ACF Grand Prix 2014: General Information

The ACF Grand Prix for 2014 is now over.

Congratulations to all the prize winners, place getters, and participants over the 2014 season.

The prize winners for the 2014 ACF Grand Prix are as follows:

1st Moulthun Ly with a score of 122.50 points ($850)
2nd Brodie McClymont with a score of 116.25 points ($600)
3rd James Morris with a score of 71.00 points ($300)
4th Kanan Izzat with a score of 68.92 points ($150)
5th Gene Nakauchi with a score of 58.04 points ($100)

1st Tony Weller with a score of 82.45 points ($250)
2nd Kevin Willathgamuwa with a score of 45.00 points ($150)
3rd David Lovejoy with a score of 42.16 points ($100)

1st  Dillon Hathiramani with a score of 85.00 points ($250)
2nd Mark Stokes with a score of 58.58 points ($150)
3rd Tony Zhong with a score of 54. 34 points ($100)

1st Ari Dale with a score of 67.25 points ($250)
2nd Anton Smirnov with a score of 62.50 points ($150)
3rd Alexander Stahnke with a score of 60.00 points ($100)


1st Heather Richards with a score of 107.50 points ($250)
2nd Gail Young  with a score of 81.00 points ($150)
3rd Alexandra Jule  with a score of 62.83 points ($100)