ACF By-Laws

The copies of the ACF By-Laws presented here were uploaded in July 2017 and are currently in provisional form pending checking over the next six months. Some sections will require further updating.

Anyone needing to make use of the By-Laws and confirm that the By-Laws in a given area are up to date should use the Contacts page and send an email copied to the full ACF Executive (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy President, Vice-Presidents).

DISCLAIMER: While all attempts are made to ensure accurate and up to date copies of the By-Laws are available, the ACF does not guarantee that the posted copies are necessarily correct and up to date in all regards.


ACF Constitution

By-laws for ACF Tournaments (This version to be updated)

Policy Resolution: Event Names

By-Law 1 Australian Chess Championship & Australian Major
(Note: Application of Section 3 (h) is frequently overridden. Where this is the case, decisions on the entry of overseas applicants are referred to the event selection committee.)

By-Law 2 Australian Women’s Chess Championship

By-Law 3 Australian Junior Chess Championships

By-Law 4 Australian Schools Teams Chess Championships

Procedure For Allocating ACF Tournaments (Updated Options Table to be added)

Olympiad By-Law

Selection Procedures By-Law

ACF Rules For Telechess Matches

ACF Principles For Payment Of FIDE Fees

ACF Junior Trust Fund By-Law

Junior Training Squad

Miscellaneous – Qualifications Of Treasurer

ACF Code Of Ethics

ACF Ratings By-Law

ACF Grand Prix By-Law

Medals Procedures (Old version, to be updated)

Dispute Resolution By-Law

Funding Support Program By-Law