Australian Open Winners

Year Champion
1971 L. Portisch (HUN)
1973 M.L Fuller
1975 M.L Fuller
1977 T.Hay & S.Booth & M.V
1979 M.L Fuller
1981 R.M Jamieson
1983 D.K Johansen
1985 G. West
1987 G. Sax (HUN)
1989 A. Wohl & R.D Hill
1991 L. Oll (Est) & E. Kengis (LAT)
& D.K Johansen & A.J Miles (ENG)
1993 I. Rogers
1995 D.D Trong (VIE)
1997 D. Johansen
1999 Vadim Milov (SUI)
2001 Stefan Djuric
2003 John-Paul Wallace
2005 WGM Elena Sedina (Italy/Ukraine)
2007 Zong-Yuan Zhao
2009 Alex Wohl (on countback over George Xie)
2011 George Xie (on countback over Zong Yuan Zhao and Moulthun Ly)
2013 Bobby Cheng
2015 Ni Hua (China)
Note: Currently, if two or more players tie for first in the Australian Open tournament, one is awarded the title Australian Open Chess Champion on countback. In cases for which information on whether countbacks were applied (and if so in whose favour) is missing or unconfirmed, all co-winners of the tournament are listed.