ACF Bulletin No. 88 - 22 October 2000

Graeme Gardiner is away till 22nd December (trip to chess olympiad and well earned holiday) so this bulletin is being brought to you by the acting President, Robert Jamieson.


The ACT Supreme Court has decided in favour of the ACF. Mr Depasquale had
sought declarations from the Court that the decision of the ACF in selecting
or ratifying the selection of the Olympiad team was invalid, and that he
should have been selected as a member of the team. The Court found that the
Selection Committee had properly carried out its task in accordance with the
Selection by-laws and declined to make those declarations.

I understand that a copy of the judgement has been posted at

I further understand that the matter of costs will be considered on Monday.

Bearing in mind that the motion had the potential to bankrupt the ACF, my
initial emotion is one of relief.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to those who put in seemingly
endless hours of work initially to try and ensure that the ACF had done and
was doing everything correctly and then to put together a very thorough
defence to the motion. Our lawyer, Adrian Chek and barrister, Marcus Pesman
both have a chess background and were meticulous in preparing our case. The
two defence witnesses, Robert Jamieson and Peter Parr put in a considerable
amount of time for weeks on many different aspects of the matter and of
course had the stress of going to court. Robert Colquhoun kindly offered to
conduct an independent review of the matter before it went to court. His
findings that he could see no reason to disturb the selectors' deliberations
gave me great comfort that the ACF had acted correctly.

Graeme Gardiner



The Chess Olympiad starts in Istanbul on 27th October.
I have asked Andrew Allen to ensure that we are kept up to date with reports of our teams, so I hope that the next few bulletins will have some chess content for a change.



The following clubs have joined the ACF public liability master policy as at

Gold Coast C.C. Inc
Canberra C.C.
Southside Junior C.C.
Bunbury C.C. Inc
Hobsons Bay C.C.
Dandenong C.C. Inc
Tweed Coolangatta C.C. Inc
Street Chess (In Canberra)


By Leon Taylor

Dear Mr Gardiner

I appreciated the opportunity to represent Australia at the World Junior
(U20) Championships held in Yerevan, Armenia from 19 Sept to 1 Oct, 2000.

There was a very strong field of 60 boys from many countries around the
world. The players included 6 GM's, 22 IM's and 9 FM's. Also there were 32
girls participating in the World Girls (U20) Championship. The competition
ran smoothly with no disputes I was aware of. The players were friendly and
spent time afterwards analysing the game. We also had some great social
lightning chess back at the hotel at night (and early morning!) while we
were waiting for tomorrow's draw.

The final results were:

1st Lazaro Bruzon GM (Cuba)
2nd Kamil Miton IM (Poland)
3rd Karen Asrian GM (Armenia)

1st Yuanyuan Xu WFM (China)
2nd Olga Zimina WFM (Russia)
3rd Yu Wang WFM (China)

I managed to get draws against Mohamad Al Sayed FM (Qatar), Serkan Kose
2200 (Turkey) and a New Zealand dude, Nicolas Croad. Armenians love their
chess. The venue was very good and allows spectators to view the top games
via large demonstration boards on the wall in the main hall. That room has
seating for about 200 and was half full most of the time.

I enjoyed the tournament and believe it will improve my chess considerable.
Thanks to the Metropolitan Chess Club, CAWA and the Junior Chess Council of
WA for their financial support. A special thanks also to my dad (who came
with me), Mr Bob Pilgrim and Mr Graeme Gardiner who cleared up the problem
of registration at very short notice (otherwise I couldn't play).

Finally, for those who are interested in seeing any of the games or photos
of the players, please access the website .

Yours sincerely

Leon Taylor
19 Oct 2000



Results after round eight:
Girls: U10 Michelle Lee 5.5,
U12 Heather Huddlestone 3.5,
U14 Shannon Oliver 2.5, U14 Catherine Lip 4.5,
U16 Andjelija Zivanovic 34,
U18 Marija Jovanovic 4.5.

Boys: U10 Ruperto Lugo 5, U10 Thor Taylor 2,
U12 Gareth Oliver 4,
U14 Peter Jovanovic 3.5, U14 Zong Yuan Zhao 5,
U16 David Smerdon 5,
U18 Justin Tan 3.

Michelle Lee is doing very well, and had a turn on board 1, whilst David Smerdon has been very solid and Zong Yuan Zhao started well with 4/4 but slowed down after that.



It would very much be appreciated if the organisers of all existing Grand
Prix tournaments and the organisers of any tournaments who would like to be
part of the Grand Prix register their dates for the 2001 Grand Prix with
ROBERT JAMIESON as soon as possible. With 42 events in 2000, the Grand Prix
has been very successful this year and we aim to continue with the same set
of rules next year. Many thanks to JASON LYONS for developing and marketing
the Grand Prix late last year and to INGRID THOMPSON for administering it
this year.

Please register with Robert Jamieson Phone 03 9700
6295(H) 03 9579 2533(W) or Fax 03 9700 4917. Robert has kindly agreed to
stand in as President in my absence overseas.

Fees: Class 1: $50 up front, plus $2 per player. Class 2: $100 up front plus
$2 per player. Class 3: $150 up front plus $2 per player. Events in
Tasmania, SA, WA and outside state capitals are entitled to a $50 reduction
in their up front fee. Clubs in these areas can thus stage a class 1 event
with no up front fee.

Tournament Classes: GP categories are determined by prize money: Class =
TP/1000. TP = total prizes (rounded to nearest category). In practice this
formula works out as follows: Class 1: Total prize money less than $1,500.
Class 2: Total prize money $1,500 to $2,499. Class 3: Total prize money
$2,500 or more.

Scoring Points:
There are three classes of tournament and six divisions: Open, U/2000,
U1600, Junior, Women and Unrated.
Points are awarded as follows:
Class 1: 1st 12, 2nd 9, 3rd 6, 4th 4, 5th 3.
Class 2: 1st 16, 2nd 12, 3rd 9, 4th 6, 5th 4.
Class 3: 1st 20, 2nd 15, 3rd 12, 4th 9, 5th 6.
Each player's best 5 scores, by category, are accumulated to determine the
prize winners.

For all divisions, ratings from the ACF December 2000 list will be applied.
A player may win one prize only. Juniors must be under 18 years of age as at
1 January 2001. State prizes are awarded to players in each state where
there are no prize winners.
Open: 1st $1,250, 2nd $750, 3rd $500, 4th $300, 5th $200.
U2000: 1st $750, 2nd $500, 3rd $300, 4th $200.
U1600: 1st $750, 2nd $500, 3rd $300, 4th $200.
Junior: 1st $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $200.
Women: $500.
Unrated: $200.
State Prizes: $200.

Estimated prize pool: $9,000.

Robert will need to know the Club, Tournament Name, Dates, Venue,
Anticipated Prize Fund, Class/Up Front Fee, Contact person plus phone, fax,
snail mail and email contact details.

The main advantages of participation in the Grand Prix are substantial
publicity of your event and the incentive of Grand Prix points for players
to participate.

Events signed up for 2001:
1. Dubbo RSL CC Tournament Class 1 Mar 3 & 4 Contact: Alexander Rich 02 6884 4561



These will be held in Bagac, Philippines from 10 to 22 December. Bagac,
Bataan is a beach town about 160km from Manila. Age criteria is under 16 on
1 January 2000. Free board and lodging will be provided by the organisers.
Time controls are 40/100, 20/50 and 10 mins for remaining moves with 30
seconds per move added from the start.

If any boys or girls would like to be considered for this event, please
contact BRETT TINDALL <> or myself
<> by Tuesday, 24 October.

These Asian events are, in my opinion, a wonderful opportunity for those who
haven't quite made the World Youth team to represent Australia. At the very
least, and apart from the chess value, they are an opportunity to experience
different cultures and be able to include indefinitely on one's CV the fact
that one has represented Australia.


ACTCA - Proceeds of Raffle, etc. 425.75
Brockman Roland 50.00
Christian David 25.00
City of Redcliffe Chess Club 100.00
Eagan Bill 50.00
Farleigh Richard 1,000.00
Gardiner Graeme 300.00
Gold Coast Chess Club 400.00
Jessop Denis 50.00
Raine Marcus 80.00
Safarian Alek 100.00
Suncoast Chess Club 300.00
Byrne Mike (DOP Fees donated) 250.00
Ledger Neville 100.00
Accola Tom 50.00
NSWCA Members 320.00
Allen Mimi 50.00
CAQ 600.00
CAQ Collection Box at Seminar 7.60
Chess Stuff Australia (Ian Murray) 200.00
Flatow Fred 106.00
NSWCA [6 x $120] 720.00
Rares Stephen 50.00
Stokes Professor R H 100.00
Viner Phil 100.00
Bonham Kevin 50.00
Koshnitsky Evelyn 100.00
Canfell Greg 100.00
Hendry Ian 100.00
Bleicher Horst 20.00
Campbelltown Collegians Chess Club 250.00

Total $6,154.35

Many thanks to all Olympiad Appeal supporters. The fundraising campaign is
really starting to pick up now!
Please dig deep to support our Olympiad team. Send your donations now to the
ACF Treasurer, NORM GREENWOOD, Unit 15, Horizon Towers, 208 Pacific Highway,
Hornsby, NSW 2077. Email



The remaining events in the 2000 Grand Prix are as follows:

October 28-29 Tweed Heads Open, Tweed Heads Civic Centre, Cat 3, AUDIE
PENNEFATHER 07 5536 9185
November 4-6 Tasmanian Open, Battery Point Comm Hall, Hobart, Cat 1, KEVIN
BONHAM 03 6224 8487
November 4-7 Melbourne Cup, Melbourne Chess Club, Fitzroy, Cat 3, MCC 03
9416 3149
November 18-19 Taree RSL Spring Open, Taree Sports and Rec Club, Cat 1,
ENDEL LANE 02 6559 9060
December 9-10 Vikings Weekender, Tuggeranong Rugby Club, Cat 1, ANDREW
GREENWOOD 02 6291 0385
December 16-17 NSWCA Centenary Open, Sydney (Venue TBC), Cat 3, MICHAEL
WALSH 0407 068550
December 16-17 Christmas Swiss, Melbourne (Venue TBC), Cat 3, FRED
VANDERLINDE 03 5998 7757
Dec 28- Jan 9 Australian Open, Rydges Hotel, Canberra, Cat 3, ANDREW
GREENWOOD 02 6291 0385



Open 1st $1,000 2nd $500 3rd $250
Five Ratings Groups 1st $150 each (Sponsored by the Tweed Shire Council)
2nd $80 each (Sponsored by Fulton Trotter and Moss)
3rd $50 each (Sponsored by the Tweed Bowls Club)
Other Prizes 1st Tweed player $100 (Sponsored by Fulton Trotter and Moss)
1st Primary student $50 (Sponsored by Southern Cross Credit Union)
1st Female player $50 (Sponsored by Hayden Boyle Chemart)

Venue The Tweed Civic Centre, Cnr Wharf/Brett Tweed Heads.
Six rounds 60 mins a side plus 10 secs a move.
Play commences both days at 11am NSW time (10am Queensland time).
Entry Fees: Seniors $40, Pensioners and Students $30, Juniors $25.
Catering: A Snack Bar will operate all weekend.

Lucky Door Prizes including wine and chocolates.

Accommodation: Twin Towns Motel 07 5524 3108, Calico Court Motel 07 5524
3333, Tweed Fairway Motel 07 5524 2111 and many others.
Enquiries: AUDIE and BRUCE PENNEFATHER 07 5536 9185.



This event for under 1950 rated players will be held at the Discovery Beach
Resort (formerly Surfair) opposite the Sunshine Coast Airport. First prize
$500. Over $2,000 in prizes.
Full details are on the Suncoast Chess Club web site


The Australian Open brochure is currently being distributed throughout
Australia. The information and entry form is being distributed through the
following sources: Australian Chess Forum, Chess Association of Queensland
mailout, Victorian Chess Association club mailout, South Australian Chess
Association mailout, Chess Association of Western Australia mailout and the
Tasmanian Chess Association mailout. Some clubs also have information
already. Some copies of the entry form are also available from Australian
Chess Enterprises, Chess Discount Sales and Chess World.

If you are not getting information from any of these outlets and are
interested in participating, please send an email to or phone 0403-191-777 and request a copy to be
posted to you.
Also, any clubs are encouraged to contact the organisers for information.
Assistance with databases of inactive players would also be greatly

This will be a great series of events for all players. There are generous
prizes for players of all different rating standards in different divisions,
totalling a minimum of $16,700 across all of the senior events.
There are also already over 14 GMs and IMs confirmed for the tournament and
it will be a great chance to see these players in action. Simultaneous
matches and lectures will also be arranged with these players.

Players can choose to play in the following combination of tournaments:
- Open (28 Dec - 9 Jan)
- U/1600 Minor (28 -31 Dec)
- U/2000 Repechage (2-7 Jan)
- Open + U/2000 Repechage
- U/1600 Minor + U/2000 Repechage

There is also the Australian Open Rapid (all day - 1 Jan) and Australian
Open Lightning (4pm - 7 Jan) which are open to all players and do not clash
with any of the above events.

Remember to get your entries in soon and to book your accommodation early.
There are great options available at the venue and also very affordable
options close to the city and near the venue. These start from under
$20/night for singles. Groups of players travelling together can get even
better rates at various centres. The full list is available at:


Very best wishes to all.

Robert Jamieson


Robert Jamieson
Acting President, Australian Chess Federation
PO Box 716 Mt.Waverley 3149
Phone 03 9579-2533 (w) 03 9700-6295 (h) Fax 03 9570-4095 (w)

Chess - the clever sport!

PS - If you do not wish to receive this bulletin in future, please email