ACF Grand Prix 2015: General Information

The ACF Grand Prix for 2015 is now over.

Congratulations to all the prize winners, place getters, and participants over the 2015 season.

The prize winners for the 2015 ACF Grand Prix are as follows:

1st Anton Smirnov with a score of 95.67 points ($850)
2nd Moulthun Ly with a score of 75.50 points ($600)
3rd Max Illingworth with a score of 69.17 points ($300)
4th Gene Nakauchi with a score of 65.86 points ($150)
5th Hrant Melkumyan with a score of 65.10 points ($100)

1st Tom Maguire with a score of 76.50 points ($250)
2nd Clive Ng with a score of 52.50points ($150)
3rd Harry Press with a score of 40.75points ($100)

1st  Thomas Johnston with a score of 57.28 points ($250)
2nd Henry Slater-Jones with a score of 53.22 points ($150)
3rd Mark Stokes with a score of 39.30 points ($100)

1st Jack Puccini with a score of 60.75 points ($250)*
2nd Ari Dale with a score of 57.50 points ($150)
3rd Pengyu Chen with a score of 42.50 points ($100)


1st & 2nd Alexandra Jule, and Alana Chibnall, both with a score of 55.00 points ($200ea)
3rd Gail Young with a score of 54.43 points ($100)

*Both Anton Smirnov and Tom Maguire have already been awarded prizes, therefore the Junior prizes have been cascaded down as appropriate.