ACF Bulletin No. 94
7th December 2000

Graeme Gardiner is away till 22nd December (trip to chess olympiad and well earned holiday) so this bulletin is being brought to you by the acting President, Robert Jamieson.


Yesterday Wendy and I spent a full day at the offices of the USCF. We were wonderfully treated and learned a great deal which should help when considering and articulating ways of developing Australian chess. The USCF has an annual operating budget of US$6M and employs 40 full time staff. It has 86,000 members of which just over half are aged 19 and under.
Benefits of membership include US Chess Online, Chess Life Magazine for adults and School Mates Magazine for juniors, merchandising of various chess goods with discounts for members, ratings service, members only section on the website, affinity programmes, publishing initiatives, free handouts, research materials and a library.
The USCF is trying to become a full member of the US Olympic Committee and is also working on accreditations for coaches and tournament officials. There are some areas where it might be possible for the ACF to work with the USCF for the mutual benefit of both parties.
In Washington we stayed with Lubos and Irena Kavalek who were wonderful hosts. In New York we are staying with Martin and Sophie Zhao, parents of six year old Parker, the current US Kindy champion who moved from the Gold Coast a couple of years ago. Martin and Sophie also were very generous hosts. Tomorrow we go on to Boston where we stay with Bill and Vesna Kelleher. Bill is the US delegate to FIDE. After that we will meet up in Seattle with Yasser Seirawan. Yasser was one of the critics of the Oceanic zonal held in 1999 at the Parkroyal Surfers Paradise. At the recent FIDE Congress I moved a motion to tighten up FIDE regulations in relation to titles at zonals run as Swiss events. An amendment to my motion was accepted and in future at zonals run as Swiss events a maximum of one IM title and two FM titles will be awarded without prior consent of the Chairman of the Titles Commission.
In relation to David Lovejoy's comments re FIDE Commerce, I think I gave some comments on this matter a couple of weeks ago. Whatever people may think of the FIDE President and the Russian who is running FIDE Commerce, they have to perform for the US$3.5million (indexed) a year or the contract is voided. According to the information given to the Congress the FIDE President has already given in excess of US$20M to FIDE over the last few years! Englishman David Anderton, an impressive character, gave me a great deal of confidence that his committee had made the contract as watertight as possible under all the circumstances.
I hope all is going well. I look forward to seeing you in early January.
Very best wishes


I wonder if anyone can help me with a bit of information. I'm involved in a discussion on an email discussion group in which the subject of computer chess has come up, with particular emphasis on the difference between the way computers and humans play chess. I mentioned that case a year or so back of the player who was caught taking advice from Fritz through hidden communication equipment. This raised considerable interest, and a couple of people asked for further detail. I know it was covered in a couple of Aussie chess columns, and no doubt in other journals around the world, but can't think of an efficient way to track one down. Does anyone have the details - who the player was, what the tournament was, where it was played etc - or can anyone point to a particular column that covered it? I vaguely recall that Phil Viner's column in the Australian gave it a good run, but may be wrong.
Another example, perhaps more obscure, I'd like to track down occurred I believe in one of those carbon vs silicon tournaments. The computer refrained from playing what looked like an obvious winning move, to the bafflement of both its opponent and the onlookers. It was only on analysis that it was found that the obvious winning move had a fatal flaw. I know it's a big ask, but if anyone can identify this incident from such a vague recollection, I'd be mighty grateful for the details.
For that matter, any profound insights into the differences between computer and human chess style would be useful.
Thanks in anticipation.
Bruce Harris
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The current edition of the Czech chess magazine Sachinfo includes an interview with one Graeme Gardiner. There's a photo (taken by Cathy Rogers) of Graeme carrying the Olympic Torch, and according to the text he is only the second person in history to do so as a chess player, the only other having been Yugoslav GM Predrog Nikolic in 1984. He comments on what an emotionally rewarding experience it was.
Graeme goes on to talk about his vision for the future of chess in Australia, particularly the development of youth chess in schools and universities. Asked his views on the likelihood of chess ever making it into the Olympics, Graeme was cautiously optimistic, but not in the short term - maybe the winter version in 2006 or the summer of 2008.
The Gardiners' next stop after Prague was to be Istanbul, and the interviewer wished him and the Aussie team well - then closed with the rueful comment that when he said that, he wasn't expecting that Australia would finish ahead of the Czech Republic.
Incidentally, I met up with Graeme & Wendy while they were in the Czech Republic. They were both looking healthy & relaxed.

Bruce Harris


Hi Robert , could you include our Chess tourney in your next bulletin.

The Australian Allegro Chess Championships have been running for 5 years with first prize of $1,000 2nd $400.
The tourney is 7 rounds 15 mins each on the timer.   The tourney is on 26th December 2000 and starts at 12.00 it is all finished by 5.00 pm.   It is run by SACA and in years past number of entries have ranged between 80 - 110.    There are many other prizes totalling $2,000 in all and we hold it every year at the beachside suburb of Glenelg as part of the BAY SPORTS FESTIVAL.

For further information and entry forms persons interested could call me on 0414841575 or e-mail me at

Yours in CHESS
George Howard
President SACA


Nominations are invited for the following medals, to be awarded during the presentation of prizes at the Australian Open Championship in Canberra on Tuesday January 9, 2000.

Steiner Medal
       This is awarded to the "Player of the Year". It is to be the player who has made the greatest impact, not necessarily the highest-rated - it is for the most notable achievement of the year. It may be awarded to the same person more than once.

Koshnitsky Medal
      This is awarded for an outstanding contribution to Australian chess administration at a national or a state level. It may not be won more than once by the same person.

CJS Purdy Medal
  This is awarded for an outstanding contribution to Australian chess as a journalist at a national or state level. It may not be won more than once by the same person.
Please note:
    1. The Steiner Medal is to be awarded in respect of
impact/achievement during the year 2000.
     2. The Koshnitsky and Purdy medals are not necessarily awarded in
respect of any particular year.
        3. A list of previous winners may be viewed on the ACF web page at
        4. Please send nominations together with citations and/or other
suitable supportive material so as to be received at the following address on or before 10 December 2000: 20 Sycamore Grove, East St Kilda, Vic 3183, or send by e-mail to, or by fax to (03) 9525 9632.
        5. Confirmation of receipt of nominations will be given. If no such confirmation is received within two days of the expected date of delivery, please contact Gary Wastell on (03) 9525 9631 or 0419 525 963 or e-mail as above.
        6. Please retain a copy of all material sent. 

Australian Centenary of Federation Chess Festival
2001 Icon Australian Open
Rydges Lakeside Canberra

Update: The early-entry deadline for the Australian Open has been extended.
 To receive the early entry discount, paid entries must be received no
later than FRIDAY, 08 DECEMBER 2000.

Also, players intending to enter on the day (with late fee of $20 Open, $10 Minor before 11AM, 28 December), must notify the organisers of their intentto do so BEFORE 28 December so that we have an idea of final numbers before the start of the events.  Entries are coming in fast, so book your accommodation and get entries in now.

Furthermore, there are still plentiful accommodation options available
including doubles from $30 p.p. per night within 5 minutes walk of the
venue (see City Walk Hotel on website).  By coming in groups, the costs can be vastly reduced - enquire about extra single beds in rooms at Rydges Lakeside when making bookings (  There are still single rooms at Fenner Hall (15 min. walk from venue or 5 min. bus) from $17/night for adults.  For more information, visit

Another update on visiting players - some good news and some bad news.  GM
Goran Todorovic, an early confirmation, has unfortunately notified the
organisers of his withdrawal.  He has been replaced by three International
Masters: 21-year old IM Maarten Solleveld (The Netherlands), IM Walaa
Sarwat (Egypt) and 22-year old IM Mohamed Ezat (Egypt).  More updates on
visiting players to come.  This brings the total number of GMs and IMs to 15:

International Grandmasters:


International Masters:


Other players coming:


Feel free to contact the organisers if you have any questions.  See the
website for detailed information.

Australian Centenary
of Federation Chess Festival
PO Box 470
Erindale ACT 2903

Andrew Greenwood
Tel. 0403-191-777 (anytime)
Fax. 02-6291-0385


This is a Grand Prix Tournament Category depends on prize money raised
VENUE: Kamaraigal Room, North Sydney Leagues Club,
Abbott St, Cammeray.
Ample parking available.
Licensed club rules apply.
Juniors welcome.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Catch a bus on routes 202-207 from Wynyard or
North Sydney stations.
Alight at Cammeray shops in Miller St.
One minute from the club.
SEVEN ROUNDS: Time limit of one hour per player for the whole game.
Games will be rated.
ENQUIRIES: Norm Greenwood 94764533(H).
ENTRIES: Entries taken on the day; or send advance entries to NSW Chess
Association, PO Box 2418, GPO Sydney NSW 2001. Entries close
at 9:45am on Saturday 16th December.
ROUND TIMES: Saturday 16th December - Round 1 at 10am; Round 2 12:15pm and
Round 3 2:30pm.
Sunday 17th December - Round 4 at 10am, Round 5 12:30pm,
Round 6 2:45pm and Round 7 5:00pm.
Presentation 7:30pm.
PRIZES: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, plus U2000, U1800, U1600 and U1400 for rated players, best unrated & best junior prizes. (All prizes subject to sufficient number of entries).
Players are eligible for only one prize. Prizes will be pooled and divided equally in case of ties.
ENTRY FEES: to be announced
Smoking is not allowed in the playing area.
All NSW-resident players must be members of the NSWCA or the NSWJCL.
This will be a great tournament! Come and play - and enjoy!!

Laurieton United Servicemenís Club

Laurieton   Chess   Club

All Chessplayers are invited to Laurieton   One   Day
Christmas Chess Tournament

Sunday   -   17  December.

10 am. Start   ~   Entries close   9:45 am.

Venue:-  Laurieton United Servicemenís Club on the waterfront  in Seymour Street

7 Round Swiss ~ 25 minutes per Player for Game

Games Rated !    Prizes determined by the number of entries.

The decision of Tournament Directors is final in this matter.
Entry Fees:-    $ 5  Seniors   ~   $ 3  Juniors.

Tea/Coffee/Cordial/Biscuits supplied Free !

Club   Bistro   Open   for   Lunch !

Contact:-  Reg - 02 6585 5873 ~ Endel - 02 6559 9060.

ACF GRAND PRIX 2001                               
No.     Event                   State   Category        Dates           Contact Name    Phone   Email
1  Dubbo RSL Open          N       1       3-4 Mar         Alexander Aich  02 6884 4561
2      UQ Chess Tournament     Q       3       20-22 Apr       David Cowland-Cooper    0414 498 556
3    Doeberl Cup             A       3       13-16 Apr       Roger McCart    02 6249 2041
4        Newcastle 2001 Open     N       2       3-4 Feb         George Lithgow
5     Adelaide Cup Weekender  S       1       19-20 May       Roland Eime   
6     Queen's Birthday Weekender      S       1       9-10 Jun                Roland Eime   
7     Lidum's Cup Weekender   S       1       29-30 Sep       Roland Eime   
8       Tasmanian Open C/ship   T       1       17-19 Nov       Neville Ledger  03 6431 1280
9       South West Open         W       1       17-18 Mar       Alan Phillips 
10    Queen's Birthday Weekender      T       1       9-11 Jun                Kevin Bonham    03 6224 8487
11  36th Peninsula Open     Q       1       5-7 May         Mark Stokes     07 3205 6042
12   11th Redcliffe Challenge        Q       1       6-7 Oct         Mark Stokes     07 3205 6042
13   Taree RSL Summer Open   N       1       17-18 Feb       Endel Lane      02 6559 9060
14        Taree RSL Open          N       1       23-24 Jun       Endel Lane      02 6559 9060
15        Taree RSL Spring Open   N       1       17-18 Nov       Endel Lane      02 6559 9060
16        ANU Open                A       3       28-29 Jul               Shaun Press   
17     Sydney Easter Cup               N       TBA     13-16 Apr       Peter Hanna   
18   Sunshine Coast 2001 Weekender   Q       3       7-8 Jul Robert Hochstadt        07 5447 5056
19   Gold Coast Open         Q       3       23-24 Jun       Graeme Gardiner 07 5530 5794
20 Gold Coast Classic              Q       3       22-23 September Graeme Gardiner 07 5530 5794
21      Laurieton May Open      N       1       5-6 May         Endel Lane      02 6559 9060
22      Laurieton Open          N       1       3-4 Nov         Endel Lane      02 6559 9060

Very best wishes to all.

Robert Jamieson


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Acting President, Australian Chess Federation
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Phone 03 9579-2533 (w) 03 9700-6295 (h) Fax 03 9570-4095 (w)

Chess - the clever sport!

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