (w)


Chess - the clever sport!

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