ACF Bulletin No. 11 - 28 March 1999

Reply-To: "Graeme Gardiner" <>

This is the last bulletin before Easter. Andrew Allen and I will be in
Canberra for the Doeberl Cup over Easter and we hope to meet many of you
there. There will be no bulletin for that week. For those not heading to
Canberra I can recommend the Toowoomba Open as being one of the finest
tournaments around in a splendid setting on the Darling Downs at Toowoomba
The Woolongong Weekender, which was down (incorrectly) for 5-7 June, has
been cancelled. I'm awaiting info from Charles Zworestine on a replacement
class 5 event for the real Queen's Birthday weekend 12-14 June.
Upcoming events in the series are April 24/25 Anzac Day Weekender at
Western Suburbs Leagues Club and May 1-3 Redcliffe Open Class 5 event.
A new Class 5 event has been added in South Australia. The Lidums Cup will
be held on 2/3 October 7 Rounds 60 mins a side 1st prize $500.
The Bali Jeff International Open Team Tournament will be held at the Patra
Jasa Hotel from 2-11 May 1999, Kuta - Bali.
Format 9 Rounds Swiss 40 moves in 2 hours / Remainder in 60 mins.
Team composition 4 players plus 2 reserves.
Prizes 1st US$10,000 2nd US$6,500 3rd US$3,500 4th US$2,500
Entry Fee US$2,500 per team based on twin sharing 5 star hotel incl
breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Organiser: Jln.Prof.Moh.Yamin Phone/fax 62 361 234808 - 62 361 265787
Under auspices of Indonesian Chess Federation.
Arrangements are still proceeding well in the men's with Damian Norris also
confirming that he will be playing to ensure a second entry from Fiji. It
looks like we will have around 22-24 players in the mens. Manuel Weeks and
I are trying very hard to ensure that we have 10 players in the women's
section so that we have a complete round robin and to guarantee the titles
situation. The women's event will definitely proceed even if we don't make
the full 10 players.
Every state has an active junior programme including coaching in the
schools and an inter schools teams competition. The future prosperity,
vigour and livlihood of Australian chess depends upon the efforts we all
put into developing the juniors. We all need to see what involvement we can
have in creating more activity, involving more volunteers and simply
working together to advance junior chess in any way that we possibly can.
You'll probably get fed up with hearing this sermon from me but I'm sure
that there are plenty of adults around who don't understand how much
enjoyment they can get out of helping to create an environment where our
youngsters can thrive. Those many tireless workers for junior chess will
all tell you that when they are all working towards the same goal then it
is a lot of fun.
This bulletin has been going out to a growing number of Australian chess
enthusiasts. I would very much welcome as many email addresses of chess
people that you can give me. Does anybody know a contact email or snailmail
address for Alisdair Anderson who, I understand, writes for the Geelong
Perhaps you will have time over Easter to have a very good look at the ACF
If you do, we would be very grateful if you could email the webmaster,
Andrew Allen with any
additions/deletions/corrections. This is now becoming not only a good
source of news etc but also an important reference site for any matters
relating to Australian chess. Above all, it would be good to see many clubs
emailing Andrew with final standings from tournaments.
I don't have any details regarding players participating but I understand
that the Australian Masters being run by Chris Depasquale from 28 June to
10 July is shaping up very well.
For the first time an ACF Council Meeting was held by telephone hook up
last Friday 26 March. This enabled remote Presidents like Mike Partis (WA)
and Aivars Lidums (SA) to participate as well as regulars like Gary Wastell
(VIC) who has been bussing from Melbourne to Sydney every couple of months
for the past two years. The first meeting was businesslike with all of us
feeling out this new way of meeting. It worked very well and I don't see
any reason why it shouldn't be a permanent method of meeting.
The Mingara Chess Club bid for these championships which was recommended by
the NSW Chess Assn was approved by the ACF Council at the phone hook up
subject only to some very minor ammendments to be negotiated between the
NSW Chess Assn and Mingara Chess Club led by their President Kevin Jones.
Mingara is approx one hour drive north of Sydney and looks to be an
excellent venue. We wish Kevin and his team well in their planning process.
The prize pool in their submission is approx $21,000. Dates for this event
look like being 28 Dec to 9 Jan.
Victoria are still in the planning process with no venue finalised.
Provisionally they have set dates for 12 to 24 Jan.

Please note that in the interests of good communication in Australian chess
we have put up all email addresses on the ACF webpage. If you would like
yours taken off, please let us know.
Some 'Caissic Musings' from Mark McKenzie <>

I notice that Great Britain has now recognised chess as a sport. I do hope
that it might add some leverage to the ACF's quest to do likewise in
You might have noticed the new Soothers TV commercial where the spectator
yells during a chess match. I wonder if  Allens or whoever owns the product
would like to make a contribution to "sooth" the ACF "coffers (hope pun is
It would be good if the ACF could have copyright so to speak over the
depiction of chess in commercials. If they showed a famous artwork in the
same commercial royalties would be demanded.
You might have seen the Open Learning series Introduction To Marketing. One
of the episodes is entitled Strategy and throughout this episode one sees
Leonid Sandler and Michael Gluzman playing a game. I found this ironic as I
believe this is exactly what Australian Chess needs .... a Proper Marketing
Just some thoughts ...


Have a good Easter!



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