ACF Bulletin No. 92 - 21st November 2000

Graeme Gardiner is away till 22nd December (trip to chess olympiad and well earned holiday) so this bulletin is being brought to you by the acting President, Robert Jamieson.


Apologies to Darryl Johansen for my saying that he won the bronze medal on board two. In fact Darryl tied with two other players for 2nd to 4th but was placed 4th on count-back.

The error arose because I looked up the Olympiad web site and presumed that they had listed the players in count-back order (Darryl was listed third) but this evidently was not the case. In any case, congratulations on a fine performance.

It seems that my spreadsheet is not too good at adding up either (it's also hopeless at spelling!) for the individual scores I gave were slightly incorrect. Ian Rogers has kindly supplied the correct scores as follows:

6.5/11    Rogers
7.5/10    Johansen
4/9          Wohl
3.5/8       West
6/10        Zhao
3.5/8       Sandler

6/12        Feldman
6/12        Koshnitsky
2.5/9       Dekic
8/9          Moylan



Dear all,

I am surprised and disappointed that a very negative and misleading email, I understand referring to me, appeared on the VCA mail list and in the ACF bulletin number 91. This kind of email can only bring chess into disrepute. The comments made by the author were of a personal nature and inaccurate but more importantly misleading to its readers. I rang the author who sent this email asking for an apology and retraction. I have not had an answer thus far so I feel I have to reply.

I still feel very sorry that I did not go to the Olympiad because of a clash with the Victorian Interschool Competitions. I really wanted to play and support the team.

I personally do everything I can to help chess in both Victoria and Australia. Chess Ideas (of which I am a director) has the most successful program for juniors in Australia and is assisting financially more dedicated juniors. Chess Ideas has considerably contributed to the Box Hill junior fund and I returned my prize money to assist the junior fund. I also went to the World Junior Championships with only a part of my expenses covered. Chess Ideas' total assistance to the Victorian and Australian chess community both financial and in services provided is estimated in thousand of dollars. We have a strong involvement with clubs including running Chess Ideas Chess Club for no profit and mutually profitable arrangements with Box Hill and Mentone Chess Clubs.

Taking into account the above one might think one would receive support from the people running Chess in Victoria. Disappointingly it is quite the opposite.

-Michael Gluzman

(I don't know the email to which Michael is referring and I am sorry that he appears to have taken offence at a comment in the last bulletin. We all wanted to see Michael go to the Olympiad, however if he did not go because of a clash with the Victorian Primary Interschool finals it seems to me to be fair comment to query why his attendance at that event was so brief.

Michael has raised the question previously as to whether the ACF and States should endeavour to ensure that there are no events scheduled to clash with an Olympiad. I think that this may be quite hard, not knowing who will be in the team and which events they might regard as a conflict. Do any readers have a comment on this issue? - RJ)


Drug testing for chessplayers is the most bizarre thing I ever heard.

-Bill Jordan


Bunbury Chess Club in Western Australia is thinking of starting up a Ladder competition to be played on other than tournament nights. It is seeking information on how best to set up and run this type of competition. If anybody would like to volunteer information could they please e-mail it to me at . All suggestions appreciated.


On November 11 the finals of the interschool championships were contested.

The winners of the regional high schools events - Anglican Church Grammar School (Brisbane South), Kedron State High School (Brisbane North), Somerset College (Gold Coast), Toowoomba Grammar School (Darling Downs) and Matthew Flinders Anglican College (Sunshine Coast) played a round robin for the state title.

Similarly the primary schools regional winners - Somerville House (Brisbane South), The Gap State School (Brisbane North), Worongary State School (Gold Coast), Toowoomba East State School (Darling Downs) and Chevallum State School (Sunshine Coast) competed for their state title.

Congratulations to the ACGS ("Churchie") team (David Smerdon, Michael Davidovici, Keiron Olm-Milligan and Ben McPhee) and The Gap State team (Ben Lazarus, Keiran Lyons, Phillip Jones and Tim Plunkett) for their respective victories. Both teams are off to Adelaide next month for the national titles.


All points based on best 5 scores

Open Grand Prix Standings as of 20/11/2000

Place Name State Points 1 Rogers, Ian NSW 91.5 2 Solomon, Stephen QLD 74 3 Chapman, Mark SA 68.5 4 Johansen, Darryl VIC 64.5 5 Wohl, Alex QLD 49.5 6 Myers, John QLD 42.5 7 Reilly, Tim NSW 39.5 8 Hornung, Michael TAS 37.33 9 Baron, Michael VIC 34.5 10 Stead, Kerry NSW 32.83 11 Coutts, Tama NSW 32.8 12 Rujevic, Mirko VIC 32

U/2000 Grand Prix Standings as of 20/11/2000

Place Name State Points 1 Meyers, John QLD 72.08 2 Rej, Tomek NSW 55.12 3 Guthrie, Aaron SA 41.8 4 Coutts, Tama NSW 41.7 5 Zhao, Zong-Yuan NSW 41.56 6 Hornung, Michael TAS 39.33 7 Sheldrick, Kevin SA 36 8 Stead, Kerry NSW 32.83 9 Yang, Song SA 32 10 Bolens, Jonny NSW 30.52 11 Edwards, Jacob QLD 30.25 12 Duxbury, Craig QLD 26.75

U/1600 Grand Prix Standings as of 20/11/2000

Place Name State Points 1 Guthrie, Aaron SA 56.66 2 Bowen, Leon VIC 37.5 3 Lea, Tom TAS 37.16 4 Stewart, Craig QLD 33.45 5 Yang, Song SA 32 6 Greenwood, Norm NSW 26.65 7 Lip, Catherine NSW 26.12 8 Darvall, Anthony QLD 25.18 9 Carey, Doug NSW 24.5 10 Keuning, A NSW 22.96 11 Wongwichit, Phachara QLD 22.45 12 Horwood, Melba QLD 21.12

Unrated Grand Prix Scores as of 20/11/2000

Place Name State Points 1 Prilleltensky, Matan VIC 37 2 Snell, Bryce QLD 36 3 Horwood, Paul QLD 34.75 4 Lewin, Peter NSW 28.83 5 Wedding, Robin SA 28 6 Takos, Adam SA 25.25 7 Stojic, Dusan ACT 22.5 7 Stojic, Svetozar ACT 22.5 7 Varela, Peter NSW 22.5 8 Rau, Christian ACT 20 8 Gill, Geoffrey VIC 20 8 Whitfield, Mark VIC 20

Junior Grand Prix Scores as of 20/11/2000

Place Name State Points 1 Zhao, Zong-Yuan NSW 88.16 2 Rej, Tomek NSW 75.66 3 Xie, George NSW 68.6 4 Smerdon, David QLD 65.16 5 Guthrie, Aaron SA 59.66 6 Chow, Samuel VIC 53.5 7 Davidovici, Michael QLD 50.5 8 Murray, Luke QLD 39.2 9 Darvall, Anthony QLD 36 10 Yang, Song SA 32 11 Lip, Michael NSW 31.5 12 Barnard, Casey QLD 26.5

Female Grand Prix Standings as of 20/11/2000

Place Name State Points 1 Szuveges, Narelle VIC 62 2 Horwood, Melba QLD 61.5 3 Lip, Catherine NSW 59 4 Koshnitsky, Ngan SA 51.5 5 Sharamova, Eugenia NSW 50 6 Zivanovic, Andrelija VIC 44 7 Lee, Michelle VIC 42 8 Jovanovic, Marija ACT 41 8 Thompson, Ingrid QLD 41 9 Martin, Janice TAS 34.5 10 Moylan, Laura ACT 29 10 Jones, Nancy NSW 29

Tournaments Included -

Newcastle Open Taree RSL Summer Open Labour Day Open South West Open Hervey Bay Open Ballerat Bergonia Open Darling Downs Open Doerbel Cup 35th Peninsula Open Hobson's Bay Open Adelaide Cup NSWCA May W/E Tasmanian Championship Queen's Birthday Open (SA) NSWCA Koshnitsky Mem'l Taree RSL Open Gold Coast Open Noosa Open ANU Open Mackay Open Basta Shield (Open results only at this stage due to computer crash) Adelaide Checkmate Weekender Australian Rapid Play Championships Whale Open Gold Coast Classic North Queensland Open NSWCA W/E August Lidlum's Cup Redcliffe Challenge Victorian Open Geelong Open Coal City Open Tweed Heads Open Central Coast W/E Coal City Open

Tournament Results Not Included -

Melbourne Cup November RSL Spring Open


Just a quick follow up to the Sam Chow story in a recent bulletin.

Unfortunately Sam's run of success has been stopped by recent losses to Rujevic and Fitzpatrick in MCC events, however he fought back in spectacular fashion last Friday at the Box Hill Xmas Tournament defeating IM Michael Gluzman in a big upset. Well done Sam!

Here is the game.

BHCC X'mas Swiss
Round 3 (17/11/2000)
All moves in 60 minutes
S Chow (1827) v M Gluzman (2470)

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. c3 d5 4. exd5 Qxd5 5. d4 Bg4 6. Be2 cxd4 7. cxd4 e6 8. O-O Nf6 9. h3 Bh5 10. Be3 Be7 11. Nbd2 O-O 12. a3 Rfd8 13. Rc1 Bg6 14. b4 Ne4 15. Nh3 Bf6 16. Bc4 Qd6 17. b5 Ne7 18. Nc5 Rab8 19. a4 b6 20. Nd3 Nf5 21. Bf4 Qa3 22. Bxb8 Rxb8 23. Nde5 Ng5 24. Nxg5 Bxg5 25. f4 Qe3 26. Rf2 Bh4 27. Rcc2 Nxd4 28. Rcd2 Bxf2 29. Rxf2 Re8 30. Nc6 Nxc6 31. Bxc6 Qc5 32. Bb5 Kf8 33. Qd7 Qc1 34. Rf1 Qc5 35. Kh2 Ra8 36. c7 Resigns.


A class 1 2000 Grand Prix Event Sponsored by the Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and Amateur Sports Club

WHEN: 9-10 December 2000

WHERE: Chisholm Sports Club Benham St, Chisholm, ACT: off Isabella Dr - off Monaro Hwy (#23) on way to Cooma

Note: This is a NEW VENUE from last year

PRIZES:               1st   2nd   3rd
              Open      $300  $200  $100
              U/1800    $150  $75
              U/1400    $150  $75
              Junior    $100  $50

ENTRY FEES: Standard - $45 Concession - $35 Junior - $25

Note: A $5 discount applies for paid Australian Open entrants.

TIME LIMITS: Each player starts with 60 minutes. After a player has used 60 minutes they receive 10 seconds for each move. DGTs will be used courtesy of Australian Chess Enterprises.

ROUND TIMES: There will be six rounds in total. Saturday 9/12: 10.15am 1.00pm 3.30pm Sunday 10/12: 10.00am 12.30pm 3.00pm

ENQUIRIES: By Phone - Lee Forace 02 9556 3960 or 02 6231 8314 By e-mail -

Meals are available at the venue

Busses to the venue are available from Tuggeranong and Woden bus interchanges.


Entries are starting to come in but we would appreciation it if you could register your tournament NOW!!!

It would very much be appreciated if the organisers of all existing Grand Prix tournaments and the organisers of any tournaments who would like to be part of the Grand Prix register their dates for the 2001 Grand Prix with ROBERT JAMIESON as soon as possible. With 42 events in 2000, the Grand Prix has been very successful this year and we aim to continue with the same set of rules next year. Many thanks to JASON LYONS for developing and marketing the Grand Prix late last year and to INGRID THOMPSON for administering it this year.

Please register with Robert Jamieson Phone 03 9700 6295(H) 03 9579 2533(W) or Fax 03 9700 4917.

Details: Fees: Class 1: $50 up front, plus $2 per player. Class 2: $100 up front plus $2 per player. Class 3: $150 up front plus $2 per player. Events in Tasmania, SA, WA and outside state capitals are entitled to a $50 reduction in their up front fee. Clubs in these areas can thus stage a class 1 event with no up front fee.

Tournament Classes: GP categories are determined by prize money: Class = TP/1000. TP = total prizes (rounded to nearest category). In practice this formula works out as follows: Class 1: Total prize money less than $1,500. Class 2: Total prize money $1,500 to $2,499. Class 3: Total prize money $2,500 or more.

Scoring Points: There are three classes of tournament and six divisions: Open, U/2000, U1600, Junior, Women and Unrated. Points are awarded as follows: Class 1: 1st 12, 2nd 9, 3rd 6, 4th 4, 5th 3. Class 2: 1st 16, 2nd 12, 3rd 9, 4th 6, 5th 4. Class 3: 1st 20, 2nd 15, 3rd 12, 4th 9, 5th 6. Each player's best 5 scores, by category, are accumulated to determine the prize winners.

Prizes: For all divisions, ratings from the ACF December 2000 list will be applied. A player may win one prize only. Juniors must be under 18 years of age as at 1 January 2001. State prizes are awarded to players in each state where there are no prize winners. Open: 1st $1,250, 2nd $750, 3rd $500, 4th $300, 5th $200. U2000: 1st $750, 2nd $500, 3rd $300, 4th $200. U1600: 1st $750, 2nd $500, 3rd $300, 4th $200. Junior: 1st $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $200. Women: $500. Unrated: $200. State Prizes: $200.

Estimated prize pool: $9,000.

Robert will need to know the Club, Tournament Name, Dates, Venue, Anticipated Prize Fund, Class/Up Front Fee, Contact person plus phone, fax, snail mail and email contact details.

The main advantages of participation in the Grand Prix are substantial publicity of your event and the incentive of Grand Prix points for players to participate.

Events signed up for 2001:

1. Dubbo RSL Open Class 1 Mar 3 & 4 Contact: Alexander Aich 02 6884 4561

2. UQ Chess Tournament Class1 April 20-22 Contact: David Cowland-Cooper

3. Doeberl Cup Class 3 Apr 13-16 Contact: Roger McCart 02 6249-2041

4. The Noosa Open Class 3 7th & 8th July 2001 ($2,500+ prize pool); Class 1 fees ($50 & $2 per head) - Venue the Bicentennial Hall at Noosa. Contact Robert Hochstadt (

5. The Maroochy Open Class 3 3rd & 4th November 2001 ($2,500+ prize pool); Class 1 fees ($50 & $2 per head) - Venue the Discovery Beach Resort - Marcoola. Contact Robert Hochstadt (

6. Newcastle Open Class 2 3rd and 4th February Contact: Colin Parsons, 14 Wyndham Way, Eleebana. 2282

7. Adelaide Cup Weekender Class 1 19 & 20 May Contact: Roland Eime

8. Queens Birthday Weekender Class 1 9 & 10 June Contact: Roland Eime

9. Lidums Cup Weekender Class 1 29 & 30 September Contact: Roland Eime

10. Tasmanian Open Championship Class 1 17 - 19 November Contact: Neville Ledger 03 6431-1280

11. Queens Birthday Weekender Class 1 9 - 11 June Contact: Kevin Bonham 03 6224-8487

12. 2001 South West Open 17 & 18 March Class 1 Contact:Alan Phillips


The remaining events in the 2000 Grand Prix are as follows:

December 9-10 Vikings Weekender, Tuggeranong Rugby Club, Cat 1, Lee Forace Ph: 02 9556-3960

December 16-17 NSWCA Centenary Open, Sydney (Venue TBC), Cat 3, MICHAEL WALSH 0407 068550

December 16-17 Christmas Swiss, Melbourne (Venue TBC), Cat 3, FRED VANDERLINDE 03 5998 7757

Dec 28- Jan 9 Australian Open, Rydges Hotel, Canberra, Cat 3, ANDREW GREENWOOD 0403 191 777

Robert Jamieson Acting President, Australian Chess Federation

PO Box 716 Mt.Waverley 3149

Phone 03 9579-2533 (w) 03 9700-6295 (h) Fax 03 9570-4095 (w)


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