Australian Chess Federation Inc.

ACF Grand Prix 2015

The ACF Grand Prix for 2015 is now over.

Congratulations to all the prize winners, place getters, and participants over the 2015 season.

The prize winners for the 2015 ACF Grand Prix are as follows:

1st Anton Smirnov with a score of 95.67 points ($850)
2nd Moulthun Ly with a score of 75.50 points ($600)
3rd Max Illingworth with a score of 69.17 points ($300)
4th Gene Nakauchi with a score of 65.86 points ($150)
5th Hrant Melkumyan with a score of 65.10 points ($100)

1st Tom Maguire with a score of 76.50 points ($250)
2nd Clive Ng with a score of 52.50points ($150)
3rd Harry Press with a score of 40.75points ($100)

1st Thomas Johnston with a score of 57.28 points ($250)
2nd Henry Slater-Jones with a score of 53.22 points ($150)
3rd Mark Stokes with a score of 39.30 points ($100)

1st Jack Puccini with a score of 60.75 points ($250)*
2nd Ari Dale with a score of 57.50 points ($150)
3rd Pengyu Chen with a score of 42.50 points ($100)


1st & 2nd Alexandra Jule, and Alana Chibnall, both with a score of 55.00 points ($200ea)
3rd Gail Young with a score of 54.43 points ($100)

*Both Anton Smirnov and Tom Maguire have already been awarded prizes, therefore the Junior prizes have been cascaded down as appropriate.


All tournaments in the 2015 ACF Grand Prix have now been completed and registrations are open for 2016. The 2016 Schedule will released in early December, and can be found here.

  • The 2015 SCC Australia Day Open, 24th to the 26th of January in Meridan Plains QLD – Class 2
  • The 2015 Australia Day Weekender, 24th and 25th of January in Cammeray NSW – Class 2
  • The Perth Open, 14th and 15th of February in Leeming WA – Class 1
  • The Mackay Open, 21st and 22nd of February in Mackay QLD – Class 1
  • The Tasmanian Championships, 7th to the 9th of March in Sandy Bay TAS – Class 1
  • The 2015 March Open, 14th and 15th of March in Redcliffe QLD – Class 2
  • The Dubbo RSL Open 2015, 21st and 22nd of March in Dubbo NSW – Class 2
  • The 50th Peninsula Open, 16th and 17th of May in Rothwell QLD – Class 2
  • The 2015 NSW Open, 6th to the 8th of June in Chatswood NSW – Class 5
  • The 2015 Wendy Terry Memorial, 6th to the 8th of June in Redcliffe QLD – Class 2
  • The South West Open, 13th and 14th of June in Bridgetown WA – Class 1
  • The Gold Coast Open, 27th and 28th of June in Mudgeeraba QLD – Class 5
  • The Croydon Chess Classic, 11th and 12th of July in Croydon VIC – Class 2
  • The Checkmate Open, 11th and 12th of July in Fullarton SA – Class 5
  • The ANU Open, 25th and 26th of July in Acton ACT – Class 4
  • The 2015 August Open, 8th and 9th of August in Redcliffe QLD – Class 2
  • The St George Weekender, 22nd and 23rd of August in Kogarah NSW – Class 1
  • The Queensland Open, 22nd and 23rd of August in Bundaberg QLD – Class 2
  • The Best in the West, 5th and 6th of September in Altona, VIC – Class 3
  • The Nell Van Der Graaf Classic, 19th and 20th of September in Mudgeeraba QLD – Class 3
  • The Noble Park Classic, 19th and 20th of September in Noble Park VIC – Class 2
  • The Leo Wilkinson Memorial, 26th and 27th of September in Rothwell QLD – Class 2
  • The 2015 Ryde Eastwood Open, 3rd to the 5th of October in West Ryde, NSW – Class 3
  • The 2015 MCC Greg Hjorth Open Weekender, 30th of October to the 3rd of November in Fitzroy VIC – Class 4
  • The Vikings Weekender, 14th and 15th of November in Tuggeranong ACT – Class 2


The ACF GP has concluded, the top 10 scores in each division are as follows:

Smirnov, Anton 95.67
Ly, Moulthun 75.50
Illingworth, Max 69.17
Nakauchi, Gene 65.86
Melkumyan, Hrant 65.10
Izzat, Kanan 62.75
Zhao, Zong-Yuan 42.8
Maguire, Tom 38.61
Ikeda, Junta 32.51
Dale, Ari 32.29

Maguire, Tom 76.50
Ng, Clive 52.50
Press, Harry 40.75
Jule, Alexandra 33.50
Tsai, Charles 31.05
Kethro, Michael 30.75
Xuan, Thomas 30.00
Herrmann, Oscar 30.00
Weller, Tony 26.74
Milojevic, Miodrag 25.33

Johnston, Thomas 57.28
Slater-Jones, Henry 53.22
Stokes, Mark C 39.30
Vohla, Mihkel 35.00
Ostapenko, Michael 32.02
Mohammadi, Behrang 30.00
Ranganathan, Parunithan 30.00
Young, Nathanael 29.76
Pearce, Tim 28.75
Au, Alexander 26.72

Smirnov, Anton 143.75
Maguire, Tom 64.42
Puccini, Jack 60.75
Dale, Ari 57.50
Chen, Pengyu 42.50
Press, Harry 34.33
Cheng, Bobby 30.00
Tsai, Charles 29.94
Yu, Bobby 29.34
Ostapenko, Michael 26.27

Jule, Alexandra 55.00
Chibnall, Alana 55.00
Young, Gail 54.43
Guo, Emma 50.00
Simmonds, Leteisha 45.00
Lu, Lillian 44.17
Wilkie, Mary E 41.67
Jarek, Katherine 40.00
Kolak, Tanya 39.17
Jain, Anshika 34.67

The full list of scores for all competitors can be found here.