ACF Bulletin No. 34 - September 12, 1999

The AGM of the NSWCA is coming up in the next month or so. Unfortunately
the current President, Charles Zworestine, is unavailable to continue so
NSWCA will need a new leader for this very important position in Australian
chess. Fortunately Charles will continue to be involved with his club and
the NSW juniors.
The following is an email that I have sent to the FIDE Executive Director
which is self explanatory.

Dear Emmanuel,
I've read that you will be travelling to Sydney to discuss arrangements
for a major international chess event to be held next year at the same
time as the Olympic Games.
Recently Berik phoned me from Lausanne on behalf of the FIDE President
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and asked me to put on an event to coincide with the
Olympics. I pointed out that the Australian Chess Federation is not a
wealthy organisation and that I would need a letter to the Sydney Olympic
Games Organising Committee (SOCOG) in order to help me gain sponsorship.
I have recently written to the Chief Executive of SOCOG, Sandy Hollway and
his Sponsorship General Manager, Kris Donaldson, asking for support in
bringing a big chess event to Sydney. This would have more impact if it
were supported by a letter from Mr Samaranch.
Australian chess is trying to implement a big development programme
concentrating on a whole new generation of juniors. This is being done
through our 'chess in the schools' programme and through our efforts to
obtain government funding for a national chess academy. We are also trying
to have our government recognise chess as a sport. A major chess promotion
next year would be a big public relations boost to our efforts.
I would very much like to meet you when you come to Australia.
With kind regards
Graeme Gardiner
President, Australian Chess Federation

One final ask re the military event in Zakopane, Poland from 10 to 20
November. Is anyone in a position to organise an armed services team for
this tournament? Please let me know as soon as possible.

ASIAN MEN'S AND WOMEN'S UDAIPUR, INDIA, 12 to 21 December - If you would
like to nominate for this event, please let me know.

ASIAN TEAMS SHENYANG, CHINA, 9 to 18 October - Tim Reilly requires a fourth
player to join Chris Despasquale, Matthew Drummond and himself to make up
the Australian team.

 * 70th FIDE Congress, DOHA, Qatar 1 to 7 October
 * 2000 Olympiad - We are advised that this Olympiad will still be held in
Istanbul, Turkey from 27 October to 13 November despite the recent
disastrous earthquake.

 * 2002 Olympiad will be held in Bled, Slovenia.
 * 2000 And 2001 World Championships - These are scheduled to be held in
the last week of November and the first three weeks of December. The bids
will be opened during FIDE's 75th Anniversary event in Paris on 20/21
November. Possible bids are from Beijing, Hong Kong, Sun City and
Dortmund. The Oceanic Zonal qualifier is due to be put on by the NZ Chess
 * World Juniors And Girls Championships
2000 Armenia, 17 September to 20 October
2001 Probably Reykjavik, Iceland
 * World Youth Under 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
2000 Probably Orepesa del Mar, Spain
2002 Probably Yerevan, Armenia
 * World Seniors 2000 - Probably the Baltic seaside health resort of Rowy
from 10 to 24 September
 * World Team Championship - 2001 Probably Yerevan, Armenia

* National Schools Teams Finals Weekend, Canberra Grammar, 11-12 December
The Queensland qualifiers are:
Open Secondary: Anglican Church Grammar School (Brisbane)
Open Primary: Somerset College (Gold Coast)
All Girls Secondary: Saint Stephens College (Gold Coast)
All Girls Primary: Worongary State School (Gold Coast)
All four winners will definitely be travelling for the finals. Perhaps the
other states could advise their qualifiers as they become available. I
hope to have an update from Evelyn Fitzpatrick and Debbie Poulton very
shortly. Evelyn hasn't been too well lately and we wish her a full and
speedy recovery.
18/19 September Gold Coast Classic
2/3 October Redcliffe Challenge
3/4 October Greater Sydney Open, Rooty Hill
In South Australia, the Lidums Cup is being held at the Chess Centre, 10
Ranelagh St Adelaide on 2/3 October (1st Prize $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $200
plus other prizes) Mail entries to the Chess Centre or email Roly Eime at The Lidums Cup does not appear to have been entered in
the Grand Prix but I'm checking with Roly just to make sure.
I would appreciate constructive feedback on a proposed format for the 2000
Grand Prix which will have to be finalised shortly. Recently Chris
Depasqaule suggested a complete revamp of the Grand Prix with a lot more
emphasis on average club players and less on the elite players. What do you
think? Do you prefer to play in a tournament with a lot of strong players
or are you more interested in good competition from players of roughly your
own standard? There have been more tournaments for strong players this year
than for several years and it is shaping up the same way for next year.
Maybe Chris is right. What do you think?
One other point on the 2000 Grand Prix. Is anyone able to help with


Marcello La Spina, Siena 26-8- 99

Dear sir/madam


I am Marcello La Spina, an Italian youth of 25, student of Mathematics at
Siena University. I intend to come to Australia for about three months, to
know more about your continent. I am a fervent chess player (ELO FIDE
approx. 2240 next January) and I'd like to go on playing during my staying
in Australia.

I wonder if you would be so kind as to put a note at your club notice board
saying that a young Italian chess player needs accommodation for a few
weeks at a reasonable price and possibly some work.

For any answer, my e-mail address is:

1) Unfortunately, my knowledge of English is very limited (This letter has
been written by a friend of mine)

2) References: Mario Leoncini, member of the Italian Chess Federation
executive directory (e-mail
Giulia Simi, professor of Mathematics, Siena University (e-mail

3) My web page address is:

Hoping to receive a kind answer from you

I thank you very much


Greetings from Canada!

David, from the Suncoast Chess Club, gave me your name and e-mail address.

My name is Joseph Godbout.  I am a chess player in Ontario, and a
full-time university student.  I am contacting you because I am looking to
find tournament bulletins and books about Bent Larsen.  I am trying to
collect all his games by finding original bulletins and books.  I am aware
about the database collections which exist, but it is not the same as
holding a tournament bulletin or book in your hand.

David suggested that you might publish my "searching for" request in
your ACF weekly internet newsletter.  If you might do so, this may help me
in my search.  You never know what people might have picked up along the
way in their chess lives.  At the North Bay Open this past August (in North
Bay, Ontario), I met one of the editors of Chess Asia, who is going to mail
me the bulletins from Larsen's tournaments in Manilla.

On a different matter . . ., while in university, I have started
ChessPraxis, a site devoted to buying and selling new and used chess books.
 I can't imagine anyone in your part of the world wanting new books from
me, but perhaps I might have some used titles your chess friends might be
wanting.  You can find my site at:

Thank you kindly, Joseph

Best wishes to all.
Graeme Gardiner


Graeme Gardiner
President, Australian Chess Federation
C/- Somerset College, Somerset Drive, Mudgeeraba Q 4213
Phone 07 5530 3777 (w) 07 5530 5794 (h) Fax 07 5525 2676 (w)