ACF Bulletin # 10

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Just a short bulletin this week. We are pretty tired having accommodated
576 in the Somerset College facilities for round one of GC Primary chess on
Wednesday and another 71 in round one of the GC Masters today.
The ACF April Ratings list is up on the ACF webpage Many thanks to Graham Saint, Bill
Gletsos et al for their promptness.
One of the last bastions of resistance to chess as a sport fell during the
week when the UK Parliament opened the door to recognition and funding of
chess as a sport. Although the majority of nations in the world already
recognise and fund chess as a sport we expect a long battle with the
Australian government and even when we finally succeed it is unclear as to
how much benefit this will be to Australian chess.
Brett Tindall and Theos Rippis have a good site which also gives good
information on upcoming tournaments. There is a link from the ACF webpage
but here it is anyway
Any Australian Universities interested in participating in the Global Youth
- Tertiary Institutes Chess Challenge to be held at Nanyang Technological
University, Singapore from 16-22 May 1999?
Teams of 4 players + 2 reserves must include at least one female.
Entry fee is S$250 per team and entrants must pay their own airfares.
However there are very good prizes and food, transportation within
Singapore and lodging are all included.
It would be good to have an Australian team competing.
Here are the latest entries for the Zonal to be held at the Surfers
Paradise Parkroyal from 13-21 April.
Men: Confirmed: Darryl Johansen 2490, Aleks Wohl 2440, Stephen Solomon
2435, Russell Dive (NZ) 2440, Aleksei Kulashko (NZ) 2396, Rajnesh
Parmeshwar (FIJI) 2000, Kerry Corker 2000, Eddi Levi 2245, Chris Depasquale
2302, Vladimir Feldman 2330, Elija Ilic 2115, Andrew Allen 2261, David
Smerdon 2173, Brett Tindall 2250, John Paul Wallace 2360, Zong-Yuan Zhao
2000, Daniel Dwyer 2186. Probable: Leonid Sandler 2351, Manuel Weeks 2245,
Aleks Safarian 2100, Nik Stawski 2045, Geoff Saw 2205, Tristan Reeves 2245.
Possible: Damian Norris (FIJI) 2220, John Hanks 2166, Tim Reilly 2258.
Women: Confirmed: Ngan Phan-Koshnitsky 2155, Irina Berezina 2230, Veronica
Klimenko 2100, Narelle Szuveges 2000. Probable: Laura Moylan 2000.
Possible: NZ entrant and various Australians.
Confirmed are seeds plus paid up players. Probable are those who have told
me their entries are on the way. Possible are just enquiries at this stage.
Please note that in the interests of good communication in Australian chess
we have put up all email addresses on the ACF webpage. If you would like
yours taken off, please let us know.
Have a good week!
Graeme Gardiner

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