ACF Bulletin No. 21 - 13 June 1999

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Gary Wastell advises that there is an 80% chance that this event will be
held at an excellent venue in Morwell from Wednesday 12 Jan to Sunday 24
Jan 2000. Morwell is approx two hours drive East of Melbourne. This is
subject to financial guarantees from the Morwell Council being received by
July 11. If this does not eventuate the Melbourne University of Technology
has close to a confirmed offer.
Kevin Jones has sent more info re this important event which is being held
at the Mingara Recreation Club, Mingara Drive, Tumbi Umbi, NSW 2261. This
is about 90 mins from the Sydney CBD. The dates are 28 December 1999 to 9
January 2000. All the championship rounds will start at 12 noon so that it
should be possible for those living in Sydney or Newcastle to commute. (Car
pool or fast electric train to Wyong Station and bus to Mingara.)
Mingara have corporate sponsorship of $6,000 in hand and list the following
categories and first prizes with the players entry fees. The Australian
Championship prize list will be to 7th place and Reserve Championship to
4th place and five rating sections. The Minor will be to three placings and
three rating sections. All rating section prizes must have at least seven
starters in each section.
Categories and Prizes
Australian Championships 1st Prize $3,600
Reserve Championship 1st Prize $1,400
Senior Championships 1st Prize $500
Under 1600 Minor 1st Prize $500
Lightning/Rapid Play Championships 1st Prize to be decided on day
Entry Fees
Australian Championships $120 (Concession $94)
Reserve Championships $100 (Concession $78)
Senior Championships $90 (Concession $70)
Under 1600 Minor $80 (Concession $60)
Lightning Championships $40 (Concession $32)
Rapid Play $40 (Concession $32)
The Central Coast area of NSW is a very popular holiday and tourist resort.
The most important task that potential entrants should attend to is
securing accommodation as early as possible. This can be done by contacting
Central Coast Tourism Inc. on 1800 151 123 or 02 4385 4430. Alternatively,
visit the Mingara website at which lists budget
accommodation and motels located in close proximity to Mingara.
Enquiries: Kevin Jones PO Box 8255 Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261 ph 02 4332 6139
Tony Eves (same address) ph 02 4388 2437
Mingara Club PO Box 3, Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261 ph 02 4349 7700 fax 02 4349 7800
I understand from Neil James, ACT President, that the ACT will be
presenting me with a bid for both events when I visit Canberra on 2 July.
It is great to see the enthusiasm in the ACT for this whole concept. The
ACT has a very active chess scene with  many people who really care about
the future of chess. I believe that the combination of the two tournaments
which will add up to one major event will be of immense benefit to chess
and all those involved.
This will be a 12 player round robin. The following players have accepted:
Stephen Solomon, Andrew Allen, Gary Lane, Michael Ginat, Nick Speck, Tim
Reilly, Geoff Saw, Mirko Rujevic, Eddi Levi and Chris Depasquale. The
organiser, Chris Depasquale expects to finalise the remaining two within
the next couple of days. Games commence 2pm daily. Our thanks go to Eddi
Levi for once again sponsoring this event - we need more philanthropists
like Eddi in Australian chess!
Charles Zworestine and Georgina Tarrant are organising this important event
which we hope will have a very strong turnout. To coincide, Manuel Weeks is
organising a FIDE rated event. It will be a small Swiss tournament with
approx 20 odd players. Stephen Solomon has accepted and other IMs are
probable. It is possible that IM norms will be available. Please contact
Manuel if you are interested. Email or mobile 0411
Anyone interested in competing in this event should also contact Manuel, as
Congratulations to Evelyn Fitzpatrick, Debbie Poulton, Jeff Suptut and co
for the fine work that they are doing in organising a very important event
in the ACF calendar (after Sydney Grammar/John Gourlay, Margaret Cuckson
and Mary Nuttall-Smith did such a good job in organising the inaugural
event last year). We hope that all states make a big effort to field teams
in the Primary and Secondary sections (both "Open" and "All Girls"). It is
hoped that the winners of your statewide competitions will organise funding
to attend and that you have a method in place of determining winners of
your "All Girls" competition also. In Queensland we did not have an "All
Girls" teams event but Russell Mowles stepped in and organised a one day
event which will be held in September. The Queensland representatives in
the Open will be Anglican Church Grammar School (secondary) and Somerset
College (primary).
Still no news on Federal Govt funding. My local Federal MP, Margaret May,
is still trying to find out!
19-20 June Gold Coast Open, Somerset College, Mudgeeraba Class 5
26-27 June Taree Open, Taree RSL Sports and Rec Club Class 1
26-27 June Noosa Open, Bicentennial Hall, Noosa Class 5
3-4 July NSW Weekender Class 1
24-25 July ANU Open, Fenner Hall, Canberra Class 5
The 1998 Grand Prix results are up on the webpage and cheques will be
posted shortly.
Over the last five months I've been very happy to see the lines of
communication well and truly opened up: I see this as very beneficial for
the future of Australian chess. From time to time some correspondence has
got a little on the personal side but I've been very reluctant to edit it
on the grounds that I want everyone to feel that they can have a say. Fair
criticism of actions from the point of view of improving chess in the
future is fine, but any form of personal abuse is not. I'd appreciate it if
everyone could bear this in mind so that I'm not put in the position where
I feel that I can't publish and people start to lose faith in the process.
Another observation is that many of us can improve our performance in terms
of accuracy of detailed information. Almost everybody who has put forward a
detailed argument has been subject to some form of correction from peers.


There have been so many incorrect and misleading comments made in the Zonal
debate that I feel compelled to make a few corrections and clarifications:

(i) Peter Parr claims that the 'open to all' format used for the Gold
Coast Zonal was used once, in 1993 in Dublin, and never again. This is not
correct. The 'open to all' format, with high entry fees for low rated
players, was used elsewhere - even in a Western European zonal which
included chess powers such as Holland and France.

(ii) The comparison between Australia and Burma is entirely apt. In
December Burma hosted a zonal which included many local representatives of
variable strengths. Of course, as at the Gold Coast Zonal, many of these
local players inevitably scored 50% and gained FM titles.

(iii) Chris Depasquale is apparently unaware of the FIDE rules under which
he was awarded his FM title. Appearing twice on a FIDE list over 2300 has
never been sufficient without a minimum number of games to maintain that
level - otherwise a player could reach 2300 and then stay inactive until
they were awarded the title. There are also other ways to obtain the FM
title. If Chris received the FM title from the FIDE Titles Commission, I
would assume he probably had fulfilled the requirements.

(iv) At no time did I, in any manner, apply for Chris' FM title - I merely
informed him that  Australia ("we") was applying for it when informed of
this fact myself. In addition, unlike Chris I certainly do not hold the FM
title in contempt. It may only be the first step on the title ladder but it
must still be earned and I admire many of those who earn it. In contrast to
Chris' assertion, the vast majority of FMs I have played in Europe would be
worth far more than 2000 on the Australian rating list.

(v) I did not play in the zonal for many reasons - the poor prize money
(well below the FIDE statutory minimum of 10,000 Swiss francs for a zonal)
and prior Bundesliga commitments in Germany being two. However the ACF also
made it impossible for me to play in the zonal because all participants
were required to agree to play in Las Vegas should they win the event and I
could not agree to this. To blame me for the low prize money and the soft
titles, as Alex Wohl does, is perverse, insulting and false.

(vi)  Peter Parr is wrong to state that no Australian rated below 2450 has
ever scored 67% in a zonal and gained an IM title. Robert Jamieson did so
in 1975. His rating did not reach 2450 until many years later.

(vii) Geoff Saw will probably receive his FM title whether he applies for
it or not. Titles gained in a zonal do not need to be applied for. They are
statutory and are generally rubber-stamped by the FIDE President, not
discussed by the Titles Commission.



Depasquale advised last week that Ian Rogers and the ACF had incorrectly
applied for his FM title in 1986.

FIDE accepted it and he may as well have taken the FM title out of a packet
of Cornflakes. Depasquale states that at the time (1986) you needed to be
above 2300 on 2 consecutive FIDE rating lists and he had not achieved this.

The international title regulations of FIDE approved by the FIDE general
assembly appear on pages 359-365 of Chess Informant number 35 of 1993. It
states item 2-31 - "a rating of at least 2300 based on at least 24 games."

The rule has not changed at all, it was  not a requirement to be above 2300
on two consecutive FIDE rating lists.

The application for FM title was made fully in accordance with FIDE
regulations in 1986 by Rogers and ACF and confirmed by FIDE.

The FIDE handbook CO4A page 11 item 18 confirms that varying the normal
pairings to MAXIMIZE players opportunities to fulfill title requirements
was NOT approved in the Graz FIDE congress - so Australia must comply with
FIDE (Lloyds Bank was before the Graz congress).

The regular FIDE events in Budapest are held in accordance with FIDE
regulations. Our sub-zone would be out rated on 99 boards in a 100 board
match against Canada.

Our sub-zone is by far the world's lowest rated. Countries like Tunisia,
Turkey, Morocco etc. all have international Grandmasters. The top of the
1985 Zonal was much stronger (10 IMs) than our 1999 sub-zonal.

Johansen and Solomon of 1999 are not  IMMENSELY stronger now than in 1985.
They are about the same strength. The strong Australian championship in
Sydney in 1984 was won jointly by Johansen and Solomon.

Finally two wrongs don't make a right. Why are our arbiters and players
searching the world for others who may break the rules - (the search has
been most unsuccessful).

Australia and all countries must abide by the rules and regulations of FIDE.



Re Zonal

I'm not clear on exactly who played, but I can't see how any Aussie lower
rated than 2100 (or 1900 if a Junior) should have been let in.  A weak
local tail is highly undesirable and unwise. Bit unfair to people who
didn't play.

Reminds me of a Vic championship in which 1500 players were allowed in if
they paid $10 extra. It doesn't work. The Zonal is part of the World
championship and should stay a closed event.



Peter Hanna suggests Sydney should run an Easter Tournament to go
head-to-head with the Doberl Cup. I think this is a terrible idea. Canberra
usually runs 3 weekend tournaments a year. I think Woolongong has 1,
Newcastle 2 ? , and about 3 in country New South Wales. Well publicised
Sydney weekenders are rare, maybe 2 or 3 per year. I suppose if you looked
hard you could find a few more, but i would be surprised if there were more
than 15.

That makes a total of less than 25 per year for New South Wales and ACT
combined. There are 52 weekends per year. There is no reason why there
should be clashes. A lot of the players who play weekenders either have
difficulty attending chess club regularly, or can't get variety and quality
of opponents at their local club. These players don't mind travelling to
play. They will be very annoyed if there are two tournaments within 300km
on the same weekend, and no tournaments at all on many other weekends.

More weekenders in Sydney would be a good thing, but don't make them clash
with other NSW / ACT tournaments, or for that matter with the biggest
weekenders in Victoria and Queensland.


With best wishes for a great week. Next week will probably be a short version.
Graeme Gardiner


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