ACF Bulletin No. 93 - 27th November 2000

Graeme Gardiner is away till 22nd December (trip to chess olympiad and well earned holiday) so this bulletin is being brought to you by the acting President, Robert Jamieson.


This has been a bit of a "slow news week" although I did receive an interesting email from David Lovejoy with the title "will the ACF withdraw from FIDE?" with a copy of a Hans Ree article on the net about the recent changes in FIDE which Ree claims is being privatised and will be owned 70% by the FIDE President and 30% by a Russian of dubious character. Perhaps Graeme will throw some more light on this when he returns.

The only other juicy gossip was from the VCA AGM held on Saturday where I am advised that Gary Wastell retain his position as President but only after surviving a very close challenge from Malcolm Pyke. Chess Ideas was apparently admitted as a member club, and Jenkins and Cordover were voted into the committee positions with Gluzman missing out. Hopefully we will have a full (official) report for the next issue.


Firstly, my sincere apologies to Michael Gluzman as I inadvertently published only part of his letter in the last issue. Here is his complete letter:


Dear all,

I am surprised and disappointed that a very negative and misleading email, I understand referring to me, appeared on the VCA mail list and in the ACF bulletin number 91. This kind of email can only bring chess into disrepute. The comments made by the author were of a personal nature and inaccurate but more importantly misleading to its readers. I rang the author who sent this email asking for an apology and retraction. I have not had an answer thus far so I feel I have to reply.

I still feel very sorry that I did not go to the Olympiad because of a clash with the Victorian Interschool Competitions. I really wanted to play and support the team.

I personally do everything I can to help chess in both Victoria and Australia. Chess Ideas (of which I am a director) has the most successful program for juniors in Australia and is assisting financially more dedicated juniors. Chess Ideas has considerably contributed to the Box Hill junior fund and I returned my prize money to assist the junior fund. I also went to the World Junior Championships with only a part of my expenses covered. Chess Ideas' total assistance to the Victorian and Australian chess community both financial and in services provided is estimated in thousand of dollars. We have a strong involvement with clubs including running Chess Ideas Chess Club for no profit and mutually profitable arrangements with Box Hill and Mentone Chess Clubs.

Taking into account the above one might think one would receive support from the people running Chess in Victoria. Disappointingly it is quite the opposite.

Although the Olympiad is only part of the broader picture I would like to give my reasons why I did not attend the Olympiad.

Unfortunately Junior competitions in Victoria are not run properly. Last year I wrote a letter to the VCA Annual General Meeting citing many problems with the interschool competition. As I understand it most people attribute the difficulties to poor organization. That letter had little effect.

This year the Victorian Junior Championships had one arbiter for approximately 80 children. The noise level was quite unbearable (numerous people commented on it). In addition the organisers made a mistake with seedings. I was absolutely sure that the Interschool competition would have problems this year, either because of organisational issues or the way the competition is conducted. Sadly I was not mistaken. Both Secondary and Primary interschool competitions had substantial problems due mainly to the method the organisers used to run it. While it will take too long to describe all of the problems, Gary Wastell President of the VCA said after I pointed out to him what was happening that "It should not happen." 11 out of 14 schools at the A finals Primary Interschool are "Chess Ideas" customers and I am glad that I can answer their questions.

Also Chess Ideas is proud to employ Australian Olympiad member Darryl Johansen who we were able to substitute for when he was overseas. Our office administrator was on leave at the time of interschool. She agreed to look after the children on the day which certainly was a great help, she certainly did not have to do it. I kept in phone contact with her during the interschool competition also I had to take some classes.

I can assure you that I did everything I could to go to the Olympiad. I indicated to the VCA that I was not able to go to Olympiad if the Interschool competitions were held at the same time.

The Interschool dates were changed in September from the originally scheduled time. The VCA had a meeting regarding changing dates to enable me to go to the Olympiad. I told them that I was happy to compensate the VCA financially should they incur any financial loses through a change of dates. I rang all Olympiad team members as well as Robert Jamieson and Graeme Gardiner in an attempt to get them to lobby the VCA committee. Although the VCA made their decision as a "committee decision" I understand it was deeply divided.

In conclusion I believe that the ACF should have power over the state associations to veto some tournaments if there is a reasonable assumption that those tournaments could hinder our Olympiad players representing Australia. As it showed in this case three people on the VCA committee could strongly influence who is going to the Olympiad.

Despite of all above I am still incredibly keen to develop chess in Australia and Victoria. And to give Australian and Victorian children an opportunity they could only dream of in both competitive chess and in the enjoyment and skills that are enriched.

I hope my email is not too long.

Michael Gluzman

I've had a couple of people comment on the Gluzman Olympiad withdrawal issue.

One correspondent thinks that it is entirely a matter for the player and that no explanation need be given.

Another thought that David Cordover's original comments were an unjustified attack on Michael who has done a lot of good for chess.

I think that sometimes people have trouble differentiating between criticism of a person and criticism of an action or decision of a person. Unless we are the Pope, even really nice people sometimes make bad decisions.


I wonder if Michael Gluzman might tell us which independent ratings agency has judged Chess Ideas "the most successful program for juniors in Australia".

Joseph Tanti, The Chess Set, Adelaide

FROM Tony Chow

I have just read the latest ACF bulletin. Did not realise that you were going to put Sam's game against Gluzman into it, otherwise I would have double checked it for errors. I found three typing errors in it (I typed in haste last Sat. - Sam keeps me busy with other activities besides chess). 15. Nb3 (not Nh3). 29....Rc8 (not Re8) and 31. bxc6 (not Bxc6). Pls. issue these amendments in your next bulletin, as some people could be puzzled by the errors.

Tony Chow


Hi Robert,

Is it possible for you to email everyone of the ACF Bulleitn list that we would like entries for the Australian Schools Chess Competition to be closed by 10 Dec as there are still many states that have not confirmed whether they are attending.

Thanks, Trish

Patricia Then



2001 Icon Australian Open
Rydges Lakeside
London Circuit, Canberra City
28 December 2000 - 09 January 2001

The festival is fast approaching and entries are coming in for all of the events. Things are shaping up to be a great success with already over 14 GMs and IMs confirmed for the Open, and new confirmations still coming in. Also, the shorter U/1600 Minor (28-31 Dec) and U/2000 (2-7 Jan) events are proving popular for those who cannot commit two weeks of holidays to the Open.


International Grandmasters:
GM UTUT ADIANTO (INDONESIA 2583) - Board 1 Olympiad Gold Medal 2000
GM IAN ROGERS (AUSTRALIA 2558) - Australia's premier player
GM ALEXANDER VOLZHIN (RUSSIA 2556) - Visiting European GM
GM DARRYL JOHANSEN (AUSTRALIA 2505) - Current Australian Champion
GM STEFAN DJURIC (YUGOSLAVIA 2472) - Previous Australian Open 1st place

International Masters:

Other possible IM entrants from Egypt and India. Other international representation from Philippines, Denmark and Georgia.

More confirmation updates to be announced shortly.


The venue will be the entire first floor of the wonderful luxurious ballroom at Rydges Lakeside Canberra Hotel, on the foreshores of Lake Burley Griffin. There is five-star dining available overlooking the lake and wonderful views of the city and its surrounds.

For more information, you can read Chris Depasquale's article on the event at: p_docLang=EN


Rydges Lakeside have offered us discounts of over 50% off standard rates: $130/night including full buffet breakfast. Extra beds can be arranged for each room at a small extra cost. This is recommended for families and small groups of friends. Book early and request a lake view. To make a booking, ring 02-6247-6244

There are other options available starting from around $17/NIGHT for adults, close to the venue!

All accommodation options are available at:

Again, booking early is essential because there is high demand. Take advantage of the rates the organisers have secured for you.

Ask for "Centenary Chess Festival" rates when making a booking.

If you are not staying at Rydges Lakeside, there are other options available:

Rydges Resort Eagle Hawk Hill Federal Hwy North ACT/NSW Border Great value for groups and families

Weekly Rates: Garden Room $70.00 per room per night (Based on single/twin/double) Family Suite $80.00 per room per night (Based on 2 adults and 2 children/double) Full Buffet Breakfast, Weekly Rate: $8.50 per person per day CALL RESERVATIONS 1800 651 543

Budget Single Rooms Fenner Hall University College Northbourne Avenue Canberra Phone: (02) 6279-9000 Fax: (02) 6257-4926 Web Page: Students: $95.00 room only/per week (ie. around $14/night) Non Students: $120.00 room only/per week (ie. around $17/night) GST not included in these rates. If more than 20 guests request breakfast will be provided at approximately $6.00 for continental to $9.00 for a hot breakfast. There are kitchens on floors where guests can prepare their own meals. Venue is about a 15-minute walk from the city and venue. Frequent buses into the city.


Icon Recruitment

Rydges Lakeside Canberra

Australian National University Students' Association

Wayward Bus Company

Centenary of Federation


Get all the latest information at:

If you want to view the latest version of the ChessACTion newsletter, you can view it at: TRAVEL:

"Web-Hot" airfares available at:

These start at $72 one-way from Sydney-Canberra and $145 one-way from Melbourne-Canberra and also $145 one-way from Brisbane-Canberra

You must book online to get the cheap fares. They are sold on first-come first served so book now!

Greyhound coach (Adult/One way) (Phone 132030) Sydney/Canberra $32 Melbourne/Canberra $52

Rail: Countrylink trains: (Phone: 132232) Sydney - Canberra: $33 single (advanced purchase adult) $29 single (students) Melbourne - Canberra: $63 single (advanced purchase adult) $54 single (students) Brisbane - Canberra $90 single (advanced purchase adult) $77 single (students)

Air (QANTAS) Return fares (Phone 131313) Quoted at departure 28th December - must book ahead Sydney/Canberra $211.20 Melbourne/Canberra $255.20 Brisbane/Canberra $388.30 Adelaide/Canberra $344.30 Hobart/Canberra $433.40 Perth/Canberra: $666.60 Darwin/Canberra $777.70

(Brisbane/Sydney one way $99.00) (Melbourne/Sydney one way $99.00)

Domestic Travel: Within Canberra you can use the ACTION bus network. Once you have booked accommodation, check its location at the website: and see which buses serve your area.


- 2001 Icon Australian Open (11 rounds): Thurs 28 Dec - Tues 9 Jan (rest days Mon 1 and Sun 7 Jan) All rounds 2 pm except last round 10 am. Time limits: 40 moves in 120 minutes, followed by 20 moves in 60 minutes then 20 seconds per move cumulative (DGT program 16)

- Australian Minor (7 rounds): Restricted to players under ACF 1600. Thurs 28 Dec - Sun 31 Dec. Rounds at 9 am and 2 pm daily except just one 2pm round on Thurs 28 Dec. Time limits: 40 moves in 90 minutes, followed by 20 moves in 30 minutes then 20 seconds per move cumulative (DGT program 15) NOTE: Event is incompatible with the Open.

- Australian Repechage (6 rounds): Restricted to players under ACF 2000 Tues 2 Jan - Sun 7 Jan - rounds at 9 am each day. Time limits: 40 moves in 90 minutes, followed by 20 moves in 30 minutes then 20 seconds per move cumulative (DGT program 15) NOTE: Open players can enter this event also.

- Australian Open Rapidplay (7 rounds) Mon 1 Jan. Commences 11 am. Time limits: 30 mins.

- Australian Open Lightning (11 rounds) Sun 7 Jan. Commences 4pm. Time limits: 5 mins.

- Also nightly lightning and transfer tournaments at 7:30pm. There will be other lectures and demonstration events.

Use of DGTs courtesy of Australian Chess Enterprises. They will have a bookstall at the events.

Players can choose to play in the following combination of tournaments: - Open (28 Dec - 9 Jan)
- U/1600 Minor (28-31 Dec)
- U/2000 Repechage (2-7 Jan)
- Open + U/2000 Repechage
- U/1600 Minor + U/2000 Repechage


There is great prize-money available for the club strength player. Over $20,000 in prizes will be handed out during the festival. At least $11,300 in prizes for the Open, over $2,500 in each of the Minor and Repechage and over $4,000 in the Australian Juniors. There is something for players of all standards. Go to the web site for the full prize list.


2001 Icon Australian Open: Adult $120, Concession $96

2001 Australian Minor U/1600: Adult $50, Concession $40

2001 Australian Repechage U/2000: Adult $50, Concession $40

- Entries postmarked after 01 December will incur a late fee of $20 Open/$10 Minor. Players who enter the Open are exempt from a $10 late fee in the Repechage.

2001 Australian Open Rapidplay: Adult $40, Concession $32

2001 Australian Open Lightning, Adult $20, Concession $16

Concession entry is available to juniors under 18 years (as of 28 December 2000), current full-time students and the unwaged. Organisers may request proof of concessional status.

Entry can be paid via cheque payable to ACT Chess Association Inc. Also, payment via credit card (Mastercard, Visa or Bankcard) can be made by filling out the entry form (attached), or made directly over the phone.

Direct banking at any Commonwealth Bank branch can be arranged with Andrew Greenwood (see below) for easy entry payment at your local CBA branch.

Fill out your entry form (attached) and post, fax or email it with payment details to the addresses below, or request the tournament brochure to be mailed to you.

The entry form is attached and can also be downloaded from: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0, which is available from

Also, the brochure itself can be downloaded from: (large file - 2.8 megabytes)

Alternatively, request a full brochure with entry form to be mailed to you.

Further contact information is below:

Postal Address: Australian Centenary of Federation Chess Festival PO Box 470 Erindale Centre ACT 2903 AUSTRALIA

Andrew Greenwood Tel. 0403-191-777 (anytime) Fax. 02-6291-0385 Email:

Hope to see you there for the celebrations!


A class 1 2000 Grand Prix Event Sponsored by the Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and Amateur Sports Club

WHEN: 9-10 December 2000 WHERE: Chisholm Sports Club Benham St, Chisholm, ACT: off Isabella Dr - off Monaro Hwy (#23) on way to Cooma

Note: This is a NEW VENUE from last year

PRIZES: 1st 2nd 3rd Open $300 $200 $100 U/1800 $150 $75 U/1400 $150 $75 Junior $100 $50

ENTRY FEES: Standard - $45 Concession - $35 Junior - $25

Note: A $5 discount applies for paid Australian Open entrants.

TIME LIMITS: Each player starts with 60 minutes. After a player has used 60 minutes they receive 10 seconds for each move. DGTs will be used courtesy of Australian Chess Enterprises.

ROUND TIMES: There will be six rounds in total. Saturday 9/12: 10.15am 1.00pm 3.30pm Sunday 10/12: 10.00am 12.30pm 3.00pm

ENQUIRIES: By Phone - Lee Forace 02 9556 3960 or 02 6231 8314 By e-mail -

Meals are available at the venue Busses to the venue are available from Tuggeranong and Woden bus interchanges.



The remaining events in the 2000 Grand Prix are as follows:

December 9-10 Vikings Weekender, Tuggeranong Rugby Club, Cat 1, Lee Forace Ph: 02 9556-3960 December 16-17 NSWCA Centenary Open, Sydney (Venue TBC), Cat 3, MICHAEL WALSH 0407 068550

December 16-17 Christmas Swiss, Melbourne (Venue TBC), Cat 3, Malcolm Pyke c/- Melb Chess Club Dec 28- Jan 9 Australian Open, Rydges Hotel, Canberra, Cat 3, ANDREW GREENWOOD 0403 191 777


Entries are starting to come in .. but we would appreciation it if you could register your tournament NOW!!!

It would very much be appreciated if the organisers of all existing Grand Prix tournaments and the organisers of any tournaments who would like to be part of the Grand Prix register their dates for the 2001 Grand Prix with ROBERT JAMIESON as soon as possible. With 42 events in 2000, the Grand Prix has been very successful this year and we aim to continue with the same set of rules next year. Many thanks to JASON LYONS for developing and marketing the Grand Prix late last year and to INGRID THOMPSON for administering it this year.

Please register with Robert Jamieson Phone 03 9700 6295(H) 03 9579 2533(W) or Fax 03 9700 4917.

Details: Fees: Class 1: $50 up front, plus $2 per player. Class 2: $100 up front plus $2 per player. Class 3: $150 up front plus $2 per player. Events in Tasmania, SA, WA and outside state capitals are entitled to a $50 reduction in their up front fee. Clubs in these areas can thus stage a class 1 event with no up front fee.

Tournament Classes: GP categories are determined by prize money: Class = TP/1000. TP = total prizes (rounded to nearest category). In practice this formula works out as follows: Class 1: Total prize money less than $1,500. Class 2: Total prize money $1,500 to $2,499. Class 3: Total prize money $2,500 or more.

Scoring Points: There are three classes of tournament and six divisions: Open, U/2000, U1600, Junior, Women and Unrated. Points are awarded as follows: Class 1: 1st 12, 2nd 9, 3rd 6, 4th 4, 5th 3. Class 2: 1st 16, 2nd 12, 3rd 9, 4th 6, 5th 4. Class 3: 1st 20, 2nd 15, 3rd 12, 4th 9, 5th 6. Each player's best 5 scores, by category, are accumulated to determine the prize winners.

Prizes: For all divisions, ratings from the ACF December 2000 list will be applied. A player may win one prize only. Juniors must be under 18 years of age as at 1 January 2001. State prizes are awarded to players in each state where there are no prize winners. Open: 1st $1,250, 2nd $750, 3rd $500, 4th $300, 5th $200. U2000: 1st $750, 2nd $500, 3rd $300, 4th $200. U1600: 1st $750, 2nd $500, 3rd $300, 4th $200. Junior: 1st $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $200. Women: $500. Unrated: $200. State Prizes: $200.

Estimated prize pool: $9,000.

Robert will need to know the Club, Tournament Name, Dates, Venue, Anticipated Prize Fund, Class/Up Front Fee, Contact person plus phone, fax, snail mail and email contact details.

The main advantages of participation in the Grand Prix are substantial publicity of your event and the incentive of Grand Prix points for players to participate.

Events signed up for 2001:


No.     Event                                  State   Cat     Dates           Contact Name                     Phone               Email
 1  Dubbo RSL Open                         N       1       3-4 Mar       Alexander Aich                    02 6884 4561
 2  UQ Chess Tournament              Q       1       20-22 Apr   David Cowland-Cooper    0414 498 556
 3  Doeberl Cup                                  A       3       13-16 Apr    Roger McCart                     02 6249 2041
 4  Newcastle 2001 Open                N       2       3-4 Feb        George Lithgow       
 5  Adelaide Cup Weekender         S       1       19-20 May   Roland Eime              
 6  Queen's Birthday Weekender S       1       9-10 Jun      Roland Eime              
 7  Lidum's Cup Weekender           S       1       29-30 Sep    Roland Eime              
 8 Tasmanian Open C/ship              T       1       17-19 Nov    Neville Ledger                    03 6431 1280
 9 South West Open                         W       1       17-18 Mar    Alan Phillips              
10 Queen's Birthday Weekender T       1       9-11 Jun       Kevin Bonham                    03 6224 8487
11 36th Peninsula Open                  Q       1       5-7 May        Mark Stokes                       07 3205 6042
12 11th Redcliffe Challenge          Q       1       6-7 Oct          Mark Stokes                       07 3205 6042
13  Taree RSL Summer Open       N       1       17-18 Feb     Endel Lane                         02 6559 9060
14  Taree RSL Open                        N       1       23-24 Jun      Endel Lane                         02 6559 9060
15  Taree RSL Spring Open          N       1       17-18 Nov      Endel Lane                        02 6559 9060
16  ANU Open                                    A       3       28-29 Jul       Shaun Press            
17  Sydney Easter Cup                   N       TBA     13-16 Apr Peter Hanna             

Very best wishes to all.

Robert Jamieson


Robert Jamieson
Acting President, Australian Chess Federation
PO Box 716 Mt.Waverley 3149
Phone 03 9579-2533 (w) 03 9700-6295 (h) Fax 03 9570-4095 (w)

Chess - the clever sport!

PS - If you do not wish to receive this bulletin in future, please email