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These bulletins are provoking quite a response which is good in the sense
that issues are being addressed but makes me a little nervous in case
people take personal offence at any of the comments. I'm keen to build
bridges in Australian chess and therefore it would be appreciated if we
could all stick to the issues. For the time being I'll continue to publish
unedited letters and see how we go. I ran into a little trouble last week
for publishing letters without approval so in future it would be helpful if
you are addressing an issue from the newsletter if you would indicate
whether it can or can't be published. Thank you.
At this time of year many of you will be in the process of organising your
statewide primary and secondary school comps. I believe each year we should
aim to expand the number of teams in these competitions, do everything we
can to make each state a true statewide competition and ensure that each
school knows that state winners are invited to attend the national schools
teams finals weekend late in the year. There is probably nothing greater
that can be done to develop the Australian chess culture than expanding the
schools' comps.
If you are not already involved in the development of junior chess why not
examine what you can do to help. You may be very pleasantly surprised as to
how much you get out of the experience. Your involvement could include
administration, coaching, running tournaments or looking after rating lists.
We are presently investigating the purchase of bulk licences of
computerised pairing systems to supply to clubs as an ACF service. We would
particularly be interested to know which computerised pairing system your
club uses. If you have used more than one system in recent times (eg Swiss
Sys & Swiss Perfect) we would be interested to learn what you believe to be
the major pros and cons of each system. If it is decided to go ahead with a
bulk purchase an additional advantage could be that we could install the
most current ACF ratings list as a club file to all copies which would make
it much easier for tournament organisers.
A final report on the Australian Open can be viewed at
NSW Chess Association are in the process of reviewing two bids for these
championships - one from Central Coast Leagues Chess Club and one from
Mingara Chess Club. A reminder that all bids are due in by the end of
I had an email from Bardia and Danyelle Bodaghi advising that they wished
to commence a chess club in Darwin. If anyone knows of any chess players or
chess activity in Darwin please could you email them on and perhaps copy me in. Thanks.
Andrew Allen is now set up in his new abode and has been active on the ACF
page. Expect more improvements shortly.
The first meeting of the new ACF Council will be held by telephone hook up
on Friday 26 March 1999.
The 1999 Australian Masters Championship will be held in Melbourne from
Monday 28 June to Friday 10 July. It is expected to be a twelve-player
round-robin, FIDE category IV or V, with IM norms available. One game per
day with rest day Sunday 4 July. Entry fees range from $Free to $150,
depending on FIDE title and rating. Prize-money (minimum guaranteed) $1,000
1st, $500 2nd, $300 3rd. Anybody who may wish to play, and wants to receive
additional information, please contact Chris Depasquale: phone: (03) 9387
6979; fax (03) 9380 1399; email
Activity coming up in the next fortnight or so includes the South West Open
in Bunbury, WA on 6/7 March and the Ballarat Begonia Open in Victoria on
6-8 March. The latter is generously sponsored by Richard Pratt's Visy
Industries. The week after that we have the Hervey Bay Open in Queensland.
JENNI OLIVER: I am surprised Mr Corker of all people does not understand
how exhausted U10s (and U12s),  can get, given the way his protege, Craig
Barnard, collapsed in hysterics at the Adelaide Australian Juniors. If I
remember correctly, Kerry had to go in and resign on Craig's behalf, after
more than half an hour of Craig crying, because Craig was incapable of
doing it.  Now
Craig is a lovely boy and one of our rising Chess stars.  He was not
inexperienced, nor lacking in backbone  - he was just an exhausted little boy.

Tennis Juniors are protected from burn out, because there is a limit to the
number of adult competitions they can play in, in one year.  This limit is
set by the Australian Tennis Federation.  Is the Australian Chess
Federation going to be less caring of the needs of the Chess Juniors?  Is
the fact that Chess is not one of the "sweaty sports", going to mean that
no duty of care is exercised towards our next generation of players?
Have a great week!
Graeme Gardiner


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