ACF Bulletin No. 63 - 1 May, 2000

This week, after the Easter weekend, we have a bumper bulletin with a lot of info to get through. My apologies.

Items in this bulletin are: Oceanic Zonal; Olympiad; Leading junior players; Garry Koshnitsky Memorial Festival; World Schools Teams Internet Chess Comp; National Coaching Association; Webpages for States and Clubs; Swiss Perfect; Email Database; FIDE Olympic Event in Sydney; Chess in Universities; Grand Prix Standings; Doeberl Cup; Darling Downs Open; Melbourne Chess Club Championships; Correspondence.


OCEANIC ZONAL IN AUCKLAND, NZMICHAEL GLUZMAN has declined the second seeded position and this place as now been offered to STEPHEN SOLOMON.



STEPHEN SOLOMON has withdrawn from the Olympiad squad due to work commitments and CHRIS DEPASQUALE has been offered the place.



Would any juniors who would like to play in the World Junior Championships in Oropesa Del Mar, Spain from 10-24 October as a private entrant please contact JENNI OLIVER who is kindly organising the coaching support and travel arrangements.

Would any juniors interested in representing Australia in any of the following events please email MANUEL WEEKS or myself (GRAEME GARDINER

Children's Olympiad, Artek, Ukraine (Under 16 Teams Event) 24/9 - 4/10

World Under 20 Teams, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 6/8 - 12/8

Asian Under 20 Boys and Girls India dates to be advised

Asian Under 16 Boys and Girls United Arab Emirates dates to be advised

The following juniors have indicated their interest in participating in the one week Grandmaster coaching clinic at Somerset College, Gold Coast from 26 to 30 June:


I will contact these juniors shortly with full details.



The latest revised calendar is as follows:

7-17 June Parkroyal International (Prize Fund $5,000)

24/25 June Gold Coast Open (Prize Fund $2,500)

1/2 July Noosa Open (Prize Fund $2,500)

8/9 July There will not be a QVB Event although Dato Tan/Jason Lyons may put on a high profile simul

22/23 July Australian National University Open (Prize Fund $3,000)

24 July to 4 August Australian Masters, Reserve Bank Building, Melbourne

(Prize Fund $3,000)

5/6 August Australian Rapid Play, Deakin University, Melbourne (Prize Fund $8,000)

7-13 August Adelaide Checkmate Tournament (Prize Fund $2,500 to be onfirmed)

12/13 August Adelaide Checkmate Weekender (Prize Fund $2,500 to be confirmed)

As can be seen, there is a bit of a gap on the weekends of 8/9 July and 15/16 July. If anyone, particularly in Sydney, can put on an appropriate event on either of these weekends (possibly in collaboration with JASON LYONS), please let me know.


DAVID SMERDON received a huge wrap on the Kasparovchess webpage. David's draw against VINAY BHAT 2475 was described by Kasparovchess as  the best game played in the first three rounds of the competition. Take a look

David's team, Anglican Church Grammar School, are clear favourites to take out the Pacific zone which includes schools from the USA. Somerset College also have a team through to round 4 in the high schools section. In fact Somerset entered two teams in each of High, Junior High and Elementary sections and have one of the elementary teams through to round four.

In this inaugural year over 600 teams (each of six players) have entered worldwide and the organisers have used the event to iron out bugs in anticipation of 6000 teams next year. I'd have to say that the organisers have made a very good fist of this extremely complicated task and have done well to overcome problems relating to firewalls, differing time zones and screen dropouts etc.

The Oceanic organiser for Kasparovchess is CHRIS DEPASQUALE



During the Doeberl Cup, a group of 12 coaches held an inaugural meeting to discuss the setting up of a national association. It is planned to develop this concept over the coming months with accreditation and professional development identified as key aims of the group.

NICK STAWSKI has been a key mover in this group. Also, BRETT TINDALL has been building a database of professional and amateur coaches which I understand now numbers 80+. Please contact him if you would like to be added to his database of membership prospects or if you wish to be involved in administering this group.

Brett intends to issue a monthly email coaching bulletin and will rely upon regular contributions on such subjects as junior info, coaching tips, problems encountered, sample lectures etc. Brett would like anyone not on email but who has a computer to register with Telstra for free email access (just the cost of a local call).



For states and clubs worried about security and privacy issues if they decide to hang their state webpages off the ACF webpage, our webmaster ANDREW ALLEN advises that they can choose their own secure password and make their own changes using Microsoft Front Page or some other suitable programme.



Just a reminder that the ACF is issuing to clubs and states free licenced copies of the Swiss Perfect pairings programme which facilitates the smooth administration of chess tournaments of all sizes. Schools throughout Australia are also entitled to free copies. We are currently negotiating with the owner of Swiss Perfect, ROBERT ROZYCKI, for some new features to be written. If you would like a copy, please contact me.



There continues to be a significant increase in the number of people receiving the weekly bulletin. We are always trying to increase its reach and would appreciate the email addresses of more in the Australian chess community, particularly in remote states.



FIDE have been negotiating with the IOC for a promotional event featuring four of the top players in the world to be held during the Olympics. The problem is that the IOC has said that they can't help financially and neither can FIDE. They have asked if we can help. To be honest, if I could organise some major sponsorship, I would much prefer to put it into a project that is going to sustain Australian chess into the future (such as a chess academy or a national office). Having said that, if there is anyone out there who would specifically like to sponsor an Olympic chess event during the Olympic fortnight, please let me know.



I have received several more contacts regarding this matter which is very encouraging. I understand that MATT SWEENEY of the University of Woolongong intends to run a NSW/ACT teams comp this year. Perhaps the Victorian Universities comp will continue again. But is anyone prepared to get cracking on starting a national universities comp perhaps at Ballarat to coincide with the Inter Varsities Sports Week in the first week of October?

It would be extremely helpful if those involved in any way with universities chess around Australia (students or staff) could email me ( with additions/corrections and comments as soon as possible. I might point out that I have compiled this list from various web sources including all those on the ACF database with university email addresses. If anyone wishes to be removed from the list, please let me know.

The list has been substantially updated since the last issue.

University of Queensland:





ALEX COHN: Email address required



NICK POON: Email address required








Bond University:


Australian National University:



There are many people on the ACF (ACT) email database with '' addresses.

McQuarie University:




DAVID CONNOLLY Email address required


University of Technology, Sydney

PIERRE CHU <> or <>



Sydney University:









VERONICA KLIMENKO Email address required


University of NSW:



ANDREW MITCHELL Email address required









RICKY LOPIS Email address required

Woolongong University:




Southern Cross University, Lismore:


Monash University:




Melbourne University:



Latrobe University:





Deakin University:




Last year Melbourne University hosted a Victorian Unis comp involving Melbourne University, Monash University, RMIT and Deakin University.

University of Tasmania:


University of Western Australia:




Adelaide University:


Which unis are the following South Australians at? ALEX DAVIDOVIC <> ALAN GOLDSMITH <> NICK KOSHNITSKY <>

Flinders University:


This year the Australian University Games will be held at Ballarat, Vic in the first week of October (immediately after the Olympics). The Australian University Sports website is at listed for the Australian University Games at Ballarat (AUG Office 03 5327 9702) are shown at

I'm sure there must be dozens, if not hundreds of good chess players at universities all around Australia. Your help in developing this database would be most useful. Just email me on


GRAND PRIX STANDINGS (Incl Doeberl Cup and Darling Downs Open)


1 Rujevic, Mirko 32

2 Chapman, Mark 27

2 Johansen Darryl 27

3 Solomon, Stephen 22

4 Wohl, Alex 20

5 Myers, John 18

6 Stephson, David 16


1 Myers, John 28.33

2 Low, Samuel 17.5

2 Pratsch, George 17.5

3 Weeks, Manuel 16

4 Coutts, Tama 13.7

5 Mehltreter, Otto 12.33

5 Goodman, Bob 12.33


1 Carey, Doug 24.5

2 Horwood, Melba 20.08

3 Bowen, Leon 20

4 Goodwin, Bob 16

5 Gill, Geoffrey 15.66

5 Nissen, Amir 15.66


1 Gill, Geoffrey 20

2 Lewin, Peter 18.33

3 Stojic, Dusan 17.5

3 Stojic, Svetozar 17.5

4 Albrect, Rolf 16

4 Darvall, Anthony 16


1 Xie, George 19

2 Davidovici, Michael 16

2 Barnard, Casey 16

3 Guthrie, Aaron 15.66

3 Nemeth, Janos 15.66

3 Nissen, Amir 15.66

3 Smerdon, David 15.66

3 Soloveychik, Sasha 15.66

3 Zhao, Zong-Yuan 15.66


1 Koshninsky, Ngan 34

2 Horwood, Melba 32

3 Szuveges, Narelle 28.5

4 Jovanovic, Marija 23

5 Jones, Nancy 14

Many thanks to Ingrid Thompson for keeping up to date with this onerous task.



There was a splendid turn out for Australia's premier weekender with 29 FIDE rated players. We hope this kind of excellent turnout is regularly repeated during the Garry Koshnitsky Memorial Fetival. The event was unfortunately marred by a well publicised punch up. I have asked the organisers for a written report and will then discuss the matter with my colleagues on the ACF Executive/Council.

Results from 2000 Doeberl Cup - SHAUN PRESS

Open (Note: Ratings listed in this event are FIDE ratings)

No; Name; Rtg; Total

1 Wohl, Alex 2438 6 56:W 16:D 7:W 43:W 4:W 2:D 9:W

2 Johansen, Darryl 2494 5.5 36:W 29:W 5:D 17:W 8:W 1:D 4:D

3 Chapman, Mark 2320 5.5 38:W 24:W 4:L 16:W 35:W 5:D 11:W

4 Rogers, Ian2562 5 49:W 21:W 3:W 8:D 1:L 28:W 2:D

5 Depasquale, Chris 2291 5 39:W 48:W 2:D 9:D 7:W 3:D 6:D

6 Sandler, Leonid2412 5 23:D 12:L 25:W 32:W 29:W 8:W 5:D

7 Smirnov, Vladimir 5 51:W 35:W 1:L 31:W 5:L 17:W 16:W

8 Smerdon, David 2257 4.5 14:W 22:W 11:W 4:D 2:L 6:L 24:W

9 Zhao, Zong-Yuan2242 4.5 20:D 25:W 30:W 5:D 17:W 11:D 1:L

10 Allen, Andrew 2264 4.5 25:D 23:W 16:L 15:W 22:D 12:W 13:D

11 Gluzman, Michael 2447 4.5 41:W 37:W 8:L 21:W 18:W 9:D 3:L

12 Soloveychik, Sasha 4.5 19:W 6:W 17:L 29:D 43:W 10:L 28:W

13 Szuveges, Grant2203 4.5 46:W 17:L 20:L 58:W 44:W 35:W 10:D

14 Wright, Ian 4.58:L 53:W 37:D 50:W 28:L 43:W 31:W

15 Quick, Simon4.5 35:L 49:D 39:W 10:L 50:W 37:W 30:W

16 Broekhuijse, Paul 4 47:W 1:D 10:W 3:L 19:D 18:W 7:L

17 Wallace, John-Paul 2367 4 54:W 13:W 12:W 2:L 9:L 7:L 36:W

18 Kagan, Michael 2234 4 33:W 26:D 28:D 24:W 11:L 16:L 38:W

19 Weeks, Manuel 2249 4 12:L 44:W 41:W 22:D 16:D 27:D 23:D

20 Tan, Justin 4 9:D 31:D 13:W 28:D 21:L 36:D 40:W

21 Low, Sam4 57:W 4:L 38:W 11:L 20:W 22:D 27:D

22 Tian, Kuan-Kuan2103 4 58:W 8:L 48:W 19:D 10:D 21:D 26:D

23 Wright, Neil4 6:D 10:L 32:L 47:W 39:W 45:W 19:D

24 Muljadi, Haris 2180 4 52:W 3:L 58:W 18:L 42:W 40:W 8:L

25 Xie, George 4 10:D 9:L 6:L 51:D 54:W 42:W 35:W

26 Jovanovic, Peter4 55:W 18:D 43:L 36:D 30:D 29:W 22:D

27 Charles, Gareth 4 43:L 55:W 36:D 30:D 37:W 19:D 21:D

28 Viner, Phil2190 3.5 32:W 30:D 18:D 20:D 14:W 4:L 12:L

29 Koshnitsky, Ngan 2155 3.5 34:W 2:L 54:W 12:D 6:L 26:L 44:W

30 Walsh, Michael 3.5 53:W 28:D 9:L 27:D 26:D 33:W 15:L

31 Jones, Brian 2194 3.5 44:D 20:D 56:W 7:L 33:D 32:W 14:L

32 Stawski, Nik 2042 3.5 28:L 0:D 23:W 6:L 49:W 31:L 45:W

33 Stead, Kerry 2042 3.5 18:L 45:W 40:W 35:L 31:D 30:L 49:W

34 Corker, Kerry 2002 3.5 29:L 40:L 46:W 56:D 41:L 52:W 43:W

35 Valenti, Richard 2161 3 15:W 7:L 50:W 33:W 3:L 13:L 25:L

36 Rippis, Theos 3 2:L 47:W 27:D 26:D 45:D 20:D 17:L

37 Skiotis, Pano 3 42:W 11:L 14:D 44:D 27:L 15:L 50:W

38 O'Carroll, Jeremy 2275 3 3:L 46:W 21:L 45:L 51:W 48:W 18:L

39 Flitney, Adrian 3 5:L 52:D 15:L 57:W 23:L 46:W 41:D

40 Chambers, Matthew 2097 3 50:L 34:W 33:L 54:W 48:W 24:L 20:L

41 Tefanis, Frank 3 11:L 57:W 19:L 48:L 34:W 44:D 39:D

42 Szuveges, Narelle 2040 3 37:L 54:L 53:W 55:W 24:L 25:L 48:W

43 Gibbons, Bob 2162 2.5 27:W 50:D 26:W 1:L 12:L 14:L 34:L

44 McDonald, Joel 2.5 31:D 19:L 49:W 37:D 13:L 41:D 29:L

45 Sarai, Slavica 2100 2.5 48:L 33:L 52:W 38:W 36:D 23:L 32:L

46 Oliver, Gareth 2.5 13:L 38:L 34:L 53:W 47:D 39:L 54:W

47 Escribano, Jose 2.5 16:L 36:L 55:D 23:L 46:D 57:W 51:D

48 Tsagarakis, Angelo 2 45:W 5:L 22:L 41:W 40:L 38:L 42:L

49 Ilic, Ilija2096 2 4:L 15:D 44:L 52:W 32:L 50:D 33:L

50 Nissen, Amir2 40:W 43:D 35:L 14:L 15:L 49:D 37:L

51 Thomas, Brian 2 7:L 56:L 57:D 25:D 38:L 54:D 47:D

52 Stojic, Dusan 2 24:L 39:D 45:L 49:L 55:W 34:L 53:D

53 Stojic, Svetozar2 30:L 14:L 42:L 46:L 57:D 55:W 52:D

54 Macmillan, Malcolm 1.5 17:L 42:W 29:L 40:L 25:L 51:D 46:L

55 Broun, Malcolm 1.5 26:L 27:L 47:D 42:L 52:L 53:L 57:W

56 Beaumont, David 1.51:L 51:W 31:L 34:D 0: 0: 0:

57 Ninchich, Milan 1 21:L 41:L 51:D 39:L 53:D 47:L 55:L

58 Gaft, Alexander 1 22:L 0:W 24:L 13:L 0: 0: 0:


No NameLoc Total 1234567

1 Moylan, Laura 1751 5.5 33:W 3:W 6:D 40:W 12:W 4:D 2:D

2 Lip, Michael1985 5.5 53:W 5:W 40:D 61:W 11:D 8:W 1:D

3 Kolossovski, Kazimir1935 5.5 21:W 1:L 31:W 53:W 24:W 19:W 4:D

4 Fell, Lloyd 1866 5.5 68:W 55:W 43:W 12:D 9:W 1:D 3:D

5 Rej, Tomek 1861 5.5 50:W 2:L 46:W 18:W 20:W 11:D 14:W

6 Rout, Ian 1950 5.5 47:W 61:D 1:D 32:D 48:W 29:W 11:W

7 Erkan, Mustafa 1885 5 31:D 30:D 13:L 44:W 16:W 41:W 19:W

8 Vander Wal, Fritz 1893 5 56:D 66:W 20:D 13:W 41:W 2:L 18:W

9 Chin, Albert1893 5 69:W 45:D 42:W 19:D 4:L 20:W 24:W

10 Marsden, John 1888 5 54:D 56:W 18:D 41:L 55:W 42:W 21:W

11 Winter, George 1958 4.5 36:D 57:W 15:W 14:W 2:D 5:D 6:L

12 Lojanica, Milenko 1979 4.5 13:W 22:W 34:W 4:D 1:L 14:L 29:W

13 Ramakrishna, Gogulapati 1741 4.5 12:L 67:W 7:W 8:L 37:W 15:D 38:W

14 Tulevski, Vasil 1891 4.5 44:W 42:D 45:W 11:L 30:W 12:W 5:L

15 Korda, Gus 1844 4.5 52:W 19:D 11:L 21:D 45:W 13:D 33:W

16 Zvedeniouk, Ilya1560 4.5 64:D 20:L 23:W 28:W 7:L 53:W 32:W

17 Bragin, Victor 1866 4.5 18:D 54:L 33:D 57:D 59:W 36:W 39:W

18 Cheung, Justin 1638 4 17:D 35:W 10:D 5:L 34:W 49:W 8:L

19 Meldrum, George 1972 4 41:W 15:D 64:W 9:D 22:W 3:L 7:L

20 Bergmanis, Olgerts 1746 4 62:D 16:W 8:D 34:W 5:L 9:L 40:W

21 Roberts, Mark 1694 4 3:L 59:W 49:W 15:D 40:D 22:W 10:L

22 Wirth, Anthony 1857 4 67:W 12:L 26:W 25:W 19:L 21:L 41:W

23 Harp, Joel 1915 4 42:L 44:D 16:L 26:W 54:W 31:W 27:D

24 Chow, Sam 1747 4 63:W 34:L 58:W 43:W 3:L 40:W 9:L

25 Grcic, Milan1923 4 66:D 46:D 36:W 22:L 27:D 30:D 42:W

26 Poulton, Chris 1567 4 35:D 32:D 22:L 23:L 65:W 45:W 49:W

27 Kevork, Chris 1691 4 43:L 63:D 52:W 35:D 25:D 48:W 23:D

28 Mengelkamp, Allen 1770 4 59:W 40:L 55:D 16:L 68:+ 0:D 47:W

29 Mazzieri, John 1774 3.5 65:W 43:L 30:D 31:W 61:+ 6:L 12:L

30 Lip, Catherine 1692 3.5 38:D 7:D 29:D 62:W 14:L 25:D 35:D

31 Richards, Allan 1639 3.57:D 38:W 3:L 29:L 64:W 23:L 53:W

32 Rafizadeh, Shervin 1779 3.5 60:D 26:D 57:W 6:D 42:D 33:D 16:L

33 Jovanovic, Marija 1455 3.51:L 69:W 17:D 47:D 35:W 32:D 15:L

34 Oendy, Oscar1896 3.5 51:W 24:W 12:L 20:L 18:L 44:D 54:W

35 Kordahi, Nick 1837 3.5 26:D 18:L 51:W 27:D 33:L 55:W 30:D

36 Cormick, Peter 1719 3.5 11:D 37:D 25:L 58:W 43:D 17:L 60:W

37 Ingram, Benny 1941 3.5 46:D 36:D 41:L 60:W 13:L 51:D 56:W

38 Partsi, Dimitry 1920 3.5 30:D 31:L 44:D 63:W 53:D 56:W 13:L

39 Ghobrial, Adel 1598 3.5 61:L 47:D 48:L 69:W 46:W 43:W 17:L

40 Pratsch, George 1902 3 0:W 28:W 2:D 1:L 21:D 24:L 20:L

41 McCart, Richard 1740 3 19:L 65:W 37:W 10:W 8:L 7:L 22:L

42 Dickson, Ian1680 3 23:W 14:D 9:L 64:W 32:D 10:L 25:L

43 Holt, Kenneth 1918 3 27:W 29:W 4:L 24:L 36:D 39:L 51:D

44 Butler, John1649 3 14:L 23:D 38:D 7:L 57:W 34:D 48:D

45 Jones, Nancy1747 3 58:W 9:D 14:L 55:D 15:L 26:L 63:W

46 de Noskowski, Adrian1726 3 37:D 25:D 5:L 59:D 39:L 57:W 50:D

47 Carballo, Rick 1729 3 6:L 39:D 56:W 33:D 49:L 63:W 28:L

48 Davies, Shaun 1771 3 57:L 60:D 39:W 54:W 6:L 27:L 44:D

49 Lee, John 1840 3 55:L 68:W 21:L 65:W 47:W 18:L 26:L

50 Brockman, Roland1613 3 5:L 53:L 65:L 0:W 60:D 59:W 46:D

51 Egan, Bill 1673 3 34:L 52:D 35:L 67:W 63:D 37:D 43:D

52 Wei, Michael1364 3 15:L 51:D 27:L 56:L 67:W 65:D 66:W

53 Lane, Clive 1753 2.52:L 50:W 60:W 3:L 38:D 16:L 31:L

54 Yardley, James 1647 2.5 10:D 17:W 61:L 48:L 23:L 62:W 34:L

55 Bekker, Gary1578 2.5 49:W 4:L 28:D 45:D 10:L 35:L 58:D

56 Hellmann, Oscar 1657 2.58:D 10:L 47:L 52:W 62:W 38:L 37:L

57 Tarrant, Georgina 1479 2.5 48:W 11:L 32:L 17:D 44:L 46:L 67:W

58 Forace, Lee 1323 2.5 45:L 0:W 24:L 36:L 66:D 0:D 55:D

59 Lugo, Ruperto 1470 2.5 28:L 21:L 0:W 46:D 17:L 50:L 69:W

60 Zivanovic, Andjelija1504 2.5 32:D 48:D 53:L 37:L 50:D 64:W 36:L

61 Doan, Peter 1844 2.5 39:W 6:D 54:W 2:L 29:- 0: 0:

62 Oliver, Shannon 1217 2.5 20:D 64:L 69:W 30:L 56:L 54:L 0:W

63 Rose, Allinta 1371 2 24:L 27:D 66:W 38:L 51:D 47:L 45:L

64 Pyke, Malcolm 1796 2 16:D 62:W 19:L 42:L 31:L 60:L 65:D

65 Lee, Michelle 1495 2 29:L 41:L 50:W 49:L 26:L 52:D 64:D

66 Neumann, Bernard1693 2 25:D 8:L 63:L 68:L 58:D 69:W 52:L

67 Jaksic, David 1606 1.5 22:L 13:L 68:D 51:L 52:L 0:W 57:L

68 Blackman, David 1619 1.54:L 49:L 67:D 66:W 28:- 0: 0:

69 Dibley, Shane 1658 1 9:L 33:L 62:L 39:L 0:W 66:L 59:L


No Name Loc Total 1234567

1 Bowen, Leon 1571 6.5 31:W 17:W 32:W 9:D 4:W 2:W 6:W

2 Syafei, Rusdianto1586 5.5 55:W 25:W 24:W 10:W 6:D 1:L 7:W

3 Fitzpatrick, Andrew 1459 5.5 48:W 33:W 7:D 4:D 11:W 8:W 10:D

4 Lau, Vincent 1401 5.5 59:W 14:W 39:W 3:D 1:L 13:W 23:W

5 Greenwood, Norm 1530 5.5 51:W 12:W 16:L 27:W 33:W 10:D 17:W

6 Connolly, David 1479 5.5 65:W 57:W 40:W 16:W 2:D 21:W 1:L

7 McDonald, Julian 1523 5 29:W 11:D 3:D 47:W 25:W 14:W 2:L

8 Davidson, Nathan 1497 5 30:W 50:W 13:D 11:D 9:W 3:L 27:W

9 Phipps, Michael 1238 5 22:D 15:W 42:W 1:D 8:L 24:W 28:W

10 Xie, Ken 1432 5 66:W 41:W 21:W 2:L 31:W 5:D 3:D

11 Machet, Richard 1280 5 44:W 7:D 53:W 8:D 3:L 42:W 21:W

12 Galli, Karl 1344 5 62:W 5:L 58:W 21:L 41:W 40:W 22:W

13 Stephensen, Matthew 1338 4.5 26:W 22:W 8:D 35:W 14:L 4:L 32:W

14 Beggs, Diana 1580 4.5 61:W 4:L 45:W 18:W 13:W 7:L 15:D

15 Baumgartel, Daniela 1373 4.5 37:D 9:L 30:W 19:W 39:W 23:D 14:D

16 Jochimsen, Erik 1425 4.5 64:W 23:W 5:W 6:L 21:L 31:D 34:W

17 Clark, David 1368 4.5 58:W 1:L 19:D 53:W 52:+ 35:W 5:L

18 Kim, Doyeon 1363 4.50:W 21:L 60:W 14:L 34:D 37:W 31:W

19 Guo-Yuthok, Sherab 853 4.5 28:W 32:L 17:D 15:L 63:W 47:W 35:W

20 Suttor, Vincent 1293 4.5 41:L 34:W 57:W 39:D 35:L 52:W 42:W

21 Tracey, Michael 1569 4 43:W 18:W 10:L 12:W 16:W 6:L 11:L

22 Kingsley, Ross 1590 4 9:D 13:L 37:W 26:D 47:W 25:W 12:L

23 Hummel, Mark 1592 4 45:W 16:L 26:D 43:W 54:W 15:D 4:L

24 Stankovic, Goran 1454 4 36:W 60:W 2:L 31:L 29:W 9:L 41:W

25 Prilleltensky, Matan 1415 4 68:W 2:L 29:W 40:W 7:L 22:L 43:W

26 Truong, Lance1240 4 13:L 36:W 23:D 22:D 40:L 59:W 39:W

27 Wilkie, Mary 1324 4 46:W 39:L 41:W 5:L 57:W 49:W 8:L

28 Murphy, Peter1428 4 19:L 65:W 43:L 48:W 45:W 33:W 9:L

29 Tran, Nguyen 1165 4 7:L 44:W 25:L 46:W 24:L 57:W 52:W

30 Finlay, Colin1120 4 8:L 52:L 15:L 64:W 58:W 44:W 40:W

31 Messina, David 1205 3.51:L 61:W 49:W 24:W 10:L 16:D 18:L

32 Rival, Jean-Claude 1487 3.5 56:W 19:W 1:L 33:L 43:D 38:W 13:L

33 Sharamova, Eugenia 1278 3.5 54:W 3:L 68:W 32:W 5:L 28:L 36:D

34 Halligan, Toby 1014 3.5 42:L 20:L 61:W 44:W 18:D 54:W 16:L

35 Tkac, Milo 1454 3.5 67:W 53:D 63:W 13:L 20:W 17:L 19:L

36 Smith, Wendy 1000 3.5 24:L 26:L 44:L 61:W 46:W 45:W 33:D

37 Fell, Rowan 3.5 15:D 40:L 22:L 68:W 51:W 18:L 54:W

38 Hughes, Mark 1139 3.5 39:L 62:W 54:D 52:L 53:W 32:L 55:W

39 Brennan, Peter 1514 3 38:W 27:W 4:L 20:D 15:L 43:D 26:L

40 Laugery, David 1539 3 50:W 37:W 6:L 25:L 26:W 12:L 30:L

41 Shafar, Michael 3 20:W 10:L 27:L 56:W 12:L 63:W 24:L

42 Kolotas, Harry 1475 3 34:W 63:D 9:L 55:D 50:W 11:L 20:L

43 Calford, Evan1190 3 21:L 59:W 28:W 23:L 32:D 39:D 25:L

44 Shafar, Robbie3 11:L 29:L 36:W 34:L 66:W 30:L 59:W

45 Toohey, Justin 1239 3 23:L 66:W 14:L 59:W 28:L 36:L 56:W

46 Sweeney, Matt 3 27:L 0:W 47:L 29:L 36:L 60:W 64:W

47 Lamberts, Gunars 1305 3 57:L 67:W 46:W 7:L 22:L 19:L 58:W

48 Accola, Tom 1004 3 3:L 54:L 62:W 28:L 59:L 53:W 57:W

49 Laugery, Bernard 1483 3 63:L 56:W 31:L 60:W 55:W 27:L 50:L

50 Rowston, Bruce 1185 3 40:L 8:L 67:W 58:W 42:L 62:W 49:L

51 Lamb, Allan 1168 3 5:L 58:L 66:W 57:L 37:L 61:W 62:W

52 Marks, Joe 1534 2.5 60:L 30:W 55:D 38:W 17:- 20:L 29:L

53 Yardley, Daniel 2.50:W 35:D 11:L 17:L 38:L 48:L 63:W

54 Souffron, Marc 1385 2.5 33:L 48:W 38:D 63:W 23:L 34:L 37:L

55 Lewin, Peter 1212 2.52:L 64:W 52:D 42:D 49:L 56:D 38:L

56 Hoang, Khoi 1097 2.5 32:L 49:L 64:W 41:L 60:W 55:D 45:L

57 Ryan, Todd2 47:W 6:L 20:L 51:W 27:L 29:L 48:L

58 Fell, Samuel 2 17:L 51:W 12:L 50:L 30:L 66:W 47:L

59 Cartledge, Duane 2 4:L 43:L 65:W 45:L 48:W 26:L 44:L

60 Van Dijk, Marieke944 2 52:W 24:L 18:L 49:L 56:L 46:L 67:W

61 Hickman, Casey 641 2 14:L 31:L 34:L 36:L 67:W 51:L 66:W

62 Fell, Nathan 2 12:L 38:L 48:L 67:W 68:W 50:L 51:L

63 Theodosiou, Peter1084 1.5 49:W 42:D 35:L 54:L 19:L 41:L 53:L

64 Binks, Richard 727 1.5 16:L 55:L 56:L 30:L 65:D 68:W 46:L

65 Kilgallin, Bryan 1032 1.56:L 28:L 59:L 66:L 64:D 67:L 68:W

66 Lyall, Dulcie977 1 10:L 45:L 51:L 65:W 44:L 58:L 61:L

67 Lim, Nathanael 977 1 35:L 47:L 50:L 62:L 61:L 65:W 60:L

68 Oliver, Tamzin 155 .525:L 0:D 33:L 37:L 62:L 64:L 65:L


No Name Loc Total

1 Smirnov, Vladimir2045 8 20:W 12:W 5:W 2:L 15:W 14:W 3:W 17:W 6:W

2 Zhao, Zhong-Yuan 2200 8 25:W 8:W 7:W 1:W 3:L 29:W 4:W 16:W 9:W

3 Bolens, Johnny 2088 6.5 39:W 10:W 18:W 29:W 2:W 9:W 1:L 4:D 5:L

4 Wright, Neil 2010 6.5 36:W 24:W 15:L 10:W 17:W 5:W 2:L 3:D 23:W

5 Partsi, Dimitri 1920 6.5 31:W 42:W 1:L 33:W 7:W 4:L 19:D 24:W 3:W

6 Tian, Kuan-Kuan 2064 6 27:W 29:L 14:D 25:W 18:D 8:W 16:W 10:W 1:L

7 Xie, George 1979 6 21:W 19:W 2:L 30:W 5:L 12:W 15:L 32:W 17:W

8 Pratsch, George 1902 6 26:W 2:L 20:W 11:L 24:W 6:L 21:W 34:W 15:W

9 Stead, Kerry 1959 6 42:L 31:W 39:W 32:W 13:W 3:L 29:W 15:W 2:L

10 Tulevski, Vasil 1891 6 51:W 3:L 36:W 4:L 43:W 13:W 11:W 6:L 24:W

11 Wright, Ian 2000 6 33:W 15:L 22:W 8:W 29:L 42:W 10:L 30:W 19:W

12 Kordahi, Nick1837 6 50:W 1:L 33:L 45:W 28:W 7:L 35:W 18:W 16:W

13 Broekhuijse, Paul2071 5.5 40:W 30:W 17:W 15:L 9:L 10:L 20:W 19:D 26:W

14 Nissen, Amir 1699 5.5 52:W 16:W 6:D 34:L 26:W 1:L 23:L 40:W 25:W

15 Greenwood, Andrew1830 5 38:W 11:W 4:W 13:W 1:L 16:L 7:W 9:L 8:L

16 Kolossovski, Kazimir 1935 5 41:W 14:L 27:W 19:W 34:W 15:W 6:L 2:L 12:L

17 Grcic, Milan 1923 5 44:W 46:W 13:L 37:W 4:L 31:W 30:W 1:L 7:L

18 Tan, Justin 1956 5 45:W 22:W 3:L 24:D 6:D 19:L 33:W 12:L 32:W

19 Szuveges, Narelle1677 5 47:W 7:L 45:W 16:L 41:W 18:W 5:D 13:D 11:L

20 Davidson, Nathan 1497 5 1:L 28:W 8:L 50:W 35:W 25:L 13:L 42:W 29:W

21 Yoon, Sunny 1386 5 7:L 35:W 32:L 28:L 47:W 22:W 8:L 43:W 30:W

22 Pavkovic, Ned1582 5 23:W 18:L 11:L 26:L 48:W 21:L 46:W 44:W 34:W

23 Malpas, Geoff2110 5 22:L 41:L 40:W 42:L 44:W 43:W 14:W 29:W 4:L

24 Chow, Sam1747 4.5 35:W 4:L 42:W 18:D 8:L 26:W 25:W 5:L 10:L

25 Ghobrial, Adel 1598 4.52:L 26:D 46:W 6:L 40:W 20:W 24:L 37:W 14:L

26 Hoang, Khoi 1097 4.58:L 25:D 51:W 22:W 14:L 24:L 41:W 27:W 13:L

27 Poulton, Chris 1567 4.56:L 49:W 16:L 31:L 46:W 41:D 28:W 26:L 33:W

28 Guo-Yuthok, Sherab 853 4.5 30:L 20:L 52:W 21:W 12:L 39:D 27:L 41:W 40:W

29 Ali, Mos 1885 4 48:W 6:W 34:W 3:L 11:W 2:L 9:L 23:L 20:L

30 Bartlett, Stephen1859 4 28:W 13:L 43:W 7:L 33:W 34:W 17:L 11:L 21:L

31 Tran, Nguyen 1165 4 5:L 9:L 38:W 27:W 37:W 17:L 32:L 39:L 43:W

32 Oakes, Ashley1838 4 49:W 34:L 21:W 9:L 42:L 36:W 31:W 7:L 18:L

33 Jochimsen, Erik 1425 4 11:L 52:W 12:W 5:L 30:L 37:W 18:L 35:W 27:L

34 Ilic, Ilija 2029 4 43:W 32:W 29:L 14:W 16:L 30:L 42:W 8:L 22:L

35 Fell, Samuel 4 24:L 21:L 48:W 36:W 20:L 51:W 12:L 33:L 44:W

36 Fitzpatrick, Andrew 1459 4 4:L 50:W 10:L 35:L 45:W 32:L 37:L 47:W 39:W

37 McCart, Roger1610 4 46:L 44:W 41:W 17:L 31:L 33:L 36:W 25:L 48:W

38 Fell, Rowan 4 15:L 43:L 31:L 48:L 50:W 44:L 51:W 52:W 42:W

39 Beggs, Dianna1580 3.53:L 48:W 9:L 41:L 49:W 28:D 40:L 31:W 36:L

40 Bowen, Leon 1571 3.5 13:L 51:D 23:L 47:W 25:L 45:W 39:W 14:L 28:L

41 Messina, David 1205 3.5 16:L 23:W 37:L 39:W 19:L 27:D 26:L 28:L 52:W

42 Wei, Michael 1364 3 9:W 5:L 24:L 23:W 32:W 11:L 34:L 20:L 38:L

43 Laugaery, Bernard1483 3 34:L 38:W 30:L 46:W 10:L 23:L 49:W 21:L 31:L

44 Calford, Evan1190 3 17:L 37:L 50:L 51:W 23:L 38:W 47:W 22:L 35:L

45 Sharamova, Eugenia 1278 3 18:L 47:W 19:L 12:L 36:L 40:L 50:W 49:L 51:W

46 Torres, P 3 37:W 17:L 25:L 43:L 27:L 52:W 22:L 48:L 49:W

47 Sharamov, D 3 19:L 45:L 49:W 40:L 21:L 48:W 44:L 36:L 50:W

48 Lim, Nathanael 977 3 29:L 39:L 35:L 38:W 22:L 47:L 52:W 46:W 37:L

49 Hickman, Casey 641 3 32:L 27:L 47:L 52:W 39:L 50:W 43:L 45:W 46:L

50 Fell, Nathan 2 12:L 36:L 44:W 20:L 38:L 49:L 45:L 51:W 47:L

51 Halligan, Toby 1014 1.5 10:L 40:D 26:L 44:L 52:W 35:L 38:L 50:L 45:L

52 Gregory, M0 14:L 33:L 28:L 49:L 51:L 46:L 48:L 38:L 41:L



This years Darling Downs Open included 4 former winner STEPHEN SOLOMON, DAVID STEPHSON, JOHN MYERS and DAVID LOVEJOY. Final placings were Stephson 6.5/7, Solomon 6/7, Myers 5.5/7 . Best Darling Downs Player was ANDREW DEWIS 5/5 and best (only) Female was MELBA HORWOOD 5/5 (Andrew and Melba were =4-7 with CRAIG DUXBURY and HAMISH SELNES), best Junior was MICHAEL DAVIDOVICI 4.5/7 with KEIRON OLM-MILLIGAN and Downs junior ANTHONY DARVALL both on 4/7. HAMISH SELNES was happy with his 'lucky' result having won two games on time, one clearly lost (see Rd1) and one probably lost.

Rd1. Young guns Anthony Darvall (1251), TOSHI KIMURA (1236) and JAMES BARRETT (unrated) defeated DEREK ELKINGTON (1685), MICHAEL CROCKER (1604) and DIK MORREAU (1457). MATTHEW BURRAGE (1267) was very short on time in a guillotine finish but ignored the capture of Hamish Selnes' (1719) last pawn and a certain draw to GO FOR THE WIN and failed by just one move.

Rd2. Keiron Olm-Milligan (1447) won on time against John Walker (1942) in a Knight + pawns v Knight + pawns end game.

Rd.3 Keiron beat EDDIE OTTSCHOFFSKI (1566) to join Stephen Solomon (2352), Craig Duxbury(2140) and John Myers(2009) on 3/3.

Rd4. John Myers lost to Stephen Solomon on time in a position about which Stephen later said could have been a tricky position. MICHAEL GEARING (700) the youngest player had a well earned draw with Don Hamilton (1448). Kieron Olm-Milligan and Craig Duxbury battled for close to 5 hours for the chance to play Stephen in round 5, with Craig winning.

Rd5. Stephen won against Craig and moved to 5/5. Toowoomba club President Andrew Dewis (1295) scored a good win over Derek Elkington. With 4/5, Andrew became the leading Darling Downs club player and =3-5th.

Rd6. David Stephson beat Stephen Solomon to go half a point ahead of the field, Kieron Olm-Milligan maintained his good run with a draw against VICTOR DAVIDOVICI (1845) and Michael Davidovici (1574) reached 4.5/6 to lead the minor prize group A and be best Junior after 6 rounds. Kieron and Michael (and DAVID SMERDON) attend 'Churchie' Grammar School which should make "Churchie" favourite for the Queensland High School Championships on current form.

Rd7. David Stephson won against Craig Duxbury to sew up outright first. JOHN ALKIN (1565) finished his tournament with a draw against Victor Davidovici (1845) and 4.5/7 (effectively 4.5/5) as car trouble forced John to take a Rd1 bye and Rd2 loss on forfeit arriving about 1 hour and 4 minutes after Rd 2 started.

Place Name Rtg Loc Score

1 STEPHSON, David 2238 6.5

2 SOLOMON, Stephen 2352 6

3 MYERS, John 2009 5.5

4-7 DUXBURY, Craig 2140 5

SELNES, Hamish 1719 5

HORWOOD, Melba 1545 5

DEWIS, Andrew1292 5

8-14 WALKER, John 1942 4.5

DAVIDOVICI, Victor 1845 4.5

DAVIDOVICI, Michael 1574 4.5

CROCKER, Michael 1604 4.5

OTTSCHOFFSKI, Eddie 1566 4.5

ALKIN, John 1565 4.5

STEWART, Craig 1550 4.5

15-20 LOVEJOY, David 2009 4

ABLE, Jason 1517 4

JEMPSON, Ross1514 4

OLM-MILLIGAN, Kieron 1447 4

DAWSON, Gerald 1440 4

DARVALL, Anthony 1251 4

21-29 WILKINSON, Leo 1744 3.5

RUDDY, Alex 1586 3.5

BURKE, Mark 1512 3.5

HARTLEY-HOLL, Cliff 1507 3.5

MCPHEE, Ben 1453 3.5

VAN DER MEER, Andrew 1426 3.5

CHANDRAN, Vinod 1370 3.5

MURRAY, Luke 1271 3.5

KIMURA, Toshi1236 3.5

30-40 ELKINGTON, Derek 1685 3

LAKY, Jim1486 3

MORREAU, Dik 1457 3

HAMILTON, Don1448 3

MARKS, David 1354 3

BARKER, Andrew 1277 3

BURRAGE, Matthew 1267 3

JOY, Ken 1245 3

BENDER, Peter1040 3

DEUBLE, Mark 3

O'BRIEN, Devett 3

41-42 BUCIU, Avram 1295 2.5

LAPTHORN, Alex 1288 2.5

43-47 CARTER, David1186 2

SMITH, Geoff 1123 2

MILLS, Ross 1122 2



48-49 SMITH, Harry 1084 1.5

GEARING, Michael 700 1.5

50 ZELLER, John 1476 0.5



The Sydney Easter Cup organized by Canterbury-Bankstown Leagues Chess Club was quite successful attracting a strong field of 45 players, in spite of coinciding with the Doeberl Cup. The winner was EDGARDO AGULTO 6/6, runners up BRUCE MURRAY and NAZARITO CABALE equal second and third. Due to being successful it is intended that this competition become an annual event. Maybe metropolitan clubs would like to rotate holding this event otherwise I presume Canterbury would again be happy to repeat.



The 2000 Melbourne club championship has just concluded with GM DARYL JOHANSEN taking out this year's event with an undefeated 8/9. Outright 2nd was MIRKO RUJEVIC. Four players shared third place MICHAEL BARON, DAVID HACCHE, DAVID POWELL and DAVID BEAUMONT all on 6.5 standings.

While being a relatively small field of 42 players compared to previous years, the tournament retained its tradition of being Victoria's strongest Club Championship. Some excellent chess was played with numerous interesting results. Here is an example from Round 1; promising junior AMIR NISSEN holds the experienced DAVID HACCHE to a hard fought draw.

Nissen, A - Hacche, D [B06]

Melbourne Chess Club Championships, 2000

1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7 3.Nc3 d6 4.h3 a6 5.a4 Nc6 6.Be3 e5 7.Nge2 Nf6 8.Qd2 0-0 9.g4 d5 10.0-0-0 exd4 11.Nxd4 Nxe4 12.Nxe4 dxe4 13.Nxc6 Qxd2+ 14.Rxd2 bxc6 15.Bg2 f5 16.c3 Be6 17.gxf5 gxf5 18.Rg1 Kf7 19.f3 Be5 20.fxe4 f4 21.Rf1 Bc4 22.Rf3 Ke6 23.Bc5 Rfd8 24.h4 Rxd2 25.Bh3+ Kf6 26.Kxd2 Rd8+ 27.Kc1 Be2 28.Rf2 f3 29.Bg4 Bg3 30.Rxe2 fxe2 31.Bxe2 Bf4+ 32.Kb1 a5 33.b4 Rd2 34.Bg4 Rg2 35.Bd7 axb4 36.cxb4 Be5 37.Bxc6 Rb2+ 38.Kc1 Ra2 39.a5 Ra1+ 40.Kc2 Ra3 41.Bb7 Rc3+ 42.Kd2 Rxc5 43.bxc5 Bd4 44.c6 Ke5 45.Kd3 h6 46.Bc8 Bf2 47.Bf5 Ba7 -

Round 2 provided an even bigger upset with club stalwart MARCUS RAINE convincingly defeating MIRKO RUJEVIC.

Rujevic, M - Raine, M [B41] (2)

Melbourne Chess Club Championships, 2000

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 a6 5.Be2 Qc7 6.0-0 Nf6 7.Nc3 Bb4 8.Qd3 Nc6 9.Nxc6 bxc6 10.f4 d5 11.e5 Nd7 12.a3 Be7 13.Qg3 g6 14.Be3 c5 15.Bf2 h5 16.Bf3 Bb7 17.Qh3 g5 18.Bxh5 gxf4 19.Qxe6 Rxh5 20.Nxd5 Qd8 21.Qg4 Rg5 22.Qf3 Rb8 23.Rad1 Nxe5 24.Qe4 Bxd5 25.Rxd5 Nf3+ 26.Qxf3 Qxd5 27.Qh3 Rxb2 28.Re1 Rb6 29.c4 Qf5 30.Qh8+ Kd7 31.Qa8 Bd6 32.Re8 Rb1+ 33.Be1 Bb8 34.Re2 Qd3 35.Kf2 Qd4+ 36.Kf1 Re5 37.Qf3 Rxe2 38.Qxe2 Qe3 39.Qg4+ Ke7 40.Resigns 0-1

Round 5 saw leaders Baron and Johansen meet, both undefeated on 4/4. Here Michael gets a lesson on maintaining a small positional edge from the GM.

Johansen, D - Baron, M [A30]

Melbourne Chess Club championships 2000 (5)

1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 c5 3.g3 e6 4.Nf3 b6 5.Bg2 Bb7 6.0-0 Be7 7.d4 cxd4 8.Qxd4 d6 9.Rd1 a6 10.b3 Nbd7 11.e4 0-0 12.Ba3 Nc5 13.e5 dxe5 14.Qxd8 Rfxd8 15.Nxe5 Bxg2 16.Kxg2 Rdc8 17.Na4 Rab8 18.f4 Kf8 19.Bxc5 Bxc5 20.g4 Ke8 21.g5 Ng8 22.Nxc5 bxc5 23.Rd7 Ne7 24.Rad1 Ng6 25.Nxf7 Nxf4+ 26.Kf3 Nd5 27.Ra7 Rc7 28.Rxc7 Nxc7 29.Ne5 Rd8 30.Rxd8+ Kxd8 31.Nd3 Ke7 32.Nxc5 Kd6 33.Nd3 h6 34.gxh6 gxh6 35.Ke4 a5 36.a3 Na6 37.Kd4 h5 38.b4 axb4 39.axb4 h4 40.b5 1-0

Meanwhile the rating groups were extremely hard fought with juniors NISSEN, URBAN, MACHET and ZIVANOVIC all playing well and causing major upsets. Unrateds DAVID LACEY and BALAJI SHANKAR claimed good scalps while seasoned players NARELLE SZUVEGES, GARY BEKKER and MARK FINLAYSON all performed above their ratings. Round 7 would separate the contenders from the rest and it didn't disappoint. On Board 1 MIRKO RUJEVIC who had recovered from his slow start held DARRYL JOHANSEN to a draw, keeping the tournament alive. MICHAEL BARON who was playing very well and equal 2nd slipped against an inspired DAVID HACCHE.

Hacche, D - Baron, M [A06]

Melbourne Chess Club Championships, 2000

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.b3 d5 3.Bb2 c5 4.e3 a6 5.Be2 Nc6 6.0-0 Qc7 7.c4 dxc4 8.bxc4 e5 9.Nc3 e4 10.Ng5 Bd6 11.Ncxe4 Nxe4 12.Nxe4 Bxh2+ 13.Kh1 Be5 14.d4 cxd4 15.exd4 Bf5 16.Ng3 Bxg3 17.fxg3 Bg6 18.d5 0-0-0 19.Bg4+ Kb8 20.Bxg7 Rhg8 21.Bf6 Ne5 22.Bxd8 Rxd8 23.Qd4 Bd3 24.Rfd1 f5 25.Rxd3 Nxd3 26.Bxf5 Nc5 27.Qf4 Rd6 28.Re1 Ka7 29.Kg1 a5 30.Re8 Kb6 31.Rc8 Qe7 32.Qd4 Rf6 33.Be6 Rg6 34.d6 Qg5 35.Rxc5 Qc1+ 36.Kh2 Rxe6 37.Re5+1-0

Round 8 saw Darryl Johansen secure at least equal first taking the point off TOM KALISCH. Mirko was his only challenger disposing of HACCHE while BARON, BEAUMONT and POWELL all won easily to make it interesting. NISSEN, BOURMISTROV, LACEY, URBAN, ZIVANOVIC and KOVACEVIC were all making late charges in their respective rating groups.

One unfortunate incident of Round 8 saw SAHAR claim a win on forfeit against PAPADINIS who needed a postponement. Considering we had about 12 postponements in the tournament with 11/12 of these games being played Sahar's decision in my opinion was very unsportsmanlike.

Anyway, Round 9 the final round saw JOHANSEN win the 2000 championship offering a quick draw to BEAUMONT in the final round. BARON drew with RUJEVIC while HACCHE defeated PRATSCH and POWELL tipped out RAINE to decide the placings. In the rating groups, DENIS BOURMISTROV's strong performance on 5.5 assured him of first in rating group A. He was closely followed in second by RICHARD McCART, NARELLE SZUVEGES, ITSHAK SAHAR and FELIX WYSS all on 5.

Rating Group B was taken out by the juniors, with AMIR NISSEN in first on 5.5 and SYLVESTER URBAN and ANDJELIJA ZIVANOVIC in second with 5. The third rating group had a clock prize and was taken out by DAVID LACEY. It was a very smoothly run tournament with few disputes.




The TCA webpage is now up, it is extremely basic but we hope to develop it further with time. The URL is: At present it is costing us nothing as it is on a free government server for community groups. DAVID CHRISTIAN is webmaster.


The letter from GAIL YOUNG was the funniest thing I have read in ages. Could we please have more comedic lightens up the newsletter and momentarily brightens up the reader's day.


I am disappointed in GAIL YOUNG's reply to my keeping "God out of the playing room" in that only committed Christians can obtain divine assistance. My Islamic friend adjourns games to attend prayer vigilance and in spite of the religious boss of Iran barring chess he seeks divine help. Another Muslim friend during Ramadan only plays after the fasting and feasting has finished, i.e., about 10.30pm. Are these worthy believers to be denied assistance because of the wrong brand of deity.

Steinitz, the first world champion and a non-Christian, is quoted in "The Even More Complete Chess Addict" as claiming that not even God could give him a Queen start -- he wasn't afraid of incurring the wrath of the Almighty. So maybe God just does not get involved -- even in anger against someone challenging His authority, playing Black (Satan's) pieces and a non-Christian to boot.

As a Catholic I am pleased that we already have a patron saint of chess, clergyman Ruy Lopez, after whom the famous opening is named (Spanish Opening).

As the Christian god is three persons in one (trinitarian) he must be odds on to give better advice over single person (unitarian) versions, eg. Islamic and Judiac. Checkmate! (Amen)


When Michael Adams was about 12 years old it was his practice to stare at the ceiling when playing, often even when it was his move. I asked him what his reason for doing this was. His reply made me realise there was hope for the taciturn lad yet. He said, "I'm asking God for help". I did wonder whether I should forfeit him.


I just wanted to inform you, that the 4th OIBM in Bad Wiessee will be held from Oct.28 to Nov.05. Maybe you can support us, in making our tournament more public - also in Australia?! (Editor's note: ARIANNE CAOILI, who has played in this event for the last three years, advises me that this is her favourite tournament).


I have to establish a value for insurance claim purposes of an intricately carved ivory chess set (made/purchased in 1970 when it was still legal). The king was 6 inches in height. Can anyone help with an emailed guess at the value please? I would be happy to pay a fee, of course.


Very best wishes to all

Graeme Gardiner

President, Australian Chess Federation

C/- Somerset College, Somerset Drive, Mudgeeraba Q 4213

Phone 07 5530 3777 (w) 07 5530 5794 (h) Fax 07 5525 2676 (w)


Chess - the clever sport!

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